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  • Holding aggro in a Navy Scorpion in EVE Gameplay Center

    Incursion rats almost never attack drones though.

  • Single-character account for half omega price? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    If you pay for 12 months at a time, the cost per month drops by a quarter. And you still get three character slots. If you sub via PayPal/CC, please explain why you wouldn't do this?

  • Holding aggro in a Navy Scorpion in EVE Gameplay Center

    If you've been away long enough then the naven ravy issue has had an extra mid slot added. the sizeable tank advantage the SNI had over the RNI isn't really there any more.

    Edit: Also, look up micro jump drive modules, they can be added to ships as somewhat of a "panic button."

  • Word Filter. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    As I said in OP, replaced text would need to be a different colour. More than anything for the person who had the word filter on to know what the other person has actually typed is different.

    What occasion are you thinking you might need"proof" someone has said something where you couldn't just mock up the "evidence" with about five minutes in Photoshop?

  • UI scaling is not enough for current standards in EVE Technology and Research Center

    And here's me upset I can't set the UI to 50% to give myself the real estate I so wantonly crave at FHD.

  • Word Filter. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Currently the word filter doesn't allow much in the way of customisation, I think this is a fantastic opportunity lost.

    When filtering words at the moment everything is simply replaced with "***." I would much rather have the option to selectively replace words and phrases. Highlighted in a different colour so I am aware a text replacement has taken place of course.

    Right now I can only think of a few of examples: -

    "Quitting eve" with "Scam contract to follow"
    "ISK doubler" with "You're an idiot if you send me money"
    "Fire sale" with "contents of contract may not be worth the price"
    "PLEX" with "PLEX [To be bought and sold on the market only]"
    "billion" with "thousand million"
    "trillion" with "billion"
    "alpha clone" with "scrub"
    "girl" with "Guy In Real Life"

    So much comedic value to be had.

  • Paint ball launchers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Nicolai Serkanner wrote:
    Right, CCP should waste valuable development resources on paintball in space. Ugh


  • Offline version if EVE. in EVE Communication Center

    Playing on the test server is your best bet.

    The game will be reset every few months though.

  • Idea For "Fixing" Afterburners in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Do Little wrote:
    You can get the ridiculous speed boost you are seeking by fitting an oversize afterburner. While the agility penalty is substantial. there are fits where this actually makes sense. You also have the option of fitting a MWD if you want speed albeit with a signature penalty and substantial capacitor load.

    2 afterburners would seem to offer the ability to get a modest straight line speed boost without penalty. Run 1 AB and pulse the other when you need it. The agility penalty only applies when it is running. The drawback would be tying up a mid-slot.

    I say a modest speed boost on the assumption the laws of physics will apply - you need 4 times as much power to go twice as fast.

    It's interesting but I'm not sure it is worth the development effort. Perhaps you can present a use case where it offers useful gameplay options without being overpowered.

    Are you taking into account wind resistance with your power requirement there? I thought in space you could just accelerate forever? (assuming no gravity)

  • What came first, chicken or the egg? in EVE Communication Center

    Trasch Taranogas wrote:
    I have too much brain activity on Friday...

    Eve is made by players, run by players and built by players.

    If everything is manufactured by players, who made the
    first ships and structures, and with what?

    The egg that held the first chicken, there is no other answer to that question.

  • Ever lost a ship drunk? in EVE Communication Center

    Lots, I pretty much drink whenever I'm playing eve out of habit now so I could technically put all my losses down to drunk driving.

  • Paint ball launchers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Go glamouflage up some new bros who haven't found the "clean ship" button yet.

  • Offline version if EVE. in EVE Communication Center

    Yebo Lakatosh wrote:
    The thought of EvE Offline is comparable to solo sex for me. You don't have to deal with all those pesky asking her out, dating, letting your personalities shine, petting, post-coital chat, making her a coffee in the morning and whatnot.

    So cool and comfy is it? Who would realistically want the real deal instead? I don't know why people bother.. in either case.

    I actually don't bother with women because of all the hassle they bring.

  • Coolant Injectors in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Wolfino wrote:
    Im not a fan
    I think that overheating is used to get that little edge if overheated at the right time, like a nos in a car. if you can perma overheat or do it most of the time whats the point in not overheating everyone would just constantly overheat. If you want to perma over heat I believe there is a specific setup in a t3 cruiser that allows for overheating for a very long time.

    Becasue it will cost more isk to permanently run like that.

  • Simulate Ship in fitting window. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Cade Windstalker wrote:
    Implementing something like this would be a pretty major change for CCP to make. The point of the in-game fitting tool isn't to replace these out of game tools because those tools are always going to be more feature rich and do the job better because that's what they're specifically designed to do.

    Because of the lack of their availability within the game.

  • Coolant Injectors in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I like the idea in general, I will ask this though, when you're overheating you say you find you burn out very quickly, are you using tech 2 modules when this happens?

  • Improvement for highsec wardec system in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Tipa Riot wrote:
    Just want to throw that very simple idea and ultimate solution to all wardec issues into the pool. P

    Make it so, every individual can join a war on the defending side upon invitation for free without leaving their current corp (similar to a fleet invite). The war participation is active immediately, lasts until leave but at least 24h.

    This would create complete new game play options, "war safaris" for bored highsec players, NPSI defending fleets, and also brings an end to complains about one-sided engagements, as the ease of recruiting allies can't be easier.

    It's easy, but I know it would be difficult to implement because the war mechanics are tightly coupled to corps.

    If people were interested in this they'd just create 1 man corps. I don't think this will change anything.

  • Inventory display regarding m3 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Can't say I've ever had this problem (or noticed it through needing to know the size of a stack) but it's a good call. Justify from the first character in a cargohold size text string not the last.

  • ECM Burst Needs To Be More Realistic in EVE Technology and Research Center

    1Lt Aldo Raine wrote:

    But some people (Jason) have found a work around to counter this, landing a group of 8 or so pods on grid right before the gank fleet lands. Because the pods are aggroed the security status drops a lot. I mean down to near -10.

    Smartbomb dessy to clear the field.

  • Simulate Ship in fitting window. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I have a couple of suggestions: -

    >Right click any module or charge in the simulation
    >Change affecting skill

    Functions exactly as this function worked in EFT.

    >Drag and drop ship fitting into chat window
    >Popup window appears asking: -

    "Do you wish to submit your current skill details with this fitting?"
    [YES] [NO]
    [ ] Do not ask me again.

    >Click yes to attach your current skills to the ship fitting link in the chat window.

    >Click linked fitting with skills attached.
    >Popup window appears asking: -

    "Do you wish to load the skill details attached to this fitting?"
    [YES] [NO]
    [ ] Do not ask me again.

    I think the quote explains it well enough, but it allows you to attach your current skills to a fitting so someone with greater SP than you can accurately help you with a fitting, easily.

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