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Morgana Tsukiyo

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  • Dearest Liara Enith, in EVE Communication Center

    Aria Jenneth wrote:
    Morgana Tsukiyo wrote:
    Your adorable stuttering was like a beautiful flower amidst a grass field, and now it got plucked. What a shame.

    Ms. Aubbes has spoken quite well for herself, and courteously. But I'm going to get out the knives for you, Morgana Tsukiyo.

    For those of us who face an issue in our daily lives-- stuttering, pauses-- being singled out because of it is not a comfortable thing.

    It's not a friendly thing, either.

    When you you say her stutter is, itself, "adorable," are you admiring her ideas? Her mind? You're not. You're "admiring" a problem that makes it hard for us to communicate effectively. A keen mind is threatening, but one that flounders when trying to communicate is not. It's cute. It's harmless. When you point to that quality, you're pointing up a frailty, for your own amusement and others'. It's mockery, cloaked as admiration.

    It's cruel.

    This might be arguable if you just found her troubles when speaking in person delightful, but the fact that you'd say she shouldn't even use of a medium where she can freely say exactly what she thinks, clearly and well, with all the eloquence she can muster, and be admired for it, means that it's not the mannerism you find attractive; it's the incapacity.

    You like her helpless, and want her to stay that way. That you'd cloak that in terms of "embracing her whole self," accepting a limitation on her ability to communicate as a part who she is instead of using a method to make herself truly and fully heard, is a manipulative twist so awful that you've basically guaranteed I will trust nothing you have to say about anything, ever.

    Ms. Aubbes owes me nothing. And after such a move I rather think you've nullified any debt she might have owed to you, as well.

    Oh Ms Jenneth, i have no interest in a quarrel with you, even though i do love knives when they are handled properly on my skin.

    In case you haven´t noticed, i don´t consider a variation of tempo on her communication an issue, or a problem, or a fraillty, or a trouble, or an incapacity, nor a limitation. In fact, considering the ammount of adjectives that you used, i do invite you to re-read what you just wrote and look with new eyes who exactly is putting her in a "helpless" position.

    To listen to someone only when they talk the way you like is an excellent way of not making herself truly and fully heard. Have you ever tried to stop and really listen to her, or all you could see was a variation of tempo and the need for it, for her to change so it pleased you?

    When Jenneth talks about Aubbes, i learn more about Jenneth than about Aubbes.

  • Dearest Liara Enith, in EVE Communication Center

    Tsao Aubbes wrote:

    I aaaaam.. and you don't need to call me "my dear", you know..

    Acknowledged, Ms. Aubbes.

    Halcyon Ember wrote:

    I believe I've had a tea like that, I'm curious whether you drink the same brand

    Oh, have you been in Saisio? From what i understood of your texts you operated in Gallente and Minmatar territories.

  • Dearest Liara Enith, in EVE Communication Center

    Tsao Aubbes wrote:

    It isn't? Trust me, Miss Jenneth isn't the only one pointing out that I can be quite annoying from time to time. And I've really tried to not be annoying. I'm failing at it sometimes, I know, but I'm going to keep trying, I guess. And, Miss Jenneth really isn't "forcing me", or anything like that. She really doesn't have any power over me (though, I guess she kinda knows Commander Adams, so she could always talk to him, I guess..).. So I'm doing this because I want to.

    Whatever you say my dear.

    *Looks at the vast green grassfield*

  • Dearest Liara Enith, in EVE Communication Center

    Halcyon Ember wrote:

    Open more than simply their eyes, surely?

    And here i was thinking about inviting you for a special tea that opens the door of perception.

    Tsao Aubbes wrote:

    Seriously. I don't like to be so awful at social interaction. I don't really like that I stutter so much. And since my stutter annoys people here.. and since I can avoid it here.. I won't.

    And there is the ego forcing itself in to hold on to an illusory perception of adequacy and blocking your natural flow changing in into conformity.

    Thanks a lot Aria.

  • Dearest Liara Enith, in EVE Communication Center

    Halcyon Ember wrote:

    You seem to have a good handle on interactions.

    The flesh is but an instrument that your fingers can manipulate with precision once you´ve heard the music. Once you play enough, you realise that you are the music, and that playing is a way of inviting others to perceieve what they truly are.

    There is so much more out there if one is ready to open their eyes...

    Tsao Aubbes wrote:

    I'm not sure that's a good idea. At all.

    You would be surprised.

    Tsao Aubbes wrote:

    ..Miss Jenneth is right, though. There is no reason for me to stutter here. It's awfully annoying, too (or, at least people probably think it is). It's not that I owe anything to Miss Jenneth, it's more that she's right. She has much more social experience, so I trust her judgment more than my own, usually.

    Trust me, your posts have made me blush. Because they're quite awkward. With what seem like lewd implications. And I don't like to think I'm adorable, or anything like that. I think that's a way to start developing an ego. And.. I'd like to avoid that.

    Your adorable stuttering was like a beautiful flower amidst a grass field, and now it got plucked. What a shame.

    Ego is merely holding on to things. When you just are, there is nothing to hold on to.

  • Dearest Liara Enith, in EVE Communication Center

    Tsao Aubbes wrote:

    I.. before you get any ideas, I already have a boyfriend.. so.. I'm good, thank you for the offer..

    Excellent. Then he can join us.

    Tsao Aubbes wrote:

    I'm sorry. I was writing those with my implants. So.. I'll try and avoid doing that in the future. I've edited my previous post to try and correct that. Sorry again..

    You listen and you listen carefully.

    You don´t have to be sorry for a damn thing. You don´t own anything to anyone, and if that means a charming stutter showing that you think a lot before speaking, so be it.

    Flush if you have to flush, stutter if that is what is going on, embrace everysingledamnpart of your adorable self.

  • About those, who call the real war "Pendulum" in EVE Communication Center

    Arrendis wrote:

    No, and neither have you. Not in the CEWPA warzone. There are no Caldari worlds in that warzone that were not intentionally made a part of the fighting by the State.

    Every Caldari planet in danger of 'Gallente oppression' is there because the State, in effect, sold it to CONCORD to be used as a goalpost in their bloodsport. And for all your fervor and devotion, the State doesn't care about those worlds anymore. The State doesn't care about those worlds, and they don't care about the people on them. The State collaborated with the Federation to create a shiny little fishbowl for you to swim in... and they are laughing at you.


    And for all Mizhara's venom at me for being an appeaser because I say that right now we need to use subtler weapons than violence, that is just as true of the Empire and the Republic. All four of them, through CONCORD, have sold you a package of lies and called it a 'noble cause'. And the sooner you and everyone else in those blood-soaked games realize that, and get fed up with being marionettes, dancing your bloody dance for their pleasure, the better off the entire cluster will be.

    I find it intereseting that people in general don´t grasp this concept easily. But then again, it´s because of this kind of people that we have organized institutions playing with the cluster trough puppets, even enhanced ones.

    Pick your preffered illusion powerful puppets, pick one and be happy.

    In a controled, organized fashion.

  • Dearest Liara Enith, in EVE Communication Center

    Tsao Aubbes wrote:

    ..Watching holo-films, m-maybe..? Most things that.. don't involve.. social interaction.. usually aren't that b-bad, I guess..

    And.. well.. I guess, m-maybe.. b-but it's s-still awkward and rude t-to s-speculate!

    Social interactions can be so demanding energetically, don´t you agree? That´s why i prefer intimate interactions. You can focus your attention on what is happening on the here and now, on all the tiny and specific sensations that run all over your body.

    The quickening of your heart and breathing, the tension on your muscles, the blood flowing through your body making you red and pink, the umidity increasing locally, sensitivity making your body respond to the slight wind on your skin, words on your ear and the kiss on your neck, the muscles contracting and spasming so hard that the release of tension come in a sudden explosive delicious prolonged burst...... Definitely not bad.

    It is rude to speculate, isn´t it my dear? Let them have no reason to do it then, let´s go watch a holo-vid you and me and there won´t be grounds for speculation.

  • Dearest Liara Enith, in EVE Communication Center

    Tsao Aubbes wrote:

    ...I'm.. well.. umm.. always shy?.. an easier question would b-be "what aren't I shy about?", I g-guess.....

    And I think that implying that capsuleers are dating other c-capsuleers when they may or may not be is.. well.. quite awkward.

    You are adorable. What are you not shy about then? Let´s start from there.

    And given the ammount of capsuleers in existence, the mindset and common activities, one would consider that if a capsuleer dated anyone, it would most likely be another capsuleer, no?

  • Dearest Liara Enith, in EVE Communication Center

    Tsao Aubbes wrote:

    ..But that sounds.. awkward. E-Especially speculation on pilot's r-relationships..

    Hello you there. What are you so shy about?

  • Dearest Liara Enith, in EVE Communication Center

    Mebrithiel Ju'wien wrote:

    Liara is a less public figure than I, but I'm just going to confirm she said yes!

    I expect nothing less than a fiery encounter with several explosions, chaos and mayhem resulting in a sexy encounter of agony and ecstasy. <3

    Mebrithiel Ju'wien wrote:

    It can't be all one angry slaver-pit of strict loyalties and Istvaan Shogaatsu levels of paranoia.

    It is.

  • Dearest Liara Enith, in EVE Communication Center

    Mebrithiel Ju'wien wrote:

    Dearest Liara Enith,

    I've fancied the implants outta ya for a while now. You're a pretty cool chick. Would you be interested in a date? I was thinking a nice old-fashioned low-sec roam... we can take in the sights... probe out some fools... ransom them...or not. I've been around the constellations a while and would love to cosy up and tell ya about some of the cool stuffs I've seen... how the Bleak Lands used to be...

    What'd'ya say hun? You game?

    You go girl!

  • The Federal Frontier: A new Federation-focused Capsuleer news site in EVE Communication Center

    Pieter Tuulinen wrote:

    Okay, I feel like someone needs to give you the talk that we used to give Marines coming onto shore leave. If you tell me where you are, I'll contact station security and get you a list of all the reputable houses of negotiable affection. You obviously need some relief.

    It is of short sight to reduce my interest for Arrendis as merely physical. The joys that the flesh and a proper state of mind can offer are my study and practice, so worry not, i´m quite fulfilled in this regard. In fact, some of your references of "negotiable affection" (at least the excellent ones) probably trained under supervision of my institute.

    It´s just that her sassines amused me. We were playing a little flirtation game and was fun to get a glimpse of what makes her feel good.

    Just as was fun to get a glimpse of what our Amarr fellow does to it´s slaves since he won´t with his equals.

    And just as it is watching what got your interest going. Do tell me more how you sublimate your inner instincts with the righteousness of your efficient training, your prep talks, and the secret inner joy of guiding and watching others perform the very things you do not allow yourself to.

    But returning to the topic, i do want more info regarding the Drifters and hope this news site provide it.

  • The Federal Frontier: A new Federation-focused Capsuleer news site in EVE Communication Center

    Arrendis wrote:

    Yup. That's totally me. Totally not just an unrepentant, smug-as-feck pedantic jackwagon, deeply amused with my own cleverness who enjoys the 'sound' of my own literary voice and has absolutely no problem acknowledging my many personality flaws. Couldn't possibly be that. Nope. You must be right.

    I want to hear the sound of your prolix voice chanting your pedantic dissection of the texts exposed here being wispered right at my ear while i give you an extra hand to amuse yourself.


  • Military Songs, Part II: Even More Offensive in EVE Communication Center

    Came here expecting elaborated memetic references, found only childlike constructions on agression to infants and genitalia adjectives.

  • The Federal Frontier: A new Federation-focused Capsuleer news site in EVE Communication Center

    Arrendis wrote:

    I amuse myself. That's really all I need out of this.

    An extra hand can do wonders in this aspect.

  • Looking for Amarrian Orgy in EVE Communication Center

    Aldrith Shutaq wrote:

    No, but there's something very hot about a witch tied to a pyre.

    I knew you were kinky!

    I´ll watch some more to see if you let go only with people at your mercy while being humble with those you think as equals or superiors.

  • STAR WARS 8: The Last Jedi Trailer (2017) in EVE Communication Center

    X-Wing vs Tie Fighter

    Great game or greatest game? We don´t have anything like it these days =(

  • STAR WARS 8: The Last Jedi Trailer (2017) in EVE Communication Center

    The Hero's Journey - I: How Journey Crafts a Compelling Narrative - Extra Credits

    The Hero's Journey - II: Analyzing Journey's Mechanics as Metaphors - Extra Credits

  • Rogue Drone attacks University of Caille admissions policies in EVE Communication Center

    Elmund Egivand wrote:
    If only this were true. I would love to have a crack at them and figure out how they develop enough sense in aesthetics to produce art.

    Neural networks are quite capable of analyzing millions of artistic data and learn how to process the patterns, producing something that´s palatable for the taste of humanity.

    The drone wanting to apply for UNiversity, that´s the interesting thing. If it was just some sort of hacked drone playing a prank, it´s one thing.

    But.... if some of them are trying to insert themselves in our society (and with outbursts of anger when they can´t) now that´s interesting.