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  • Is Mining Fubar? in EVE Communication Center

    Giuseppe R Raimondo wrote:
    Bye. Can i have that one retriever?


  • Is Mining Fubar? in EVE Communication Center

    Alduin666 Shikkoken wrote:
    Mynutor wrote:

    I want proof

    CSM Minutes: Dev Blog

    Goons backing out and N3 pushing back: Sov Map If you know anything about who is who then it should become obvious at a glance that N3 is pushing back.

    Hero in Trouble: I don't need to read Eve related news, I'm in Hero and I can tell you that all the news relating to it greatly exaggerates every minute thing that goes wrong so that some entities can see us driven apart. Edit: In fact the only post about hero being in "trouble" was lemartini.com, if that tells you anything.

    Exciting Things Happening: Titanonamcy, BR-5, 6VDT, HED, probably more that I'm missing, two burn jitas, hulkageddon V, People taking their carrier out in high sec for content, Battle for Caldari Prime, etc etc

    Industry Changes: No one said anything about the interface (which is getting a change too, to make it more user friendly) so I'll just drop these here:
    Dev Blog
    Forum Post

    Am I doing this right?

    Thanks for the link.

    Yeah, I think you are doing it right. Blink

    Gl hf! o7

  • Is Mining Fubar? in EVE Communication Center

    Belt Scout wrote:
    At max boost, with skills, and 3% implant, a skiff will pull about 35Mil an hour in high sec on white glaze (Caldari space). 2 hours a day for 10 days and theres your plex. (Assuming a 700mil price in jita.) Mine enough to grab yourself a plex while watching tv or something. When you're done, go play another part of the game and enjoy it. Mining is slow and boring for solo's or small gangs, but it gets the bills paid with only a little interaction.

    Fly a skiff and tell the gankers to eat sh!t and die while you're at it. Twisted

    How much is that without boost, with not perfect timing?

    Like 20m per hour?
    If mineral prices keep falling it will be 15m per hour

  • Is Mining Fubar? in EVE Communication Center

    Alduin666 Shikkoken wrote:
    The CSM Minutes were publish.

    Link pls.
    Alduin666 Shikkoken wrote:

    Goons backed out of the war and N3 is pushing back.

    Yeah sure.

    Alduin666 Shikkoken wrote:

    Hero isn't in trouble.

    Do you read EVE related news?

    quote=Alduin666 Shikkoken]

    Apparently someone is stuck in high sec if they think that Ero getting banned is the only exciting thing that happened.
    Why, what great thing happened in EVE the last 2 years?

    If you think about "Burn Jita" that happened a while before.

    Alduin666 Shikkoken wrote:

    This next expansion is going to be focus around industry, even with mining barge buffs/nerfs.

    Well the current industry user interface is FUBAR. Even if they fix it that it will be easier and more user frinedly to use, I wouldn't call that "improving gameplay", but rather fixing some annoying user interface bugs.

    [quote=Alduin666 Shikkoken]
    Also Pew Pew doesn't involved red crosses, you can shoot other people for fun you know?

    Really, it is like having fun with your buddies in the real world, but instead you are shooting little red crosses?

  • Is Mining Fubar? in EVE Communication Center

    Lugia3 wrote:
    You tried to like this game?

    Here is a tip, stop mining. Go and pewpew.

    Really, hunting red crosses with a really stupid AI is fun?

    Flying in large bands of 30+ and shooting everything that comes your way is fun?

  • Is Mining Fubar? in EVE Communication Center

    Plex prices went up, mineral prices went down. It takes now - for a miner - even more time to mine his plex than ever before in the last couple of years.

    The CSM election is boring.

    The CSM minutes still weren't published.

    The blue donut is almost finished (I know Goons vs. Pandemic+N2 is still going, but if the goons really wanted to, they could take Pandemic space too.), with Hero falling apart.


    The only good thing that happened in the last 2 years of Eve is that Erotica1 got banned.


    Overall I'm bored with EVE, I gave my stuff already away, I only have 1 rertiever left.


    I really tried to like this game. o/


    Call me if Mining is worthwile again.

  • Missing Mineral? in EVE Communication Center


    Check this image.


    It is very likely a bot miner farmed all the plagioclase in your systems.

    Log in immediately after Downtime and you should find some.

  • Eve Tutorial - need help with suggestions especially from new players in EVE Communication Center

    Are your videos going to be better than the dozens already made on this subject?

    My favourite for example is this:


    This is the first episode.


    You might read through the NPTS files or the E-Uni files

  • Mynnna for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    Grrr goons.

    Seriously though, you could write a few articles in the TMC.

  • CSM Blogs? in Council of Stellar Management

    No. Mining is screwed up already and way beyond repair.

    If they would "fix" mining like they did "fix" exploration, with the spew mechanics and everything, then no, CCP please don't touch mining.


    On the other hand, there are only a couple of miners like me, who play the game anyway, no matter what.
    We get wardecced, we get ganked, the prices are manipulated on the market...
    If CCP screws up the daily downtime and no belts respawn... who cares?
    If some big Null sec Alliance has a problem with DT it gets a reroll - obviously.


    But still, true miners are such a small minority, CSM and CCP needs to focus their attention elsewhere.
    If you guys keep on blowing stuff up, we get to mine a little more.


    Seriously though, if CCP wouldn't spend all his Eve money on Dust, WoD and Valkyrie I am sure there would be many-many more Eve players.

  • Ali Aras for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    Wow, Ripard, Trebor and Malcanis (all three of them) endorsed your candidacy, which means I have to vote for you... again. Smile

    Now I just have to find out if you wrote anything about your work, I haven't read anything from you yet.

  • CSM Blogs? in Council of Stellar Management

    Ali Aras wrote:
    Mynutor wrote:
    Trebor Daehdoow wrote:

    Thank you!!!

    Trebor, was it you who wrote the last "minutes" of the CSM meeting. Thats a monster of a PDF file. o.O

    Technically, we all wrote that. I wrote five sections, other CSMs wrote a number. Trebor did write a lot of them, and did the compilation. For this summit's, we had a skeleton made up by CCP Logibro (a really good one, too), and then all the CSMs contributed to it, I stacked it into a doc and shipped it off, and have been doing some copyediting on it since.

    Yeah, since I posted that question I have read Ripard Trek's blog article about the subject.

    I have no idea what you CSM guys did in the backgrounds and since the NDAs aren't lifted I won't know it for a while, but nevertheless I think this has been a great CSM and thank you for your work.


    Now I just need to find a high sec mining candidate for CSM9. Big smile

  • corebloodbrothers made csm 9 "we did it, thank u voters & believers" in Council of Stellar Management

    I am interested in the provi-bloc. You sound like an interesting candidate. Big smile

  • Is datacore farming worth it? in EVE Communication Center

    Tau Cabalander wrote:
    Last time I looked it was less than 22m per month with 5 agents.

    I've not bothered to collect my datacores in probably a year (more?).

    Creating an alt specializing in datacore research (edit: or something else)

    I have found the website mentioned an did my own calculations. I saw that I can make around 3.5m isk per month per agent, at best with my (almost) current skills on the current market.

    That is really peanuts (I'm giving away more ISK in a month for charity), but it is free money... why would I say no to it. Big smile

    And besides 2 of my best R&D agents are almost in next door star sytsems... I really have no idea why I didn't start to collect datacores sooner. ^^

  • Running Missions in Null in EVE Communication Center

    I am really sure that this question is not on a newbie level. Smile

    If you don't get any good answers you might want to ask the same question in the Missions forum.

  • Is datacore farming worth it? in EVE Communication Center

    I'm wondering if datacore farming is still worth it?

    I probably already have the standings and the skills (or I would only need a short few days to get there).

    My question is, how much isk can you generate with it? How much time do you have to invest in it?
    Like do you have to fly around the galaxy 50 jumps+ to collect all the datacores (the agents are spread out, or far away from my home system etc.), or do you need to collect them every day etc.?

    On another note about PI:

    I calculated that if I train my PI skills, and I'm producing P1-P2 items in High sec it would probably less than 10-20m isk per hour (hauling stuff around, restarting extractors etc.) and it would have a hard cap on maximum income possible (you can't have more than 6 planets per char), I did not make the calculations on higher PI levels (like P4 might be profitable, but it would require a few hundred mill investment an probably max skills I guess).

  • Can we get rid of insurance notifications please? in EVE Communication Center


  • SOLD OUT!!! in EVE Marketplace

    I am really disappointed.
    I was in chat with you waiting and you sold the other one instead. Sad

  • SOLD OUT!!! in EVE Marketplace

    I'm not sure how this works but I would like to buy one.

  • Sugar Kyle for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    Interesting Candidate.

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