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  • Get to know Fabuleux! in EVE Communication Center

    I do hate IGS.


    We require an answer to a long standing debate: Whose boots are better shined? Caldari or Gallente Navy?

  • Recent spike in Wormhole signatures - a cause for concern? in EVE Communication Center

    The overall stability is degrading. I wonder how much longer the labyrinth can sustain itself.

  • Off Topic Discussions in EVE Communication Center

    Deitra Vess wrote:
    The caldari navy cadets dont shine their boots as well as gallante navy cadets.

    As former Federal Navy, I am proudly confirming this.

  • [ARCHIVES] Akira Kasaras SIGINT transcripts in EVE Communication Center

    Makoto Priano wrote:
    Fair enough.

    If Hope Act releases indicate that anyone above Ohmon Kasaras knew what he was doing, it'd certainly serve to validate your view.

    At the same time, while I understand the logic, I do hope you'll understand that I disagree with it, especially considering that the intelligence organization in question may have been directly responsible for RP4.

    My hope is that the sanitization of that facility is closely overseen.

    Questions that come to mind, feel free to dig a bit if you have the resources or time to do so:

    How did Ohmon fall into the crowd he did?

    How did he meet the people he did to get to position he was at with the Dragonaurs?

    Who radicalized him?

    Given the corporate society of the state, the implications for him and those he worked with are likewise interesting, and anyone associated with him deserves a microscope. How could his superiors not be at least aware of or tangentially supportive of his activities?

  • [ARCHIVES] Akira Kasaras SIGINT transcripts in EVE Communication Center

    Makoto Priano wrote:
    Hm. Let me see if I understand properly.

    Essentially, you'd contend that merely uncovering such a plot and thwarting it would not be enough to cause the reforms necessary to prevent such an attack in the future, and that the casualties involved were necessary to provoke the backlash that would lead to a proper purge?

    While I don't disagree that the result will be more conclusive now, I am still troubled by the fact that the weaponization study we uncovered indicates simulation of an attack on Arcurio, and so the non-zero chance that the intelligence organization's intentions weren't quite as, uh, purely defensive as might be ideal.

    We'll have to see how this plays out, I suppose.

    The deeper the rot, the greater the backlash required to properly purge it and reform your society, basically. In this case, it seems it goes pretty deep.

  • [ARCHIVES] Akira Kasaras SIGINT transcripts in EVE Communication Center

    Makoto Priano wrote:
    Myxx, I am not in the slightest shocked that intelligence agencies exist, or that they in fact do exactly what they're tasked to do.

    I would contend that, however, failing to act on a clear and present danger is in fact not ideal. After all, scuttling the plot doesn't mean slapping these people on the wrist. It means, if possible, killing or capturing the conspirators, while gathering enough intelligence to publicly shame Kaalakiota and force systematic reforms.

    Unless what you're saying is that the intelligence agency's decision to let the plot proceed was exactly the right decision? Even though indications are the intelligence agency used the RP4 orbital as a testbed for a bioweapons attack, and are directly, personally responsible for seven million deaths, in addition to being malfeasant and thus culpable for millions more deaths?

    Incorrect. I'm suggesting its possible, even likely, that simply killing or capturing them would not have done much more to nullify the threat. That the Dragonaurs would have tried again, and possibly made things worse than they ended up being.

    I agree with you that it is not an ideal solution to have allowed anything to proceed, however. I just simply won't dwell on it.

  • [ARCHIVES] Akira Kasaras SIGINT transcripts in EVE Communication Center

    Makoto Priano wrote:
    Without a doubt, the plot lead by Ohmon and Jaron Kasaras confirms that lax oversight in Kaalakiota allowed for a long-running conspiracy that could have been thwarted by, of all things, proper accounting and audit procedure. This is to say nothing of the pervasive issue of tolerating Provist extremism, which I suspect we agree on.

    Addressing this laxity and burning out the rot of Provist extremism would be beneficial to both the megacorporation and the State.

    However, the presence of signals intelligence logs and an organized intelligence operation to subvert the conspiracy by using Akira Kasaras as an agent indicates that an intelligence organization was aware of the plot as early as 2nd January. This organization allowed the conspiracy to proceed to allow the intelligence organization the opportunity to secure a sample of the Kyonoke pathogen.

    The responsible thing to do would have been to scuttle the Kasaras-Pakera plot earlier.

    Instead, that intelligence organization's operations cost tens of millions of lives, and could have cost millions or billions more.

    From what I gather, I get the feeling that simply scuttling and sinking the plot would not have done much more than postpone it. They might have tried again and again, and we can't know if this ended up better than if it had been sunk outright only to allow the rot inside the state to regroup and try again.

    That sigint is present inside the state should not be a surprise. That it is inside any of the big four should not be a surprise. National intelligence services are going to do their thing, and they have significant tools to accomplish their goals. Please, stop acting shocked. We are all much smarter than that.

  • [ARCHIVES] Akira Kasaras SIGINT transcripts in EVE Communication Center

    Makoto Priano wrote:
    Make sure to read the dir.comms text from the logs. The mention of a 'council' is an interesting one.

    Seems like the Dragonaurs need another humiliation and culling of their numbers.

  • [ARCHIVES] Akira Kasaras SIGINT transcripts in EVE Communication Center

    Interesting implications.

  • Kyonoke plague and me. in EVE Communication Center

    Regardless as to if it is official or not, I agree with blaming Vaari. I wasn't there, but I do agree with those eggers that want to blame Vaari. Why wouldn't you? I know it isn't his fault, but Vaari is to blame for *everything*. Especially the bad things.

    That said, and being perfectly serious, I doubt anyone takes it seriously. I don't, anyway. So long as the work got done, who gives a damn?

  • An Alliance Codex in EVE Communication Center

    Democracy works for mortals. Not so much for us.

  • An Alliance Codex in EVE Communication Center

    Would never work. The entire organization would be utterly crippled at first contact with a hostile entity.

  • Time to upgrade forums? in EVE Communication Center

    Discourse forums are garbage. Not that CCP will listen. They won't, because they didn't bother checking with the community as to if we were satisfied with this or how it could be improved. Literally they don't give a single **** what we think. Hey, look at that, finally a reason to migrate over to Reddit.

  • Dev Blog: A New Deployable From The Upwell Consortium in EVE Information Center

    that is hilarious, but now you need to actually turn it into something real. This is something I want.

  • The CCP storyline is not your friend. in EVE Communication Center

    For those people like me who liked the original OP, Eve-Search and Chribba ARE our friend, unlike the storyline and V.


    Vikarion also has a damn good point that I agree with.

  • Dev blog: The Advancing World of Upwell Structures in EVE Information Center

    Andre Vauban wrote:
    This isn't directly related to Upwell structures, but all stations.

    5. Please fix the BPO lock down mechanic. Locking down a blueprint collection or unlocking it can literally kill somebody with the amount of time and clicks required. A person should be able to highlight all the BPOs in a hangar and create a single vote to lock/unlock all of them with a single action.

    an alt of mine recently had to lock down 230+ bpos. Never again until it gets fixed.

  • BREAKING NEWS - Federal Intelligence Office Begins Investigating Terro in EVE Communication Center

    Aria Jenneth wrote:
    Myxx wrote:
    On the flipside, I don't exactly see it as a credit to their attackers on any level. All it really tells me is that they could field the small fleet it takes to destroy one, three days in a row, and did so. Ruthless? Not sure if its ruthlessness or just having been itching for something to shoot at, which really only tells me that they are the typical pod pilot.

    While I'm not privy to all the details here, I'm personally familiar with a lot of the people involved, Myxx: PY-RE alumni. They're the people I trained with when I decided I needed to learn my strength. I didn't really just pull an opinion out of a hat. Anyway, at this point the "credit" to the attackers is a little beside the point (and you might notice that I'm not arguing such a thing).

    The point has more to do with the lousy record of would-be avengers trying to punish those who behave in such ways-- and also the kind-of absurdity of acting like it's because they're Caldari.

    You know them. I do not. I said what I did as an observer with no prior experience with either party.

    As far as avengers go, most people that actually have the power or force of will to do that also have the power and will to defend their assets from attack with even a modicum of force behind it. That they didn't step in is more telling than anything else, in my opinion.

  • BREAKING NEWS - Federal Intelligence Office Begins Investigating Terro in EVE Communication Center

    Aria Jenneth wrote:
    James Syagrius wrote:
    Yes, well I suppose context is everything. Perhaps you should ask Pieter what you missed.

    Most people think their context justifies their position on things, Mr. Syagrius, including Ms. Kim.

    I liked Xun Yu. I liked Sanxing. I was a regular at Symposium New Eden, especially at the start. I thought they did good work.

    They didn't do it very quietly, though. Their attackers in that matter were not the first they'd offended-- just the first to express their displeasure by the traditional capsuleer method. We are killers, almost every one of us, and this is ruthless work we do.

    The world isn't fair, Mr. Syagrius, and it isn't just. The good don't necessarily triumph, the wicked aren't necessarily punished, and ruthlessness is rewarded more often than not. Even if that weren't true, that would just mean that your own subjective sense of justice was running roughshod over others with different points of view.

    Sanxing offended a stronger, deadlier power, and suffered for it. That's a sad thing. Sadder is that they broke because of it. I wish Mr. Xun well, in realms where naked power isn't so much the coin.

    I don't expect you to hear me, Mr. Syagrius. It seems like your anger is all you hear. But I'll say this anyway.

    If I'm reading the situation correctly at all, the people you're after won't suffer the way you want them to suffer. They're practiced, they're bloodthirsty, they're strong. And they're survivors. They're creatures of this world. They've embraced the exact thing that broke Xun Yu. Even if you engineer a betrayal within their own ranks, I doubt they'll break from it.

    It doesn't make them "right." In a way it might not even help them very much. I left their company from fear of what I was becoming.

    But I also remember the rush of wind beneath my wings, the taste of blood, the thrill of power-- not just shallow, fragile power that cracks in a single loss, but power that examines its flaws and compensates for them, that suffers wounds lightly and grows back strong.

    The Caldari are survivors. But it's not the State you're fighting if it's the Falcons you hunt. It's the thing I went there, in part, to study, and face, but barely recognized until I found it eating me alive: the Black, the cry of hungry nothing, the true master of most capsuleer mercenaries and pirates. Maybe our curse, as well.

    If that was something you could face, and defeat, Mr. Syagrius ... I don't think you'd be reacting this way to begin with. And like as not, by the end, you'll be as they are, yourself. I doubt your allies are immune, either.

    There's little more to say. Spirits shield you. Wisdom find you.


    What I personally take from it is that Sanxing could not and did not have the power or experience in order to protect their assets from external threats, and had no plan or intent to do so. They invested more into it than was smart of them to do so, if the loss was so horrible for them that it broke them. On some level, I feel like the pilots of Sanxing have a lot to learn if that is all that it took to do them in. They have a lot to learn about themselves not just as humans, but as infomorphs and pod pilots. It is a little ironic but fitting that that Amarrian scriptures passage about losing everything you have allowing you to focus on what matters to you and gain perspective fits here.

    I still dont think there is a god, but I do think it does certainly help you learn about yourself. Hopefully they brush themselves off and learn about themselves from the loss because it does seem to have been needless and a little pointless of a loss for them to break over.

    On the flipside, I don't exactly see it as a credit to their attackers on any level. All it really tells me is that they could field the small fleet it takes to destroy one, three days in a row, and did so. Ruthless? Not sure if its ruthlessness or just having been itching for something to shoot at, which really only tells me that they are the typical pod pilot.

    As far as James is concerned, my only advice would be to not allow your emotion to cloud your decision making going forward.

    To the original topic and the FIO, the Caldari and the Gallente Senate... haha. Look at that. The Federation's Senate is talking trash about old foes in private. The FIO is doing their job and Ishukone is being typical Ishukone. Anyone that is surprised, shocked, outraged or otherwise upset or emotionally dramatic about any of this is just looking for attention and they likewise need to calm down and see it for what it is.

    PS: If the complete eradication of all life as we know it is not enough of an incentive to cooperate fully with one another and put old hatreds aside for a little while, you are beyond explaining anything to.

  • Icecream FAQ, part II in EVE Communication Center


    What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

  • Tell us about your home planet. in EVE Communication Center

    I was born on a station in Alenia. Lived in space for most of my life. Truthfully, I've only been on a planet a handful of times in my life.