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  • Rogue Drone Accelerators in EVE Communication Center

    Pestilen Ratte wrote:

    I have been playing Eve for nearly 4 years and I have been living in nul sec for about a year, and travelling around null for around two years. I have NEVER seen an officer rat. Never once.

    In regards to the above, I have been playing since May 2007, and have come across 6 or 7 Officer Rats (solo them), while living in Stains and Geminate.

    More often than not, there was a pattern when ratting constantly especially after DT. Good fun was had dodging C0ven gangs and ratters , as they where doing like wise.

    Last Officer, was a year ago in Delve and due to CCP gimp changes, I needed backup from my Corp, as the Officer was owning me from 200-270km, they are not as rare as one thinks in my opinion.

  • Launcher white screen. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The issue remains the same "Couldn't get GUI version info and Proxy connection refused". Until I got this prompt on the second attempt to login as below:

    Now getting "Couldn't get GUI version info Network access is disabled."

    Not happy, second day, of this nonsense and no fix from support, but try this and that, and none worked. I haven't changed anything on my side,it's yours, by the way I have 2x paying accounts.

    I can ping eveonline.com from cmd line, successfully. but still the same foe. "Couldn't get GUI version info and Proxy connection refused" again, even run it as Administrator. (My user has admin privs too)

    I have checked my "Windows Firewall" and CCP ExeFile is allowed program, and ports to communicate through my FW. Attached screen shots for your perusal.

    I have dug deep to the the C:\\EVE\SharedCache\tq\bin\exefile and this launches the old launcher, and I now get the following below:

    Server: Tranquility
    Unable to connect to tranquility.servers.eveonline.com on port 26000

    Look forward to CCP fixing it, as I haven't made any systems/applications changes on my side.

  • December relesse in EVE Technology and Research Center

    MAnuOmNama wrote:
    Don't rely on Dev support.... There is a fix. Update wine. Sorted.

    I haven't the luxury of upgrading Wine to 1.8 repos as it may break other dependant programs that are used on wine 1.6.2.

    Oh well, have to play a skirmish roles on my 4GB and struggling Win 7 laptop, till CCP tweak some stuff for the rest of the Linux crowd.

  • December relesse in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Same here, I am able to login, but it's unresponsive, can't use mouse, tabs or shortcuts.

    Ubuntu 14.4 LTS
    Intel Xeon CPU W3550 3.7Ghz x 4
    GeFrce 210/PCie/SSE2
    O/s 64-bit

    Service skillqueue: 0.058s
    err:winsock:interface_bind Failed to bind to interface, receiving broadcast packets will not work on socket 0628.

    00000026 (D) C:\Program Files (x86)\CCP\EVE\bin\exefile.exe
    00000052 0
    00000051 0
    00000050 0
    0000004e 0
    0000004d 0
    0000004c 0
    0000004b 0
    0000004a 15
    00000048 15
    00000016 0
    00000019 0
    00000018 0
    00000047 15
    00000022 15
    0000000c 15
    00000023 15
    0000000d 0
    0000000b 0
    00000046 2
    00000045 0
    00000044 0
    00000043 0
    00000042 0
    00000041 0
    00000040 0
    0000003f 0
    0000003e 0
    0000003d 0
    0000003c 0
    0000003b 0
    0000003a 0
    00000039 0
    00000038 0
    00000037 0
    00000036 0
    00000035 0
    00000034 0
    00000033 0
    00000032 0
    00000031 0
    00000030 0
    0000002f 0
    0000002e 0
    0000002d 0
    0000002c 0
    0000002b 0
    0000002a 0
    00000029 0
    00000028 0
    00000027 0 <==

    Please provide a fix, as I hope this was going to be resolved a few days ago or have some advise.