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  • Trade Hubs in EVE Gameplay Center

    I've been somewhat detaching from the conversation while diving into faction warfare. Since my return, I've explored enough citadels and flipped enough goods in null, low, and hisec to draw some conclusions about where things are headed, but you don't need to look hard.

    The iChooseYou trade hubs and Planet V are picking up enough sales and orders to become relevant in highsec. I see this as a growing fulcrum in warfare in Eve. I do not see it as the necessary center of the changes.

    I am building a different identity for my corporation. I don't want to Liberal Universalists to be known primarily as the citadel owners but primarily as the station traders who shoot things.

    I'll be getting more active in recruitment and establishment of policy to keep that identity focused in the coming months. In the meantime, I'm having fun marketing LP goods, nullsec materials, modules while bulk-fitting ships for myself, and dodging pirates to get into Inquisitor-Punisher gangs etc etc.

    Don't worry about the trade hub stuff. Become good at market making and weak markets are your best markets. I am training people on how to do this in the public channel, KORNS Public, and I will be recruiting pew pew people for faction warfare and consequent LP marketing schemes. My corp is ready to start forming its identity by taking in members who want 50% of their game to be station trading and contracting while the other half is shooting people to facilitate and further the first half.

  • Use Concorde Tax on Suicide Ganked Cargo as ISK Sink in Council of Stellar Management

    As someone who largely survives off of ganking for funding my activities

    Just a curiosity, do you mostly hisec gank or lowsec gank?

    I concur with your judgement that ultimately this would shift ISK sinking onto a smaller number of players than uniform brokerage fees and sales tax.

    Is it healthy for the game overall? I could see more colorful relationships between low and nullsec, such as moving goods to nullsec to launder them and taking them back to highsec. I could foresee camping a 0.1 instead of a 0.4 to get better tax rates and making sec status less trinary.

  • Use Concorde Tax on Suicide Ganked Cargo as ISK Sink in Council of Stellar Management

    Also what do you mean with your point about Alpha gankers?

    I'm only recently coming back to the game after a long break. IIRC a highsec gank usually is done with alts either to shoot things or to scoop loot to avoid being associated with the criminals as far as Concode is concerned.

    About using citadels to avoid the tax, I'm not 100% sure. I was under the impression that sales tax is levied even at citadels while citadel owners set the brokerage fee.

    In any case, moving to WH space or nullsec is a perfectly fine safety valve that requires exposure to risk. I can't imagine allowing setting the stolen goods tax rate as this is part of the relationship lowsec and highsec citadels would have with Concorde; a tax-free haven would be nullsec or WH space, not a citadel receiving Concode protection from random blaps happening outside.

  • Am I playing the wrong game? in EVE Communication Center

    ^ this was me in 2010

    What was your experience?

  • Am I playing the wrong game? in EVE Communication Center

    it was a better time, a golden time for RP in Eve

    Someone asked me if I'm RP because I'm too hardcore in delivering the liberal message. I said no because I began this fully aware that the ratchet would be successful. If you would like to create a niche somewhat like MC actually fulfills a real role, again, check out my brand shiny new corp and be ready to be the best traders in the game and use that power to add an aspect to the game.

    If groups like MC didn't exist, people would be saying, "I'm surprised that the people trying to be mercenaries haven't formed a bigger corporation and gotten credibly capable of delivering a product"

  • Am I playing the wrong game? in EVE Communication Center

    I'm making a new style of gameplay in Eve. I fly and make money. I don't haul. I don't always explore. I don't strictly need to be good at PvP, though I enjoy the rush. I repeat: I fly and make money.

    The best place to go for rich economic play is null sec. I want to show people. I want them to succeed and freely zip all over the map and do what they do, but do it in null. I can take you on a tour. I can help you make your first null ISK.

    I've begun offering to take pilots on a tour of nullsec in whatever ship they have (I can probably get them through) because I've realized a surprising number of those focused on economics never leave highsec.

    The best economics are in nullsec. If you want to make things work when they do not work, the real wild wild west, then the rewards are there for the taking. If you really think you're interested in economic meta game or whatever, I guarantee you that nullsec is the place. I've been teaching someone on the public channel. Unsurprisingly they are killing it.

    I see huge amounts of crazy assumptions about what is needed to trade in nullsec successfully.

    • You don't need an alliance!
    • You don't need a jump freighter!
    • The only thing you need to ever haul is ass!
    • No POS's or sov
    • No pirates
    • No permission
    • No 0.1-upping at the station

    99% of null is just peaceful space and I spend a good amount of time watching alliance operations or hacking cans out of curiosity and to play cat & mouse games.

    If you want to make more money than you make in highsec and have a lot more fun doing it while having so much free time not spent at the helm of a slow-ass freighter getting bumped every three months by CODE, please, accept my invitation to come fly around in nullsec and taste the freedom and profits yourself!

    Find me in game or the corp that I've formed to encapsulate this push, the Liberal Universalists.

    FYI I'm also into faction warfare and would be happy to gang with you while we dumpster pirates in lowsec, but this invite is all about just convincing people to get comfortable flying through gate camps and managing null rather than avoiding it.

  • Station-Free Trading in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Liberal Universalists aims to be the top corporation at being rich and consequent diplomatic meta-game, which will, as Eve does from time to time, devolve into shooting and anime.

    I have formulated the essential elements of a plan to change how people play the game. That is the most exciting thing to accomplish in a community like this. I came back to the game after a long break to test the theory and I'm here to stay because I've proven to myself the basic elements.

    Signs you will really enjoy the trip:

    • You understand market elasticity and can enjoy the meta-game of putting capital where it should be
    • You really hate logging into alts just to 0.1-up people's orders and also hate attempting to engage with such irrational markets rationally
    • You wish to fly ships for shooting rather than hauling
    • Because my trade techniques do not go faster with lots of manual intervention, you are willing to rely on exploration or other ISK-ing strategies (but Exploration is the most fun so far to me) to capitalize yourself. Going on gangs in WH space sounds great, and I hope you get a big pile of ISK, but I'm not going to hand out capital yet.
    • You are excited about spending free time you gain doing PVP roams and do not want to ever wait on someone else's POS timer

    I have been dipping my toes into exploration and FW (Gallante) to help stay busy while the liberal ratchet tighten's its grip in preparation for the vast liberal conspiracy.

    I know what I'm doing at working markets:

    Carrying loot into rens after a lot of playing games in nullsec:

  • Trade Hubs in EVE Gameplay Center

    Punisher Ofara wrote:
    What was the original reason that Jita became the main hub? Is it something like that in the early days of Eve, most people chose Caldari as their race, and their starting location was near or in Jita?

    Feedback mechanisms existed and there are few dampening forces so while there may have been factors that favored the probability of Jita getting ahead far enough in feedback to come to dominate, ultimately it is chaos, a system very sensitive to initial conditions. Slight changes in local population movement patterns in the early days of the game could have made large changes.

    A cabal of traders could have sought to concentrate all throughput in a station where they had some marginal advantages. There could have been a trigger.

    Whatever the case, the feedback mechanisms sealed it and the wide spreads we currently experience have somewhat amplified the effect.

    If you could start eve from the beginning the feedback would concentrate all trade into hubs and the number of hubs would always be related to the cost of transport and market spreads.

    If you want to participate in the next cabal, I suggest preparing for war next fall and joining or allying with Liberal Universalists.

  • Trade Hubs in EVE Gameplay Center

    Maximillian Bonaparte wrote:
    I see about 4 open trade fortizars in Hek but there is still no growth there...as far as I can tell.

    Follow me to Utopia. I'm moving there in a few weeks. THE LIBERAL AGENDA ratchets forward with smooth progress, glibly pronounced. I may pass through Kor-azor on the way.

    Everyone and their dog thinks they will be the new Citadel in highsec, but the reality is that you're waiting for a chaotic accretion and the only way onto the map will be hiring a legion of people to run around and place cans and shout about you in local.

    Yeah, it's an advertising war. Welcome to Eve Online.

  • Trade Hubs in EVE Gameplay Center

    Spreads are controlled by brokerage fees and taxes. Brokerage fees went up, so there became a 7% gap basically where traders can't create any liquidity without losing money. If you want to buy or sell, sure, you can just place an order and don't need to worry about going back across the spread. However, this requires volume for you to get that 3-4% extra when transacting goods. Volume comes with concentration of players. This favors one hub for all trade.

    The rise in brokerage fees is what is concentrating players into one hub. The citadels are what will spread it back out. I'm looking for a resident citadel with a savvy owner who has a low brokerage fee in nullsec.

    Liberal Universalists has much to say on this and other topics. Channel KORNS public.

  • Use Concorde Tax on Suicide Ganked Cargo as ISK Sink in Council of Stellar Management

    Old Man Prae wrote:
    If you goal is to prevent ganks

    Goal is to sink ISK. CCP is basically sinking all of the ISK via trade if you look at the numbers. Liberal Universalists takes the position that the brokerage fee hinders trade, but citidels can fix that, which leaves a problem: where will the ISK get ground up if player economy quickly shifts to citadels?

    Read up on inflation to have a good model of currency vs goods.

  • Use Concorde Tax on Suicide Ganked Cargo as ISK Sink in Council of Stellar Management

    Old Man Prae wrote:
    Suicide ganks etc take isk out of market
    Goods, not ISK. I don't understand the rest of our reply. If the goods are subject to market re-entry tax, it makes ganks less profitable in terms of ISK because to avoid market re-entry tax, you have to ship those goods.

    The real losers would be nullsec dwellers having to blow up gankers trying to haul their goods to NPC or open stations to avoid tax. Takes a lot of ammo and exerts intel burden. Hope the goods make up for it.

  • Liberal Universalist Doctrine in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    If your primary income is from trade, Liberal Universalists is a movement you can be in perfect symbiosis with.

    Nullsec trader nomads who PVP to expand trade and explore W-space while orders are filling. Join KORNS public for chit chat.

    The Doctrine is how we stay focused on the strategic goals, so that the Universalist rachet always tightens its grip, forever liberalising trade within the universe. It is also, for reasons of consistent diplomacy, designed to be straightforward and rarely changed.

    The Doctrine:

  • KORNS, who are mostly traders, in natural symbiosis with trade, pursue all means of expanding economic activity within all regions

  • KORNS do not value sovereignty

  • KORNS supports sovereign holders in proportion to their alignment with doctrine

  • KORNS aligns with natural motivations to RULE through doctrine where possible

  • KORNS avoids concentrations of power and the propensity for abuse that it creates

  • KORNS has a firm grip on reality but no obligation to help you maintain yours

  • The LIBERAL AGENDA is a statement of what we are doing currently in support of doctrine.

    • Currently there are many markets in New Eden that are total crap. We will update each other on what our worst trade techniques have been so that we are establishing a minimum bar for where good trades begin. To economize our leaks of high-value information vs destruction of bad technique, always share down.

    • Because we need about 50 traders to cover all regions, and being this spread out might not always be super fun, be prepared to use jump clones and engage in a lot of covops solo trips and frequently use exploration ships in NPC and "doctrine" stations.

    • CAPITALIZATION. We may not all be on the same level. There will be support for capitalization of members who need to earn ISK to get started. ISK parties will consist of random money making trips in W-space etc.

    • LIBERALIZE A REGION. To balance out the necessary market research time spread out, I'm planning to combine capital in certain regions, so we all JC to one region sometimes and set up huge market depth. We will pick a region based on the local sov's alignment with doctrine. The goal is to double the market throughput for that region according to the Eve economic monthly reports.

    Corporate Policy:

  • Be able to get yourself around in nullsec. Podding until you slip one through is a fine tactic. Inject Marketing before you roll out. Be able to find NPC stations so you can wake up with a reasonable expecation of still existing.

  • 0% tax rate

  • The only grinding is the inevitable, unstoppable, civilizing force of the LIBERAL RATCHET, powered by collective greed and natural advantage of being trade-friendly

  • I'm new-pod friendly, but it's not the right time for this corp. You may get more pew pew out of a new-bro corp, but feel free to have me add you as a contact for later.

  • Allow Me to Revolutionize Your Trading in EVE Gameplay Center

    I can share more information on KORNS public about where I'm trading, what areas I find to be absolutely no joy, and what I'm doing whenever I'm roaming around to kill time while orders fill (or just programming something completely different).

    I currently have spreads (like a spread of torpedoes from a WWII submarine) in hisec and nullsec. Hisec is, the same as ten years ago, frustrating and not worth my time. I will probably stop going back except to pick up exploration gear.

  • Allow Me to Revolutionize Your Trading in EVE Gameplay Center

    Gu1l7y 5p4rk wrote:
    by other more advanced traders
    Baseless propaganda!

  • Allow Me to Revolutionize Your Trading in EVE Gameplay Center

    lanyaie wrote:
    The usage of all those smiley faces and icons in your post make you like a third grader that just discovered emojis.

    Your eye shadow looks like a middle schooler who just discovered makeup

  • Allow Me to Revolutionize Your Trading in EVE Gameplay Center

    Jeronica wrote:
    Please don't post political propaganda threads.

    While the doctrine has yet to be finalized, there is already an explicit aversion to sovereignty entanglements, and the needs of fair markets dictate that free trade will be impartially executed upon all regions of space. What ever do you mean about politics?

  • Allow Me to Revolutionize Your Trading in EVE Gameplay Center

    Reileen Kawahara wrote:
    Slightly difficult if your order executes in low-sec though.

    Right, another reason not many press the region button. I do trading in nullsec that is surpisingly fluid. If you can't manage hauls, try to sell to someone who can, and note that the spreads are always larger in the lower security spaces, so while you might not get the throughput, your profit is generally higher.

  • Allow Me to Revolutionize Your Trading in EVE Gameplay Center

    virm pasuul wrote:
    Looks interesting, can you explain it differently please?

    The problem we are getting around is 0.1-upping. You don't want to play this terrible style game.

    You could avoid the hub by trading things several jumps away or even across the whole region knowing someone will sacrifice some ISK for their time at some point.

    However, you don't want to buy and sell at every station in the region for every tritanium that falls through the cracks. There is 1-upping in the regional orders as well. It's mind-blowingly not fun.

    GIve yourselve an extra advantage over the min-size-1 regional orders by setting a huge min size and placing the whole block closer to the hub price. You don't know where in the region this order will finally execute, but when it does, you know you won't have to warp all over the region in a freighter.

    You only want to trade in large blocks. To do this, set the order min size identical to the order size, so the order is done the very first time someone hits it. Pick a block size that makes sense for your capital (and your ability to haul if you're into that)

    Minimum size: 100,000
    Size: 100,000
    Price: Below the hub
    Distance: Region
    Time limit: 90-days

    This way, you don't end up with a bunch of small crap spread across the region. You only want big blocks. It lets you trade against the whole region without ending up with partial orders or really small purchases in 50 stations that you have to either aggregate yourself or waste 50 orders to clear or even warehouse for 4 years to finally be worth shipping.

    Someone might try to one-up your 100k block size order with a region order of block size 1, but they are spending a huge amount of ISK when you consider that they have to aggregate all the pieces. You can buy at near the hub price because you know every time an order clears, you have a big huge pile of goods instead of a bunch of small ones. Your low cost of moving or re-selling the goods is why you have a price advantage over the block-size-1 fools.

    If you want to have block size one regionally, be sure to set the price really low because it's a huge waste of time if you don't get a good margin. That's what I mean about how your large block orders will let the small crap filter down to the min-size-one orders. Let them deal with it.

    Ideally, the result of everyone doing this is that there are, regionally, lots of big block orders near the hub price and smaller block orders below market and finally bottom-feeder 1-block orders scooping up that lone tritanium from an Ibis. The reason why the big block orders can be more competitive this way is because instead of everyone trying to compete only on price to move their huge capital, they are instead competing on block size and distance, making it much easier for the bulk commodities to stay liquid in the whole region.

    Feel free to join KORNS public or eve mail me or even just apply to Liberal Universalists for a steady stream of such information.

  • Trade Hubs in EVE Gameplay Center

    I sent an invite in game. I've also posted some top secret information about how to not be bad at trade.

    For the next 2-3 months, Liberal Universalists will be focused on enhancing the markets of Eve, engaging in advanced market maneuvers and killing time by exploring wormholes and annoying any gatecamps fidgety enough to WTF warp off as soon as I warp into grid in my super threatening PirateRoll Cheetah.