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  • Information Request For 3 Box Setup in EVE Gameplay Center

    Thanks for the response Muff, I agree that running concurrent tasks with the mission alts is probably the best approach. Then I can group them together if needed for easier burner running.

    I did read a bit about the null burner missions which might not be a bad approach either. 2 DD put out some good dps for sure. I actually run a kitsune with my high sec frigate team burners. Makes life much easier.


  • Information Request For 3 Box Setup in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hi All,

    I've been running level 4 missions for quite a few years doing different strategies including blitz and full-clear. Thus I'm pretty comfortable with what works in that regard (including burners as well). Most of the time I did this with one or two accounts as well.

    I've moved up to three accounts and have several scenarios in mind for pve:

    1a. Pull missions with one character and just do faster blitz with all ships in the same room (or set up 3 missions and swap fleet leader warp for each mission). If I'm feeling lazy, use two semi-afk ships with auto-target missiles and one ship as the main.

    1b. Similar to 1a) except run each missioner independently (pros are probably more money, con is a bit more effort, but not much)

    2. Just get setup to do incursions (probably just dps) with all three ships. I used to do incursion logi, so I'm a bit familiar with them.

    3. Level 5's, I think I did one level 5 before they removed them from high sec, so I would have to research that more. From what I understand, level 5's may be a bit nerfed (as they now spawn caps more often? ).

    4. Get into low/null/wh stuff, of which I have a good amount of experience with low pvp but not much in the pve department (apart from doing FW missions a looong time ago).

    My request for those with 3 accounts, what have you found to be optimal? I think the conservative approach is probably 1b as that balances time with effort well, and level 4 blitzing is reasonably good. (It's also a bit more kid friendly, as in when I need to hop off briefly to deal with children).

    I appreciate the feedback.


  • 3Box LS Gatecamp Composition in EVE Gameplay Center

    Thanks for the replies.

    Right now I'm trying a combination of arty thrashers and a scout. The arty thrashers are super fun, cheap, but a little micro heavy over multiple accounts. Next up I'm going to check out two logi and a svipul.


  • 3Box LS Gatecamp Composition in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hi All,

    I'm building up a team that I can comfortably 3 box that is effective at low sec gate camping. At the moment I've had good success with an insta-thrasher given its surprise DPS, scan res, and ability to tank gate guns for about 4 volleys. For the most part, this ship is successful at blapping frig and dessy hulls which are WT and the occasional neut frig hull.

    I want to expand upon this capability though. So at first, I will probably just have three accounts in the insta-thrashers (they are cheap). This will give me reasonable dps and will shred war targets. The sustain though is an issue and will make it somewhat more challenging to stay on grid for more than 10 or so seconds when engaging a neut. I don't mind moving up to tankier builds, but I still want to maintain that fast lock time along with reasonable alpha/dps. Also, making the 3 box a bit more hands off (aka drone assist) might be kind of nice in the future.

    Thus I'm starting to think of ideas like 2 vexors and one insta-cane with the vexors providing shield rep, drone assist, and some remote sensor boost while the Cane does the initial lock. This will get around 1000 dps (with heat and drones), reasonable hands off, not too expensive, and some sustain in the presence of gate guns.

    Any other ideas for taking out indy/cruiser level and below?

    Again the objectives I want for this 3 box are:
    1. Fast lock
    2. DPS/Alpha
    3. Some sustain in front of gate gun fire
    4. Cost effective (doesn't have to be super cheap but nothing ridiculous)
    5. Somewhat lower maintenance on 2 of the boxes (less important, more of a quality of life thing)


  • ATTENTION! Comcast Node Crash Affecting West Coast Players. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    To all facing this problem, I too confirm your experience. This has happened two nights in a row due to the San Jose node. Interesting I get this behavior after being routed to the San Jose node (and a few preliminary bounces) from Albuquerque, NM. I note that currently, my routing now goes from:

    Albuquerque -> Los Angeles -> Texas (Usually this would show San Jose) -> Onward to CCP land eventually

    Here the San Jose node seems to be removed entirely. I'll also contact Comcast prior to heading into work.