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  • Reasonable People looking for sane pilots under 15 million SP in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Did you know: Everyone has a unique tongue print, just like fingerprints.

    All our members are unique, call into [SOUND] chat today to find out more about us.

  • Reasonable People looking for sane pilots under 15 million SP in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Did you know: the average person falls asleep in 7 minutes

    Eve can put you to sleep if you are flying around on your own and dont know what you are doing. Join SOUND to learn how to have fun in Eve.

  • Reasonable People looking for sane pilots under 15 million SP in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Did you know: in 2001 NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft lands on asteroid 433 Eros, a first.

    [SOUND] lands on asteroids from time to time Big smile

  • Inner Visions looking for players under 20 mil SP [SOUND] [NSIDE] in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Recruitment now OPEN :-)

  • Inner Visions looking for players under 20 mil SP [SOUND] [NSIDE] in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Sent you msg in game, N

  • CCP Hosted UK Player Gathering - Newcastle - May 9th, 2013 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Tonight was awesome, thanks everyone for for a boss night out :-)
    Photos at https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/100809037321668050870

  • CCP Hosted UK Player Gathering - Newcastle - May 9th, 2013 in EVE Gameplay Center

    SamuraiJack wrote:

    says wet and raining... no supercell we hope...

    I'm loving your fan fiction, did you put anything into the true stories competition ?

  • CCP Hosted UK Player Gathering - Newcastle - May 9th, 2013 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hett Zerr wrote:
    Discovered im off thurs/friday and after a quick check of laterooms.com landed me a cheap £20 hotel room+parking for the night - i think it would be rude not to join you chaps Pirate

    No Brennivin for me please!


    Thanks for the laterooms.com tip. I owe you a drink or three :-)

    Is there any food available at the venue ?

  • CCP Hosted UK Player Gathering - Newcastle - May 9th, 2013 in EVE Gameplay Center

    CCP Falcon wrote:
    CDLoon wrote:
    Don't suppose you've got any of the Quafe T-Shirts left over from Fanfest to bring with ya ?

    I can confirm that I will be bringing a huge pile of these Big smile

    Save one for me please, women's size medium .

    Driving up from Liverpool and staying over, which means I can have a drink or two :-)

  • Ali Aras for CSM8 in Council of Stellar Management

    I listened to your interview Xander and you will get my vote.

    I would love to have you guest FC an Eve Uni fleet :-)
    We have women in Eve Uni but they dont normally FC and it's a hard role to take on. I'm told I'm not forceful enough but I'm building up experience slowly and the guys are sgetting used to me telling them what to do Lol so having a role model would be really useful.

    I've only been playing for six months and the first three months were really hard, it was only when I switched to flying logi that I felt at home. I find logi much more social than other PvP roles and I prefer the carer role to the destroyer role, I just wish there was a way I could FC and fly logi at the same time.

    With respect to missions:

    I use level 4 missions to train new logi pilots, as a sort of baby incursion squad using BCs and Cruisers for DD. That also trains the DD pilots to broadcast for logi as the new logi pilots do not normally have the skills to pretarget the whole squad. My suggestion would be to make the level 4s harder to do solo as a way of getting mission pilots to team up.

    I want to take on level 5 missions in low sec with a Uni squad. However, the risk of getting ambushed by T3s is greater than the rewards from running the level 5s to the point where level 5s are only viable running them solo. My suggestion is to increase the rewards for level 5s and to gate them like a Faction Warfare site so that at least any PvP would be on equal terms.

    With respect to the use of language:

    I like that Eve Uni has a policy on the use of language. Like you I dont mind cuss words in the heat of battle but I object to having to listen to gratuitous offensive language during my gaming time and that's one of the reasons why I have stayed on at the Uni.

    I post on the Eve Online G+ forum and it would be great if you could join us there to answer questions about your candidacy.

    Good luck, Niamh

  • Bloodmaer Academy EVE Fiction Contest : December-January in EVE Communication Center

    Congrats to the winners, I enjoyed reading all the entries, look forward to the next contest :-)

  • Blackbird Down in EVE Communication Center

    Blackbird Down, 5/5

    Space quivered and flashed in the heat of battle. Our attack on the pirates camped on the Heydieles gate in Old Man Star was in full flow, My ship shuddered under their bombardment but our logi chain arced across the vacuum of space and my shields held for now. Frantically I scrolled through the fleet calls for logi help trying to keep up with Ripper’s instructions on our squad channel and our FC’s voice commands.

    The battle did not last long, we were too strong for them and they broke, what was left of their camp scattering across the system. Only then could I break concentration to assess our losses. In fleet chat update I saw her Blackbird and her pod listed, ‘Niamh, are you OK ?’ I called out.
    ‘Alice, maintain combat protocol,’ snapped our FC, so I opened a private chat channel to Niamh, but with no response.
    There was no time for more enquiries, as pirate reinforcements dropped on us. Once again my ship shuddered under their bombardment but this time our logi chain flickered and faltered. As my ship blew I pod warped to a customs post and then jumped to safety in Villore, where I reshipped.

    As soon as we docked at our home station I raced for the medical centre.
    ‘Is Niamh OK ?’ I asked, ‘was her medical clone up to date ?’
    ‘Life signs are OK,’ replied the medic, ‘but she’s in shock.’
    Pushing past him I approached her bed, ‘Niamh, it’s Alice, can you hear me ?’
    She twitched and mumbled, ‘warp, warp, why don’t you warp ?’
    Taking her hand I whispered ‘Niamh, it’s OK, it’s over.’
    ‘Don’t leave me,’ she pleaded.
    ‘I won’t leave you, ever’ I assured her.
    ‘Alice !!’ her eyes focused on me, ‘she said it was time, time for me leave her among the stars, to move on, said you would be good for me.’
    ‘We will be good for each other.’ I promised.
    ‘She said she wanted to go out in glory, not languish in a scrap yard. I promised that would never happen but she would not warp.’ Niamh grabbed my arm, ‘I stayed until the end Alice, I wanted to be with her until the end.’
    ‘and you were Niamh, you were there until the end.’ I consoled her.
    She relaxed her grip on my arm and sighed, ‘there will never be another like her.’
    ‘We could build another,’ I suggested.
    ‘No, my Blackbird days are over,’ she said firmly.
    ‘If that’s what you want,’ I said soothing her forehead.
    ‘Could I fly logi with you ?’ she asked.
    I grinned, ‘I’m sure Ripper has something you could borrow,’ and we both chuckled.

    So that’s how we ended up flying logi together. Our FC was pissed that he had lost a Blackbird pilot and in the end Niamh offered to teach ECM to placate him, but she never set foot in a Blackbird again.

    Author’s notes:
    * Ever since Manchester Eve Blob I’ve been fascinated with the juxtaposition of EVE characters with their real life personalities and how one shapes the other.
    * I wrote the first chapter as a 500 word flash fiction and then wanted to know what happened next Big smile
    * Apologies to any lesbians reading this, I know that placing two lesbians in the same place does not instantly result in a relationship but please allow me some artistic licence Cool

  • Blackbird Down in EVE Communication Center

    Blackbird Down, 4/5

    My stomach heaved and I lurched to the toilet. After my heaves ran dry the pain hit between my eyes and I gasped with the grip of the hangover. Stepping into the shower I turned the water on full and tried to wash away the night before.

    Reluctantly I left the shower and rifled through Niamh’s wardrobe until I found a clean set of overalls, too short in arms and legs but otherwise wearable. Outside were sounds of welding coming from under her Blackbird.

    Picking up a holdall of cleaning equipment from the sodden quayside I climbed onto the Blackbird and started cleaning round the bridge, wiping away the dust so that at least she could see out if she had time to look away from the instruments. Did I hear the ship sigh in pleasure ?

    ‘She likes you,’ said Niamh from behind me. I spun round wash cloth in hand to see her grinning, ‘how’s your head ?’
    ‘About to fall off,’ I groaned.
    ‘You need Stix’s patent hangover cure,’ she observed seriously and flicked open her coms, ‘Stix, we need two of your special hangover cures at dock 62 and a clean up squad for my quarters.’ ‘Thank you Stix,’ she laughed, ‘Yes, I can spell Thank You but if it’s not here in 5 minutes I will still kick your arse out of the nearest airlock.’

    As we sat on the dock with our cures Niamh reminded me of the previous night. ‘It was funny listening to you tell Ripper all about logi, seeing as he is logi squad leader.’
    ‘Why didn’t you stop me,’ I murmured, hanging my head in embarrassment.
    ‘Like I said it was funny, you were so serious and so pissed,’ she grinned, ‘Ripper says you can fly logi anytime and he will even lend you a fitted Scythe to get you going.’
    ‘Fly logi ?’ I said dazed.
    ‘Sure, it’s a smart move. Everyone likes logi pilots and it’s a great way to get to know the guys in the fleet while you train up your T2 skills,’ she said draining her cure and pulling a face as she swallowed.
    ‘So why don’t you fly logi ?’ I challenged.
    ‘I’m a loner, Blackbird pilots always are,’ she shrugged her shoulders and stood up to go back to work.

    ‘Would you like some help ?’ I offered.
    ‘Sure, just do whatever she asks you.’ she replied casually.
    Hesitantly I asked, ‘Niamh, does your Blackbird talk to you ?’
    She frowned and spoke slowly, ‘Buzz and I have been together a long time and we look after each other.’
    Tipping her head as if listening intently she said, ‘Buzz says you would be good for me.’
    ‘Would you be good for me ?’ I wondered.
    ‘Got you a logi ship for free didn’t I ?’ she laughed. Jumping onto a repair drone with a welding kit she disappeared under the ship.

  • Blackbird Down in EVE Communication Center

    Blackbird Down, 3/5

    Losing my brand new Hurricane on my first fleet was bad enough, being podded was worse, but knowing I could have done better was what really pissed me off. So here I was back on dock 62 waiting on the fleet to return, waiting for Niamh to return. I had heard the battle coms, visualised the engagement, seen the kill reports, knew that she had played her part well and survived.

    As a battered and smoking Blackbird was pulled slowly along the docking runway I was joined by an elderly fitter who shook his head in disbelief at the damage, ‘We’ve been told to repair her, but look, how can we repair that ? It would be easier to melt her down and start again.’
    ‘She is very attached to her ship,’ I observed.
    ‘I’ve heard it talks to her and she talks back, it happens you know, it’s all those microwaves, fries their brains eventually,’ he muttered.

    I thought of our time together before the fleet, hanging out in my quarters, just regular mates, gossiping about the station, nothing out of the usual, nothing that is until she hacked the station security system and showed that we were being spied on. ‘Bloody perverts’ she had said as she shut them out.

    ‘Hey’ I said changing the subject, ‘I thought she did all her own repairs ?’
    He nodded, ‘station commander’s order and you apparently are to distract her,’ at which he raised an eyebrow.
    Sighing I watched as the ship docked, from ship pilot to sex slave in one easy step. Retribution I supposed for trashing one perfectly good Hurricane.

    The ship hatch hissed open with escaping gasses and out stepped Niamh, half-heartedly rubbing the pod goo out of her hair. ‘Hi Alice,’ she called out, ‘tough luck to get primaried, at least you got an early bath.’
    ‘I should have done better,’ I said wincing at the memory.
    ‘Who are all these guys ?’ she asked.
    ‘We have instructions to repair your ship ma’am,’ stated the fitter next to me.
    ‘The hell you are,’ threatened Niamh, pulling a remote control from her pocket.
    The ship hatch swung shut and there was the sound of machinery powering up.
    ‘We need a drink,’ she said grinning, ‘follow me.’
    As we entered her quarters I could hear shouts behind me; ‘That’s the auto cannon powering up.’ ‘Take cover.’ ‘SNOW BALLS, it‘s firing bloody snow balls at us !!!’

    Her quarters were a mess, dirty clothes and dishes on every surface mixed with technical manuals and readouts. Niamh stepped out of her jump suit and into the shower cubicle, leaving me a brief view of bare arse and the line of neural jacks running up her back. I have only vague recollections of what followed, Niamh emerging from the shower stark naked and walking right past me to her wardrobe, strange bars and even stranger drinks.

  • Blackbird Down in EVE Communication Center

    Blackbird Down, 2/5

    So they all knew I was a lesbian, rocking on my heels I felt the blood drain from my head and blackness beckoned.
    ‘Hey, fleet to Alice, snap out of it,’ barked Niamh, ‘think of this as an initiation test, a crappy test but you have to stand up to them. Do you hear me ?’
    Blinking back the tears that threatened to give me away I snapped to attention, my basic training kicking in and I focused on Niamh’s now intense face, inches from mine.
    ‘Good’, she said quietly, ‘remember always that you are their equal. Now let’s go find your Hurricane.’
    Turning towards the dock door she gestured for me to follow. As I grabbed my holdall she flicked open her coms link and started barking orders, ‘Stix I want a replacement D-Scan fitted to my Blackbird with an hour. Yes, I know about Alice and that’s why you have just one hour or I will kick your butt out of the nearest airlock, Do You Understand. Oh and tell our FC we are on our way to dock 16’

    Pacing quickly to the nearest transport pod she hammered the keypad and slumped into the seat. ‘Bastards,’ she said, ‘to do this to you.’
    ‘I can handle myself,’ I replied automatically and she grinned at me, ‘ata girl.’
    As the pod came to a halt she pushed past me, shoulders squared, pulling the doors open impatiently.
    ‘You Bastard,’ she shouted at a tall bearded man, who I then recognised from my data files was our FC.
    ‘Hi Niamh, Hi Alice,’ he grinned.
    I snapped to attention, ‘reporting for duty, Sir.’
    ‘What the, oh come on,’ squawked Niamh, who then grabbed our FC by the shoulders and started shaking him, ‘that was the shittiest ****** thing you have ever done,’ she snarled.
    ‘Whoa,’ he said stepping backwards out of her grip, ‘Niamh, listen to me, listen ..’
    Niamh stopped, shoulders heaving with rapid breaths, ‘of all the times I’ve rescued your sorry arse and you do this to me, to her !!’, she screamed
    ‘Ok, Ok, look at it this way, everyone knows now and you can relax, so start enjoying yourself will you and stop being such a miserable cow.’
    ‘So is that the only reason you invited me into this fleet ?’ I asked in frustration, ‘so that she could get laid ?’
    ‘No, no, not at all, your combat record speaks for itself, the rest is just icing on the cake, so as to speak. Now, your fit looks OK but the sooner you have T2 mods the better so focus your skill training OK ?’
    ‘Yes sir,’ I replied slightly mollified.
    ‘Good,’ he said ‘in that case Niamh, show Alice to her captain’s quarters will you and make her feel at home.’
    Ducking from Niamh’s swinging left arm he danced away chuckling.

    Grinding her teeth with frustration she led me to my quarters, where she stomped into the shower room, leaving me dazed and wondering what I had got myself into.

  • Blackbird Down in EVE Communication Center

    Author’s note: This story has lesbian characters, so if same sex relationships upset you then please don’t read any further. Also, just because it's a same sex relationship does not mean there is any sex in it !!

    Blackbird Down, 1/5

    That was not a Hurricane, that was a wreck with molten metal splatters and multi coloured armoured plates welded together in random pattern. I checked the docking gate number, “62”, as instructed by despatch.
    Seeing a fitter on the wreck struggling with a sensor array I called out, ‘Hey, where’s my Hurricane ?’
    The fitter stood up and stretched, revealing a woman with spiky red hair and overalls grimy with tungsten dust and weld burns. ‘If you are looking for a Hurricane you are looking in the wrong place,’ she called back, ‘but as you are here can you give me a hand with this ?’
    I hesitated, not wanting to get my uniform dirty, ‘you afraid of dirt ?’ she called out sarcastically.

    Dropping my holdall I climbed aboard the wreck and carefully made my way over to her.
    ‘Grab hold of that end and lift,’ she instructed.
    Together we lifted the sensor array, revealing a tangled mess of melted cables.
    ‘Oh great’ she groaned, ‘got a spare D-Scan module on you ?’
    ‘Nope’,’ I replied, at which she cut the cables and I helped her throw the old scanner onto the dock.
    ‘Now I’m going to struggle to get this old bird ready for fleet tonight,’ she grimaced.
    ‘Tonight’s fleet ?’ I said in surprise, ‘What’s this wreck supposed to be ?’
    ‘This wreck,’ she said through gritted teeth, ‘is a fully functioning Blackbird,’ she glanced at the melted D-Scan on the dock, ‘well mostly fully functioning.’
    ‘A Blackbird !’ I said incredulously, looking around me.
    ‘Hey,’ she said, ‘don’t dis’ my ship. She’s brought me home from more fleets than you’ve had star jumps, although I will admit that she’s needed a few repairs.’
    ‘Your ship ? You’re a pilot ?’ my voice rose an octave in surprise with each question.

    She grinned and held out her hand, ‘I’m Niamh and I’m the shittiest Blackbird pilot in the fleet’.
    I looked at her grubby hand and sighed but shook her hand, ‘Alice, and I’m really sorry. I mean no disrespect to you or your ship.’
    ‘OK Alice,’ she laughed, pulling a data pad out of her toolbox, ‘let’s see what’s happened to your ‘cane.’
    ‘Oh,’ she said in surprise, looking at the data pad, ‘there’s a message from our FC.’

    ‘What does it say ?’ I asked impatiently, but she blushed and hesitated, ‘Your ‘cane’ is on dock 16’, she spluttered finally.
    ‘So why did they send me down here ?’ I griped
    ‘Alice,’ she asked slowly, ‘Have you said or done anything that would indicate to our fleet commander that you are or maybe a lesbian ?’
    I gasped in horror and felt my own blush rising, ‘No, I’ve not told anyone.’
    She turned the data pad towards me, ‘Found a pilot who plays on the same team as you. Hope you get laid and stop being such a pain. Fleet up at 20.00, don’t be late, either of you.’

  • New Racial ECM Skill Books? What Are They in EVE Gameplay Center

    Extract from the Retribution patch notes:

    Radar Sensor Compensation, Gravimetric Sensor Compensation, Magnetometric Sensor Compensation and Ladar Sensor Compensation skills have been added to the market for 180000 ISK each

    These increase their specific sensor strength by 4% per level
    All rank 2
    Electronics Level IV prerequisite
    Primary attribute is intelligence, with memory as secondary

    Will these be added to the skill certificates for EWAR ?

    There have also been a number of changes to ship specifications for EWAR that you need to allow for.


  • Bloodmaer Academy EVE Fiction Contest : December-January in EVE Communication Center

    Eve Story – Friendly Flash

    No, no, no, I was not supposed to be jumping. I hammered control space but session change was already in progress. Instead of orbiting the 7Q- gate I was jumping through it.

    ‘Friendly flash out’ I screamed into the mic. I was going to get it in the neck for this from our FC, who had been banging on all through the roam about paying attention and following commands.

    As 7Q- swam into focus my heart stopped, there before me was a swarm of flashing red. Oh no, this was not good. 60 seconds to de cloak as I jabbed the timer and typed furiously into squad chat, ‘20+ flashes DGC 8YC gate in 7Q-. What do I do ?????’

    My FC’s stressed voice came over the intercom, “What are you flying Alice ?’
    ‘Navitas noob ship’ I replied

    ‘Sorry Alice,’ he said, ‘scouts report strong enemy force, nothing we can do for you. Collect a replacement ship from the Eve Uni hanger at Aldrat. Take this as a lesson to listen more carefully next time. Fleet align E02 gate and warp to zero, move, move, move.’

    45 seconds to de cloak, frantically I switched to podsaver and scanned for celestials when a flashing red name caught my eye – Jimmy Riddle -, what was he doing here ?’
    Clicking Jimmy’s name and opening private convo I started typing furiously, ‘HELP, I’m 40 km from you, on my own and about to decloak in 30 secs.’
    ‘What ???’ he replied.
    ‘Quick ask your FC if I can sing my way out !!’ I rushed.
    ‘I can try but don’t hold your breath’ he typed

    ‘Well he must be in good mood, get your arse over to our public comms and tune up.’ Jimmy messaged.
    10 seconds to decloak, quickly tabbing to comms and jumping channel I started singing:

    Hey I just met you and this is crazy
    But here’s my number, so call me maybe ....

    and typed my mobile number into local +44 7976 ******

    Out of time, I carried on singing as my ship materialised in front of their fleet.
    ‘Ha,’ Jimmy typed, ‘Our FC is giving you a free pass and says that if you are going to fly in null then you should enrole in 1SA.’

    With popping bubbles their fleet jumped, leaving one solitary ship behind, no longer flashing red.
    ‘Hey Jimmy, what’s up ?’
    ‘I’ve been ordered to drop fleet and escort you to high sec,’ he said over audio,
    ‘I spent all f**king morning setting up for that fleet.’
    ‘Aww don’t be mad, I’ll do the same for you one day,’ I apologised.
    ‘What’s that in the background ? You didn’t actually give out your real number did you ?’ he asked.
    ‘Hmm, 3 dinner invitations and someone wants to know if I like cats !!’
    ‘So how about I take you out for dinner ?’
    ‘Naah you would just get drunk and go on about the size of your Titan as usual …..’

    So call me maybe ….

    Copyright Niamh Aideron 10 December 2012
    Flash fiction format @500 words

  • Now that the jukebox is gone... in EVE Communication Center

    I cant find the new sound system on the Neocom. Where is it and what does it look like ???
    Thanks, N

  • EvE Blob in Manchester UK 9 - 12 November 2012 Are you joing the fleet ? IMPORTANT CHANGE in EVE Gameplay Center

    Jac Wolfkin wrote:
    I cant make Friday(today) but will try my hardest for tomorrow..you lot better not take the **** out of my age, I bet I am the oldest noob there Smile

    Nahh, I'll take your bet :-)
    Just hope the bar sells mugs of tea !!!