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  • Dev blog: Strategic Cruisers and You in EVE Information Center

    Thanks for including me, I'll try to bring valuable advice and work with a couple group's I know to get some opinions. I'll even pull out the ol' graphing calculator if needed.

    Edit: Not that I don't already have my own opinions - but I'm not going to be closed minded about this.

  • Forming the Strategic Cruiser Focus Group in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'm interested in being part of this discussion. I fly T3s primarily in solo / small gang wormhole fights. And fight against the same. I'm a non-certified EFT warrior, and enjoy long walks on the beach.

    That being said, I'd love to help shape t3s and give feedback via experience and my mediocre math skills.

    Best regards.

  • WormBoard (a new wh kills comparison site.. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Neato. It does make it harder to stay off the map... and the avg # / kill is a pretty handy one glance stat.

  • Dev blog: The future of probe and directional scanning UI in EVE Information Center

    Tip - if you turn UI Interaction off in advanced audio it disables the submarine ping (along with all other click/button effects).

    Also, seems like the solar system map is bugged? The map button on the probe launcher on one account and not on the other. Relogging seems to help.

    But still, please change the dscan to be at the top. The bottom buttons get pushed under other windows.

  • Dev blog: The future of probe and directional scanning UI in EVE Information Center

    Yo Homeslice, we need a way to turn off the d-scan sound effect. I hit dscan like 20 times a minute in wormhole space - I'm about to ******* lose my mind on this.

    Also, moving the d-scan angle/range to the bottom of the window was not a good idea... it makes it slightly more annoying to hunt targets using d-scan. Can we get the beta map button added back to the probe launcher?

  • [March] Mobile Warp Disruptor changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Good Change, I'm happy that decloak citadels / POSs in wormhole space will be generally boned by this.

  • Mining (ore) in wormholes in EVE Gameplay Center

    The above are pretty good answers. I'd say you don't have to scout holes if you roll them, but it sounds like people that are mining would rather watch a hole they know is open to one that may be open.

  • Null Anomalies vs WH - balance! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Jack Miton wrote:
    Why should ns pve have anything to do with wh pve?

    I agree that there needs to be a different metric. However, we also know that there are renters out there bubbling an entire region and ratting in relative safety (new bubble mechanics will help with this).

    However, I do think there needs to be something that draws people to wormhole space. Isk is a good motivator. I'd honestly prefer it not be industry that brings people in because PI/Reaction holes are pretty boring from an interaction standpoint. You can work to evict, but evicting someone from a wormhole is about the least fun you can have in eve.

  • Null Anomalies vs WH - balance! in EVE Gameplay Center

    'Self destructed BS & Capitals' - if you rage cage my POS I would rather self destruct than give you a bunch of shiny kill mails. If it's not a good fight why would people come out and fight?

    If you've got 5-6 characters evicting a group with 5-10 active members I can see them saying - hey, they don't' have a lot of people lets see if we can push them out. If you've got a corp where they can get 5-8 characters and one dude's triple boxing and you have a 20 man fleet pushing their **** in - I'd also say f you and self destruct.

    From personal experience, I've had a corp with 4-5 guys run from a 4-5 man eviction fleet. On the other hand, I've brought in an 7-8 man fleet (nothing fancy) and had the locals push us out with only 3-4 dudes (we had mostly bombers). The point is people are more likely to 'provide content' when you give them the opportunity to win (even if it's an illusion). I'm sick of this space bushido **** where w-space corps pretend that they aren't dropping every online member on a rattle running a c4 site.

    We're opportunistic parasites that enjoy the occasional goodfight and get our rocks off on the hunter/prey sneaky ****.

    I consider myself PVP oriented, but when there isn't a 'good fight' I don't feel obligated to provide content to people that are bored. Even when I have offered content (i.e. sitting a ship in space) corps that outnumber me don't want to fight off of a wormhole or a highsec. So the risk aversion runs both ways - only idiots constantly take fights they don't think they're going to win.

    If you made the isk/hr of c1/2/3 sites at or above L4 (blitzing) or incursions - you'd see an extreme influx of people. Honestly, there's no reason to set up in a low class wormhole unless you like looking for fights or are looking for a new challenge. Isk wise you can make more station trading, supplying mission hubs, blitzing l4 missions, running incursions, hell - even exploring through null in a 40 mil ship.

    Plus, if you bring in people that are only going to self destruct ships at a pos by increasing the amount of isk paid out by sites - you're at least cycling more targets into wormhole space; those guys are going to have to run sites to have shiny battleships and you can camp the **** out of them too.

  • Mining (ore) in wormholes in EVE Gameplay Center

    Most people just roll connections if they want to mine and peace out once a new sig pops up. It's relatively safe to do.

    Still, mining in wormholes is pretty low income.

  • Null Anomalies vs WH - balance! in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'm still for a buff to wormhole income. But I think the spawn mechanics are okay (minus the piling up of 50+ sigs in unused shatterred and c4s and c6s).

    I like the idea of the more sites you do at home the less spawn - because you want people to venture out of their wormholes, but its obvious that it makes much more sense to run in HS, LS, and Null for isk. There's a LOT less bears in wormhole space (because the hunters have gotten pretty good at being sneaky) and because you can make a buck elsewhere for less of a headache.

    If you want more people in wormhole space as targets - give them something that keeps them in ships pretty easily. If you want to continue the status quo than no buff is necessary. When I started running c4s in 2011 a domi ball (3 domis) would pay for itself in 3 sites (total cost to fit a domi 70-80 mil isk) - now that same domi ball is about 650 mil; if I've got to run 3-4x as many sites in a c4 that's more dangerous. Just food for thought.

  • Dual purpose C2 Hurricane (PvP/PvE) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Just a thought, but I don't think you'll like doing PVP in a PVE focused ship (or vice versa). If you need to use your ancillary repper during a sight you'll just be chewing up cash and a limited reserve of space. For daytripping, I'd advise that you scout the area and get ready to fight if a pvp target presents itself. If there's nothing there - then get your bear on.

    Honestly, there's not much you're going to want to engage in a hurricane. Your average stratios w/3 medium nuets (even with your cap battery) is going to be a pretty huge problem. And they'll rarely be alone.

    You can 50/50 have the time to refit a cloak before you're combat scanned down (you're locked into place once you pop that depot). And if you're pulling it off for sites and have a mobile depot in your cargo hold - that's like 2/3 of the space you have for loot/salvage already gone.

    It just really doesn't make sense. If you're going to bear - focus on that. If you're going to pvp - focus on the pvp aspect.

    You could fit out a passive drake and keep a cloak on it (you can win fights against solo hunters and run sights) but drakes always look like bait and you'll end up seeing a sabre on d-scan about 10 seconds before a fleet of about 3-10 lands on you.

  • Please Ignore. CSM12. WH improvements. in Council of Stellar Management

    Aaril wrote:
    I tried to read your post, but the grammar feels like something from Google Translate.

    Corp bio is in Russian, if he's bi-lingual then props to him. There's a fairly large Russian playerbase in wormhole space and they deserve to be heard. Maybe not by this guy though.

  • Please Ignore. CSM12. WH improvements. in Council of Stellar Management

    I thought about all the ways I could explain how this would benefit already large PVP corps that print money in high class wh space (now c4s with a c5 or c6 static), but I don't think its worth it. Expanding the mass on a wormhole / jump cloning into cits - these are ideas that would turn wormhole space MORE into k-space.

    I'm all for making more money in wormhole space, if there's more people that want to bear because they can make the cost of their ship back pretty quick - that's what would get wormhole space hopping again.

    The ideas you posted are not good. You also mention nothing about wormhole dynamics (bear, indy, pvp) - I could edit: stalk (not troll) your killboard and corp history, but I feel if you want to be taken seriously maybe say something about what you do in wormholes and about the various play styles. Perhaps also mention how you perceive the health of wormhole space. Too much / little bearing? Not enough targets? Too many large corps / Not enough?

    Good on you for putting yourself out there. You won't get my vote this year; but good luck all the same.

  • POS Vs Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sounds like my disdain for citadels is less warranted than I had hoped.

  • C5 Solo Marauder in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sorry my assumption that I could find the info in under 10 minutes was correct.

    Although, even if I wanted to reinvent the wheel I could use Rykki's wormhole guide and Pyffa to figure out if it was still possible. Focusing on things like nuet amount and total dps in Rykki's and Pyffa for the fit.

  • C5 Solo Marauder in EVE Gameplay Center

    Not much has changed in a year. Just don't spawn the escalation drifter at the end of the site. I hear paladins are nice. Although, if you checked out zkillboard for hard knocks, lzr, or just in general for maurader losses I'm sure you'd find a lot of fits that were ganked (that were probably fine for doing the site).

    First page has a couple of losses on zkill from the last 2 days. Looks like solo 'maurading,' if you will, is alive and well. Fits all look pretty similar... I'm assuming they work.




    Edit: it's lazy not to scope out a couple of fits and at least ask for advice. It took me about 2 minutes to figure out where to find the information you wanted and another two to post fits.

  • POS Vs Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    My biggest dislike of citadels stems from the 1 bil price tag which is comparable to a faction large.

    For 1 bil in a large POS - I get 70 million shield hitpoints and if I'm small and can't defend, I put a ton of hardeners on there. No one wants to grind 50-60% resists w/out a cap. **** star, death star... there's just more you can do and you don't have to be on for it to happen. Although it helps.

    For a 1 bil citadel - I can take on a 6-8 man gang, less if they bring extra logi, or I'm not focused on ecm/nuets (w/the 600-1k damage I scrape out of it).

  • Extra ISK while you explore! in EVE Gameplay Center

    The Sisi thing is fixed FYI. But it is still a bit extra intel that I wouldn't want.

  • Looking for suggestions solo PvE/exploration fits for Wormholes. in EVE Gameplay Center

    It really depends on what you want to do. If you're intent is to go solo (including only bringing one char) - it really limits your options.

    The cheapest thing you can do is scout wormholes in a covops fit with a data/relic analyzer and do the Null exploration sites that pop up in c1-3 space. You'll die eventually, so make trips out to HS to stash your loot.

    If you want to run PVE sites with a single toon, you're going to die sooner rather than later (even if you're hitting dscan like a rabid wolf). You can do it, but keep it cheap. C1-2 sites can be run in fairly inexpensive ships. See the sticky posts in this forum for info on fits.

    For PVP, you'll need to figure out what you want to lose often (stratios? astero? bomber?). Each one of these ships is going to have to scan, warp cloaked, and be able to kill your target. A bling fit T3 probably has the widest engagement profile (you can kill more stuff) but people will go out of their way to set traps for you - so I wouldn't go there without some experience. A bomber can't do much except engage explorers or industrial ships (you can **** people off with some damps and fighting aligned but you probably won't get a kill). A stratios is a good middle ground.. it's relatively inexpensive and with nuets + drone damage it can kill a wide variety of site runners on top of your normal pvp targets. A well fit T2 strat is about 300 mil.

    You can use a Recon but I don't recommend it as a solo ship, if you recons scanning will be a pain in the ass because they aren't bonused for it, and your engagement profile is still pretty thin.

    Feel free to message me in game if you have any other questions that the forum isn't addressing. The draw to wormhole space isn't the big isk (although it can happen) - it's that things happen fast and unexpectedly. I'm constantly surprised at the lengths that I and my fellow wormhole corps go to for kills or just to see if they can pull it off.

    Edit: if you're planning on bearing -
    Rykki's guide is the best for figuring out how sites work:

    Read some blogs to figure out how crazy us mole people can be with respect to getting kills, camping systems, and being in general sneaky bastards; suggestions: