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  • Would you like a 2nd Rate Bifrost pilot who was just kicked from Horde in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Yep, I am back again.

    In need of a new home. I am an Active PVP EU timezone pilot. I love to fly my Bifrost. But I am only a 2nd rate pilot as seen here


    Looking for EU timezone Corp.


    Have all the Comms programs.

    111m Skillpoints.

    Any type of space considered apart from hisec.

    Please feel free to mail me.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Suddenly Spaceships - Apply now in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Hey BP,

    3nd times a charm? I am looking for a new home again. And I kind of have an Axe to grind on Horde (sort off) ;-)

  • [March] Rorqual and Mining changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    To my Non Miner mind. It is very easy to address many of the issues of the Rorqual.

    1# Ban Entosis just like interceptors

    2# Leave the PvE Isk making numbers alone. Nobody is bitching about the amount of ISK Per Hour apart from CCP. The ship is supposed to be a big rock muncher that also serves to protect his mining buddies. LET IT BE A BIG ******* ISK Printing ship. This is it's REWARD for fielding such a thing. The ore market will adjust just as it always has. If the market crashes. Well it will lead to interesting things to study and new interesting ideas for the cost of wars that are waged.

    3# Cut it's local active tank by 50%. It's does not need to be at the level of a FAX for PVE. At best it should be at the level of a T2 fit marauder at the most. NOT FAX LEVEL.

    4# The real tank of a Rorqual should be it's bat phone friends and the use of P.A.N.I.C for itself and its mining buddies. If you don't have the friends to defend a Rorqual, Don't field it. Right now. If I am out hunting, and I see a Rorqual on d-scan. I just look at it and say nope. No point in looking at it is as I need 50 dudes just to scare it's active tank. Let alone worry about the use of P.A.N.I.C.

    5# The case of P.A.N.I.C along with Cyno use. To me it is easy, But will mean DEV time to introduce. Make it so that if you activate the Cyno module. You instantly drop out of P.A.N.I.C mode. Also you would not be able to enter P.A.N.I.C if you have a Cyno module active. (Yes I am fully aware that this would mean other ships would have to use a Cyno module to bring in a response fleet, Just like most fleets move about anyway. That is nothing new or anything that needs addressing).

    #6 Command Buff range could do with some love.

    Full disclosure. I do not MINE. I am a shoot guns PVP only type of player. I have no plans at this time to train the skills to fly the Rorqual or to overnight become a Miner.

  • [March] Rorqual and Mining changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    "Initial activation of the PANIC module would require the Rorqual to have an active target lock on an asteroid."

    Interesting way to address some issues. But it now opens the old foe of ECM to powerful.

    Think about it. Falcon decloaks and points and scrams the RORQUAL. Now it can't PANIC or warp. Oh and lets not forget the awoxing Griffin ;-)

    Interesting times ahead

  • [December] Ending the deployment of new outposts and upgrades in EVE Technology and Research Center

    All I want is to be able to repair all the Lootz I get from spolding folks without having to fit said lootz to a ship and then undock and wait for tether repair. When you get a lot of lootz. It takes very long time doing that. Hope it will be addressed soon (or I am a noob and missed something about repairing modules in citadels)

  • Professional Bifrost Pilot looking for EU Time Zone corp. in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    I Would like the thank everybody for the interest.

    I have found a new corp.

    ISD, Please lock thread.

    Thank you

  • Professional Bifrost Pilot looking for EU Time Zone corp. in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Just like to thank all the folks for the messages. I am still evaluating my choices

  • [ASCENSION] Jump Range Changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Grath Telkin wrote:
    Just remember later that I warned against any change to jump ranges or fatigue. You earned whats coming.

    He should know. Please, DONT DO THIS

  • [ASCENSION] Jump Range Changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I Must say. I am not impressed. Why Blops when you Can Rorq?

  • Professional Bifrost Pilot looking for EU Time Zone corp. in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Hello boys and girls,.

    You may know me from such shows as "How to be a noob in an AT Match" (I burn out my launchers last year) And The Fastest Bifrost in New Eden

    Anyway, I am looking for a EU time zone corp. It's no fun being the best Bifrost pilot in the game if you have no friends to Boosh for.

    What I bring is


    Good PVP knowledge

    Can use any Comms system.

    All Leadership skills trained (no mining skills and 10 days left on FC 5 as of this post).


    What I am looking for is a Corp that knows how to PvP.

    Has FC's that are open to using obscure tactics.

    Will not be expecting me to teach NewBros. (I like newbros, But I am not the guy to teach them)

    Has access to at least one citadel. (I like to be able clone swap from Snakes to empty heads).

    Must be EU time zone


    Please feel free to send me a Eve mail

    Thanks for your time.


  • Wormhole Town Hall Aug 13th 19:00 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Just going to post this here as I feel it would be of some interest to some wormholers.

    Clone Swapping and Citadels. I humbly ask that the CSM push CCP for the ability to have more than one clone inside a citadel.

    Right now you can only get 2 clones into a citadel. This means I can have 1 empty clone head for stuff that I know I am going to get podded doing (IE: Flying a dictor). And 1 Clone with a set of snake implants in for my other PVP stuffs. But I would also like to be able to have a Crystals set and a slave set. Yes I know I can stick them in another citadel and so on. But if all you PvP assets are in the your home citadel but you clones for the job at hand are not., Then you are kind of stuck so to speak.

    Also the issue of when you do have 2 clones in 1 citadel (stations too) That when you try to "Jump Clone" away from the citadel,. You can destroy your implants just for doing so. To me that seems so silly and needs to be removed.

    Thank you for reading.


  • Dev Blog: Bidding Farewell to the In-game Browser in EVE Information Center

    Alas, I know this will not change CCP's mind. But I pay my subs, So I can rant if I want.

    I as a player do not feel it is right that one of the key tools of the game client currently that is the IGB is getting dropped with no replacement for it. CREST is not a replacement (but CREST is wonderful - don't get me wrong about how good I feel about CREST).

    When I play EVE, I play it at FULL SCREEN on a 24" 1080p monitor. When I play any game. It is always FULL SCREEN. When I am playing a game. I don't wish to see anything eles on my monitor. The thing that I play games for a teamwork and immersion elements. I can not stress this enough.

    Immersion is big letters.

    Every time I have to alt tab from the client, I feel removed from the game. That to me is wrong. I have logged in to play the game. I don't wish to log in to the game to then turn the game off just to look at a picture or read a new bit of info about a new DEV blog. I wish to have that in the game client. Removing me from the game client for such things is very poor as far as I am concerned.

    Now some folks here will say "get a 2nd monitor". And I say, Sure. You pay for it and the desk to fit it on with my current monitor.

    As for CCP's recommendation of using "Overlays". I again feel this is bad. You are in effect telling us that to use the game client as we do now. We have to install a new app from somebody who CCP has no working relationship with. And who CCP will not support in anyway. Just to keep the current toolset that the IGB provides.

    I myself will not be adding a overlay. As the horror stories I have seen in the past and from my own experiences for getting kicked/temp banned from games due to anti cheat software from said games always thinking Overlays are bad and cheating".

    The only way I feel that CCP can get this right is to make an "OverLay" of it's own just for the eve client.

    I agree that the current IGB is a DEV time/work sink. And I agree that CCP needs to dump it. CCP is not a internet browser company. But I also feel that from and end user standpoint. How much work can it be to just give us a overlay that will let us have any browser that we like IE: MS Edge - Chrome - FireFox - Safari. I am not asking CCP to make a web browser. I get why it is hard work pulling that one off. All I am asking is that you give us the component that will let us have a web browser with in the game client and not have to alt -tab for every little gif.

    Thank you for reading my rant.


  • On grid boosters - Discussion Topic in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Ok, Here comes a wall of text.

    First off. Let me get this out of the way. LINKs in their current form are broken as ****. The "Pay2WIN" with 99.9% safety system that we have right now for "off grid boosting" needs to be removed right now. No ifs no butts. Anybody that feels that they should stay is any from can go and eat the sait that I have for off grid boosting.

    Ok rant done. Now lets move on to the point of "on grid - in combat" links.

    ON GRID boosting can be done. In fact I can prove this by pointing out that as of this post. I am the #3 all time Bifrost pilot for kills.


    And every time I go out in that ship. I have a link fitted to my ship. I have made a name for myself in HORDE for flying it like nobody else. Anybody that tells you flying links on grid and in combat is not possible are just plain wrong. Want more proof? Go watch some of my youtube videos.


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ip3_277vUkg (the end of this is great)

    I have also in the passed flown Proteases on grid in combat with links running. As well as claymores and Eos's. It is very doable.

    Now with the up coming AOE style of temporary buffing your fleet members on it's way. I can not wait for it. It will reward pilots that fly their ships. None of this f1 stuff. The idea of having to fly into your fleet. Or even picking what part of the fleet to prioritise for buffs be it the DPS of your fleet or your small tackle or you logi wing is just great. It will reward pilots who take up that role and they will be highly sort after.

    As for how the bonus of links are changed. I would be just fine if they was left as they are. But I will not have a hissy fit if they are changed up in some way.

    My only worry is that the DEV's make a mistake and leave some sort of "off grid boosting" still possible. One example is that I hope does not happen is that a ship that just had a LINKs buff applied to it then warps off to a fight and can still have its buff and leave the LINK's to cloak up and be safe.

    Scenario 1

    I am in faction war space in my Fed navy comet. I see on D-Scan that there is another Fed navy comet in a Novice combet plex. Now I have been in system for a few minutes and know 100% that he/she has not left the site for any reason. So I know he/she has no LINKs buff applied to him/her. But I happen to have an alt with me in a Link fit Legion with all the cool LINKs. Now I have a clear advantage with 0 risk to LINKs alt.

    This must not be allowed to happen. Or we will just have the same "Pay2Win" system that we have now but just in another form. I would make a plea to the DEVs that any form of warping or jumping from one system to another system must remove any Buffs that LINK's give.

    I can not stress this enough. Any form of off grid buffing must not be possible.

    Now I know a few here want to keep some form of off grid buffing just so they can play outnumbered. They seem to think it is right that they can pay for an alt (be it with ISK/PLEX or Subs) and then just beat all the things in the super kitey or super repping ships. I say you can eat my salt and remember that this is a multiplayer game first. If you want LINK's buff to your ships. Get friends that can fly them with you. PVP with LINKs must be about LINK choices and pilot flight skills. Not "Pay2Win" bullshit.

    Thank you for reading.


  • Fleet Commander ship or rework the "Target Spectrum Breaker" in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Serendipity Lost wrote:

    Edit add (my post got ganked)

    You don't need a second account. Your account comes with 3 characters. Feel free to use one of those.

    Alas, You know about spies right????? lol, Dont matter what toon you are using. In the big boys/Girls battles. Everybody knows who is FC and what toon they are using.

  • Fleet Commander ship or rework the "Target Spectrum Breaker" in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Saelyth wrote:
    If I recall correctly, the original proposal for these ships included additional otherwise non-available information or status that wasn't readily/easily seen by most others. I think it was something along the lines of being able to readily view the shield/armor/hp of enemy ships, presumably without having to lock them all. I'm not really sold on that, as it's been my experience that people -generally- tend to focus-fire. Generally... more or less.

    I believe they also specified that these ships would have pretty much zero ability to deal damage or alter the statistics of other ships (such as painters, webs, scram, etc). A fair trade, I think, if the Damnation and the wild degrees of EHP you can work out of one aren't enough as they are.

    What I want to know more about are what other bits of info will these specialized ships be able to glean from enemies? I'm sure CCP had at least a couple ideas in mind, and I'm certainly interested in hearing a few. In the meantime, we can speculate and fantasize a dozen things. Will there be a clear way for them to discern who among the enemy fleet is dealing the most dps? How about a clear way for them to figure out (maybe with some kind of specialized module) who has the lowest resistance to X damage type? Hell, I'd love to see some real expansion on the ship scanner (you know, that one module you used one time out of curiosity that showed you what was fit onto someone in Jita and never touched again), for that matter.

    I think the real trick will be how much info should be available, how quickly it can gather it, and how clearly it can be presented so that it doesn't turn into scrolling up and down 80 lines one ship at a time.

    Oh wow. As I was not at fanfest. I did not get to hear all that stuff.

    Well in case. I look forward to what they come up with. But I would like to point out that this module change could still be added on top of what CCP bring to the table for the new FC ship

  • Fleet Commander ship or rework the "Target Spectrum Breaker" in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Serendipity Lost wrote:

    My opinion:

    The obvious work around to this is to FC from an alt that no one or only a few trusted guys knows about. If you need to swing the epeen of your elite FC main on the battlefield, then he deserves a bullseye.

    What rubs my fur the wrong way with this is that CCP may be going out of their way to create a new ship that's sole function is to protect a high value target in the heat of battle. It just doesn't make sense.

    This isn't a Crusades or Revolutionary war simulator. Don't headshot the king/general gentleman's agreements went out of style a long time ago. There is a lot of non-F1 game play involved in taking down FCs in large engagements.

    Fleet boosters are also identified via spies in large fleet fights, targeted and destroyed. Popping the fleet booster can also be linked to all the 'don't headshot the FC' fluffery. Will the next logical step be to create an indestructible fleet booster, so that big fights will happen? Then wing leaders and squad commanders - will the invulnerability then trickle down to them?

    I honestly don't see a need for this type of ship. The given reasons for this special ship all seem to be (1) ego based and (2) easily bypassed with a generic alt.

    I don't see any real reasons to have this.

    I am sorry but I just don't agree with this at all, A player should not need to have 2 account to play and enjoy this game. I am not saying players should only have 1 account. I am saying you should not NEED a 2nd account just to play in any given game roles that are possible. It also one of the reasons I hate off grid boosting. If you wish to get involved and have any sort of success in small gang/solo PVP. You must have a 2nd account with a off grid booster toon. I just can not wait for when they fix it. Going to be so many salty tears for so called leet solo PVPer who will not be able to fly their ships without the "Pay2Win" system that is off grid boosting.

    But I am digressing. Sorry

  • Fleet Commander ship or rework the "Target Spectrum Breaker" in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Hello there boys and girls.

    I have been doing that thing where you think you can beat DEV's at making things for Eve. Silly to try, I know. But every dog has it's day (no chucky nut bar for you Rimmer - Red Dwarf joke).

    Let's get on with it shall we.

    Ok so at Fanfest. CCP Fozzie and team proposed an idea that there maybe a new up comming ship that is designed for Fleet Commander to minimise or curb the tactic of "Head Shotting" fleet commander (the guy or girl directing the fleet to targets and so on) so as to destabilize an enemy fleet combat effectiveness. The premise is that by "Head Shotting" the FC off the field at the start of a battle, you can win a battle before it even gets really going. The fear is that when the FC is blow off the field of battle. Then major battles are not even fought. Long story short. It is believed that PVP in this manner is being suppressed as FC will not engage in big fleet battles because they can not stay on field to direct the troops even if losing the fight.

    So with that in mind. CCP has put forth the idea that a new ship my address this. I myself don't think so. Here is why

    If a new ship is designed, Then it will have to be a frigate sized hull. Anything bigger and you lock out PVP in novice sized combat sites in Faction Warfare systems in lowsec. But a frigate is not going to be the ship of choice when in battleship slug fest. Or any ship class above a frigate level sized hull. To address that you will not only need to design 1 ship. But a whole line of ships for each hull size and also for each race. That is a whole lot of DEV time and work.

    The possible solution

    Rework the "Target Spectrum Breaker". In its current from. The "Target Spectrum Breaker" is a poor module that fails to deliver on its promise as an "anti blob tool". Back when it was released it was advertised as a module to save solo or small gang battleships from getting blobbed to death. It sounded great. But in practise it fails completely.

    See here for how it fails

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oofwHuN5ydg&feature=youtu.be&t=284 (skip to 4.44 minutes)

    The biggest issue with the module is that when you use it. You are effectively ECM jamming yourself with no chance of ever escaping from a blob due to warp scramblers/disrupter cycle times. So to use it means that you can not shoot anything (drones still work), And so you can't kill any tackle that is holding you.

    The one thing the "Target Spectrum Breaker" does well is reduced incoming damage to a more manageable level. As seen here.


    But what good is tanking if you can't kill anything or even lock a target to shoot or direct fire for the fleet. A fleet commander needs to lock targets to direct fire for the fleet so he/she can assess if the target is a good choice. Things that a fleet commander needs to see is if the target is tanking the outgoing fire from his/her's fleet, What sort of tank type the target is using (armor or shield or manTank Hull). Things like this are important to fleet commanders.

    My idea is to change the "Target Spectrum Breaker" from a battleship only module to a module that can be fitted to any ship class and also move from a mid slots to the high slots.

    Now here is why

    Removing to Battleship only rule means it can be fitted to any ship. That means all ship sizes in terms of hull can field them. Frigate battle in novice size complex will be doable.

    By making it a high slot module. You give the fleet commander a choice of more tank in the mids for shield doctrine ships. And more choice for tackle modules or EWAR. You also give choices for losing DPS and or utility high slots for better survivability against many target shooting you.

    Next thing is to remove the part that makes the module ECM jamming yourself. You must be able to lock targets to shoot and direct fire for your fleet.

    And the last part (and I know this will take up a lot of DEV time to figure out). The lock breaker effect should not effect your own fleet members. Yes this means that your own fleet members will be able to rep the fleet commander. And that is the point. To keep the fleet commander from being removed from the fight.

    Now. For some drawbacks to using this reworked module.

    I would not be opposed to things like when the module is active. The ship can't warp. Or your DPS from the ship is cut by 50% or even more. Or anything else that your guys can come up with.

    Fitting attributes should be adjusted as needed. I would also like to add that skill requirements up changed to so that "Wing Command 1" also be needed to fit the module.

    As for concerns that the module would become too powerful and be fitted to every ship everywhere. I would like to point out that DPS output would be greatly reduced from ships fitting this module. And that fitting this module in a small gang to flight another small gang* is an absolute disaster due to so few targets locking you to make the lock breaker effect worth it's fitting over more DPS or utility. As seen here

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6rBuMu0zsY (be warned, I rage here. sorry).

    That is my idea. Thanks for reading.



    *Small gang = less that 15 ships in a fleet

    **Edit, As somebody pointed out on reddit, To stop whole fleets fitting this. I would impost that you must be in the "WING" or "FLEET" position in the fleet hierarchy for the module to work.

  • Can I just take moment of your time to tell you about 'Susan' in EVE Communication Center

    Jason Galente wrote:
    Praise Susan of the Great Blue Anomaly!

    She bestows great amounts of ISK to all those who worship her.

    Susan is the official patron deity of Pandemic Horde, Inc. Terms and conditions apply. Not available in all pillaged Imperium territory. See package for details.

    The Horde is wise to acknowledge the Will of Susan

  • Can I just take moment of your time to tell you about 'Susan' in EVE Communication Center

    So some of you poor souls worship the false god known as 'Bob'. 'Bob is not real. He is not your savourer. He is not the one that rolls your wormhole connections just the way you want them. He does not give blessings onto you for them that sacrifice ships and crews at the sun.

    To worship 'Bob' is to lower one's understanding of one's place in New Eden.

    For them that are enlightened. 'Susan' is the one and only true deity of the cluster. To acknowledge 'Susan' is to empower one's self to a higher state of understanding. 'Susan' does not need your worship. She does not ask you to pray to her. She will not order you to sacrifice your ships and crews to her. All one needs to understand is that 'Susan' is the one and only true deity of New Eden. And her 'will' is divine and you will know it when you see it.

    Spread the word, 'Susan' is all.

    Thank you all yeh that have seen

  • [Citadels] Changing NPC taxes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    5m isk to jump to one of my "Clone Heads" is a bit of a stinker. Not the end of the world, but still a stinker. Now if you was to say make it 10m but there was no time limit to switch from one clone to the next. Then I would be very happy.

    I myself don't care for having jump clones all over the place (but that is how there right now). But what I would love is for me to be able to say "hey I am going to fly my super fast Fed navy comet today, I think I would be a good idea to have my snake implants in my head". I then go out and have me some Pew Pew. Come home and say, "Humm I fancy me some Enyo fun, Maybe it's time to fly with some Slave implants". But I can't do that due to time limit on clone jumping. Sure we have all loved with that for a long time. But I really do think it would a deal winner for Citadels to have that "Bonus" selling point. Wormhole implant users will love you for ever and ever. Right now they can't even choose in a timely manner at all. They get no real chance to switch to what is needed if the invading force comes a knocking. Citadels would give them that if there was no time limit.

    Anyway. That's my feedback

    Hope it helps