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  • Phenomena generator for keepstars in EVE Technology and Research Center

    So, keepstars have DDs... there is a precedent for them having titan gear.

    A keepstar, for what it costs, should say "this is our space". Sadly all it does is give you a very durable staging point. It doesn't confer any of the "home field advantages" that I think it should offer, save for again being a staging point that supers can use.

    My suggestion is thus. A system-wide phenomena generator which increases mass by 30%.

    Placing keepstars with such a module at choke points in space would provide MASSIVE advantages to the home field team. Gate camps would be nigh impossible to escape. And, in a system where you've fitted up a keepstar, you kind of deserve to have that advantage.

    It would help you force a fight with ships that would otherwise just blow past your defense fleet with insta-warping or nearly insta-warping ships. Ships like cloaky nullified T3Cs, especially with their recently nerfed mass, would suffer greatly from this.... and I truly enjoy that thought.

    I changed "warp speed acceleration" to "mass", so that you can mess with blops a whole lot more. Be funny if the blops return operation failed because the BB ran out of fuel after the plated recon used an extra 30% lol.

  • Small Covert Citadel in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I can certainly +1 any suggestion that reduces the amount of space-trash we have floating around in space. Personal suggestion would be to strap the owners to a rocket and fly them through a debris field in orbit in full Kessler Syndrome fashion.

    Shouldn't be long before various owners start running into the dismembered parts of other offending owners.

    I don't think that small easily destroyable infrastructure would do that though... most of the citadel spam is because they're far too annoying to remove. Players would continue to use those for general "stuff".

  • Old events festival in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Or you can stop being a highsec carebear.

    In low/null if someone tries to steal your stuff, one of you is about to lose a ship. I can think of no better strategy to ensure you get loot than to pop them.

  • Bounty Hunting & Killright Mechanics Redesign in EVE Technology and Research Center

    What is to stop me from bidding 50 billion isk with an alt, then podding myself with said alt to collect the client's money, just as players did before bounties were a fractional payout?

  • Small Covert Citadel in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Fuel is manufactured by players, so not much of a sink there. It's just changing hands, not being removed from the game.

  • ✔THE IDEA!! To Change Strategic Cruiser Skill Loss✔ ▼CCP LOOK INSIDE▼ in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Old Pervert wrote:
    Cade Windstalker wrote:

    Second, you don't need to title your post like a scam email.

    Cade, your whole post was legitimate and I liked it... but I hit like on your post for the above quoted part. Made me laugh a whole lot more than it should have.

    would you like a wetwipe for that brown nose ? Lol

    Hah, nah, that's what a sleeve is for. Then you've got a snack for later.

  • ✔THE IDEA!! To Change Strategic Cruiser Skill Loss✔ ▼CCP LOOK INSIDE▼ in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Cade Windstalker wrote:

    Second, you don't need to title your post like a scam email.

    Cade, your whole post was legitimate and I liked it... but I hit like on your post for the above quoted part. Made me laugh a whole lot more than it should have.

  • Small Covert Citadel in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Lol, cloaky camping 2.0. Anchor one of these in a quiet area of their space, and you're ready to stage from there for months. Unless they're roaming through their space with combat probes, they'll never know.

    I've nothing against cloaky camping, but anchoring infrastructure is completely counter to the concept of asymmetric warfare.

    That said... I could see these being balanced if:

    - There was no vulnerability window, and no timers. You want to pop it, it gets popped.
    - Since there are no timers, give it shield/armor/hull roughly the same as an astra.
    - No DPS cap
    - No asset safety
    - The as-mentioned double fuel requirement, with tethering being a service requiring fuel


    On the flip side of this... it makes me feel like blops BBs lack a niche. Sure they can bridge, but that's boring. Sure they can attack things, but so can bombers for 1/100th the price (and risk, given how much more gtfo a bomber has over a BB). I'm not sure that adding blops infrastructure would fix that... but I feel like it's kind of the role of a blops BB to be deep in enemy space for extended campaigns, where infrastructure does kind of need to exist.

  • ✔THE IDEA!! To Change Strategic Cruiser Skill Loss✔ ▼CCP LOOK INSIDE▼ in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Dear CCP

    I don't like the costs associated with losing these extremely powerful ships. Can you please replace them with a pittance of what they were?

    Over-entitled T3C pilot.


    That said, I'd support this if you drop the performance by say... 10% across the board. 10% more mass, 10% less tank, 10% less dps, 10% lower base velocity.

  • Grouping of fighters with Time Dilation in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I suspect this would require a massive back-end job to make it work.

    The simpler solution would be to add more anti-fighter capabilities to other ships Twisted... something like a CIWS. Or bombers :)

  • Solution to AFK Cloakers? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I will also say that you are not entitled to your space. You are not entitled to fly in it, stage in it, mine in it, or rat in it.

    Unless, of course, you're prepared to fight for it. You get what you take, and you give what gets taken from you.

    Yes, by definition those engaging in asymmetric warfare will wait until the balance is in their favour. That's fine. If you're letting the balance tip in their favour, your stupidity is what cost you that fight.

    Eve is an MMO. That means you fly with your friends. If you don't have the ability to cyno in reinforcements, rat together. I can promise that a blops fleet isn't going to try and drop on 10 machs, vindis, or rattlesnakes. Unless they're dumb, in which case, free kills for you. Just make sure that everyone has a long and short point to keep them from trying to bug out when things inevitably go bad for them.

    If you can't properly tank your ship anymore because you had to fight it for an actual fight, have someone fly logistics. They'll still get ticks, you'll get ticks. The only person not getting ticks is the "afk" dude who gets to sit alone by himself wishing that he was having fun.

  • new Forums issue in EVE Communication Center

    The new forums are terrible lol, I'll be staying here for as long as I can. I made it through one eye-twitching post before I just said **** it.

  • Potent Asteroid Cluster in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Why is this in F&I?

  • To: The Developers (Turning off Planetary Buildings) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    An entire planet costs but a few million to set up. Moving a few buildings around is such a trivially small amount of isk that I cannot possibly believe it matters.

  • Dual Tanking in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Well, to be more specific this is my Jita alt, not a forum alt.

    I don't post on my main for opsec reasons, for alliance policy reasons (someone wearing our tag represents our alliance), and because I choose to. I value my anonymity as much in-game as I do out of the game.

    So I ask you. If the green and red on my killboard are moot (as you say it's not about pvp rating), what credibility do I gain by posting from a different name? Coralas is correct in that your position is based on a logical fallacy. It would be like me refuting what you say simply because your pvp rating sucks (by your own words)... which specifically would be ad hominem and/or genetic fallacies. https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/poster.


    Whether you agree with a suggestion or not does not make it bad. And as you've not debated the (lack of) merit of the topic at all, you've yet to contribute anything meaningful at all to this thread.

    Specifically underlined in my OP is the note that this would be huge, and the whole point of this is that "how it is" doesn't make sense from a logical standpoint.

    I also note that given the significance, this particular "suggestion" was not a suggestion so much of an observation based on the merits of the concept, not on a change I would like to see.

  • Why CCP does not ban users that spread antisemitism? in EVE Communication Center

    Tell that to the folks that run the Broadcast 4 Reps group. Or one of a hundred other similar initiatives.

    There's a very big difference between people being anti-semetic and people who just don't care about being politically correct.

    We make jokes about jewing it up all the time. It's not anti-semetic because it's simply a joke made with light intent, not with hatred or malice.

    You will need a MUCH thicker skin to survive this game.

  • Solution to AFK Cloakers? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Mike Voidstar wrote:
    Old Pervert wrote:
    How has this pointless thread not been locked yet? OP has some serious voodoo going on.

    You are very right, you can't force the cloaker to try and engage you. Just means you need to be smarter.

    While they're camping you, they aren't camping someone else. Consider their motivations:

    1) Killing ships
    2) Killing ships
    3) Killing ships

    They cloaky camp space because they want someone to be overconfident, fit a max tick ratting ship, and start making isk. Then they drop in, kill it, and get their jollies.

    How much fun are they going to have when every time they drop on something, they get counter-dropped? How much fun are they going to have when they're the ones losing their gank-fit ships to a conventional pvp fleet?

    After the first couple drops, they're going to realize you're just ratting in bait ships, and that you have a response fleet ready. They will leave, because there are easier systems with stupid fucks in them that can't seem to figure this little bit out.

    You are making assumptions as to their motives. Often, Killing Ships is secondary. Perhaps they want to guage how easy it would be to take the system. perhaps they simply want to degrade the value of the system.

    The whole point of the AFK camp is that you can't outsmart it--- they aren't even at the keyboard most of the time, so there's nothing to outsmart unless you think it's totally fair that sneaking in one alt a week ago then pressing the cloak button is equal effort to forcing everyone to stay at maximum readiness at all times until he decides to attack.

    And if he does not? Oh well, time and effort wasted preparing for nothing, he wins. Or you can move out and leave the space to him uncontested. He wins again.

    He is able to force and extremely assymetical form of warfare on you, with no way to counter it but fly stupid. For some, that's acceptable, but not everyone is stupid.

    You can't outsmart an AFK camp? Really? My alliance is doing that right now.

    My home system is being "camped" now. We ignore them, save for the cynos on our pvp-fitted ratting ships. They tried dropping on us a few times, they have lost billions, we've lost a single frigate. Haven't had a chance to even fight these guys yet personally, they're far too risk-averse to actually take a fight whenever I'm online. Maybe it's because they know we're ready and waiting for them with enough of a fleet to mop them up 3 times over, even before escalations.

    In short, the simple solution is to kill the campers. Asymmetric warfare only works when you let them make it asymmetric. Don't let them dictate the terms of the engagements in your house. It's yours. Prove it or lose it.

  • To: The Developers (Launching Planetary Resources To Citadels, etc.) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Daichi Yamato wrote:
    Courier contracts: yes.

    Npc moving assets: never never never never never never never never never never.

    On a similar note. It might be interesting to allow more than one customs office per planet.

    I'm not sure that it would be.

    Odds are most people would simply ignore the other POCO, or compete and offer lower tax rates. It's kind of annoying bashing POCOs.

  • Someone needs to know.... in EVE Communication Center

    Sounds like they blacklisted your IP address. Which seems silly, given that the address is almost certainly dynamically assigned, but that is indeed what it sounds like.

    Regarding your second point, if your account got hacked, that's on you. Enable MFA, make sure your email and eve passwords are different, and that gets a whole lot harder. But even if someone did biomass your character, you can petition to have it back under such circumstances.

    That said, the panic button is right here:

    They won't prioritize you over other people just because YOU feel like you are in a panic.


    Should make them auto-unanchor the moment they run out of fuel! Then the first person happening by with an indy ship can scoop it.

    If you want infrastructure, support it. If the fuel is too expensive, your small group is too small.