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  • Pew Pew - the untold story in EVE Gameplay Center

    Two people recording the same fight from opposing perspectives is probably the only best and easiest way to do this. Just gotta have the guts to share footage. Hardly do pilots do everything 'right' and both walk away from a gf with no kill mail.

  • Sentry drone pvp in EVE Gameplay Center

    gecko tracking is op

  • Minmatar win EVE in EVE Gameplay Center

    Congratulations Minmil

  • Minmatar win EVE in EVE Gameplay Center

    Congratulations Minmil

  • War news: Minmatar claim three systems from Amarr in one evening in EVE Gameplay Center

    The survivors bow their heads in shame as they are crushed and driven before us and we hear the lamentations of their women.

  • Smart Bomb Camps in EVE Gameplay Center

    W0lf Crendraven wrote:
    You still shouldnt be able to get hit while warping. Im fine with the bombing happening after you exit warp, but dying midwarp is ********.

    ******* as in it sucks, or ******* as in it's not possible?

    I'm pretty sure these **** bags have gotten me as my pod exits or slows out of warp.

  • Mining in low sec space on my own? in EVE Gameplay Center

    W0lf Crendraven wrote:
    The trick is finding some properly dead lowsec space, there you find the biggest system where your mining spot cant be seen if warping from gate to gate. Then you can mine pretty much afk.

    Fw space is always active, so try to find non fw lowsec areas with as little activiy as you can. Amarr non fw lowsec for example.

    You can always create bookmarks on belts and pre align down the crescent in a way that you can throw your mining strippers (kek!) on an asteroid ahead and mine it always ready to warp out. The slower you are the better. But the better question is what you plan to do with all these minerals?

  • Amarr is in Civil War in EVE Gameplay Center

    You don't reward the losers for failing to hold up their end that lead to this. Long have Caldari held the advantage of trade over us, yet look at how things are. There's a way to fight tier, and it's not by being a forum warrior. An attack on an upgraded hub is a direct assault on tier.

  • State of the warzone (Minmatar vs. Amarr) in EVE Gameplay Center

    ValentinaDLM wrote:
    Would love for a good reason to participate on my main, but Crime.Net can't really beat Ushra' Kahn or the farmer swarm at the moment and the other groups seem too small to really make too much of a difference. It is just more fun when there is some give and take to the fight. The only thing that would do that now is another corp or alliance joining Amarr (or coming to this space from Caldari). I love the Minmatar, but turns out being on the winning side is pretty boring.

    Eventually the LP market will crash and everything will reverse course and the Amarr will regain numbers, I just hope that middle period where there are lots of good fights from actual PVPers is longer this time around.

    That complacency is what caused the fail cascade of minmil when Amarr kept pushing and got their medal.

    There are some guys pushing warzone control in the hopes of doing something new that will merit recognition, but there is the catch. What may very well be a vain attempt to giving FW an end game goal that is recognizable and verifiable. Without medals being awarded there is really no other reason than farming LP that can drive pilots towards this mad endeavor of consistent pressure and constant fighting. Citadel reshipping makes for some of the fastest neck breaking PvP, but prove that there is no reason to take the loss of a home system to heart anymore. A tool that has become too useful and broke took too many other things when it came to FW.

  • An evening in the life of a FW player in EVE Gameplay Center

    I wasn't boasting on my part. I'm a part time pilot and contribute when I can. Eha, on the other hand, is a pretty solid example of what taking a system is like up here. Thought I'd give the great pilots that hate brought it to 90's today some attention.

    Also. I think FEDUP deserve some love with the bump we gave you in the momentum you've established down there last month.

  • An evening in the life of a FW player in EVE Gameplay Center

    And systems keep falling. This will be the first time I see warzone domination happen in slow motion. Keep it up U'K. Check out the kills in Eha for the last week. The ball is rollin and wrecking.

  • FW Novice complex pvp noob in EVE Gameplay Center

    Thanatos Marathon wrote:
    How has no one said Tristan?

    Tristan is up there. Up in comment #3

  • FW Novice complex pvp noob in EVE Gameplay Center

    Breacher. Get some rockets. Won't take long to train. Will work like that Slasher if you AB fit it.

  • Structure services for faction war? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Nevermind. You were right on the blips having a hard delay. That's unfortunate. It would be a great tool for warzone control. Maybe an unfinished timer keeps it blipping. I have no idea.

  • Scram/web/bugged in EVE Gameplay Center

    Kethen T'val wrote:

    See the other 2 replies? You are just repeating, which leads me to believe you really just wanted to make that pointless addition in the end.

    Baad forum warrior Roll

    Because three kicks while you're down are more memorable than two. lol

  • This Week in EVE #148 - Week 12/2017 in EVE Information Center

    " Instead, you can actively steal from the moon material asteroid belt!"

    With a mining frigate? With the siphon dropped? Maybe both?

  • Structure services for faction war? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Cearain wrote:

    I don't think it is derailing the thread. I think it sort of fits with the idea of finding new ideas for structures for faction war. I am not exactly sure what you are talking about here though.

    I see you are saying that instead of a bunker a faction war corp could put up a citadel to act as the bunker right? So no one would be able to attack that citadel at all until enough plexes were run to make the citadel vulnerable, but then the citadel would be vulnerable the whole time and not just at set times right? Also a neutral could never shoot the citadel at all only fw militias. And you would only need to kill the citadel one time I assume not in seperate stages.

    In any event that would make bunker busting much harder wouldn't it? Especially if someone stuck a fortizar there. It would also pretty much allow a station in station less systems.

    Could could say amarr have a minmatar alt corp put the citadel up first and then lock everyone out?

    Overall I see some pros and cons to this idea. I like the idea of replacing npc bunkers with something players own and pay for.

    Basically this is exactly what I mean. Anyone not planting a Citadel over an iHub will not mind that it maintains its existing EHP and vulnerability once it is attacked. The iHub has always been just a large brick in space. With this it could be something much greater and, yes, capturing home systems much harder. That is why the restriction must be in place for only 1. Any corporation that reserves this opportunity for offensive operations would leave their system without an ihub, or one created by some alt militia dummy corp. In any case there will be less of them, but to avoid this alternate route, the system upgrades and benefits should only apply to the corporation that owns the Citadel in that system. So, you cannot benefit from the boost to PI, tower fuel reduction costs, and etc. if an Alt corp puts up the citadel. Other limitations can apply, such as starbase defense management limited to corpmates only. Many things can be done.

    As it is right now, a Citadel makes a stationless system meaningless. That won't change, but the significance of that system will with it being the Citadel system of that corporation.

  • FW and CSM elections: questions to my beloved pew pew community in EVE Gameplay Center


  • Structure services for faction war? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Now as for the delay on the FW map on blips for objectives being captured. I have never seen the blip and headed to a system to see it empty. On some occasions a plex had just been completed. That is my experience of it. It was very useful and I used it as a tool to find fights for my squad and to camp outgoing gates from runners, or what you call rabbit plexers. If you can't run as fast as a rabbit, you outsmart him. Be like a trapper and use some other tricks. A cockbag thrasher is a wonderful thing.

  • Structure services for faction war? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Cearain wrote:
    Oreb Wing wrote:

    Astrographically, and in terms of content, FW remains one of the best entry points for Alpha players. Where we take FW in the future should reflect this and take advantage of such potential and cultivate it.

    Again without a concrete example of what you mean by this, it is hard to say whether I agree or not. I tend to think FW is also one of the best endgames for veteran players who no longer want to invest allot of time in a computer game (like in null sec) but still would like to get some quick pvp and participate in a war. The goals of new and veteran players are not always contradictory, but they often can be. That is why again I think ccp should consider adding another faction war to the game.

    For example, do you think neutrals should be able to enter fw plexes? That would seem to support your overall goal of isolating fw objectives to only fw players wouldn't it? I personally would not want to play in such a system, but many people have proposed that over the years. It might also be good for new players.


    I don't have any complaint with neutrals entering FW plexes. This has been a great source for content and of a predictable kind that has its limits in escalation, bound by the restrictions of the complex in which the engagement is taking place.

    I do, however, think a neutral player (non-fw) should be flagged as suspect upon entering a FW site. It does us no good to become pirate and this, which, by far, is one of the greatest reasons for it. Who will really debate the flag? They are coming in for a fight and they know it, so let them come and have the fight without the hit to security status that hurts engagements in other areas with other neutrals (i.e. on gates as logi).

    As far as isolating FW objectives to militia only. Surely you don't think it was ever a good idea to see infrastructure hubs shot by neutrals? This I would consider a major FW objective, the plexes a minor one.