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    =/ alright, who shot the pod?

  • FW Past, Present, and Future in EVE Gameplay Center

    Bump for update on 3rd post

  • Can CCP update the corvette class ship in EVE Gameplay Center

    Soel Reit wrote:
    just let it happen Roll


  • FW Past, Present, and Future in EVE Gameplay Center

    Icarius wrote:
    Oreb Wing wrote:
    Strengthen Faction Navy (on gates and stations) to make it harder to camp opposing highsec to farm newbs.

    You know nothing about that, easy you said ... well let see your kills in ennemy hi 'sec".
    The problem is not the strengh of the faction navy but its stupidity and how it has been designed(with feets).
    Result : all the fw spawns can be moved to waste their fire power to a magic neutral drone, its not a question of strengh at all, just lame

    You cannot lead the turret away if it works the same way as a gate gun. It doesn't matter where the navy is and they can leave that borked mechanic alone and implement this so that it emulates the parameters of engaging enemy faction pilots.

  • FW Past, Present, and Future in EVE Gameplay Center

    Yours is always a good face to see,Than. Glad you're still taking a central role in FW.

    I've since learned it's better to take a small break than burn bridges. Sometimes I take Eve a little too much to heart. But what! does CCP think this is a game!

  • FW Past, Present, and Future in EVE Gameplay Center

    The buff for high sec faction navy. I would suggest a stationary turret with FW navy aggression AI over every station and gate in systems .6 and above. With added turret for .8 and .9 systems.

  • FW Past, Present, and Future in EVE Gameplay Center

    and suspect status upon a non-FW pilot entering a hostile and contested combat zone

  • FW Past, Present, and Future in EVE Gameplay Center

    Dual-timers are good because they make defensive plexing that much less ****y. I also had the idea that the button should be destructable, which would cause a timer, irrespective of which side is running it, to count down when there is no pilot present within the warp-in radius. The best of both worlds.

    :: Expanded::
    Everyone knows there's a calculation involved with how defensive plexes are period out. A figure which relies on the % which the system is contested with the reward multiplied by the tier level. If the system is highly contested, you can get a neat payout of you spin them by yourself. So, out of the default whole amount (being an offensive plex capture), I had long ago suggested that the 'lost' difference should be auto donated to the ihub, in the same way that the ihub is vampired/drained of donated LP when a pilot completes an offensive plex in that system. Those who defend their home systems know how much this change would benefit your invested time when dplexing something below 10%. It won't feel so wasteful.

  • FW Past, Present, and Future in EVE Gameplay Center

    I see some good old men are still here, fighting the good fight. I, on the other hand, had always had a soft-spot for button spinning and system contestation. An excuse to take the old hog out and lasso those buttons while a fellow juggles his drink. A task I tell ya! A noble one, for what it was. In the end I listened and conceded that it was true. There really was no point in attacking systems that were not home systems, or to repeatedly drag pilots to an inconsequential deed.

    Here are some points I saw that I agree with whole-heartedly. Dual-timers there brings some fond memories to the fore, without a doubt. A great man must have thought that one up for sure!

    *Than (modifications in parenthesis mine)
    It's been enough pages that I think the list is due for a repost:

    Remove FW standings hits in null sec.
    FW standings eligibility should be applied on individual basis, not on corp basis.
    Remove faction standings hits for AoE effects (or other weapons) when in same fleet.
    (new) FW overview for newbro’s in militia
    MILITIA FILTER. Militia-only contracts. Ability for militia members to post future events such as future fleets to entire militia on Calendar (you are mad if you think this is a good idea. it is a great idea! and that's why it is a terrible idea. everyone will send them)
    Strengthen Faction Navy (on gates and stations) to make it harder to camp opposing highsec to farm newbs.

    Useful system upgrades (increased PI and decrease POCO anchoring requirements, decreased station tax, and customizable station services, i.e. added repair, manufacturing, science. I would love to expand what FW could be for many potential FW pilots and not just primarily combat pilots. Everyone fights eventually, when they have something to lose.)

    Decouple System Upgrades from Tier Level
    Smooth out Tier system and fix payouts for PVP at existing level 5 payouts. (The tier system is perfect, it is missions that need the fixing. You cannot hit high tier easily without the fountain of LP coming from missions. My proposition for FW missions remains the same: disable and deny access to them by any hull that is a t2 or t3. Fixed. Done. Easy adjustment that can save FW in its present state almost single handedly. Missions would still be viable but no longer so lucrative. Their isk/hour would plummet and their risk would dramatically rise, bringing, finally, some balance to this part of FW.)

    Citadel problem. (make Ihub the citadel anchor point, maintaining vulnerability schedules as they exist in the FW mechanic and limit them to FW corporations, available to the first corp, with respects that it is held by that faction upon deployment.
    Limit one per Corp. Now we could see a Corp plant their flag on where they consider their home. A fun and worthy target. Either incorporate them into the FW system or remove them.

    Remove purple icon for allied militia - or allied militia should take standings hit if they attack you [or just get rid of allied militia] [4 way war confirmed as desired by CCP Affinity]. (good on standing hit, but I like the 2v2. It makes things interesting, rather than needlesssly expanding the theatre. Reduce cross-theatre plexing payouts by 50%)

    I like predictability on when a particular size outpost will be up. It brings fights.

    Leave intel as it is. It demands participation and vigilance.

    Remove aggression from plex rats [affects afk oplexers without hurting pvp’ers]. (Their damage is pretty low and I feel is about right, if it hasn't changed. Leave it be.)

    These are my proposed changes that I will to sorely see. These would bring me back for sure. As things are, I could only play to be with friends in a game I can't enjoy.

  • FW Past, Present, and Future in EVE Gameplay Center

    Good evening. Many of you might remember me. Most wont. I was not a pilot of any great consequence or deed. I've come to peek my head back with the news of the new CSM elections and to see if there is any (worthy) candidate and what the issues FW is having and if any have at all been resolved. I missed some of you bastards something fierce, but when I saw Citadels loom and overshadow the greatness of FW system conflicts, alongside with various minor changes which enabled Gallente FW missions to be gamed, I was struck too much with sadness to continue. Like a despondent Robert E. Howard, I walked out of the clinic and off'ed myself for a while. Fortunately, I am immortal and found myself back here in some way or another, and after reading some lengthy FW threads here, a little less whole than I imagined. In honesty, I have not even attempted to log into Eve just yet. Alpha Clone status has been the only thing that enabled me to roam around here like a gossamer ghost of my former self, hopeful, yet translucent.

    tl;dr: 2nd post skips the lame history to present what appears to be the current (unchanged) state of events.

    I see that FW life is still suffering from the coming of Citadels - of which, some might remember, I was in ardent opposition to. I take no pleasure in the fact that some of my apprehensions were prophetic..

    For those that will say I had nothing to contribute, I will lay my defense in brief. You can contest it if you wish.
    I helped bring about the breaking away of the stubborn use of only meta4 modules, when 1-3 were considered worthless and before they were restructured to specialization. When these began to rise in price or decrease in availability (you see, I have always been a dirty half-breed of an indie) I pushed and tried to convince others to simply buy BPO's of the meta 0 originals and mass produce them, given, at a loss, for the sake of convenience and maximum effect in blobiness and healthy stockpiles. I tried to push PI on some folks, as it afforded me much cruiser and sub-cruiser flying and extra beer/minmatar slave-girl money. This, as it was much more complicated, never caught on with many. I continued to sell t2 small arms and the most used modules such as t2 armor plates, DCU's, damage mods, and warp disruption modules (webs and points). It was a good life. Until the best faction (Gallente of course!) went down the road of the mission farming epidemic. For years, you see, The Federation was free of this impurity and poison in the fact that the ewar NPC's (jamming! alas, they were Caldari) made it nearly impossible for so long that only a few good ol dogs did them here or there. Nothing like how easy Amarr or Minmatar missions have always been, with the Squid missions not so expeditiously done but still far below the level of difficulty of Gallente missions. You see, no one really did them. Gallente FW pilots were always the button spinners (post Inferno) and odd entrepreneurs, each with a peculiar craft. In honesty, most of us PLEX'ed to get our thrills. The good ol days, before goons dumped on our pvp payouts and an Incursus could tank a legion of brainless NPC's for a Large plex. It was the dawn of the Incursus - how she shined! across every large throughout FW dukedom.

    I was a wee lad to pvp in those days, ne'er had I yet laid eyes on the fair Comet, the hussy that, in times to come, stole my heart and chained it to her service forever henceforth. What I thought would be forever.

    You see, FW missions hardly changed at all much, though they remain the single greatest dynamic in FW tier and sovereignty influence, manipulation, and stagnation. Many have not seen eye to eye, but it being the eye of the amblyopic FW mission running addict, I dare say, was the reason for difference to that point.

    Now we have Citadels to thank for an even greater portion of the added stagnation. For not too many pilots knew of the riches which could be found in the labor of agents who never tired giving missions without collateral or consequence, on the hour; nay, they contented themselves with the scraps that fell from the tier table, 2 or 3 spans above their heads. Indeed, for the common 800dps Thorax it was more than enough. Even now it might seem as though the spinners have the best of it, and the Scrooges chortle and cackle in their golden Citadels. ...lol but to the point now. Here we go:

  • (CalMil) FW Evaluation in EVE Gameplay Center

    Morgan Agrivar wrote:
    As an ex-GalMil pilot, I have found that CalMil was always organized when my corp and I went head on with them. The ones I found disorganized was AmarrMil...and of course we just killed Minimatar pilots when they aggressed us...


    It came to a point where I would yellow box anyone (even other GalMil pilots) as soon as they came into the plex with me. If they did anything besides turn away and leave, I shot at them. Damn awoxers. I got to -6.2 sec status before I left and spent 300m isk to fix it and return to nuzzling the warm bosom of highsec, shooting MTUs and trying to bait mission runners to fight me.

    u backslider

    Come back to the light.

  • when you browse your fittings from the fitting window in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Ye, It would be nice to see the fits available below the ship skin window. Personal or corp toggle. That would be nice. Fit my ship and skin it quick.

  • (CalMil) FW Evaluation in EVE Gameplay Center

    Fugging cloaked button spinning mission bombers! #neveragain

    As for Glitch. I remember that my first kill with a thorax was with him. We killed ourselves a drake. I feel like I've come a long ways since then. A lot of that was due to the patience of FC's like glitch and dopefied. Yamcha, though, that fugger always got me blowed up. I somewhat recall a Mr. Wispa that was pretty chill too. Ah, reminds me of less complicated times!

  • PvP keys shortcuts in EVE Gameplay Center

    To me f1 will always be guns. Someone has to maintain some old-fashioned principles around here!

    WINDOW Quality of Life bindings
    Alt+1- Cargo Hold (custom)
    Alt+A- Character Sheet (custom)
    Alt+D- Directional Scan
    Alt+S- Probe Scanner (custom)
    Alt+2- Open Item Hanger (custom)
    Alt+3- Open Ship Hanger (custom)
    Alt+Mouse4- Notepad (custom)
    Alt+C- Map (custom)
    Alt+E- People & Places
    Alt+V- Planetary Colonies (custom)
    Alt+R- Regional Market (custom)
    Alt+F- Ship Fitting (custom)
    Alt+X- Training Queue (custom)
    Alt+W- Wallet (custom)
    Shift+S- Industry (custom)

    Q- Approach
    W- Orbit
    E- Keep Distance
    A- Align
    S- Warp to
    D- Dock/Jump/Activate gate
    Ctrl+ left click- Lock Target
    Ctrl+R- Reload
    Shift+R- Return drones
    Shift+Alt+R- Drones return and orbit
    F- Engage Drones
    C- Track
    Ctrl+Shift- Unlock Target
    Reconnect to Lost Drones- (Right click capacitor, choose option)

    Ctrl+ Tab- Browse Window Menu
    Ctrl+Alt+W- Close all windows
    Close Active Window- Mouse4 (custom)
    Alt+Q- Exit Station
    Alt+Shift+Q- Quit Game

    Alt+Shift+A- Broadcast: Need Armor (custom)
    Alt+Shift+S- Broadcast: Need Shield (custom)
    X and left click- Broadcast: Target
    Ctrl+B- Save Location/Bookmark
    Alt+Ctrl+Space- Set full speed
    Ctrl+Space- Stop Ship

    F1-F8 - Activate High Slot 1-8
    1-8 - Activate Medium Slot (Custom)

    I think you will find the close window option such a great enhancement to Eve in not having to close the tiny 'x' in every single window. The hanger bindings are amazing. Fear not, these will grow on you and you will hardly ever use the Neocom bar.

    You can group guns and organize your modules after you undock like so:
    High:F1 (turrets/missiles) F2 (scram/long point) F3 (web) F4 (prop mod)
    Mid: 1: active rep 2:Ewar 3. cap booster or misc.
    The 1-8 numerical bindings are essential for mid-slot activation in combat, also the re-grouping of your weapons and propulsion jamming modules together in the high-slot row make for easy sliding of your finger in rolling each into activation in the best order.

    Not everyone will agree with my list, but it has made Eve much more manageable,the UI less restrictive, and allowed for combat to flow more naturally.

  • GalMil: RDRAW wardeced in EVE Gameplay Center

    A lot of folks pointing out that the temp blue with non-militia as an inconsistent and hypocritical action on our part, but you're still shaking the can and fail to see the differences if you let the details settle and be honest about it. 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend' kind of temp blueing has been around for a long while.

    The RDRAW situation is equivalent to eating your ***damn hand when you're starved for content. That is the problem. And it is a problem. You dudes are still in the self -denial stage.

  • GalMil: RDRAW wardeced in EVE Gameplay Center

    They will break soon; you can't deny the Minnies their medal. They will mutiny. #rustyshanks

    Warzone control is endgame for FW. The medal is the loot drop.

    Perhaps it deserves its own thread, but iHub's destroyed in within the last 6 months and 2-3% dps minimum on any one of these as eligibility for medal is simple and straightforward.

  • GalMil: RDRAW wardeced in EVE Gameplay Center

    This is all balls. We could have taken full warzone control without too much effort for a 3rd time before Minmil if we had never experienced this divide. It wouldn't be a bad thing to add some pressure even now so that CCP might install some automated medal system that is based off of iHub bash statistics within a certain period of time or minimum % of damage done. Something. But oh well, a civil war is what we got instead.

  • Congratulations Minmatar Militia in EVE Gameplay Center

    Varrinox wrote:
    This thread needs more salt and generally Internet stupidity, I am here to save you all!

    Your all cunts and should find the nearest fire, if there is non nearby act like a caveman and make one, then go ******* die in it.

    I used to be relevant now I'm just some filthy casual with major commitment issues.

    **** you.

    **** CCP for giving less ***** about FW than you do about the menopause.

    **** this.

    **** that.

    I had a dream once that little white girls and little black girls could pick cotton together free from predefined racial stereotypes of who I could enslave, they will all do my bidding regardless of colour, class or species. Rich black donkey, poor white kangaroo, comfortably Middle class Asian turtle. All shall kneel.

    There can only be one true God and he is found down at a kebab shop at 3:55 am on a Sunday morning and he is in the form of Ahmed, ready to do his duty by exploiting the impossibly intoxicated westerner for all his worth in exchange for badly cooked mechanically reclaimed meat.

    Drugs are bad mmk
    Baby I was born this way
    I have issues
    Send help

    Good 'ol Varrinox, you're taking this well! Congrats minmil.

  • GalMil: RDRAW wardeced in EVE Gameplay Center

    I don't need a philosopher or a politician to interpret where a man stands during a fight. He's either with me or against me. If he's not capable of fighting, let him stand back out of the way of those who will. If he is capable, but unwilling, who can ever call such a one brother? Of all his deeds, he will be remembered for the worst.

    The rest of my brothers fight with me, whether the odds are in our favor or not. Together we eat and bleed and laugh. There is no question who they would fight with when the fire sweeps through and the war horn blows.

    That is my opinion. I feel entitled only to what my words and actions bring me. May false friends be far from me.

  • GalMil: RDRAW wardeced in EVE Gameplay Center

    If there's truth in it, it's a fact, is how I see opinions.

    I believe history is on my side, and that we are not exactly debating a difference in taste, but a conviction of choices clearly taken. Betrayal and compromise are not ice cream flavors or a favorite color. Last time I checked.