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  • Drones V in EVE Gameplay Center

    Try emptying cache

  • buying game time through steam...WTF??? in EVE Communication Center

    Ask steam

  • Kill this thieving whore [Niran Krynn] in EVE Gameplay Center

    Queen of sheba...not shiva

  • 51b in drone poo from 1 site? in EVE Gameplay Center

    What is "original depth?" No really.

  • Cheap initial fit for a Stratios in EVE Communication Center

    Mutton Bandinold wrote:
    Thanks for the replies.

    In light of most advice in the thread, I'm training toward piloting the cheetah, seems to be the most recommended by you guys. Be a few days till I get to pilot with a cloaking device though, should be fun when I do. The wormhole's are risky but the probe is pretty damn cheap to fit out without the cloak, so the reward is far greater in my eyes. Hope I don't bump into any of you now I've said that!

    Good progression would be Probe>Cheetah>Astero....then Stratios if you want to gank T3s

  • Get Rid of Faction Frigs/Cruisers from FW Plex's in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Desmios Sanguis wrote:
    Orlacc wrote:
    OP wants all to be Alpha

    OP has been playing 10 years and wants what is best for the game so it is still around in another 10.

    Not sure why you say OP wants all to be alpha.

    Cuz I have seen your posts elsewhere whining about Alpha restrictions

  • Get Rid of Faction Frigs/Cruisers from FW Plex's in EVE Technology and Research Center

    OP wants all to be Alpha

  • The Queen of C&P Returns in EVE Gameplay Center

    Oh lordy

  • The state of solo low sec roaming? in EVE Communication Center

    Vargo Flystalker wrote:
    I left in 2012 and returned about a week ago.

    I used to roam around in low sec in a frigate, destroyer or cruiser, mostly flying solo, looking for a good fight. Now and then I caught a miner to ransom. It was fun and relaxin at the same time!

    I have yet to find a single fight. Perhaps I'm in the wrong regions, I don't know.

    So, is it possible to find fights flying solo in low sec anymore? Do people mine in low sec?

    I just returned recently as well. No one is around basically. I see 30k players are on, but beats me where they are. WHs are mostly dead as well. I have been though hundreds with barely an engagement....

  • Regarding scanning in EVE Gameplay Center

    Jonn Duune wrote:
    Jack Miton wrote:
    If you get astrometrics to 4 and the support stills to 3, you can scan out any sig in a WH so certainly should be able to in HS.

    This is not true, sleeper caches will not be scannable with this level of skill, unless you are very lucky. You need to have at least 4s across the board, if not astrometrics itself to 5 to scan these down.

    Have you ever found a sleeper cache in a WH?

  • Sentry drone pvp in EVE Gameplay Center

    Neut. Close to your fit, but 1600 plate instead of one DDA, cap recharger and cap booster. No shield extender. 57k or so HP. T3s are like butter.....

    I carry some Vespas but have not had to use them yet

  • Give me ISK, Please in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sorry Mr. Trump but no. (Super duper profitable gave it away)

  • Sentry drone pvp in EVE Gameplay Center

    I use Geckos with much success

  • Most active PVP Corp 0130-330 eve time? (Casual) in EVE Communication Center

    Revis Owen wrote:
    Code PvP best PvP.

    Blowing up defenseless Indys is not PvP

  • Why do people say the rifter is bad? in EVE Communication Center

    Topics like this show how the demographic has changed........are pallys better than shammys? (Have to put a "Y" after everything)

  • Exploring... nothing. in EVE Communication Center

    Only way to make isk exploring is WH or Null. That said, wait for the skillz

  • Possibility for Research & Developing in EVE Communication Center

    It's a computer game, not magic.

  • Mission running phantasm - feedback wanted in EVE Gameplay Center

    James Shackleton Caird wrote:
    Thanks. Going to bed shortly, but will have a play with those suggestions later.

    Was thinking to mostly do missions in amarr space, pretty sure that's where I have level 3s available.

    Having read the last couple of posts, I think my biggest misconception might be thinking I wanted to stay at range, instead of get up close and speed tank. Mostly because I'm in mindset of cruiser is going to be facing frigs and destroyers. But if level 3s are mostly cruisers & BCs, then using short-range ammo, hitting harder and speed tanking makes more sense. So I'll try and readjust in light of that.

    Anize Oramara your methodology makes sense to me, thanks for the explanation. It's kind of similar to how I came up with what I posted, except I was starting from different axioms with different priorities, so got different end result.

    Remember, your drones will eat frigs.

  • Mission running phantasm - feedback wanted in EVE Gameplay Center

    I am using this as we speak for L3s just cuz I love the way it looks:

    [Phantasm, Urchin]

    Heat Sink II
    Heat Sink II
    Heat Sink II
    Damage Control II
    Tracking Enhancer II

    10MN Afterburner I
    Large F-S9 Regolith Compact Shield Extender
    Large F-S9 Regolith Compact Shield Extender
    Adaptive Invulnerability Field I
    EM Ward Amplifier I
    Omnidirectional Tracking Link I

    Heavy Pulse Laser II
    Heavy Pulse Laser II
    Heavy Pulse Laser II
    Drone Link Augmentor I

    Medium Energy Burst Aerator I
    Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
    Medium Core Defense Field Extender I

    Hobgoblin II x3

    Imperial Navy Multifrequency M x6
    Scorch M x6
    Conflagration M x6

    Easy peezy

  • Need some help with exploration in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sonya Corvinus wrote:
    I disagree with using a covert ops ship. If your skills are decent enough, use an interceptor for exploration. Unless you get caught with a smart bomb, you basically can never die. I do exploration in an insta-warp stiletto. You can still scan down any site in the game, you can laugh at bubbled gate camps, so you can roam through hostile null and WHs easily.

    Would you please stop telling everyone?

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