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  • Game of Stones in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Lienzo wrote:

    This is important, because it makes ore hauling members of the squad really critical. If the group has an orca or a rorqual, they can actually use it inside of the ore belt to tremendous effect. The ability to store or compress lots of ore on-site tremendously increases the value of these investments..

    So you're proposing that we make miners travel hundreds of km in New Eden's slowest ships? It's not just that mining ships will have to travel huge distances to get to get to the 'good' ore, but you're suggesting that Orca pilots do so too *repeatedly*? I don't honestly see how it would make the Orca more useful if the fleet can't access it's hangers for the vast majority of the time because it is having to crawl at sub-light speed to meet up with them. Plus Orcas are not large ships, 4 mackinaw's will fill up the Orca's hold in one go. Really this change would force fleets to require freighters in order to reduce the negative impact of the huge distances as much as possible, so screw small fleets and solo pilots who can't financially support a freighter I guess?

    As for the miner vs ganker mechanics, doesn't this just encourage even more AFK mining? If I'm invisibly tucked away at the end of a huge belt with giant asteroids and freighter support then what incentive is there to be actually present in game? Also doesn't this unreasonably punish gankers if you take away a major source of prey? Or will they be able to use the same hiding mechanics to launch stealth attacks on us with such ease and regularity that mining in high sec will become as hazardous and pointless as it is everywhere else? A Catalyst is considerably faster than a mining barge after all, so it'll eat up those long boring km's!

    Or possibly they'll just camp out at the beacons? I've never tried ganking miners, but it looks like quite a fast paced and fun activity (albeit with the relative tactical difficulty of shooting fish in a barrel using a rocket launcher); swapping that for one that consists of hours of waiting around seems like a really bad plan. I will admit I don't like the brand of RP used by some of EVE's more outspoken miner gankers because I think a lot of them don't understand where game play stops and harassment starts BUT that is not a good reason to remove the mechanic from the game. We are already pretty safe in high sec; the vast majority of miners, haulers and industrialists in high sec get to keep most of our income, some of us at close to 100% fcol, so we *really* do not need further coddling.

    As for the suggestions others have made about forcing us to scan down asteroid belts; whilst I'm very much in favour of increasing the number and varieties of mining anomalies (and maybe reducing static belt numbers), I think forcing miners to endure the scanning mini-game would not be a positive change. Ultimately it just adds hassle and delays along with another bulk of lengthy skill training to the existing mining requirements, without making the intrinsic process of mining more engaging. Granted it does give you a skill that you can apply to other 'careers' but ultimately I suspect it would just result in more miners running L4 mining missions instead which is not only just as anti-social but even easier to AFK. Of course maybe discouraging players from mining could be considered a good thing, it is dull and it's hard to stop doing it once you've invested nearly a year's worth of training and lack the skills to do anything else!

  • PVP Tutorials in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Yeah Agony's classes seemed really good, and I personally learned more about PVP basics and how to fly my ship safer in a couple of hours of watching my OH do their basic class (I signed up too but was way to sick on the day) than I have done watching countless videos and reading tutorials before and since.

    The fundamental problem with there being lots of information available online is it doesn't entirely work. If it did then there would be no need for in-game tutorials at all. Also I've been in my starter corp for 10 months now and I see a ton of basic questions come up time and time again - questions which are all answered in tutorials and in videos. Oddly though it isn't sufficient to just say 'Google' in response, quite possibly because the amount of resources is not only very varied in quality, but a lot of it is out of date and the sheer volume is overwhelming. Obviously there is merit to having in-game tutorials for the above reasons, but there is a big chunk of stuff missing - and half of EVE is constantly whining about lack of content and about too many new players being risk averse.

    Which comes back to the basic premise, finding a meaningful way to convey complex concepts that generally require other players. I think this could be a good way to do it. Not to mention the fact that people can work through something like this at their own pace and in as much detail as they need. The downside of classes is they're either very intensive if they are 1-to-1, or they tend to have to go at a fair pace for the majority. Not helpful for those at the top or the bottom of the bell curve! For example, my husband understands perfectly well what angular velocity is and did not need to sit through a 10 minute video explaining it (part of the required prep for Agony's basic classes). I on the other hand, had to watch it twice to really get the hang of it *

    * Edit: to be 100% clear I'm not suggesting there was anything wrong with the video - the fault is entirely with my soggy, over-poisoned brain! It was a very well presented video!

  • Latest CSM notes : Rumours of attribute points/implants being removed. in EVE Communication Center

    As I see it, yes attribute implants are optional, no a lot of players don't bother with them, but there are plenty of players (myself included) who will feel that our SP matters and therefore we must learn with greatest efficiency. The common argument seems to be that you can still successfully (or at least entertainingly) PVP with practically no skills therefore having lots of SP doesn't matter...

    ... True. And great!

    But what if you want to be something else, like say an industrialist? Or a trader? Or a miner? Or a hauler? Or maybe you want to do PVP but you want to be a logistics pilot, or fly a big arsed Titan etc? You need longer term, specific training plans for these types of careers, really anything beyond jumping straight into a cheap ship and getting yourself blown up in a totally hilarious way, involves training. Given the option *is* available to speed up training - even just a tiny bit, a lot of us will feel compelled to use that option to accomplish our goals and then we're stuck with the problem of how to not risk replacing our very expensive implants without compromising our sometimes very long training plans.

    Either way I think removing attributes gets rid of this issue and that would be a positive change which will help to encourage more pilots to try out more diverse non-station-bound activities. And tbh it would have been nice not to have spent 2 weeks early on training cybernetics V! That seemed like an eternity as a brand new pilot itching to learn something more useful. Not to mention the cost of funding those implants, that level of expense early on just encourages mining.... :o

    The skill implants are another matter. I'm not sure how I feel about those; the same risk/cost problems do apply certainly and for that reason it would be nice if they were lootable from corpses. It would help to lower the cost of them on the market if they were more prevalent and thereby reduce the financial burden of replacing them. I must admit I don't like the UI much for them, so I can see how having pod rigs (or pod modules if lootable) would be a more pleasant experience lol! I always have a slight moment of indecision when I look at the confirmation box to destroy an implant I want to replace as it doesn't state which one I'm destroying and I briefly wonder if I've selected the right one! Shocked

    Edit: the poster above posted whilst I was writing this; surely no one is seriously suggesting new players believe they can 'catch up' or that there's any notion of introducing a mechanism to allow that? All the extra SP veteran players have is their reward for years of loyalty to the game. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that - I certainly do not begrudge them their extra skills, and I absolutely would not be in any way offended or feel entitled had the implants been removed from the game before I joined last year. I honestly can't believe anyone else would be either...? I mean what the .... just what...?

    Edit #2: I have a low grade fever so it's possible I may have misread some of the previous posts...

  • PVP Tutorials in EVE Technology and Research Center

    But there are lots of videos already, none of wish really get into the level of detail I'm considering here.

    As for implementing it, PVE missions are largely scripted - as in group 1 aggro's you when you land on grid, group 2 will only aggro when provoked etc. This would be a more specific and controllable version of the same idea with unique controls imposed (i.e. the ability to suspend all ships and get information at the pilots request). I suspect the regular game mechanics would impose too many issues to have it simply run in normal space, but I see no reason why players couldn't be teleported out to a different system entirely. That said, if this type of replay mode could be implemented in general, I suspect it could be a useful tool for existing pilots and FC's to go back over encounters in more detail (without being able to see the enemy's fittings obviously!).

    A lot of people have been pushing for better, more informative tutorials for a long time, and especially on the more complex issues such as PVP, ship fitting etc, I don't think there is a straightforward standard tutorial format which does the job, otherwise people wouldn't still be asking - YouTube would be quite sufficient. This would be both visual and interactive. Sites like EVE Uni are wonderful for getting specific, detailed information on any aspect of the game, but there is stuff which just doesn't make sense until you do it in a practical setting. Which is fine for a lot of people, they'll dive right in and keep making mistakes until they learn, but for the rest of us, we get put off by those mistakes and a lot of us leave, partially because we're not sure what we're aiming towards. Imo it requires a more out-of-the-box solution because what there is isn't quite *there*.

    The obvious alternative is to have in-game classes, and I looking at the feedback from players who've tried them out, it seems to be a very helpful way to learn BUT there is the obvious logistical problem that these are not available on-demand. So the question is how do you have PVP tutorials without other players to take part ... well I think a 3D interactive tutorial is probably a good step in the right direction.

  • Concord Sponsored "Peace Keeping"? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I wasn't aware that people in NPC corps could ally with other corps? My bad... I guess that changes things considerably!

  • Concord Sponsored "Peace Keeping"? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    So an issue that seems to bother a lot of people particularly in high sec, is when some griefer corp wardecs a small indy corp. This seems to have a lot of carebears asking for high sec wardecs to be removed - which I think is both a bit sad and rather defeatist.

    Currently if a 'victim' of an unbalanced wardec wishes to fight back then they have to get others to suicide gank the war targets, or to join their corp or to join in an alliance with the wardecced corp. There are various reasons why these may not be desirable and/or affordable options.

    So instead what I am proposing is introducing a system that is I guess functionally similar to FW; where wardecced corps can opt in to a Concord run program that allows anyone to sign up and fight on their side. Concord pays the mercenaries so small corps don't have to bear the cost (after all, it's in the interests of the Empires to put an end to troublesome warfare no?). The number of open slots equals the disparity between the parties on each side, so if the 'offending' corp has 90 members and the 'defender' has 5, there will be 85 open slots for anyone to sign up and take part. This would need to be adaptive to reflect changes in either side, but the update window could be fairly large (i.e. once a day member inventory is checked and updated accordingly). Like FW there could be intel channels, and yes obviously there is a huge capacity for spying and all sorts of entertaining shenanigans! Possibly diplomats or intermediaries could be assigned to arrange meet ups for larger fights, or Concord itself could provide actual intelligence on where 'offenders' are (a bit like the player locator, but for the whole corp). Perhaps pirate NPC corps could offer similar location services to the aggressors so they can find 'peace keepers' this could be tied to corp standing possibly, or require a low security status or some such?

    It's currently a pretty basic idea (and I'm sure someone else must have suggested it before now), but I think it does have great potential to generate a good quantity of content and gives those who feel they are being picked on by griefers an alternative to closing their corps or hiding. It's not something that is inherently pro-carebear or pro-ganker. Rather it would extend and tidy up the existing mechanics into a more practical arrangement; it would give straightforward access to white knights looking for someone to assist, it would reward them for their help making it a more standard 'career', it would give smaller corps better chances of survival, and hopefully reduce the problem of effectively denying people game time by keeping them locked in stations; it would give gankers and griefer corps extra content and also expand the opportunities for PVP in high sec.

  • PVP Tutorials in EVE Technology and Research Center

    So the tutorials cover a lot of stuff but they don't cover PVP for obvious reasons.

    I imagine this has been suggested, but maybe what might be helpful is if new players could come and see close up simulations of actual fights by way of a tutorial. I know there are lots of videos on YouTube but what they are lacking which could be done in game, is the 3D presentation that you can actually fly around - run at slow speed or pause to see what is going on. I'm thinking maybe some of the tournament teams could pick some scenarios to play out, these could then be copied into an interact-able format that allows the player to pause the simulation, click on each ship to show the fittings and the state of the modules, health, what the current instructions were for each ship i.e. keep at range, scram X ship, fire at Y etc etc. Pop-ups could be added as events unfold to explain both what went wrong and what went right - maybe the original players could notate it to pad out the explanations, why they chose particular modules, what mistakes they felt they made and so on. I know that anyone can look at kill reports and fittings, but it's pretty dry and for a new player it's very hard to get any real substantive meaning out of them.

    I think something like this would be a useful academic exercise - it would give a format to help explain complex issues like ship fitting, angular velocity, signature size, ECM, damage types and resistance etc. More importantly I think it would be a visually interesting way for new players to get a better understanding of what EVE can offer in this area - as I say, yes there are lots of videos online, but a lot of them have a lot of confusing UI in the way, chatter on comms sounds funny but isn't always very informative, a lot of them happen too fast or there's too much happening all at once to gain any real understanding.

  • DRONE UI revamp (mock-up image) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The drone UI is awful, I really wish they'd do something about it. There are some nice ideas here with a little fine tuning. Nice graphic design :)

    >> CCP if you're reading this and decide to do something like it then please... for the love of all that is unholy, can you please please please add an optional shortcut for MINING DRONES. It's a small thing and I know you don't care about us miners, but it would be appreciated :(

  • "Give Your Voice A Chance!" WINGSPAN//Chance Ravinne for CSM X in Council of Stellar Management

    I love you Chance! *bats eyelashes* Oops

    Your videos make me want to leave high sec and go exploring! Of course I haven't because... incompetence, but you know... I still want to!

    You have my vote Lol

  • Tora Bushido for CSM X - A New High-Sec (No Nerfed Disneyland) in Council of Stellar Management

    Tora Bushido wrote:

    One of the reasons I think people go AFK while mining, is because it’s boring to watch the screen while doing so. I want to add a mini game for the miners. What kind, you tell me.

    ... no kind of mini-game please!

    Any addition of this sort will get incredibly repetitive and dull extremely quickly. If the objective is to stop miners mining then yes I think a mini-game is a great idea, but if it's to fix the inherent boredom involved in mining then no.

  • New Player PvP Survey in EVE Communication Center

    And that is his very first character in EVE is it? He's never played it before with an alt? Because that seems to be the case for so many people who say you can jump straight in with no skill points, virtually every video tutorial on the subject starts with 'so I started a new account with an alt' made by someone who's previously played EVE for like 5 years.

  • New Player PvP Survey in EVE Communication Center

    I left out the questions that didn't apply or I have no answer to

    1) Are you Interested in PvP?

    2) If you are interested and have not participated in it, then why haven't you done so?
    Uselessness and discouragement, 'don't fly what you can't afford to lose' principal and too much time and skills invested in mining ... gah! Getting stuck mining tends to breed an inferiority complex imo. I'm also a very left brain person, I don't have a natural affinity for numbers, so for one example of that: angular velocity - whilst I understand that in theory, in practice I don't 'read' the output as meaningful data, I have to stop and think about it for a while, which is pretty useless! Also I'm bad at scanning which seems to be a requirement to go into low/null in the first place. I spent 3 hours the other day trying to scan down an MTU I'd lost, never got it above 73% and by the time I'd trained a couple of extra levels of scanning skills it was gone! Sad

    3) If you are interested then what is your motivation for PvP?
    It looks like fun

    6) How many skill points do you think it requires to be effective in PvP?
    More than I have... (10 mil) unless I suppose if you have corp mates you can fly with, then I think it probably doesn't matter whether you've got lots or practically nothing. I imagine that being able to decipher whatever your FC says is probably more important (I don't think I'll ever remember the difference between point and scram fast enough!)

    7) What kind of ship do you think is the minimum to effectively PvP?
    I want to say a frigate, but high sec gankers seem to be occasionally effective in rookie ships - then again that's usually against mining barges so... I guess I'll stick with my original answer Big smile Or perhaps a better answer is a properly fitted ship!

    8) What do you think is the most important facet of PvP in eve?
    Not panicking Oops

    9) If you could have anything related to PvP within the current game mechanics, what would it be?
    Mining Big smile because mining is really dull and it would be great if it wasn't!

  • Meaningful consequences for low standings and pirate behaviour in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Now you don't you know - cynicism makes the lickle baby jesus cry!

  • New Module Idea [More popular than I expected tbh...] in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP, if you never do anything else ever again... do this!

  • One thing I'd love to see for mining. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'm not sure that adding a slightly more complicated, but ultimately equally boring task to mining is really the solution to the big-arsed heap of everything that is wrong with mining (or come to that, everything that is wrong with miners).

  • Idea: Repulsor Field Generator in EVE Technology and Research Center

    At some point don't we need to stop behaving like the girl in the black and white films tied to the railway track "Help me CCP, help me!!"?

    No of course it's not practical to hire security - it would cost too much because mining is the second most boring job in EVE, the first most boring job being providing security for miners BUT we can help ourselves in spite of this. We have the option to fit our barges to make the most of their potential EHP, we fleet up with others because a swarm of well directed tech II drones can be very effective against aggressors. We can pay attention to D-Scan and local from time to time. And when someone inevitably kills us then maybe try out whatever your personal equivalent of "Oh bother - you got me! Well done!" in local instead of a long screaming, bitter rant questioning both their parentage and ability to procreate. Or if that is too difficult maybe just say nothing at all - either way it's got to be better than risking an aneurysm over it? Then get out your arse-kicking ship and go and shoot them in the face. Maybe go out with some friends, take a picnic, make an adventure of it? Take a day off from the "Mine & Whine"!

    Either way, this module would either be useless if it was easily circumvented by firing beyond its range, or it would be horrendously overpowered and we do NOT need special protection! If something like this were introduced I hope CCP would consider not allowing it in high sec or near stations.

  • Temporary death system in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Severnij Veter wrote:
    No, I am not trolling - I want more challenge in the game.

    I'm sorry but that isn't challenge, that's just a temporary ban! You want to ban people for taking part in EVE....

  • Meaningful consequences for low standings and pirate behaviour in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I heartily suspect that even if a mass conspiracy to be less stupid took place amongst high sec miners and haulers etc, and we all started fitting our ships 'properly' (and that in itself is open to interpretation), I don't imagine that ganking would suddenly stop. Gankers would adapt their strategy and continue. Not everyone runs from a challenge.

    My issue with CCP adding more protection to high sec to squeeze out gankers is that whatever they do will just make life in high sec more predictable and mundane. That in turn encourages people to be logged on but absent, it gives less incentive for people to join with other players in social activities (less danger means its even easier to go solo) and it continues to separate us from the rest of the game. These don't appear to be things which CCP is in a huge hurry to encourage for (hopefully) obvious reasons.

    I'm not sure I understand why some people think that ganking is so prevalent either? A few months ago I ran into another miner who was having a huge girly fit of hysteria (I am an actual girl and I swear I couldn't have done any better) about CODE being 'everywhere' and 'driving us out of EVE' and 'ruining all our lives' etc Roll. So I took a look through the kill records of their then 271 membership and found a surprisingly small amount of kills and destroyed assets. Mr. Wetting-His-Frilly-Bloomers Miner insisted that CODE had been rolling hundreds of freighters, Orcas and barges every single day, but I couldn't see any indications of this actually being true, the reality was really much less dramatic and exciting! Of course there are other ganking groups as well as CODE, but whichever way you look at it, it just isn't the cataclysmic epidemic some of us like to think it is!

    Obviously there will be some who get unlucky on multiple occasions and some routes are going to be problem areas, but we are not obliged to give into the pro-ganker propaganda! We have the right and the capability to think for ourselves! So lets... you know... do that! Yeah!

  • whats the nicest thing another player has done for you in EVE Communication Center

    I think the nicest thing another player has done for me was the following:

    I fleeted with another miner a couple of times, then on a subsequent occasion I saw her in a belt being attacked by one of the local nuisances. When she was low in armor she asked for help in local (her attacker was also low in armor so it looked like I might actually be able to provide some help), so I pitched in. The 'nuisance' stopped bait tanking and destroyed my ship and my drones whilst my acquaintance magically recovered and left.

    Lesson learned!

    I do generally try and be helpful to other players, I find corp can be a bit of a *headmeetsdesk* experience when it comes to helping new people - I'm still in my starter corp so there is a never ending stream of new players, some of whom really refuse to listen. I've helped other miners in local on a lot of occasions. I do give isk to new players too from time to time. Not much admittedly, my current balance is 13mil isk which is not uncommon for me so there's a limit to how helpful I can be, but as others have pointed out, even a few million can make a big difference to a new player :o I did give someone a Retriever a few weeks ago - although some might view that as more of a hindrance than a help. They had said they were saving up to buy one lol, so it wasn't just a random 'here... go get yourself killed in this' type gesture.

    On the other hand maybe encouraging other players to get into mining is a bit like encouraging 5 year olds to get addicted to crack...


    ... oh now I realize that I am actually a terrible person, I have never done anything kind for anyone else in EVE and I deserve to be stuck mining forever... :(

  • Returnng Kinda Weird in EVE Communication Center

    Or alternatively "here, give me your Raven, I will fit it for you..."