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  • CCP has given up on EVE online, Stop giving them your money in EVE Communication Center

    Jonah Gravenstein wrote:
    Keno Skir wrote:
    Didn't CCP actually post record profits last year?
    Indeed they did, to the tune of around a 30% increase in revenue.


    That is an interesting article. It has numbers from published accounts, so they are real.

    However, nowhere does it mention "profits". If you read carefully, "revenues" have increased by 30%, and "EBIDTA" "sits at" 45% of revenues.

    EBIDTA is what you have left before you pay interest, amortisation, insurance and tax. It doesn't tell you much about profit unless you know the debt burden.

    I think the Valkyrie launch has provided extra cash earnings, thus the jump in revenues, but that the launch project also cost a bunch in loans which need to be paid back.

    Now, these numbers could be fantastic. CCP might only have a wee bit of debt, and it could be paying dank dividends.

    The other thing they could be doing is leveraging their core IP assets in other ways. The article mentions a collaboration with Ridley Scott, and it also mentions the appeal of a social media platform for broken nerds. Obviously folks who will put down 100 US pesos for a marauder license are an appealing demographic.

    So I would want to see dividends before talking about profits. Still, they are not dead yet. They will lurch forward for at least a few years yet.

    The directors ought to get back to work.X

  • DATA sites, u wot? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'm confused about how the staff at CCP see their jobs, and the customer.

    Why would the game spawn sites that have no loot, enticing players to engage in PVE that must be extremely frustrating, and turn them away from the game?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not suddenly bitter because of one bad site. i haven't lost a ship, or even too much time. I've learned long ago not to do data sites in null, or at least to scan every can and only take the 1 in 100 that is worth the time. Today I scanned down a Limited Sleeper Site, a level 4 data site in nulsec. OK, I thought. TAKE A SCANNER.

    for those who don't know, this is a "highly valuable site". Very rare, very exciting, apparently.

    So I went in and scanned all the cans. There was nothing of value. There was literally not one can worth hacking. I scanned them all twice, because I could not believe it was true. It was true. So, I left. thank god I had a scanner, I thought. I would have been enraged, had I wasted all that time on a broken game mechanic.


    Why bother spawning the site in the first place? It doesn't make sense. Why not spawn nothing at all, and let the player seek some other avenue that will not waste their time for zero result?

    Did some person think about this issue? Did a person actually decide "Yeah, that's a good idea. Let's spawn site with nothing in them, out in null, and let's call them Level 4." Surely not? it's perverse. I think the only answer is that nobody has even looked at the issue, despite thousands of complaints.

    I wonder if the staff are still being paid their salaries. This is a quality issue. The game is not being maintained. It isn't fit for purpose. The staff are not doing their jobs.

  • CCP has given up on EVE online, Stop giving them your money in EVE Communication Center

    Keno Skir wrote:

    Didn't CCP actually post record profits last year?

    I'm not sure. I can't find any good data, anywhere. I saw that the majority owners want to sell, and that usually means revenues and profits are down. Not always, but nearly always.

    Then there was the Valkyrie launch. that whole thing was so weird. CCP were partnering with Zuckerberg, but they went directly to capital markets for cash to launch the lead title for the Rift. Presumably he offered them a terrible deal, or no deal at all. But either way, the owners took a risk, betting more than the value of the firm, and it looks like that might have been a success.

    I have heard that Valkyrie has done great business, which might explain why the owners of Eve want to cut and run. They may be simply sick and tired of it, and the drain on their best folks, who now want to do other things in the VR space. But that doesn't explain why they would not firewall Eve, and leave it to turn a steady profit under its own, distinct leadership.

    I have this hobby, trying to work out what CCP are worth. Games companies are notoriously hard to value. They have IP assets that might be worth billions, or they might be worth nothing at all. Worse, fashion and short lived trends dominate the games industry and what is hot today could be a waste of money tomorrow.

    I know CCP have large overheads for staff costs, compared to most gaming companies with only a few existing titles. They probably get significant government support for salaries, being a European "private company", so it is hard to know what percentage of their staff overheads are real costs, and what percentage is state participation. That is always kept secret, because obviously those funds don't travel with the IP to new jurisdictions (or even to new families within the same jurisdiction).

    The fact that CCP have significant cash revenues and yet can't sell themselves hints to me that their books are closed. This is usually due to political support for the owners.

    I have also heard that CCP have a messy and complex ownership structure, and that may be why potential buyers have stayed away.

    In any case, it is a fascinating company, with lots of good things to recommend it, especially the artists, and we would all be pleased to see it under new, focused management, rather than being kept on life support while a buyer is found.

    If i were advising the owners, I would be focused on Sony and the other cash rich, innovation poor mega corps in the gaming industry. Whatever it takes to get the books and policies ISO enough for that set, just bite the rope and get it done.

    There is so much equity looking for a home just now, it is shameful CCP can't sell Eve. All they need to do is tell a few folks to shut up, a few others to pull up there pants and stop dribbling, and it would be a done deal already.

  • Factional Warfare Kill Rights in EVE Communication Center

    Faction warfare is the essence of an abandoned project.

    If you start picking it apart, there is no end to the weird questions that arise.

    Nevertheless, FW is the best place to learn how to fit ships for pvp, and it is the only option for those who want pvp without life consuming politics.

  • The massive stagnation in null in EVE Communication Center

    Evocationz Adhera wrote:

    1. I get 1v1 fights non stop

    No, you don't.

    Evocationz Adhera wrote:

    2. I also get 2v2 and 5v5 fights non stop with my fleets

    As I say to my daughter, you are speaking fiddlesticks.

    Lookit, lots of folks have done FW, low and null. We know how it rolls. Stop with your nonsense.

    The way the game actually works is that, if you go out solo, you meet 2v1. If you go out with 2, you meet 5v2. If you go out with 5, you meet 10v5.

    This is not a complaint, it is how the game works because..... folks are not stupid, and you win by bringing more gank than the other guy.

    You are trying to talk up the game as something it is not.

    Evocationz Adhera wrote:
    3. Can't attack a big alliance? Then get off your fat bottom and recruit more

    Recruit more? Who was the last sack of tired beef you recruited? Name and shame that alpha. Bet he doesn't log on anymore.

    Evocationz Adhera wrote:
    4. These alliances put work into holding what is theres, er u geddit? Work?

    So, if you aren't prepared to WORK at the , um "game"..... it isn't fun.

    That's very rapey, when you think about it. So, you know, don't.

    Evocationz Adhera wrote:

    Bottom line

    Stop whining

    Jesus, stop speaking down to everyone from such great height.

    Not everybody who stops to inspect the roadkill feel sorry for it.

    Some of us wish to eat the eyeballs for juju, and make love potions from the matted fur.

    A bit of respect, please.

  • CCP - Best Game Ever in EVE Communication Center

    I am thrilled that the OP is so happy with the game, and not even a little bit freaked out that he celebrates his enthusiasm with a dedicated thread to his love of the firm behind the game.

    That's not weird at all.

    I sort of agree that it is awesome to have an exclusive club, and to pay for that. The chairs aren't that comfortable, they are not better than the ones I have at home, and the catering is not great. But the exclusive club has other charms, for sure.

    Part of the attraction of being in an exclusive club is simply knowing you belong there, and that others don't. Often, I don't even go to my exclusive club. It is enough to know that I could, and that others cannot. Because, haha, they haven't paid this firm 10 bucks a month to belong. Fools. Low types.

    Don't be deceived, Eve is not a game. Oh no. It is a CLUB. An exclusive, members only club.

    You see, for a game it is ridiculously overpriced and flakey. But, for an exclusive club... goodness me there has never been a club so affordable, or easy to join, and yet all at once so select and exclusive.

    Even if you don't want to log on, you can tell yourself that Alphas can't train those skills you can train. You have that superiority to fall back on, even when you don't really remember why you are paying 10 bucks a month for the access, because it is tedium on a stick.

    God bless CCP, and the European class structure that gave us double chins, childless politicians and, indirectly, the USA.

    See you at the club!

  • CCP has given up on EVE online, Stop giving them your money in EVE Communication Center

    It isn't really fair to say that CCP have given up on Eve.

    No, that wrong. It is totally fair. What has happened is that the majority owners want to cash out their shares, resulting in the firm being on the market. This has had the effect of creating huge job insecurity at the firm. All anyone wants to talk about is what will happen "when" some new firm comes in for a clean acquisition.

    There are some things we know about such firms. Firstly, nobody ever gets sacked. No boss ever sacks a person for poor performance when the firm is for sale. There is no point. It is seen by everyone as an appeal to nobody. The current shareholders are jumping ship, why would any manager do something unpleasant to a worker for those guys? So, they don't.

    So that means everyone can down tools, and it's cool. Management stop leading and retreat into their elite huddles, swapping important (not) gossip and guessing at the possible aspirations of the "new owners". Low level workers get "promotions" that involve doing their bosses work, but for no extra pay. All across middle management, folks invent special projects that take them out of the daily grind, and into gossip circles. The firm goes into autopilot.

    This has absolutely happened in Eve. Nothing new has been done for a very long time, and none of the half baked efforts that were being hailed as the next big thing have come to pass.

    But there is the thing: not all companies that are put up for sale get sold. In fact, a lot of companies put on the market by their owners never get sold. They just wither and die. This is because folks generally don't want to sell them if they are healthy and growing, and most everybody with enough money to buy a company of any size can afford a half way decent commercial attorney to tell them this well established truism. It is easy to shark children and young adults from sheltered backgrounds. It is very, very difficult to sell a turd to somebody with a spare 200 million in cash.

    Eve is a special case because the owners are clearly a bit "special". They do things a special way (the Iceland Nobleman's Shark Pump?). So, instead of arranging the sale BEFORE talking about it, the owners decided that the thing to do was tell everyone and then search for buyers.

    How is that working out for ya, fellas?


    As I have said before, Eve subscription is cheap entertainment for anyone curious about how companies die.

    I previously held out hope that some serious games company would buy the firm for the art assets and some of the lore, but now I think the smarter money would simply poach the better staff, and pay artists to recreate a similar aesthetic in another franchise. One with no baggage.

    I give CCP six to twelve months to find a buyer, or they are done. After that, I fear it it will be time to switch out the lights, set fire to the tax receipts, and shoot the warehouse cat.

  • Rogue Drone Accelerators in EVE Communication Center

    CCP have a conviction that balanced rewards and stability of game play over time are effective ways to make sure nothing gets badly broken with each new update.

    It is hard to argue with the logic, especially since they changed from a six month update cycle to six weeks, or whatever it is now. There just isn't time to develop and risk big things between updates.

    The problem, unfortunately, is that while things won't get changed enough to break them, nor do they get changed enough to fix them. Everyone who has played Eve for a few years can list a whole bunch of weird, half finished mechanics that were simply abandoned and left in a semi functional state.

    Then there is the need to limit rewards so that folks can't play for free. Unfortunately, this means that rewards are shockingly poor value for time invested. If you could earn 1 billion isk (say Plex fees) in two hours, most folks would not be paying to play as omegas. But when you can't earn 1 billion inside 5 hours..... you are working for 2 dollars an hour. Unless you LOVE the style of game play, it is simply far easier to work an extra hour at work and buy plex.

    What this means is that, axiomatically by intended design, every part of Eve is initially a long slog for small rewards, which quickly becomes a tedious grind for low rewards, as the "new" mechanic become familiar and boring.

    As well as mechanics that become tedious, there are other mechanics you will never even see.

    I have been playing Eve for nearly 4 years and I have been living in nul sec for about a year, and travelling around null for around two years. I have NEVER seen an officer rat. Never once.

    So, what is the point of this game feature? If folks can play for literally years, and yet never once see this feature, does it even exist? Or, is it a totem ornament, designed to make the game special for staff and the elite few who they favour?

    See, I can handle getting shops blown up. It is even exciting, so long as it is not everyday. What i can't abide is logging on, scouting systems for 45 minutes, and finding one data site worth 360k risk in total, and some nul sec belt rats that are so weak you can be AFK for ten minutes and not die.

    If that happens too often, folks are going to stop logging on. the investment of player time is far too great, given the NPC rewards and the risk.

  • 95% of speaker's corner topics are locked. POLICE STATE in Council of Stellar Management


    It is like this: Speaker's corner is a place where folks, generally crazy folks, go to speak.

    Nobody listens much. It isn't policed much. It is just a place where people go to listen to crazy folks rant away. it is a world famous novelty because the world is so overflowing with authoritarian tyrants.

    Nearly every thread in this sub forum, supposedly devoted to free speech about whatever topics, has been locked by moderators.

    You people have serious authority issues. You are blowing on your toy police whistles like children. It's a farce.

  • Open letter or whatever. To CCP. On the state of EVE in Council of Stellar Management

    The quality of whinging in this place is a disgrace.

  • Time for the CSM to be Old Yellered in Council of Stellar Management

    Well, the results are interesting. Aryth hardly attended meetings but got a huge slice of the vote. The Judge attended all the meetings and got a third of Aryth's popular support.

    I am ambivalent about the CSM. They are like a nasty sister who trades in secrets. You hope for something serious and useful, but it won't happen. Anyway, you can't take them out back of barn. They are CCP's tired old pooch. Not ours.

    Lookit, CCP said "You shall have CSMs", and we got them. The EU has parliamentarians, too. Do you know what they can get done? Nothing. Duh.

    The point is not that they do anything, the point is that you have them, and so feel happy.

    Old Yella may be a beat up hound with bad eyes and old dog smells, but is he a bad dog? Is he, properly qualified with respect to his kind, a danger to the children? I don't see it. i think he can still wag his tail and make the children happy.

    CCP get paid to make Eve swell. The CSMs don't get paid to make us feel swell. Both rise to their level of remuneration with goodwill and a focus that is not deterred by reality or cranky folks.

    I say three cheers for the institution of the CSM.

    Who is with me?

  • Dev blog: Introducing Upwell Refineries in EVE Information Center

    It is worth thinking about the foreseeable economic consequences of this proposal.

    What do we know?

    We know that the same tech II input materials are going to require significantly more player effort. So the price will rise for these inputs, as players make choices about how to spend their available time.

    NOT EVERYONE HAS MORE TIME TO GIVE TO CCP. Important point, hence the caps. I think this point escapes many CCP directors, but it is a fundamental fact of the real world outside CCP.

    So, given the same amount of player time spent mining, moon goo will increase in price. Thewrefore all tech II things will increase in price.

    What else do we know?

    We know that tech II ships and modules compete with navy and faction counterparts. we also know that the tech II line wont be getting any buffs to reflect their increased price with increased value. Therefore the choice for the consumer will be bigly moved towards the relative value of navy and faction ships.

    Navy and faction ships are supplied in the same way, so their input costs stay the same. Their capabilities are not nerfed. Their value for money skyrockets, relative to the tech II ships.

    And then what happens?

    It is an interesting fact of the former USSR, that great planned economy, that it was never illegal to purchase imported cigars from Cuba or fine coffee from bolivia. You couldnt buy these luxuries in the shops of moscow during the soviet era, but they were never banned.

    You couldn't buy them in Moscow, a vast city, because nobody was willing to pay party members the two months salary of bribes that it cost to get a small packet of coffee and ten cigars.

    The cost was so great, and the value so relatively small, that the market simply collapsed. There became no market at all, for simple luxuries, in the glorious planned economy.

    If CCP do not begin to understand that their customers have choice in the market, and that they cannot impose their plans upon the player base, they run a very real risk of watching as all the industrialists simple stop logging on, and go to invest their time in a more vibrant choice of entertainment.

    This change effectively destroys the value, the value for money, of a popular line of ships and modules. It offers nothing to replace what has been made less attractive.

    CCP staff look at the numbers and talk about price, as if price and value are the same thing.

    The price of coffee and cigars was huge in Moscow in 1988. The market value was about zero.

    You will not grow the eve economy by forcing people with choice to adhere to your simplistic little plans. People will simply leave.

  • Dev blog: Introducing Upwell Refineries in EVE Information Center

    I have taken time to reflect on these changes.


    More mining. Really?

    Really, CCP?

    You think the way to move the game forward is to spend vast numbers of man hours....... giving us more mining?

    But it isn't really "more", is it? We don't get anything new out of this. No new ships. No new modules with new mechanics that effect combat.

    It is a skin change on the already existing mining mechanic.

    That's it.

    That is, frankly, incredibly lazy and arrogant conduct by the directors responsible. If you turned in that kind of work, for that budget of time and treasure, at my company, I would sack you with no comment.

    It is massive, open show of disrespect by the directors at CCP. they have stopped worked and downed tools.

    The owner wants to sell and the directors have gone militant and downed tools.

    Fascinating stuff.

  • Dev blog: Introducing Upwell Refineries in EVE Information Center

    The key to this new system generating content is that it must be relatively easy to ninja loot the ore fields of weak moon mining operations.

    If folks living out in null sec, good hard working pirates and the like, can't get in and steal themselves some good moon ore, well the system is broken. There will be no content and the whole thing will be just another inflationary nerf. If the pirates can steal the ore, well then the moon miners just got RAPED as well as nerfed. I mean, they will be out of business. If they are paying for ice to fuel the mining module and then pirates steal all their good ore and wreck a few barges for lols......

    Game over, man. Game over.

    And so that cant happen and so it wont be possible to steal moon goo effectively because null bears.

    Once again, the wizards of CCP have set up a game mechanic that is vulnerable to blobs and extraordinarily time consuming, in return for no actual improvement in the actual game, as it stands.

    They have literally unveiled mining as the great new game play mechanic. The names of the asteroids have been changed.

    You wot?

    You have had years of meetings. Thousands of man hours.

    So that you all could rebrand the SAME MINING MECHANIC and pass it off as the next big thing.

    Does anyone at CCP do any work at all anymore?

  • Dev blog: Introducing Upwell Refineries in EVE Information Center

    The Great Moon Goo Nerf of '17

    Hear ye, hear ye, be it known that the Nerf Bat of Destruction has fallen upon the solo moon miners of New Eden.

    Behold, the calculus of these wretched space losers:

    Net Outcome of Moon Operations:

    = Same at max. Potentially much lower. (Zero Gain.)

    Net Inputs for Moon Mining:

    1. Fuel costs for drilling = same

    2. The activity of mining the asteroids = ++++++NERF++++++

    Big smile

    Total nerf. The whole mining investment of time is 100% extra effort for no extra reward. watanerf.

    In the TESTICLES.

    That is what you get. I told ya. I said, "That is what ya get, for mining them moons."

    Well, this means that the cost of moon goo, and all the things made from it (Tech 2), will go up, and bigly.

    Oh my, the inflation in new eden!

    Still, we can't throw out the good in search of the perfect.

    Just the other day I was talking to my bro and I said "Bro", I said, "I think what we need here in nul sec is more mining."

    "More mining?" he asked me.

    "Yes" I said, all solemn and serious. "what with the ice mining and the ore mining, a fella can't get enough mining done so as not to get frightfully bored with the whole enterprise."

    "I see." said my bro. But I could sort of tell that he didn't.

  • Can we get rid of CSM after the recent PLEX insider trading fiasco? in EVE Communication Center

    Issler Dainze wrote:

    lots of great and sensible things

    Totally loving the management meta. Eve is worth subscription just to watch it struggle and fail on its own terms. You can't lose betting on CCP to fail. If they fail, you win. If they don't fail, Eve is getting better and so you win as a customer.

    This is the secret key to winning Eve. We are basically paying for hope, or the comforting certainty of there being none. Either is a good deal for a few bucks a month.

    Anyway, the owners of CCP declared open season on their current leadership by putting the whole shebang on the market. That's what you get, when you tell all that world that your folks are not interesting to you anymore.

    That the work your folks do doesn't grab your attention like it used to do.

    As customers, we are legitimate stakeholders in this enterprise model, and ought to have a voice about that, beyond simply paying or not paying.

    Personally, I like the artwork. I think it has immense IP value, which is not to say that this equity wont get pissed up against a wall, left to die of exposure on the Icelandic Steppe, or otherwise ignored and forgotten by morons.

    The lore is also good, or rather it was at one time.

    Many parts of the customer service are also good. There are lots of good people working at CCP. The art directors carry the bag for the firm, however. Eve looks great, and always has. It's a big deal. So I think they are the only folks you would consider keeping, or at least, not opening their roles to market competition.You end up keeping heaps of folks when you restructure a bought firm, but you open up most jobs to the market to sort the wheat from the chaff.

    In the end, very few folks make up the real intellectual potential and future equity in even a large firm. The folks at CCP who draw the pictures, and the story tellers they like, their intellectual friends who develop lore, those folks and their skill sets, and their temperament, seem to be the gold in CCP. They are why you would buy the rest of the firm.

    I think that is borne out by the revenues and subscription model, too. CCP are basically a publishing house of theme art, like a comic book franchise.

    As for the code and game mechanics......

    Minesweeper and fleet battles defined by their rarity and lag.

    It is like watching a desperate warthog get taken down by hyenas on the African plain. So much courage and ambition, so few tusks, so many dogs, so many teeth.

    Imagine Eve, with the code done by folks who actually played games. Like, from the current era.

    That is what we have to hope for, if and when someone with capital searching for a shelter gets involved.

    I have a vision of Eve being a busy place, a place where you can log on and get into a roughly evenly matched small fleet battle within 5 minutes. I have a vision of being able to tell folks that Eve is where you come for space ship combat with lots of folks.

    Wouldn't that be great?

  • Can we get rid of CSM after the recent PLEX insider trading fiasco? in EVE Communication Center

    CCP are such an incredibly juvenile company. It is hard to believe that they have survived in the real world of commerce and law for as long as they have.

    At the core of the failure of CCP rto shake it's reputation for bad character ios the inability of senior staff at CCP to comprehend the difference between in game role playing and the real world. Even in this thread, you will find numerous appeals to the idea that "Eve is all about scamming!", offered in defence of CCP leadership conduct.

    With respect, that is about as sensible as excusing a movie director for mass murder because he is making a war film.

    But the point is well made. It is a very real thing. CCP staff really cannot comprehend the difference between Eev and the real world. One pities them. It can't be easy. The real world is a big place. Eve is tiny.

    It must be even worse for all the normal, adult workers at CCP. They know what goes on. They have to work with the petulant children. They know that they are second class citizens next to the protected children who destroy the firm's commercial potential for their teenager lols.

    The owners will have real problems trying to sell this company, as it stands. The folks doing the due diligence (hi there!!) are going to see that the company is polluted by a lack of integrity and a real lack of maturity in the leadership. That always come from the same place: friends of the original owners. The owner can't get rid of them (might even owe them money), and doesn't want to. When the owner realizes that these "friends" are killing the enterprise, they try to sell.

    Oh look! The owners of CCP are trying to sell.

    Heads up: nobody wants your weird and corrupt little company as it stands. And if you cleaned house and put decent adults in charge, guess what?

    You wouldn't be so keen to sell it.

    Would ya?

    Because it wouldn't be broken.

    The only thing that fixes Eve is a structured buyout, with all the current shareholders displaced. That probably can't happen, because the problem people have cemented their rights, because, haha, they saw what was coming. A long time ago.

    Still, it is fascinating stuff. Popcorn at the ready, I look forward to seeing how it all transpires.

  • So finally people will fight against Suicide Ganks and Harrasments in EVE Gameplay Center

    Serious question, how does everybody know that the Eve economy runs on player driven supply and demand? I mean, even a little bit.

    We are told that. It is an "interesting" selling point of the glorious game. A vastly complex market system.

    But is it, really?

    I've seen a few trends that make me wonder, wonder very hard. Firstly, where are all the miners? I don't see em. I go ratting, I search low and null sec for anomalies. I don't see any mining fleets at all. Ever. Not except NPC fleets.

    I'm serious. I have been flying around null sec and low sec systems pretty much every day for weeks and weeks. I have NEVER ONCE seen a mining fleet up. Not a single time.

    And PI, what about Planetary Industries? I am still doing that out of sheer perverse curiosity about how long I can keep it up. I mean, you are doing THE SAME THING after the first hour. I err. After the first 5 minutes. Then it is the SAAME THING forever. Yay. All you need to do is turn up and do the SAME THING again and again and again...... and spend hours and hours of your time earning, oh, i dunno at least... at LEAST two bucks. At least 2. For about 690 hours of your time. Such good fun.

    And that i why everyone I know does PI.

    Yep, PI and mining. The bedrock of this glorious player driven economy. Such great game play, you see folks at it everywhere.

    So, don't imagine that folks simply buy flex when they feel like spending ten bucks on space pew, and don't for a moment imagine that CCP have repeatedly nerfed mining and industry in an attempt to stop most of their player base avoiding subscriptions by earning isk.

    No no, it is all player driven. Everything. everything in the sandbox is player driven, and CCP have nothing to do with the mechanics.

    Seriously, is anybody buying any of this?

    Is this stuff even credible any more?

    Is this why Eve is for sale?

  • First alpha kill in a Slasher: 0,5 bil Loki in EVE Gameplay Center

    Maekchu wrote:
    Bertok Francis wrote:
    Maekchu wrote:
    Nice kill!

    Now if everyone would just undock some more and actually try to do stuff like this gentleman, instead of sitting docked in a station while whining on the forums about how Alphas are too restricted and needs access to T2, then that would be great.

    Can you guarantee me a sub 40k EHP armor buffer strategic cruiser trying to shoot me on a gate? Question (not at all saying it's not inpressive to last long enough for gate guns to kill one while you pilot an alpha tackle frigate.

    So am I to read this, that you think the whining about the limitations of Alphas is legit?

    No whining is legit. All criticism is very bad for the community. The rules of the forum tell us this, as do the friendly and sociable forum police. Everything about Eve is awesome.

    Anyone who says otherwise is not a Very Dangerous Pilot and needs to be ganged up on by lots and lots of Very Dangerous Pilots so that no bad things are ever said about Eve on the forums.

    Is this way, we make Eve much better for everybody.

    Remember, get out there and fight!

  • First alpha kill in a Slasher: 0,5 bil Loki in EVE Gameplay Center

    Maekchu wrote:
    Nice kill!

    Now if everyone would just undock some more and actually try to do stuff like this gentleman, instead of sitting docked in a station while whining on the forums about how Alphas are too restricted and needs access to T2, then that would be great.

    Hey, don't snark at ship spinning in station and forum chatting. Eve is built on these two activities. Everything else is gravy.

    Pvp like this, for example, is an accident. Literally. It was 1v1, for heavens sake. When does that happen?

    But yeah, I get the vibe. Very Dangerous Pilots says "Get out there and fight!"

    And then, when you get blobbed by them in a sixty man gate camp, the same Very Dangerous Pilot will tell ya: "You're stupid. This is Eve. Nobody fights fair. There is no such thing as a fair fight."

    So the rookie learns the lesson, and doesn't undock for pvp, and tries mining. And then the Very Dangerous Pilot says "Get out there and fight!"

    This why we like eve. The mechanics are all about sitting in station and spinning ships. Pvp is all about laughing at folks who thought they were going to get a mythical "good fight". What game did they think they were playing, right?

    Of course, there are always the big, spectacular fleet battles. Where two or three people play the game while everyone else gets yelled at and told to act like ... haha... drones. And there is time dilation, which is great, but that does give the three folks playing the game more time to yell commands at their drones/corp friends.