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  • Which Church Do You Belong To? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Caius Beriat wrote:
    Pitt POssum wrote:
    Lurchie shines brighter than all your heathen gods.

    Fake god.

    2014 - The wormhole holy crusade begins. Sons of BOB embark to cleanse the holy land of non-believers.

    We will just warp Lurchie to 0 and he will burn your heathen ships.

  • Which Church Do You Belong To? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Lurchie shines brighter than all your heathen gods.

  • Black Ops choices in EVE Gameplay Center

    Can fly em all, flew am all.

    If you dont use em to bridge they get a bit better as the bridge eats a lot of cpu and pg.

    - saves you bridging a falcon, which is nice on your fuelbay
    - locking time is an issue if you are the falcon substitute
    - powergrid is utter ****, no way to fit it decent with torps and bridge in my opinion, cruises are a pain aswell, but not as bad as torps

    - does everything, but nothing really good
    - its fast (which is kinda pointless in most situations)
    - variable dmg types make it rather nice to hot drop farmers

    - solid tank (for a Blops)
    - solid DPS
    - a bit short on cpu, nothing a bit bling and some implants can't solve
    - you can go cargo expender crazy

    - kinda like the panther
    - it's not as bad as many say, its just kinda bad, like all blops
    - versitile

    As for covert ops cloaking, you dont need to warp cloacked as you normally hotdrop, the only place where covertops cloaking makes sense is WH space. In K-Space the only use for the cloaking device is to harvest tears of red cross clickers. And in W-Space the Blops are utterly outmatched in perfomance and price by T3s, no point in getting em in there.

    @ the guy comparing blops pve performance: not sure if troll or something is very wrong with you

    @ OP: get a redeemer with cargo rigs and cargo expanders, best Blops out there

  • CCP when can we expect to see cloaking require interaction to stay cloaked? in EVE Communication Center

    E-2C Hawkeye wrote:
    Title says it all. Lets get busy devs and make this happen soon please.

    In the words of the late but great Bartel & James "Thank you for your suppport"

    The day local dies i hope.

  • Wh jump animation in EVE Gameplay Center

    Terrorfrodo wrote:
    Rage? Lol. What's there to feel rage about? Disappointment maybe.

    Maybe two dozen people posted to state their opposition to this change, with also a few in favor of it. Experience says that people who like something are far less likely to post about it, so it is proven that the new effect is extremely popular with the players Cool

    The "effect" is nothign i couldnt recreate with my mousewheel.

    For some mysterious reson it never occured to me to zoom in before jumping, and zoom out some time after jumping ever before.

    Probably because you lose all orientation vor 3-5 seconds. Its just another of heese last second, "oh yeah we kinda forgot about the wh guys again" boons. Most last second boons are ****, this one too.

  • Wh jump animation in EVE Gameplay Center

    Chitsa Jason wrote:
    I actually like it. Is it just me?

    Pretty much I guess.

    I personally wouldnt mind it if i was blind, but i am not, so i do mind.

    They should just remove that stupid zooming, makes me rage every sigle time i jump through a wh.

  • Gravimetrics in Odyssey in EVE Gameplay Center

    How about...just not showing sigs on that thing, only anos (and stuff thats automatically 100% with onboardscanner).

    I mean they went full CCP here again. This is the typicall not thinking it through at all thing they pull every now and then. No they always do, not only every now and then. And its not like they will change it anytime soon, because "its kinda working now".

    Also why remove sleepers from radar and mag, might aswell pull em of ladars too then, so those we are 5 ppl in a c5 and farm all day corps can get internet spaceships rich, while never ever have to worry about getting jumped while farming ever.

  • [Odyssey] X-L Weapons Balance in EVE Technology and Research Center

    This thread is full of win, and pathetic creatures, guess thats what makes it win.

    Just get over it that your little gallente pwn mobile got a bit more in line with the other dreads. Its still the best if you ask me.

    I am inteseristed to see how the Rev changes work out, as it was kinda, meh before, its a good ship but the moros overall awesomeness was dimishing it.

    Someone who can fly all dreads signing off. (best thing you can do vs balance changes btw, just get into the new flavour of the patchcycle pwnmobile and laugh about all the forum whiners)

  • Wormhole collapsing Animation: what's up dog? in EVE Gameplay Center

    You dont really excpect them to do anything about it, do you? The only good patches are those where they dont touch code concerning WHs at all, as they by chance got WHs pretty much right on the first try. Every additional change is very likely to make things worse.

    In addition to the wh closing animation, the corp hangars dont remember the last used tab anymore since, but then that issue is pos related, and nobody is using those anyway, they gonna fix it when they introducing super fun docking games to whs i guess.

    I would love to see a fix for those problems, but the bitterness within me tells me it would be better if they dont try to fix it as you can be sure they brake something more important in the prosess.

  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    T2 invention is the most fun activity out there, almost as much as getting all assets stolen by a corp thief.


  • Remove Attribute Implants and watch 0.0 catch on fire in EVE Technology and Research Center

    James Amril-Kesh wrote:
    I PVP with +5s. Scrubs.

    That's about it.

  • Why does nullsec care so much about what highsec is doing? in EVE Communication Center

    The complain so much about highsec because they have too much time on their hands, when they are docked up all day because there was a neut in local 2 weeks ago.