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  • Dear CCP, you are doing it wrong, in EVE Communication Center


  • external link whitelist comparison in EVE Technology and Research Center






  • Plex price 3M? in EVE Communication Center

    D-Did some someone say sp s sp

  • Plex price 3M? in EVE Communication Center

    Nana Skalski wrote:
    Post how much PLEX you have.


    consolidated the loose change across accounts then right-click sold in jita

  • Plex price 3M? in EVE Communication Center

    Uthgaard wrote:
    Ghost training and afk ratting. But mostly ghost training. Due to incursion farming and the rise in afk carrier ratting & VNI orbiting,
    ISK faucets exceed ISK sinks, leading to inflation.

    But ghost training was a PLEX based exploit. One PLEX = 19 months of sp gain, which converted the cost of 1 plex into 74.5b profit. (12 month queue ending with a 6 month skill, at the end of the plexed month: 12+6+1 = 19) This led to a boom in PLEX consumption, raising its price steadily as it was diverted from the economy into this EVE version of The Matrix.

    While ghost training was active, the more PLEX ghost trainer purchased, the more they could profit, creating an infinite loop that removed any upper limit on PLEX prices. Without a self-perpetuating price spiral, PLEX prices will equal the average monthly disposable income for normal players, varying +/- 1 standard deviation.

    It didn't take long until ghost farms were consuming PLEX faster than it was being introduced into the game, driving demand above supply, and prices along with that. The skyrocketing prices drove off most of the players who had to afford PLEX to play. If you compare the two graphs you will see that player population follows the inverse of PLEX price. Left unchecked, they would have eventually smothered the game into extinction.

    CCP introduced some PLEX drops with this event. Seeding some back into the economy is a great way to normalize the prices, but too few are dropping for this event to really impact the prices, so it will be a very long time before we see the decline.

    They're dropping PLEX in game now too? That's a new one. Interesting to see the NES item devaluation doesn't miss the gold standard of the game economy. Now I feel less resentful of the SKINs and clothing that see similar devaluation through in-game drops.

  • Plex price 3M? in EVE Communication Center

    It's because supers weren't nerfed hard enough

  • Plex price 3M? in EVE Communication Center

    back in my day plex was 350 million ISK

  • Community Thunderdome in EVE Gameplay Center

    was that a shield boosting domi?

    ah nevermind, passive regen. I thought that was a lot.

  • Call to Arms! in EVE Communication Center


  • Call to Arms! in EVE Communication Center

    you stole my snipe

  • Call to Arms! in EVE Communication Center


  • Taking Sov from someone. Plan it out. in EVE Communication Center

    Oh lol it's Dinsdale sup

  • What's Powering The Ship's Capacitor in EVE Communication Center

    A variation of Iron Man's power core.

    People think Tony Stark's superpower is money or intelligence. Perhaps true, especially the intelligence. But his real superpower is limitless energy.

  • Login issues on June 16 in EVE Communication Center

    King Creator wrote:
    Jesus, this is like the 4th time in a fortnight I'm going to the launcher and all my accounts are forgotten and the second time all my settings have gone in-game. X

    what's a fortnight

  • NPC Followers: Partners of Construction and Destruction to every pilot in EVE Communication Center

    I made a features and ideas thread about turning your alt Omega characters into drone-like controllable pets. A long time ago. As a mix of different fighter and drone mechanics, they can align, warp, follow, and attack. Limited only by the number of Omega accounts you maintain.

    This would get pretty ridiculous but man that would be fun to experience.

    The argument " get more friends " is kind of bad when the things you want to do are not very exciting for a group. Like hacking or other obscure PVE.

    Players say the alpha / omega account dynamic is just money grabbing but that's nothing compared to what could happen if lurkers were given the tools to play a squad of omegas.

  • NPC Followers: Partners of Construction and Destruction to every pilot in EVE Communication Center

    You can have all the extra followers you want you just need to control them individually. No need to nerf them or anything, they're fully capable clients like your main.

    (secretly, I like the idea of pet squads. I wish it could happen)

  • Why has VR not taken off? in EVE Communication Center

    HMDs make you sick when your inner ear disagrees with your vision. Maybe in five minutes, maybe in twenty, but if anyone tells you otherwise they have skin in the game.

    The best format for HMDs is where your body is meant to be seated AND the appropriate G forces can be simulated believably. Basically a full-body virtual reality experience, either in a moving / shifting room or at least the chair you are seated in.

    Augmented reality, in my opinion, has longer legs than VR because you get to remain in your surroundings and it can become useful or entertaining at the same time. For example I think an AR device that uses a smartphone could transform the road trip experience for a passenger into something fun. I don't know how quickly phones can transform what they see, but there are elements on roads that are very consistent, such as signs. With the consistent shape of road signs the camera can also infer perspective. There's a lot you can do with that.

    If anything restricts new AR technology it's price and a segmented market.

    Personally I think the foam setups for smartphones are the surest bet. Your smartphone is a computer, with power, a processor, memory, a display... a miniature laptop, and you upgrade it every couple years anyway. So being a combination of hardware you already own and augmenting rather than replacing your senses, I think they're the best chance of any of this sticking around.

  • EVE-Monument in Reykjavik in a bad state in EVE Communication Center

    It's sad. The EVE monument won't live to see the release of Star Citizen.

  • Stealth|Unintended Nerf: NPC Commander/Officer Rate in EVE Communication Center

    Vraygan wrote:
    Imbicil, when a not so random number (1-100) is multiplied by another number (spawn chance was around 15%), the results are not random. They are quite predictable, especially over a 2 day period window with over 300 points.

    I thought eve players were supposed to be smarter than you dunces.

    I read this in the voice of Ren from Ren & Stimpy "YOU EEEEMBACILE YOU BLOATED STUPID FATHEAD YOU"

  • EVE-Monument in Reykjavik in a bad state in EVE Communication Center

    Cristl wrote:
    Caldari Phantom wrote:
    You would need stainless steel 316 grade then.. Regular wont do. Anyway lots of hate in here :) Let the monument age in style! It needs some battlescars, no biggie.

    If we include Reddit too, we could probably power Iceland with the excess juice!

    Speaking of powering Iceland I heard every house is built over its own hot spring or something I could be mistaken

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