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  • Free SP in EVE Gameplay Center

    Thank you both.

    The SP was different on the different accounts, so I couldn't place it to one thing.
    Two issues makes sense now.

  • Free SP in EVE Gameplay Center

    I just noticed some free skill points that I hadn't been aware of.

    Any body else?
    Skill removal?
    Down time reimbursement?
    Any reason why?

  • Training up for L4s, ...Cruise, Heavy, HAM, or Torpedo? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I agree with, would recommend the Raven as well. Cruise missiles are awesome for missions, and are a long time standard for Caldari missioners.

    Heavies, rapids, hams, etc. These are weapons that are better suited for cruisers and battle cruisers. You can fit anything on anything, but the basic approach for battle ships, is to use large weapons. When you get more experience, trying different weapons will be more for the fun/learning experience.

    With both weapon classes, (Cruise or Heavy) you want to be sure of the direction you are going, because BS and large weapon skills are a different path than cruiser and medium weapons.

    When you are in doubt, train the missile SUPORT skills. They help all class of missile, and will improve whatever ship/launcher you have mounted.

    Good light drones are another *smart investment*
    Good skills on 5 light drones may save your ship some day.
    Again with the SUPORT skills. They really make your drones shine.

    Level IV's can take your ship. I recommend insurance on your first ship o

  • Total skill points update and extraction in EVE Gameplay Center

    You just have to stop training and restart.
    then close your character profile and re-open.

    You can update it one point at a time if you wanted. It's instant. Just gotta close and open the character profile each time.

  • I need help with my fit in EVE Gameplay Center

    Don't waste your time on those level 3's for very long.
    The good money is in level 4's. Jump on those as soon as an agent becomes available.

  • Drones V in EVE Gameplay Center

    Log out and back in.
    Remove drones in the hold and then install 5 again.
    Leave the ship and re-enter it.

    Just some things to try.

  • Stacking penalty with only one module in the Simulation? in EVE Gameplay Center

    ^^^ What he said

    Modules give a percentage to what's left unprotected.

  • Typhoon Class Rapid Heavy Assault Missile Class in EVE Gameplay Center

    JC Mieyli wrote:
    i wanna post something but i already feel bad about it
    so ill just say something nice
    thanks for the cool fit dryson

    micro jump drive
    short range missiles

    Are these some of the words you feel bad about?

  • NOOB Question in EVE Gameplay Center

    All races can do missions, so there is not really a *best weapon* per say.
    Even when you work your way up to level 4's, some will say Paladin, some will suggest Navy Raven, some will preach on the Rattlesnake.

    What I would tell you, is train a race of ships that YOU like, and do the weapons accordingly.
    If you are in doubt, train the weapon SUPORT skills well. These skills will help all races of guns, or missiles.
    Read the ship skill description as well. Pay attention to the parts that give *X% bonus to this or that, per level*

    Post what ships you are trying with, and it's possible that someone will recommend a good fit for you.

    Be patient, it takes a little time to train up.
    Sitting in a ship, or mounting a weapon, is not the same as having good skills with it.
    Then, having good skills, is not the same as having experience.
    As you work your way up, you will get both.

  • EveMon shows PLEXed account "Expired" in EVE Gameplay Center

    Oddly enough, I plexed two accounts last week.
    One of them had problems posting the plex update, so I ticketed it t a GM in accounts.
    That account shows current in EveMon, but the other account shows expired.

  • Going back, if you knew then what you know now? in EVE Communication Center

    I'd take a job delivering pizza for 5 hours a night, and make another 20,000 a year for those first 5 years.
    The time I spent gaming could be worth over 100,000 dollars if I had worked doing anything....

  • Check your skillque's on all accounts in EVE Communication Center

    2 out of 3 for me.

    Glad to see a thread about it here


  • Hyper focused training plans (for things like carriers). in EVE Gameplay Center

    You say you have 3 characters. I'm hoping that means 3 accounts, so my advice can be used effectively.

    On Capitals:
    I think that a carrier is the most useful of them all. So, drones, jump drive, tank, racial carrier, will be the focus. Just these areas of skill could eat up months of training time. Pick one of your characters, and make an evemon plan for your chosen race. A hard trained cap pilot could have over a year of skilling. You could possibly do missions with this guy along the way, and earn ISK while you perfect drone and gun skills.
    Ball Park Figures
    Nav skills 4.5 mil
    Drone skills 5 mil
    Tank 5 mil
    Gunnery 8 mil (Dread,Marauder)
    Cap/Engineering 4.5 mil
    Ship skills 10 mil (Carrier, Dread, Marauder)

    37 million SP give or take to have all three ships at V with pretty damn good Drones, tank, nav, and guns.
    You could cut that way down if you focus on one ship to excel in first, then move on to the next.

    Cap fleets:
    Picture that you are an FC, and you ask your guys to field their most expensive ships.
    Do you want a fleet of ships that are skilled to level 3? or a fleet of pilots that have skills at level 5?
    What do you think the enemy will field? He will field the best he has, and so should you, allways.
    Lost cap fleets are the kind of things that cause alliances to crumble.

    The other characters:
    Train them as sub cap pilots, and focus them on something. I personally recommend different races, but that might be subjective.
    Get at least one of them into a regular PvP corp, and start getting experience. Lose ships, kill ships, learn on every fight.
    Maybe train one character into recons and logi, and the other into combat ships.

    What I will tell you, is cap fleets need support fleets. You could participate in many ways, and be just as important as the Dread pilot.

  • Dev Blog: PLEX Rework - Follow Up in EVE Information Center

    Sgt Ocker wrote:
    RavenPaine wrote:
    The plex vault needs a ledger. Similar to the wallet, that shows transactions.
    I currently can't track my plex. Cannot see if they have applied to game time, from the vault or store.
    I also cannot find, in game, when my account expires.

    Could be a bug?

    Nah not a bug - Account management is the only way currently to see when your accounts expire.

    It used to show in the top left of my login screen, at character selection.

  • Dev Blog: PLEX Rework - Follow Up in EVE Information Center

    The plex vault needs a ledger. Similar to the wallet, that shows transactions.
    I currently can't track my plex. Cannot see if they have applied to game time, from the vault or store.
    I also cannot find, in game, when my account expires.

    Could be a bug?

  • 200 skills at level V club in EVE Gameplay Center

    Finally joining the club myself.


  • Can a Hurricane go against a PvE fit BS? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Really don't need 2 tracking enhancers against a BS sized target.
    I'd change one or both of them out for something else.

  • If you had 8mil sp to spend, what would you spend it on if... in EVE Gameplay Center

    There is no rush. You do not have to make a fast decision on this.

    Play the game that you want to play, whether it's solo or corp oriented, and your needs will show themselves to you.

    Then I would save those SP for LONG skills. Train levels 1 through 4 at regular time, then knock off some V's with free SP.

  • How about allowing a partition for cargo holds? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Andrew Indy wrote:
    Chainsaw Plankton wrote:
    that's what filters are for.

    Or cargo containers.


  • Naglfar shield or armor tanked? in EVE Gameplay Center

    It's always been my position that you shield tank the mids and damage mod the bottoms. Armor fleet don't matter. The Nag is on its own and needs the best tank it can field on its own.
    If it needs to be *saved*, an armor fleet can still rep its armor when it gets there.