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  • [BUG] It's full of black square in EVE Technology and Research Center

    AmpGod wrote:
    I can confirm that updating to latest GPU drivers seems to fix the issue --

    Tested with
    Manjaro Linux x64 (seperate install - just to poke around with the GPU drivers)

    aur/wine-gaming-nine 2.4-1
    aur/linux-bfq 4.10.5-1
    custom/nvidia-dkms 378.13-4

    (custom repo = handpicked bits from pure archLinux repo - namely to test-upgrade nvidia drivers)

    Everything seems to work perfectly - DX9 & Everything set to high - no problems.

    And booting back to normal drivers
    Manjaro Linux x64
    aur/wine-gaming-nine 2.4-1
    extra/linux410-nvidia 1:375.39-3
    core/linux410 4.10.4-1

    - Black boxes reappear even with low postprocessing ... and disappear with postprocessing off

    I did look at the Nvidia changelog.

    *They have added ARB_parallel_shader_compile extension
    *And threaded optimization is on by default.

    Someone can turn on threaded optimizations with older drivers and see if the issue is still there? And if it fix the issue, check if there is any graphic difference between high or off. Just to know if it's related to that. The Nvidia changelog don't tell any other thing that could fix it.

  • [BUG] It's full of black square in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Khaemwese wrote:
    Full update on my Arch linux distro yesterday, including nvidia driver from 375 to 378 and it's working on high settings again.

    Unfortunately I cannot tell if the nvidia driver update did the trick or some other library. There were 274 updated packages total... Ugh

    No GFX-Wine related change here, problem still here. So for sure, it's not CCP who fixed it. I dont think it's driver related as it do the same with prop Nvidia and with Gallium AMD drivers (they have nothing in common and got the same exact issue)

  • linux client freezes/doesn't render in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Messenger Of Truth wrote:
    Has anyone experienced an issue where the client locks up when you switch away from it?

    I'm using i3wm, and about 10% of the time, when I switch to a different desktop I find that I can't switch back to the eve client - it just stops rendering.

    If I kill the eve client and log back in, I can carry on trading or whatever, so its not a complete show stopper but it is annoying.

    If anyone's experienced this symptom before, have they figured out any work-arounds?

    What video card & drivers stack do you use?
    What distribution do you have?

  • EVE Launcher for Linux in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Adara Starkiss wrote:
    Not sure if it has been mentioned anywhere on this thread but 16.04 and Amd is a tad sketchy. Some AMD chipsets are in trouble, the propietary driver can not be installed (far as I've rad, if you manage to install them.. it will be auto removed) and the open source drivers are not up to par.

    I read in the ubuntu-mate community forums that some AMD official announced that this will be fixed by the end of the year, so if you keep dabbling with 16.04 and you dont get results, I humbly suggest that you try either 14.04, 15.04 or 15.10 to see if it works better for you.

    My Trinity HD 7650 is not supported in 16.04, the additional drivers section wont install the gallium as it does in 15.04, and the whole section regarding opensource or fglrx doesnt show.

    I thought this should be announced somewhere.....

    The problem seam to be on the Ubuntu side. AMD stopped supporting most of there chip except GCN3+ as Opensource drivers with gallium are simply better (on every aspect) and there proprietary drivers are utter crap. My guest is that you have to install the open gallium stack from PPA's if Ubuntu is not willing to ship with up to date libdrm/llvm/mesa (even 6 month old mesa should work fine for eve.).

  • No sound. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    If your distribution does not provide it, you might need to recompile wine with support for your sound server. I can't help more than that as I use the same fix than 15 years ago : I put a sound card with hardware mixer in my computer so no need of sound server. Currently it's an SB Audigy 7.1 "something" PCI-e that I got on amazon for 30$.

    All sound blaster since the Live have an hardware mixer, All the other card that I ever tested did not have one.

  • Solar System Map on SISI / Char Creation (TQ) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I did open that bug on January 2, it's related to Gallium nine new integrated CSMT. It was also affecting wormholes and gates.

    That bug fix is available as of two day ago and might or might not be yet in MESA GIT Master. It might take some time to reach distrib repo. Just to bad that it took much time and it reached distrib repo..


  • Linux and SLI support (or similar, or other suggestions) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Adara Starkiss wrote:
    I didnt see this the last time, thanks.

    So... how complicated is to get the gallium 9 stuff u guys mention, it sounds like rocket science and moon goo to me ;)

    Are there any step by step guides out there?

    you can get install instruction here : https://wiki.ixit.cz/d3d9_tutorial

    you have to configure launcher to use your own wine and also on the first time you run it, put winecfg in the custom wine box instead of wine, launch "eve", go in staging tab to enable gallium-nine/directx9. Then go back in launcher setting, put wine in the custom wine box and launch again.

    in eve gfx setting, be sure to leave post processing off as you gain 75% fps and put interval immediate to be sure you stay at more than 60 fps as your GPU is on the low end of the spectrum.

  • Linux and SLI support (or similar, or other suggestions) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I would like to add that you should get an AMD card and not a Nvidia card except if you are careful and look for nouveau support with card you want to buy. Most recent nvidia card dont support reclocking so are stuck at 150-300 mhz...

    Also Gallium nine is the way to go with your current cpu, if you really want to use the normal wine with say, a nice recent Nvidia card, you have to change everything except if an extra 5fps compared to what you where getting with your current APU & FGLRX is enough. Your cpu is just not fast enough for the wine D3D conversion layer as it is really intensive on just one dedicated core (with csmt). Nine don't use that as its native D3D support, it dont need to be converted to opengl.

    You can assume that AMD support everything, for Nvidia, you can get information here : https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/ . From what I read nouveau dont support hardware video decoding in recent hardware so if you want to play hd and 4k movie without lag, get an AMD as it support all of that and OpenCL 1.1 too.

  • New Install Ubuntu (mate) 16.04.2 LTS) - Launcher working but... in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Adara Starkiss wrote:
    Back in 15.04 and Gallium is up again, but no joy, I still get same error message ;(

    General    bluepy.Terminate - Reason: Failed to import trinity DLL (ImportError('No module named _trinity_stub_deploy',))

    I will try later and install the regular wine. Originally that was the first thing I did since we didnt had the native installer..... but for now Im tired and exhausted, I'll try again later tonite.

    Thanks Ravow for your help.

    If you want to use Gallium, you should have recent version of the drivers stack. I more recent distribution might be a better option. Unlike proprietary driver (who dont like new kernel/X), Open drivers are better using the very last version of everything.

    Also, Can you do : glxinfo | grep OpenGL
    and post it there, just to be sure that you actually have proper working 3D accel.

  • New Install Ubuntu (mate) 16.04.2 LTS) - Launcher working but... in EVE Technology and Research Center

    nop.. Keep gallium, install gallium and wine with nine support (native d3d9), you will get twice the performance than the crappy proprietary ****. You can also install RADV support with gallium if you want Vulkan support that the Proprietary crap was not providing you anyway. You also need s3tc support with come in a different lib than mesa due to patent issue. Search dxt and install the 32 and 64 bit one of that result.

    AMD dropped support because Gallium is mature, OpenGL 4.5 compliant and work just better.

    If you don't need hardware decompression support for your film/serie, use AMDGPU, else Radeon (AMDGPU is required for vulkan support but dont support vaapi/vdpau on older GCN 1.0 devices.)

    AMD microcode are to fix your CPU errata, you should have the latest installed (same for Intel).

    Edit, you GPU is the older terrascale core, use "radeon". Sorry, no vulkan support but I think native D3D9 nine support is still available.

  • DX11 is WORKING on wine 2.3! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'm keeping DX9 until someone revive Gallium-10/11 as the old code got yanked out a while ago because it bit rotted out of useless (It was too early and about nothing was in DX11 in that epoch).

  • Strange squares since last update in EVE Technology and Research Center

    g0nz028 wrote:
    I have some problems with my graphics since the new eve update. see here:


    I have an nvidia grforce gtx 960 - non free drivers
    tested with wine staging-1.9.22-x86_64 (my standard system for a while now)
    and tested with wine staging-2.3-x86_64 today, but no changes
    when I try to launch with a non staging version I get a launcher with white content and I'm not able to select a character.

    surprisingly directx 11 works with new staging version, but fps is cut down to half, so I would rather stay with dx9 for now.

    any suggestions?

    Disable Post Processing in vids settings.

  • @CCP, Are you really using SSLv2? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Reply to myself, yes it does, kind of!

    [Self censor... will make a petition]

    I did an audit and I strongly recommend to not log on EVE via WIFI (especially public wifi and ISP provided modem-router wifi). And do use the Second Authentication.

  • @CCP, Are you really using SSLv2? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    From information found in this post : https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=507730&find=unread

    SSLv2 WTF?????

    CCP.. Are you serious, your the one who did block launching EVE via exefile for "security" reason in exchange for a broken and insecure stack invented in 1995 with hole everywhere, you can easily reset the connection forcing a lower cipher like RC4 then just get the login...


    Really hope it was Manarky's Wine poping nonsense messages than really EVE trying to use SSLv2.

    If you share passwords with other thing than EVE, change them asap (the other one, not the EVE one), EVE password are compromised by default.

  • [BUG] It's full of black square in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Something messed up in the last patch

    Black squares everywhere!!!

    It affect Nvidia proprietary and Gallium-9 AMD.

    Turning off Post Processing in GFX settings "fix" the issue.

    I did not find a report about that on the Apple and normal (windows) forum.

  • Linux launcher now supports custom Wine version in EVE Technology and Research Center

    It does append with my rig too

    native dx9 (gallium-9), yesterday git Wine, yesterday Mesa
    Radeon RX480, Mesa-GIT drivers.

    EDIT : Turning off post processing in gfx option "fix" the issue

  • No sound. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Jaxon Grylls wrote:
    I run PCLinuxOS which you may know is a rolling release distro.

    After an update which installed new FFMpeg and dependencies the sound in EVE stopped working. Everything else on my system is OK, with better sound for some reason. Probably new sound libs.

    Has anyone else had a problem with the audio in EVE?

    Not that it's a real problem as it eliminates the new Aura voice, I'm just interested to know if it's just me.

    Could it be sound server related? If your sound card have only one PCM output, You have to use a sound server to send more than one out in the same time. You have to have wine compiled and configured to use the sound server your using. Also, if you have a sound server, it might be blocking the only available output (that will prevend EVE to have sound as the sound server will have hooked the card.)

    Check for pulseaudio, jack, dmix...

  • RX 480 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Also check cooling and thermal throttling. I don't know the status of that on Windows and how card design are different but my RX480 was badly throttling until I edited the bios to unlock the max fan speed so it stop cooking at 1/3 fan speed. Windows have tools to do that on the driver side, AMDGPU don't yet.

    You can check temps and fan RPM with lm_sensors once your running with AMDGPU.

    Also, AMDGPU-PRO is not a reason for Vulkan, AMDGPU support vulkan, you just have to enable "radv" & of course "d3d9" when your compiling MESA. plus install some Vulkan loader&ICD (Note that might be inaccurate as I only used vulkan with Talos Principle (60fps at 4K res) and my one learning Vulkan with c++).

  • Latest MESA git /w Gallium-9 insta crash [unsubbed all accounts] in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Demolishar wrote:
    Ravow wrote:

    Insta-crash on wine /w gallium-9, with is required to play on Linux in 4K resolution.

    Surely if you can afford the hardware for 4K res, you can afford a windows 10 license...

    Cool, then tell me how to run that thing in a XEN Dom0.

  • Latest MESA git /w Gallium-9 insta crash [unsubbed all accounts] in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Katrina Bekers wrote:
    Ravow wrote:
    with is required to play on Linux in 4K resolution.

    While I love what you do and did since a very long time for Linux and EVE (and Gallium, etc.), I'd warn you from spreading inaccuracies like these.

    I play daily in 4K, under Kubuntu, at max settings perfectly fine with a simple GTX770 and native nvidia binary drivers.

    You probably do not have a crappy FX-8120 cpu then :) If your hardware can afford wasting a core to do D3D2OGL translation, good for you. FX8120 core are not good at all compared to any kind of i5/i7, even first gen... Especially when it run like 12 VM in the same time. Video card performance have nothing to do with that, your GTX770 is slightly inferior to the RX480 I have but I guess you have a i5 or i7 that can absorb the conversion load. In my case, 4K resolution is under 30fps without nine and > 90 with it, but i'm pretty sure it would be about the same with a similar CPU and without nine except that without nine it's usually a higher power consumption (if your CPU can do enough to bottleneck on the video card side)..

    Wine games (that are not D3D9 running on gallium-9) are CPU intensive and badly multi-threaded(CSMT allow you to run the game on one and the D3D conversion on another). If you want to be able to cap on your video card and not your CPU, then you need a good performing CPU. in my case, it will be another month until ryzen boards are sorted out and uefi fixed.

    As for my original post, I was able to go around the instacrash by running exefile as it was crashing before everything. I will do what you recommend, Neuntausend, see if I can get a hold on the gate/WH crashing issue.