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  • [March] Rorqual and Mining changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Sophia Baccarin wrote:
    CCP Fozzie wrote:

    • Initial activation of the PANIC module would require the Rorqual to have an active target lock on an asteroid.

    Max locked targets = 0 when in PANIC.

    A much easier solution to all of the problems with this module.

    yeah their workaround is bizarre

  • WTS Two AT Ships in EVE Marketplace

    Would you trade the Moracha for an Etana and the Etana for a Moracha?

  • Zkill guide to Running for CSM 12 by rhiload in Council of Stellar Management

    lol this hyde guy has never even won an AT.

    Rhiload on the other hand has won 16 of them.

    git gud.

  • WTS Rabisu and Caedes - prices changed in EVE Marketplace

    Bluemelon wrote:
    Hello All,

    On behalf of Pandemic Legion, nearly winners of the Alliance Tournament I am opening the sale of the AT Prizes from this year.
    Please note we have very limited numbers of these for sale and the prices are non negotiable.

    4 Rabisu ATXIV Logistic Cruisers for 180bn each.
    4 Caedes ATXIV Cov Ops Frigate for 140bn each.
    1 Cambion ATXI Assault Frigate for 180bn

    The price for a package for a Caedes and Rabisu is 320bn.

    If interested please mail myself stating who you'd like the contract to and the time needed to complete the contract.

    Thanks all

    The Cambion was actually the ATX prize, not ATXI.

    Good luck with your sale.

  • *Update PRICE!* WTS Caedes 100 Bil in EVE Marketplace

    QuickSwipe Collier wrote:
    Can you explain why your own pilots arn't getting first dibs on what they earned?

    It's rigged just like this election.


  • WTS GOLD MAGNATE in EVE Marketplace

    420b if it comes with a full cargohold of Zahara Cody's salt.

  • [WTS] Cambion in EVE Marketplace

    Will trade for my left kidney.

  • Nyx Umbral Skin For Sale in EVE Marketplace

    I agree that caps are for figs.

  • WTS Moracha - Contract Complete in EVE Marketplace

    dexter xio wrote:
    Trash-tier vessel.

    People who fly Morachas probably rush radiance on jungle broodmother.

  • Mr Hyde - CSM XI in Council of Stellar Management

    1 vote = 1 bring back skynet

  • SOLD in EVE Marketplace

    thearrowofapollo wrote:
    JEFFRAIDER wrote:
    TradeGM wrote:
    DHB WildCat wrote:
    Price 120 bil

    Selling to help get guys that were screwed over in the AT out of a negative wallet. In doing so Im fast out of isk and need to sell some AT ships.



    I shall start you off with a bid of....

    1 ISK. (Your actual value)

    And i am being generous, taking in consideration your **** character and the fact that you over-evaluate yourself to a such degree.
    You F***** up great players and wonderful friends.

    Hey look another cheater alt! It really shows the character of a lot of Hydramel pilots that they're more mad about someone exposing cheating than the fact their dumbo leader screwed them over because he's scared to death to play PL. I'm guessing that a LOT more Hydramels knew about the cheating considering this amount of butt hurt.

    This is the main mate. I have no connection with the HYDRA team, i posted with the alt by mistake.
    True, cheats should be punished, but the way he reacted and stabbed everyone in the back, was totally wrong. That says a lot about him. And turds like you, supporting that kind of back-stabbing, only proves that PL can't really win without spying and back-stabbing. And there is no room to argue about PL strategy here, we all know how things run there:)
    Have fun, and keep repeating to yourself "we are the best"... brain wash really works on monkeys.


    P.S My bet increased to 2 ISK, if your ship comes with a PL toon, mr. Wild

    How would you have preferred he acted? You've got a very 'kill the messenger' attitude thing going on.

  • sold in EVE Marketplace

    Zahara Cody wrote:
    Big Lynx wrote:
    I wouldn't panic mate. In the end, it's all pixels.Cool

    It's not just pixels mother******.

    Hey Cody save some salt for the ocean.

  • sold in EVE Marketplace

    Zahara Cody wrote:
    Big Lynx wrote:
    Zahara Cody wrote:
    Jezz Darmi wrote:
    Zahara Cody wrote:
    If they are rereleased, their value will be irrelevant to me as I won't be sticking around.

    Obligatory "Can I have your stuff?"


    canz I stuff your haz?

    If you wait long enough, CCP will ensure that anyone can buy everything that we both own off of the market for 100 million isk. Eve is a sandbox and CCP is the dumb*ss kicking over everyones castle until no one is left to play. ISD, you can go ahead and lock this for 24 hrs.


  • [WTS] Raven State Issue in EVE Marketplace

    Hemmo Paskiainen wrote:
    X ATM092 wrote:

    Mailed proof.

    Big Lynx, I'd accept AT ships and isk if the prices were good.

    I nver doubted you didnt had it :)
    Would loovve to see the proof for how much you acquired it :)

    Zahara Cody wrote:

    Don't be cheap like every other plebe in Eve.

    Cheap or not, it is still 600B, 52%, 50yrsPlex or 6kEU tooo much :P Perhaps your right thou, and the "plebe's" cheapness cant compete with the reselling premium rates Pirate .... orrr maybe its just tooo much Lol

    Nahh im just fooling around a bit, noo need for the personal attacks. Chilll ouuutttt.

    Are you willing to drop the price a bit? Whats possible? I am still interested.

    I'd put down 1.75t just to see you produce a coherent sentence duuude.

  • Thera in EVE Gameplay Center

    Samantha Elroy wrote:
    Thanks for representing your Alliance in a new light. I think you would went quiet when quazerknocks and other wormbuds enter collective this 'jita without concord' because its boring without the loved null-exits in our chains.
    Let's hope thats only you who went full ********.
    Now take some icecream.

    Not sure if you're really bad at teh englishs or just slow.

    Thera is by definition not a real wormhole because it actually gives pilots the chance to engage in skill intensive PvP. Not the 'sorry guys after 3 hours of scouting your chain we saw that you have more guardians than we do' pathetic excuse for combat that is 99% of wormhole fights. Honestly the only difference between a wormholer and one of their 'nullbears' is the fact that guys in null consider you so irrelevant that they don't bother to whine incessantly about you. It's no wonder Corbexx jumped ship the second he could.

    So please, keep thinking Thera is a silly non-wormhole place and stay away. It is in everyone's best interests as we wouldn't want you to accidentally get into a combat situation where you might have to do something other than ram and F1 the primary while crying for reps.

    Disclaimer: You may consider this as me representing my Alliance in whatever colored light you want. Please, we really care what people think of us.


  • Null Sec WH change is literally AIDS in EVE Gameplay Center

    So I went to get a new pair of glasses since my current pair is pretty jankety (actual word used by the optometrist) and they called me today at 4:00 to let me know they were finished. Turns out they close at 4:30 on Fridays and don't open again till Monday.

    If only I'd had a decent null connection I could have easily reached their office to pick up my new specs with time left over to grab some Chipotle.

    Thanks a lot CCP.

  • Thera - current residents in EVE Gameplay Center

    No one lives here because having guaranteed nullsec exits at all times is incredibly oppressive for PVP opportunities and general content creation.

  • HELP IM STUKC in EVE Gameplay Center

    File a stuck petition.

  • WTS -WTT Chameleon in EVE Marketplace

    ROSSLINDEN0 wrote:
    I have a t2 rigged drake with arby launchers in motsu, trade?

    You've been reported to the ISD.

    Prepare your anus.

  • QEX and renting business. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Alundil wrote:
    Rengas wrote:
    Jack Miton wrote:
    NoobMan wrote:
    This sandbox game has this thing called "Politics" one of my favorite parts and the most interesting thing in Eve to me.

    See, people used to come to wspace specifically to avoid the politics of nullsec. Sadly, that wspace is long gone.

    Sadly, you are not.


    Saying 'rekt' about your own post in your own post is..... well how shall I put this.... decidedly un-'rekt'
    A bit like patting yourself on the back a little too hard.

    Come to the Thera XII Paleocybernetics station undock alone in lightly tanked T1 frigate preferably without a prop mod or any ewar and I'll pat you on the back a little too hard (no homo).

    ☑ REKT
    ☑ REKTangle
    ☑ Tyrannosaurus REKT
    ☑ SHREKT
    ☑ Total REKTall
    ☑ The Lord of the REKT
    ☑ ShipREKT
    ☑ North by NorthREKT
    ☑ eREKTile dysfunction