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  • Drone Agro Issues in EVE Gameplay Center

    IIshira wrote:
    Robert Morningstar wrote:
    I run lvl 4 all the time and my drones are my main damage dealer never have issues if aggroed I just recall wat a few sec and redeploy

    With sentry drones this is possible since you can instantly recall them. I think the OP was referring to drones that have to travel to their target.

    Well, we've found his problem then.

  • Mobile Depots, and Mission Runners, and Macros! Oh My! in EVE Communication Center

    stoicfaux wrote:
    Riot Girl wrote:
    It says;
    You may not use your own or any third-party software, macros or other stored rapid keystrokes or other patterns of play that facilitate acquisition of items, currency at an accelerated rate when compared with ordinary Game play..

    Which is what you're asking for.


    Anyway, if enough people think that macro'ing is against the rules in general despite what the policy says, then I probably need to petition a GM to get clarification.

    The accelerated rate is talking about the acquisition of items, not the speed of the macros. Becoming more efficient in what you're doing by using macros will accelerate the game play, even if the macro is done at human speed.

  • C3 Anomalies in EVE Gameplay Center

    cklm wrote:
    Derath Ellecon wrote:
    Crazy thought. Why not test it. Take covert ops and make a spot 200km out. Warp in something that can tank. See if your I get shot.

    Probably take you less time than monitoring this thread for an answer.

    yes prob, just wonder if you know they can lock at 200km because naga sniper have like 4000ehp and 2 shot from bs could 1 shot it ,

    so curious if it possible, that could be nice way do sites and much cheaper than rr domi or stuff like this and safer

    If RR domis are expensive to you, you're doing something wrong.
    If getting 2 shot from BS is considered safer then I think you're also doing something wrong.

  • August Summit Minutes in Council of Stellar Management

    mynnna wrote:
    Rengerel en Distel wrote:
    From the tone of the F&I threads, most features for Rubicon were already well on their way to being done when the summit took place, so there was already little chance for course corrections with Rubicon.

    This is pretty incorrect in quite a few cases and is something I hope shows through in the minutes, actually.

    We all hope so too, though by now, the Dinsdales will just think you altered the minutes after CCP already made the changes.

  • August Summit Minutes in Council of Stellar Management

    A seemingly throw away line about POS having an effect on only a small niche of the community lead to a threadnaught and hopefully a course correction from CCP. The minutes are really the only chance most players will have to hear debates like that straight from the Devs, even if it is after CCP has scrubbed them. From the tone of the F&I threads, most features for Rubicon were already well on their way to being done when the summit took place, so there was already little chance for course corrections with Rubicon.

    The minutes now are more of a chance for the players to see how the CSM and CCP interact. Which CSM were vocal, which just let issues go, etc. Which CSM seemed to know what they were talking about, which were just happy to be there, etc.

  • WarDec Question... can a corp be in two wars at the same time? in EVE Communication Center

    Look at alliances like The Marmite Collective and Goonswarm Federation ... it doesn't take much to see there doesn't appear to be a limit to the number you can start, and 3 is not the limit on how many you can be the defender.

  • WarDec Question... can a corp be in two wars at the same time? in EVE Communication Center

    Seems you can be the aggressor in an unlimited number, I'd have to assume you can be the target of just as many.

  • Routing for PI - 2 Questions in EVE Gameplay Center

    The real question is why after asking the question, and getting the best possible answer (hedge your bets and always route to storage) that you keep fighting to do it your way? If you want to do it your way, do it your way and find out if you lose anything over time.

  • Navy Battlecruisers in EVE Communication Center

    If you go back and look at the F&I threads and the dev blog, they said why. If I recall, it's what they wanted to do.

  • Need to know more about WarDec in EVE Communication Center

    The extreme amount of specifics in your post don't lead us anywhere other than user error. There's 24 hours before the war starts, and 24 hours if they don't pay to continue the war. Without any info, hard for anyone to help. If you believe there is an error, petition it, and you should get an answer 2 or 3 weeks after it has ended.

  • Light, Medium & Heavy Drones in PVE in EVE Gameplay Center

    Vas Eldryn wrote:
    Dato Koppla wrote:
    Vas Eldryn wrote:
    I don't find using drones in missions are a cost effective way of missioning anymore... not since the AI update, with one exception, using a Dominix / rattlesnake with sentries and a micro jump drive. replacing drones are just too expensive. You have to invest A LOT of SP in drones though.

    I used a Domi without MJD for a good month or so after the NPC aggro changes and never lost a single drone, you just have to pay attention. Also getting T2 Sentries is far less skill intensive than other T2 Battleship weapons.

    I agree that it can be done, but missions like worlds collide and the blockade deploying drones is just suicidal as it aggro's everything... after switching to missile boats i'll never deploy drones again.

    Web a sentry, and almost never lose aggro again.

    As to the OP, CCP changed the NPC AI to switch targets based on sig size, EWar, and/or logistics. Not sure if anyone can link the changes after Odyssey when they fixed it, but it told you which npc ships will target which drones. I generally don't send any drone more than 10km from my ship. Webs generally hold aggro, a target painter does not. Remote repping a drone or other player does a good job of keep aggro as well.

  • August Summit Minutes in Council of Stellar Management

    They could release the minutes and it's just a link to F&I.

  • Scanning in Odeysey in EVE Communication Center

    try low sec or null

  • Exploration gripe in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Infinity Ziona wrote:
    Fy'nite Hakaari wrote:
    Why are wrecks scannable in deadspace pockets with the use of dscan. this should be removed, it can take an explorers hrs to find a ded plex in low sec burn it though to the last stage and oh a pirate gang come in use d-scan and find a ded plex simply based on the overview wrecks. utter ****

    so Ur giving the guy that has chosen his proffesion to explore a rather long winded excercise as it is.
    And then giving pirates the very basic option of clicking dscan found a plex.

    And considering most pirates only run in gangs cause solo they wouldnt be half as good as they like to think they are. the solo explorer doesnt even have the option to fight.

    Its a pain in the ass but if you want to cloak or not appear to be running a plex or ratting - shoot your wrecks. I do it, I target 7 npcs. Kill them all. Target their wrecks. Pop them. Then if someone comes into system. I hit cloak. I appear to be nowhere.

    Oh and I also rename my ship one of the local peoples ship - ie: Sabre234's Ishtar. So it appears to be a ship in a POS or something.

    You may not impersonate or falsely present yourself to be a representative of another player, group of players, character or NPC entity.

    You can be reported for that now.

  • PI problem in EVE Gameplay Center

    Based on the size of the planets, your links take more juice to run. I'd guess on the one planet, it's larger than the others.

  • Training for Nidhoggur in EVE Gameplay Center

    If you have the minmatar carrier skill trained already, you don't need the other skills to fly it. If you don't, then you'll need everything it says you need in game.

  • Sisi Mirror in EVE Technology and Research Center

    in the test server forums, they said sometime in the next couple weeks.

  • Spamming , a idea in EVE Communication Center

    I'd settle for chat filters ... let me block: PLEX, double, trade window, etc. and 98% of the spam is gone.

  • please do something about mining crystals in EVE Gameplay Center

    It's called a time sink. It takes very little time to get into a mining ship making isk. Those skills are to make you invest more time to be able to use the T2 crystals of the better rocks. If you don't like it, stick to your T1s and have a lower yield.

  • High-Sec PI Factory Worlds in EVE Gameplay Center

    There might be profit there, but not as much as at 0% tax.

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