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  • Login issues on June 16 in EVE Communication Center

    Pls fix login issues and award SP to subscribers that have training queues incorrectly paused.

  • Afropty for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Afropty wrote:
    Hello, my name is Afropty. I have been playing Eve online since 2008 and i would like to coloborate with CCP on the game.
    My experience in EVE has been very greatfull because i get the oportunity to meet many people from multiple countries, they teach me how to play EVE, they improve me alot.
    The most hardest part for me actually was this point because the entire game is in english and im Chilean. But it does mean i dont know how to play.
    I would like to improve this game for spanish speakers, i realized we are alot of them and that is so cool.
    Eve online is a big interactive game community. I would like to be part of the team making this game better for everyone.

    Greetings from Afropty...

    No hay impuestos sin representación

  • Zkill guide to Running for CSM 12 by rhiload in Council of Stellar Management

    Let's settle this the old fashion way.

    1v1 at sun between hyde and rhiload.


  • [ASCENSION] Jump Range Changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Larrikin wrote:
    Based on the discussions we had internally and then with the CSM at the recent summit, we're looking at increasing the base jump range of combat capitals for the Ascension expansion.

    • Reintroduce a natural path for capital combat to escalate.
    • Differentiate the power projection of Capitals and Super-Capitals.
    • Allow alternative logistics and force projection paths into space that is currently very difficult to access.
    • Open up chokepoints and allow jump paths to be a little less predictable.

  • Changes
    • All Capitals (Carriers, Force Auxillaries, Dreadnoughts) have their base jump range increased to 3.5 (+1) light years (7 (+2) light years max skills)
    • All Super-Capitals (Supercarriers, Titans) have their base jump & bridge range increased to 3 (+0.5) light years (6 (+1) light years max skills)

    We hope this change will alleviate some of the problems capital pilots are currently facing. This is only an incremental change, as we said at Fanfest we believe that the capital force projection system needs further work.

Can we increase jump bridge ranges plz?

  • [September] Mining Barge and Exhumer tweaks in EVE Technology and Research Center

    All these changes make sense except procurers having no capability to fit a cyno. This is truly a game breaking experience for certain groups. Procurers and battle barges should continue to be a viable playable experience.

    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    Hey folks! As we first mentioned at Fanfest this year, we have a visual revamp in the works for Mining Barges and Exhumers (along with many other ships) to continue improving EVE's amazing visuals.

    This pass on the barges allowed the art team to fulfill a long-standing request from the game design team. Way back in 2012 when CCP Tallest implemented the big tiericide of mining barges the three branches of barges were changed to have similar mining yields and specific specializations (defenses, storage capacity and range/yield). At that time Tallest added role bonuses to the Procurer, Skiff, Retriever, and Mackinaw to bring their effective strip miner count into the same general range. He also asked the art team to make a note that next time the Barges and Exhumers were up for a regularly scheduled visual refresh they should be unified at the same number of strip miner hardpoints. That day has now come!

    To compliment the art rework we are completing a light pass on the stats and bonuses of these ships and of the strip miner modules themselves. The balance between the mining ships is in a fairly healthy state right now so we're not making any drastic changes to the relative strengths of the different barges and exhumers.

    For a bit of insight into the current usage of the top 7 mining ships, here's the breakdown of mining yield by volume (last 90 days including ore, ice, and gas):
    • Retriever: 23%
    • Mackinaw: 22%
    • Hulk: 21%
    • Skiff: 14%
    • Procurer: 8%
    • Covetor: 7%
    • Venture: 4%
    • Other: 1%

    Unsurprisingly the Retriever and Mackinaw are still on top (unchanged from the last time we presented these stats) due to the very high value placed on ore bay capacity among a solid chunk of miners. However we don't feel any need to reduce the power of Retrievers and Mackinaws, as their popularity isn't out of control and other alternatives have their own well-balanced strengths.

    The overall mining yields of the Procurer, Skiff, Retriever, and Mackinaw remain unchanged after this pass. The Covetor and Hulk will gain a lowslot which allows some new options and the potential of greater yield (although fittings will be appropriately tight when using three MLUs).

    As part of this change we are increasing the yield of all barge-sized strip miners and ice harvesters, which cancels out the changes to hardpoints and bonuses on the Barges and Exhumers. We are also providing a moderate buff to the ORE Strip Miners and ORE Ice Harvesters.

    The module changes in full are:
    • All Non-ORE Strip Miners: +25% volume mined per cycle
    • ORE Strip Miner: +30% volume mined per cycle, -10 CPU
    • All Ice Harvesters: -20% cycle time, -20% capacitor use
    • ORE Ice Harvester: -16 CPU

    And the ship changes:

    Removal of strip miner yield and ice harvester cycle time role bonuses
    +1 highslot
    +7 PWG
    +55 CPU

    Removal of strip miner yield and ice harvester cycle time role bonuses
    +1 highslot
    +8 PWG
    +60 CPU

    Removal of strip miner yield and ice harvester cycle time role bonuses

    Removal of strip miner yield and ice harvester cycle time role bonuses

    Changed skill bonus for the skill Mining Barge: 2% (was 4%) reduction in strip miner and ice harvester duration per level
    New role bonus: 25% reduction in strip miner and ice harvester duration and activation cost
    -1 highslot
    +1 lowslot
    -5 PWG
    -15 CPU

    Changed skill bonus for the skill Mining Barge: 2% (was 4%) reduction in strip miner and ice harvester duration per level
    New role bonus: 25% reduction in strip miner and ice harvester duration and activation cost
    -1 highslot
    +1 lowslot
    -5 PWG
    -40 CPU

    We're very interested in your feedback and welcome you to try out the new stats (and new ship models) on SISI.

  • TOTAL INSECURITY - Nullsec PvP corp recruiting in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    I remember flying with TISEC bros in Cloaky Ninja fleets. Jousake would be my Rapier buddy slowing things with me. I was really surprised because Rapiers are not a very popular recon in Ninjas fleets. I mean, who flies these things right? Ever since then, we've webbed so many things together and it's been an amazing experience. Just simply watching ships go down from like 4000m/s to 0m/s is a thrilling sight.

    Imagine an Orthrus that would go at you and your ninja bombers, circling and hunting your bombers at 30km and just knocking them out with rapid light missiles as he snickers in local. But then you decloak with your TISEC Rapier buddy and the Orthrus starts changing alignment but before he could warp off, your fleet lands points and Rapiers web him. "Ahh yes, no more velocity for you, young man!"

    If you are looking for a PVP corp with elite capabilities to slow down cowardly alpha kitey (CAK) fleets, TISEC is for you. They know how to slow down CAK fleets, and can stop CAKs from being CAKs. They make CAKs slow and easy to take out. So if you ever need to dig yourself out of a hole because of CAKs, TISEC is for you.

    Just the other day, we had this fight with a CAK fleet near Jan. We were like, dude they're gonna jump into high sec. Then I said, naw they're suspect, they would never... But yep, they did, they did. The CAKs entered a system called Vaajaita. I first sent a scout in there and I'm like so what are they doing. "They're all pre-positioned at range!" I was concerned, these CAKs would just eat us alive...even CONCORD can't help cuz we had engagement timers. So I ordered the fleet to orbit Vaajaita gate and after a few orbits, I came up with a plan for our cruisers to decloak first, they could take a pounding.

    We entered it to engage the CAKs in Vaajaita. I told the fleet to go into Vaajaita, and to hold the moment you go in, and these TISEC bros held it very well. Well disciplined. Then finally, when our cloak timers were about to blow, we decloaked in unison and just webbed those CAKs in Vaajaita. The bombers decloaked and just launched their torps and the CAKs all exploded in Vaajaita.

  • [March] Heavy Stasis Grapplers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    Friends, pilots, capsuleers, lend me your ears! Today we're ready to discuss a new module that we are planning on
    releasing in our March patch.

    I'm excited to see how you creative pilots take advantage of them, esp solo/small gang BS pilots who should
    get a lot of value from them. The Stasis Grappler module is a new class of web that has high strength, low optimal
    and high falloff. It will be the first webifier-type module to use falloff, which will reduce the strength of the web as
    the range increases. This module can only be fit onto BS and Caps, and just one per ship. It's seperate from
    existing Stasis Webs, and doesn't get bonuses from any web-specific bonuses (so no range bonus on Bhaalgorns or
    strength bonus from Vindicators, and no benefit from gang links).

    As someone that flies webbing ships (check who loses more Rapiers than anyone) -- I approve of this addition. I do want more range though, considering the cowardly alpha kitey (CAK) fleets are shooting at ya 80km away. I always felt a battleship should be able to "reach out" and touch someone to effectively counter people being CAKs.

  • 〄〄〄 Lex Solutus Nullsec Indie/Mining/PvE/PvP Corp. Recruiting YOU! 〄〄〄 in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    +1 for the corp.

    + First time I met them was at an ore site and we shared many great tips on proper orbiting of rocks and good positioning of lasers.

    + As it progressed and I started earning isk, multiple people came to the belt and started jamming our engines. We could not warp off.

    + Then our mining commander said, "we got this"

    + He told us to launch our mobile depots, replace our lows with warp core stabs, then type "LOL" in local.

  • ☜[2014] Simply Wild. [.ICE.]☞ is NOW Recruiting PVP Pilots and Corps! in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    +1 trip tried to poke me, not many people touch me there, so +1 for corp

  • Jayne for CSMX - ELECTED! - Thank you for your support! in Council of Stellar Management

    +1 vote/endorsement from me for his support of cloaky ninjas!

  • Private sale in EVE Marketplace

    I am being sold in a private sale.

  • Alekseyev Karrde for CSM7: War and Sov that Works for Everyone in Council of Stellar Management

    Vote for mr bossman Cool

  • Three things that make Crucible a win (or fail) in EVE Communication Center

    Overall I rate this expansion as WIN.

    Win points:
    1) CCP got there heads back on straight
    2) Lot's of small improvements
    3) Corp bookmarks
    4) Improved graphics

    The new font. It is a lot easier to read, however it just looks plain awful in a lot of places. The old was bad as well since you couldn't distinguish a lot of characters. So I would not favor going back, but pleas iterate on the font implementation. Fix the kerning, add some more space around text in a lot of places etc. A lot can be improved here.

  • FONT in EVE Communication Center

    I think the font in itself is not bad. I like the fact you can actually see the differences between certain letters and numbers.

    The spacing of text in certain areas could use some more tweaking though. In some elements there is just too little room around the text. See for example the augmentations tab in the character sheet . Or the number of people in a chat channel: Corp [123]. The spacing looks goofy there. Just like the numbers of stacked items in the hangar. And there are a lot more places where this weird look exists.

  • FONT in EVE Communication Center

    Dinta Zembo wrote:
    Hungry Eyes wrote:
    i no longer need to wear my glasses to read the UI.

    Soon I will have to wear glasses because of this UI.

    Maybe you can get a monocle?

  • New dev blog: Corp locations > bookmarks in cans in EVE Information Center

    Can I have your baby?

  • New dev blog: ...And Papercuts Were Had By All in EVE Information Center

    Some excellent stuff has been done here!

    Keep it up!

  • Black-Sun :: Dutch speaking 0.0 PVP in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    We zijn inmiddels redelijk gesettled in stain. Dagelijks een hebben we een leuke groep mensen online die graag als groep activiteiten onderneemt. Zo doen we regelmatig wat plexjes en schieten hostiles af Twistedl

    De groep kan momenteel uitgebreid worden met een paar nieuwe members. Heb je interesse? Neem dan zeker even contact op met een recruiter!

  • EVE Online: Incarna 1.1.3 Issues in EVE Information Center

    CCP Aporia wrote:

    Your observation that the problem is that 4 panels try to fit themselves into the same space is correct, and I thought that I had explicitly addressed this for 1.1.3 (at least it seems to happen a lot less). It appears like I have to go back to the drawing board then and take another look at it.

    I have two accounts, with seperate client installs. On one of my accounts the problem is completely gone. The other one is still having the problem at every undock.

    The account that has the problem also experiences an issue when you click show info when in space, the window will allways align in the top left corner of the screen. While my working account remembers where the last window is opened.

    Before the last update both of my accounts were experiencing these problems, now it's just one. So something was fixed, but not entirely.

  • Black-Sun :: Dutch speaking 0.0 PVP in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    1 recruit aangenomen,
    Momenteel ruimte voor nog 2 nieuwe recruits.