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  • You guys should see this... (self calibrating tracking and range bars) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    To everybody saying "this is already available in the overview you should all just learn to use it" -- your opinion is bad and you should feel bad.

    If you really want to spend all your time in game looking at this, I guess I won't stop you, but I'd rather log in and look at something like this. I'm entirely in support of this concept.

  • Announcing the Officers of CSM 7 in Council of Stellar Management

    Ripard Teg wrote:
    Checked the Russian translation to learn the Russian word for Vodka, left disappointed.

  • My Apology in EVE Communication Center

    Alekseyev Karrde wrote:
    Alexander Gianturco has my full confidence and support to continue as chairman of CSM7.


  • Unable to build customs office gantry at factory outposts in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Masheen wrote:
    Thanks for the info, after consideration we decided that indeed this is not desirable and have opted to resolve this so that production of Orbitals will be possible in Amarr outposts. I can't promise exactly when this change will be deployed but it is very likely that this will be within the next few weeks.

    all the best - Team Pi

    Dude thanks (preemptively) for the fix but that has got to be the most convoluted way I've ever seen to say "oh crap, we missed a checkbox -- we'll fix it ASAP." And this is coming from someone who gets paid to say such things.

  • Well that was interesting in EVE Communication Center

    Bane Necran wrote:
    But did the people hating on him even slow down after that? Nope, it seems to have accelerated.

    He's wasting his time trying to please them, with that, and this refocusing on 'space combat'. They'll never be happy.
    I can't speak for all of "the people hating on him," but I believe I'm in that group -- I made it known that I was unsubbing my accounts due to their massive fuckups over the past few months.

    After the pair of dev blogs this week I resubbed 2 of the 3, and expressed my good feelings for the immediate future.

    From what I'm seeing that seems to be the general consensus -- a VERY LARGE part of the "haters" are at least somewhat optimistic about these changes. It DEFINITELY hasn't accelerated. You're kidding yourself if you think it has.

    Or you're just a troll.

  • New dev blog: EVE updating - Winter expansion 2011 in EVE Information Center

    My main has officially been renewed, and my alt has been resubbed.

    My fresh-faced young combat alt is still in stasis. Keep up the good work and you'll see a resub there too.

  • New dev blog: A letter to the followers of EVE in EVE Information Center

    Thank you, Hilmar, for your candor.

    This is a really big step towards re-establishing the trust that I'd lost in you guys; I look forward to seeing what you and the rest of CCP have planned for us.

  • CSM Statement regarding CCP refocusing in EVE Communication Center


  • New Dev Blog: The moments that define history in EVE Information Center

    I'm optimistic, certainly. But so far we've mostly just seen a lot of fancy talkin'.

    I still haven't resubbed my accounts. I'm down to my main at this point, and he's got about 2 months left on a six-month sub.

    I really hope we see enough actual progress in that two months -- not just :words: about "hey things will totally be better" but actual plans, commitments, stuff like that -- to convince me to resub.

    The font work and the ship spinning revival are a step in the right direction. Keep it up, PLEASE, keep it up.

  • New Dev Blog: CSM Special Summit -- Meeting minutes are out in EVE Information Center

    I canceled my autorenew for both my accounts when this whole thing went down, because I felt like CCP was just screwing with us. My alt ran out last month; this one has 80 days remaining.

    These minutes don't give me any confidence at all that I'll be renewing this account before then.