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  • Purity of the Throne declares war on Sanguine Illuminations in EVE Communication Center

    Arrendis wrote:
    Gaven Lok'ri wrote:
    I'll set a thousand year old Cognac aside for when you get in touch, then.

    But... Cognac loses potency as it ages...

    So unlike the Empire, then.

  • So, where's our war? in EVE Communication Center

    Arrendis wrote:
    Casserina Leshrac wrote:
    It is unfortunate that the Empire took steps to enslave innocent peoples as part of assimilating the Empire.

    Slavery in this regard is not purely an Imperial issue. Numerous criminal organization enslave for their own reasons. Like the aforementioned raiders.

    Slavery is practiced by the Empire still. But again not what were like during our Reclaiming efforts. And certainly not for spiritual reasons.

    But again, the Empire has not been at war specifically to reclaim and conquer for nearly 200 years. Those slaves that do remain serve as form incarceration against Imperial Law.

    You should probably check your facts. Enslaved descendants of slaves taken in raids persist in the Empire, including bloodlines who were placed in chains for no reason other than the Reclaiming. The fact that the Empire's bloody expansion was checked by the Gallente and then the Jove has not changed how Holders approach their slaves.

    It certainly hasn't changed the fact that most slaves in the Empire are treated fairly by their owners.

    And anyway, why would we let the occasional setback stop us from doing the right thing?

  • So, where's our war? in EVE Communication Center

    Elsebeth Rhiannon wrote:
    Templar Thal Vadam wrote:
    Perhaps the leaders of our respective nations do not really desire a death toll in the hundreds of billions.

    This would be a fine argument, if the Sanmatar had not pretty much ran for office with the contrary opinion.

    And this is why democracy fails.

  • Jamyl Sarum a reflection in EVE Communication Center

    Casserina Leshrac wrote:
    With the disparate groups of Sani Sabik out there I would see little more in political fiefdoms then domination of the cluster.

    However, I have come across a few individuals who espoused a secret governments under the influence of Sani Sabik sects. Those who principally relied the power that ISK has.

    As a result you don't have the CONCORD mandated models, but rather some lurking in the hallowed halls of those ivory towers held dear by each faction.

    This goes back to the earlier discussions about Revan and Silas, two Sani Sabik who essentially operated without fear of faction or Alliance. They are certainly worth the study beyond their combat records.

    Obviously in studying their successes, one must also study why they no longer exists.

    My teachers, successful in the ways of the Sani Sabik were also mindful of such "secret societies" and I think that is what concerned them the most. When some sort of neophyte would make mentioned of the, they would be easily dismissed and the tone of the conversation would change.

    Considering their own personal concerns of my teachers. They suspected that there was something more sinister than they hidden somewhere in the dark. Though the evidence for such was elusive.

    Sure, Revan Neferis used to go around telling people that she was all about secret government influence etc.

    But both you and she seem to have missed the point that secrets cease to be secret the moment you advertise them.

  • Codex Vaari - Guide to life and faith for residents of Providence in EVE Communication Center

    Ria NieyIi wrote:
    What about those who are ambidextrous?

    I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.

  • Amarr Response for Aridia in EVE Communication Center

    Karmilla Strife wrote:
    Claudia Osyn wrote:
    Is it me, or did it just get a bit hostile in here?

    An Amarrian praised the actions of the Shakor government. That's never happened on the IGS before so some people have gone back to default mode.

    Even a broken chronometer can be right occasionally.

  • Amarr Response for Aridia in EVE Communication Center

    It would make sense to also quarantine the whole station.

    Should this outbreak spread, it will be Genolution and the SoCT who will be held responsible.

  • The Beacon: A broadcast to old allies and foes in EVE Communication Center

    Grand Inquisitor Gaius Kador.

  • The Sandman’s dream’s Dream in EVE Communication Center

    Above Ottom's desk is a sign that says "You don't have to be mad to work here but it... no... actually, you do have to be mad to work here."

  • EVE_NT London - Saturday, February 18th 2017 in EVE Gameplay Center

    I shall be there.

  • Hedonism vs Edenistic in EVE Communication Center

    Arrendis wrote:
    Ottom Ephesianos wrote:
    Any thinking human being, even to include wolves and monkeys

    We all know you pointedly like to try to make very little sense and be confusing, but including imaginary canines as 'thinking human beings'?

    To be fair, I've also seen it claimed that Minmatars are thinking human beings.

  • IGS only Apprenticeship Program in EVE Communication Center

    Valerie Valate wrote:
    Graelyn wrote:
    Valerie Valate wrote:
    They call it the "Pendulum Wars", because one time, one militia is winning, and then it swings, and a different militia is winning. Then it swings back. Back and forth, back and forth. Like a pendulum.

    Copyright - Cardinal Graelyn, YC114.

    Kinda glad that one caught on.

    I'm not going to be paying licencing fees for that either !

    I'm pretty sure that makes you a pirate.

  • IGS only Apprenticeship Program in EVE Communication Center

    Sinjin Mokk wrote:
    The Empire has not crushed anyone since the Udorians...

    Factually incorrect.

  • To all New Eden renters, be rent-free in December... in EVE Communication Center

    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon wrote:
    A collection of multiple cracies situated to the North.

    Cracies? Or crazies?


    Sanguina Dieudonne wrote:
    Valerie Valate wrote:
    And "witches" is pretty tame for an insult of the SoE.

    I'm not Amarr, but isn't witch the term they use for female Sanists?

    Not going to lie. I like it. We should find another insult for the SOE, if we're going to be in the business of insulting the SOE.

    Witch is a generic term used to describe those who sup with the Deceiver, including heretics, blasphemers and pagans


    Sanguina Dieudonne wrote:

    While I am sympathetic to the Covenant, I have to disagree with their theology.

    So you're OK with the draining of blood as long as it's fun for the person doing the draining but you don't agree with the religious reasoning behind it?

  • Destination: Hypercube Hell in EVE Communication Center

    Deitra Vess wrote:
    Neph wrote:
    Elmund Egivand wrote:
    Deitra Vess wrote:
    Nice choice of ships, one question though.... What's a hypercube? I know it's "a box of souls," but is it equating to something else or is it litterally an item?

    Also known as a tesseract. It's two connected parallel cubes. It has, eh, quite a number of variations. Just thinking about the hypercube makes me want a drink.

    Ah, no it's not. You may think that because of the common projections, looks something like this, but you have to realize that that is a 2-dimensional projection of a 3-dimensional projection of a 4-dimensional object. It's as much information as you'd get at looking at a shadow of an object--from the flat edge.

    You know how a square is the space bounded by 4 lines? And how a cube is the space bounded by 6 squares? Well, a tesseract is the space bounded by 8 cubes.

    So...... An octahedron made of cubes?

    All of the cubes are adjacent to six of the other cubes (ie each of the cubes has a cube sat perfectly on each of its faces).

  • CONCORD: Intra/Extra Dimensional in EVE Communication Center

    Ottom Ephesianos wrote:

    Who knows?

    Not you, that's for sure.

  • Slavery For Pieter in EVE Communication Center

    Nana Skalski wrote:
    I heard that Amarrians dont know how to tie their shoelaces because slaves do that for them. Someone can confirm?

    Have you never heard of buckles, or velcro?

  • Slavery For Pieter in EVE Communication Center

    Ah yes, this old debate again.

    Traditionally I've made the argument that slavery is the means by which lesser races are elevated to a higher status. To illustrate this I have often pointed out that the Tash-Murkons (who are from a conquered race) could potentially, one day, supply Amarr with an Emperor.

    But this time I won't, because there is already a Tash-Murkon on the throne.

    Proof that social mobility is alive and well in the Empire and that that even the lowest can, given time, become the highest.

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