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  • Armor Resistance Plating - Worst Skill evva in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I got the skill at level V and I find the adaptation time very useful, and in general the cap usage is not an issue at all on cruisers neither in PVE or PVP.

    I still do agree with OP, skills shouldn't generally have such adverse effects.

  • Fix for the lame miner bumping? c'mon and stop the tolerated griefing... in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Stop trolling forums

  • Fixing the Phoenix in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Missiles, causing nothing but balancing problems and lag since their introduction.

  • Is there a russian only server? in EVE Communication Center

    KuroVolt wrote:
    We should really have a seperate forum for NPC alts.


    Preferably they would be permabanned there as well

    OP, you are a ******* idiot and you should skill yourself, in RL

  • Dear CCP! Can we pls have 125 drone bandwidth Proteus? in EVE Gameplay Center

    IMO the main thing the drone Proteus needs is tons of more cargo space, so it can be used for exploration refitting like the other T3s. Currently you can't fit the drones and subsystems in cargo with a mobile depot and refit in space for travel/site running.

    Please note that the Proteus tanks better and has more lows than Ishtar, meaning that it can use more DDAs to achieve the same dps as Ishtar.

  • 16 choices of what to do w/ a wreck. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I agree with your sentiment about the horrible clutter of the drop-down menus (the order of menu items is also horrible), and wish CCP would give them some love.

    However, they have come up with a highly usable alternative- the Radial Menu. It is much cleaner, clearer and more ergonomical to use with a mouse. I've set it to zero delay on an extra mouse button, making it very accessible. It also has an entry for opening wrecks.

    On another note, you are not forced to fill deadspace pockets with wrecks and loot and salvage them all, doing that is a choice you make.

  • Asking for a new [Feature] - Shared Hangar in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'm pointing to existing solutions

    With "excluded" you must mean "I don't want to"

  • Stop lowsec exploration sites from escalating into hisec in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Meyr wrote:
    Show me the noob explorer that stands a chance of surviving a lowsec escalation of his hisec site.

    They're nothing more than padding for your killboards.

    o/ I started lowsec exploration at the age of one month.

    As a 2008 player, I can, with a fair degree of confidence, conduct Exploration in hisec, get a lowsec escalation, and complete it. The same goes for a lowsec escalation into nullsec.

    There is damned near zero chance of survival for someone less than a year into Eve to survive in lowsec long enough to complete an escalation. They would be better served if it simply escalated to nullsec. They'd have a better chance of survival.

    As a 2010 player, I can with absolute confidence explore everywhere I damn please- except in high security space, where the game mechanics prevent it from me. I learned the skills when I was a newb in a T1 fit cruiser running 4/10s in lowsec. These skills also laid the foundation for my PVP career, and would have been impossible to acquire in hisec.

    This even furthermore justifies sending people to higher risk areas for higher rewards via escalations.

    But don't complain that it makes life hard for you. You want mercy, and a fair chance at survival? How about you extend the same.

    Or keep quiet, lock, and fire, just like you do now.

    Live with the consequences of your chosen profession. Go explore in nullsec. Be brave, be BOLD!

    Do what you pirates and gankers are always telling your victims to do - adapt to the changes, get help, do things differently, use an alt, etc. Innumerable threads on these forums are filled with exactly that advice.

    You show extreme bitterness and bias here, and accuse people without actually being familiar with the game mechanics at all. My sec status is deep in red, it was at -9.7 at lowest, and I've never been a pirate. I was a member of the Gallente Militia, conducting factional warfare in low security space. I went from low sec status to outlaw in a week without shooting a single "innocent victim". In PVP, the one who shoots first takes a sec status hit if the target is not an outlaw.

    Have you considered that maybe CCP set it up this way deliberately? You want to live the outlaw life, shooting everything that you can get a target lock upon. You can't expect to readily, simply, and easily be allowed to venture into civilized, law-abiding space, and not have consequences. That you are not simply shot out of hand when venturing into hisec is a gift.

    You seem to have missed the fact that we don't want to fly around in highsec, just CCP to fix the escalations so that they behave as expected, and lead to null.

  • Asking for a new [Feature] - Shared Hangar in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Two solutions already exist- put the characters in the same corp and rent an office, or trade 356 ships at once so you only have to endure this terribly laborous process of trading only once per year.

  • Getting New People Into Nullsec Early in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Infinity Ziona wrote:
    Roime wrote:
    Why would anyone go to null?

    This is a serious question btw.

    Iskies, kill people.

    Much better grindey isk in whs, and lowsec is exponentially better for finding people to kill

  • Getting New People Into Nullsec Early in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Why would anyone go to null?

    This is a serious question btw.

  • CCP is this the new crucifier? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Looks quite similar to the redesign presented at some Fanfest http://i.imgur.com/hrEOoAw.jpg

    Current Crucifier looks rather terrible, new one is better but not very Amarr.

  • questions about the Genolution CA-series in EVE Communication Center

    It's possible that any implant would help your head in particular

  • CFC Declares War on N3. in EVE Communication Center

    CFC N3 R2D2 DJ OMG 3D TIDI 007

    I'm sure someone somewhere gives a **** about all this

  • best way to counter a kiting sentry ishtar in small gangs? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ishtar is one of the slowest cruisers, sentries, like all drones are trivially easy to kill and nanoishtar has **** all for tank.

  • The Missing T3 Subsystem. in EVE Communication Center

    OP is actually right.

  • OGB break this game to mad sh... in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Colt Blackhawk wrote:

    Ah okay it is completely usual and intended by CCP that linked condors tank 140dps^^. Turn brain on.
    Yesterday I saw a Mega Navy going over 3k m/s. Retributions going 4.6k m/s you see almost on daily basis.
    And slaves only won´t let this guy tank 140dps in a ****** condor btw.
    But let me guess: You are one of these link users that even doesn´t undock without 2 links?
    This game is already the most newbie unfriendly stuff you can imagine.
    And additionally everyone who doesn´t own 2 link alts can only do F1 warrioring. This game really even forces you to F1 warrioring because you never know if the target you try to solo is linked to hell or not.

    And yes only 80dps done to it.... yeah congrats I am a pvp newbie^^
    Wake up gents.

    Btw. 180mms track webbed non linked frigs down like hell. I was already leeroying with 180mm ac fitted cruisers into 3 frigs at once and won. So it is not a tracking issue for sure.

    I actually have one titan from every race with me providing boosts where ever I may roam

    I would not have gotten the 5 solo kills of today without them, because everyone else has 4 OGBs with them. And a Falcon, and neutral logi.

  • OGB break this game to mad sh... in EVE Technology and Research Center

    You actually only did about 140dps to a wbbed AB fit Condor at 2km

    That Condor was killed today by a solo Comet, and the Condor pilot's super special secret is actually a 3bil HG Slave pod, but please go ahead and blame links when you can't even get solo kills in a frigate-killing cruiser. It's not your lack of skills or lack of grasp about basic game mechanics- it never is.

  • Faction Warfare: Personal Tier & Faction-Wide Tier in EVE Technology and Research Center

    XvXTeacherVxV wrote:

    I'd also remove the donate-LP-to-upgrade mechanic from Infrastructure hubs so people's personal interests (earning LP) aren't in conflict with faction interests (spending LP to upgrade) but that's not really essential to the whole idea.

    I find that my personal interests of not making LP are perfectly aligned with my factions interest of not upgrading anything. So we all pursue our only real interest, PVP, in perfect harmony.

  • Where are the regions where these sorts of players live? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Less skilled players live in sov null, or to put in other words, sov null has the largest demographic of less skilled players. There's two reasons for this- nullsec recruits complete newbies from outside EVE, and the rest are ex-mission runners from hisec who think that null is where they need to go after two years of rescuing the damsel, and finally getting that X character skill level that magically makes them ready for PVP. Competent players invariably go to lowsec, whs or Syndicate.

    Most of the time these guys spend running the same anomalies over and over again, rest of the time they spend waiting on a titan and pressing F1 in TiDi under the iron fist command of a raging neckbeard fail commander. However, just one TiDi F1 session has the potential to yield more kills than an active lowsec pilot gets in a week, and almost no losses ever.

    This all results in 5-year old players with 98% KB efficiency resulting in massively blown out egos, tons of isk and no actual combat experience whatsoever- prime targets for your epic fantasy samurai solo PVP video.

    With a caveat, and this is a unfortunately a big one- once a neutral enters sov null local, the entire region instantly docks up.

    Those who don't JC to hisec to run incursions or L4s will stay docked up for days, spamming ASCII art through tears, making empty threats and mass posting AFK cloaking threads on EVE-O. If they would undock, they'd see that you aren't actually cloaked, but they aren't allowed to undock without FC with neutrals in system. I've personally never had the time or patience to actually wait them to come out, so someone else has to help you out on this one.

    I've heard that if you log off and stay logged for a few days, eventually the greediest one just can't take it no more, and warps to an anom in his derpboat. If you kill him, and succeed in local smack, they go berserk and start whelping their failfits to you. FRAPS on, enjoy.

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