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  • Ncc 1709 for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    I was wondering if you would answer a couple of questions.

    1. I get the impression you are an FC. What type of fleets do you like to take out?

    2. Your alliance currently lives in Malpais. Do you do a lot of mining and industry?

    3. You would like CCP to address moon goo. Is that from personal experience moon mining and/or running reaction farms, or due to something else?

    4. What are the things about citadels that you would like to see changed?

    5. Living in Malpais you are surrounded by the Brothers of Tangra, a rental alliance. What are your thoughts on rental empires?

  • Kael Decadence for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    I was wondering if you could answer some questions.

    1) What area of the game do you play?

    2) Do you PvP, or are you more industry focused?

    3) You mentioned something called the "EVE an Hour" campaign. What is that for those like me who have never heard of it before? And is it still active? Your mention of it leaves a lot of questions.

    4) Have you ever been in a corp or alliance leadership position? If so, what challenges do/did face that CCP could help with by changing features in the game?

  • morgan starkiller for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Have you filled out the application form and submitted a photocopy of your passport to CCP?

  • Afropty for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Did you fill out the application form and submit a photocopy of your passport to CCP?

  • Eduard Teach runs for a seat at the CSM in Council of Stellar Management

    I was wondering if you would answer some questions.

    1. You say you run Incursions. Do you fly with one of the communities on a regular basis? Also, do you think the payout for incursions is too high, too low, or just right?

    2. You say that you've been involved in factional warfare. Which faction and was it more as a PLEX farmer, or were you involved in combat?

    3. It sounds like you have a separate character for each area of the game you participate in. Do you think that EVE requires multiple accounts to play? And do you think that CCP should cater to those with multiple accounts?

    4. You said you have a character in TEST. Were you involved in the Catch war last month? If so, what is your opinion of the current sov warfare mechanics?

  • Carbon Alabel for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Rosewalker wrote:
    I was wondering if you could answer a few questions.

    1. You state that you have written tools using the EVE API/CREST/etc. Are there any public tools that players may have heard of?

    2. When you first started playing, you were involved in light industry and trading. Did you maintain your interest in those fields?

    3. There are a few candidates running from Provibloc, including incumbent CSM 11 member Jin'taan. What do you think sets you apart from the others as a reason to vote for you?

    4. You suggest that there is too much free intelligence available to players. I know that you addressed some of that in your blog post, but could you summarize some of the areas you would restrict here in your campaign thread?

    5. You indicated that you are involved in the development of the new ESI API. What do you think about CCP's move to ESI and their implementation so far?

    6. What do you mean when you posted you've written bots?

    Thank you

  • Carbon Alabel for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Somehow I double-posted

  • Bardghost Isu For CSM 12, Candidate For QOL, Lore and Players in Council of Stellar Management

    I was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering some questions.

    1. You indicated you ran an alliance before moving to Providence. What type of alliance did you run and why did you leave/shut it down?

    2. You lead small ship 20-40 man gangs. Have you ever been involved in entosis warfare, and if so, what are your thoughts on the subject?

    3. You indicated that you will represent all players equally no matter where they come from. It sounds like most of your experience is in null sec. Do you think you have enough experience to represent other areas of the game? How much experience do you have in high sec, low sec, and wormhole space?

    4. A lot of players, perhaps even a majority, don't realize the CSM even exists. How do you plan on getting feedback from players?

    5. Did you submit your paperwork to get on the ballot?

  • Eduard Teach runs for a seat at the CSM in Council of Stellar Management

    The application period ended on the 17th. Did you submit your application in time?

  • Borat, a New Hope in Council of Stellar Management

    So does this mean CCP rejected your candidacy application?

  • Donald A Trump for CSM12 in Council of Stellar Management

    I was wondering, what do you say to skeptics of your candidacy who do not believe you can win because of CCP's age requirement? CCP requires your character to be created prior to 26 December 2016 and you were created yesterday (3 February 2017).

  • Ariel Rin for CSM XII ♥ in Council of Stellar Management

    I was wondering if you would answer a couple of questions.

    1. In January’s fighting in Catch, your alliance, Tactical Supremacy, has had experience in both defending and attacking space in the Aegis sov system. What was your impression of the current state of sovereignty warfare in null sec?

    2. For years now, people have complained about CCP’s in-game corporate management user interface. Your post stated that, “more work should be done to allow these in game tools to supplement more complex custom applications.” So what types of improvements would you like to see CCP make to the corporate management UI?

    3. When CCP announced the introduction of Recurring Opportunities back in April, you didn’t like the feature. Were you opposed to bringing the concept of dailies to EVE, or was the problem with the content itself (kill one rat for 10,000 skill points)? Is there an implementation of Recurring Opportunities that you would approve? If so, could you give a rough outline of what is acceptable?

    4. You think that the official EVE Online forums are horrible. How would you like CCP to make the situation better. Is it just a matter of better moderation, or does CCP need to update the Forum Moderation Policy?

    5. Are there issues that mainly impact the AUTZ that you would like to see CCP address better?

    Thank you

  • Jewnior McBlazing From The Aram Pleasure Hub Holding For CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    I was wondering if you could answer a few questions.

    1. You are running on an alt character this year. Why?

    2. Besides an interest in buying things from CCP in and outside the game, what are your favorite things to do in EVE?

    3. You ran for election onto CSM 9 back in 2014 as your main, Aram Kachaturian. What have you learned over the past three years that makes you a better candidate this year?

    4. You propose that players should be able to buy ISK directly from CCP. In other games (Gaia Online as an example), that has led to hyper-inflation. Hyper-inflation in EVE would lead to activities like ratting and missioning becoming totally worthless. Why do you believe players being able to purchase ISK directly from CCP would be good for EVE Online?

    5. In CCP’s development process, creating art assets is often cited as the main bottleneck in releasing content. You seem to want CCP to divert even more artists from creating art assets for space content to developing items for the cash shop. Why do you think the cash shop is so important?

    Thank you

  • Jonn Duune for CSM XII - J-space representative in Council of Stellar Management

    I was wondering if you could answer a few questions.

    1. I read on the forums that you believe Force Auxiliaries are too powerful. Do you believe this is the case only in wormholes, or in k-space as well? What changes would you propose to fix the ship class?

    2. Usually when players talk about adding a new type of bookmark, they refer to alliance bookmarks. You mentioned adding fleet bookmarks instead. Why do you believe that adding fleet bookmarks is more important than adding alliance bookmarks?

    3. The vast majority of your forum posts, at least over the past 2-3 months, concern trying to recruit members to your corporation. Do you think CCP offers enough tools for corp recruiters? If no, what changes would you like CCP to make to make recruiters lives easier?

    4. You indicated you have been a director or better in wormhole groups for the last 5 years. What types of tasks did you perform or were responsible for as a director?

    5. You have a lot of ideas for holding events to get feedback from players. One of CSM’s problems is publicizing what they do. How would you improve the visibility of the CSM so players know about the events you wish to hold?

    Thank you

  • Erika Mizune (aka Yumene) Running for CSM XII ~ in Council of Stellar Management

    I was wondering if you could answer some questions.

    1. At least one member of the current CSM has stated that citadels make moving capital ships too risk-free. As someone who not only runs her own jump freighter service but is involved in alliance-level logistics, do you think any changes need to be made to citadels where long-distance hauling is concerned?

    2. A lot of people, including yourself, think that planetary interaction needs to be revamped. If elected and CCP Seagull were to ask you what priority to give a planetary interaction upgrade, what would you tell her? Should it be a high, medium, or low priority?

    3. CCP has made many changes, from new structures to the recent rorqual upgrade, designed to make null sec more self-sufficient industrially. Do you think CCP has done enough, or are there additional changes you would like to see?

    4. In your thread, Sullen Decimus was insulted because you didn’t know about the work that CSM did concerning industry. Honestly, I had not heard anything about any work the CSM did on industry (or much of anything else) either. What do you think the CSM should do to publicize their activities better?

    5. As someone who concentrates mainly in null sec, do you think you have enough experience to be able to discuss issues outside of null sec with the developers?

    Thank you

  • Dancul1001 for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    I was wondering if you could answer some questions.

    1. You have captained the Pandemic Legion Alliance Tournament team and tournaments are very important to you. Serving on the CSM might take 2 or 3 hours of your time each day. How would you make time to both serve on the CSM and on the PL AT team?

    2. Back in 2013, you were involved in the running of Pandemic Legion’s rental alliance, Brothers of Tangra. Despite the changes introduced in Aegis sov, we still see groups form up rental alliances. Do you think rental alliances are a good idea today? And do you think CCP needs to do anything to either help or hinder rental alliances?

    3. You fly a rorqual. A lot of people consider the ship overpowered. What would you recommend changing about the rorqual?

    4. You stated that CCP needs to expand the New Player Experience. What do you think needs to be added in order to make new players more capable of flying alongside Pandemic Horde or Pandemic Legion?

    5. I hear a lot of complaints about the spread out nature of sov fights in the Aegis sov system. You like the idea of multiple skirmishes over multiple nodes. What do you think CCP can do to get more players to accept that type of fight?

    Thank you

  • Commander Aze for CSMXII, Make Eve Great Again in Council of Stellar Management

    I was wondering if you could answer some questions.

    1. When you announced your candidacy, you sent out a tweet with a graphic that read, “Aims to bring real combat into wars.” What did you mean by that?

    2. Your alliance focuses on bringing Alpha players into the game. How well prepared does the Inception tutorial make them for flying in your alliance? What do you think CCP should add or subtract to make Alphas better prepared for life after the New Player Experience?

    3. You stated that one of your aims is to get Alphas involved in wormhole combat. What type of challenges does that present since Alpha characters cannot fit a cloak?

    4. It appears you have a lot of experience in public groups like incursion fleets and Spectre Fleet as a fleet commander. What do you think CCP could do to make the life of someone who organizes and leads public groups easier?

    5. You stated in your campaign post that you are also an industrialist who runs a modest amount of towers. Aside from POS, what are the most painful parts of being an industrialist that you wish CCP would take a look at?

    Thank you

  • Capri Sun KraftFoods - CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    I just have a few questions I wonder if you wouldn't mind answering.

    1. In your time with Black Legion, you mention you helped out with a lot of tasks. Could you give some examples so we know more about your experience in EVE?

    2. Given that you are in both Hard Knocks and Adversity., which area of space do you think needs more attention from CCP, null sec or w-space? Why?

    3. Looking at your posting history on Reddit, you seem to have some experience working with CREST and the APIs. What do you think about CCP’s move to ESI and their implementation so far?

    4. Recently you stated that EVE is not a game for those looking for a good PvE experience. What in your opinion makes for a good PvE experience?

    5. You stated that most of your concerns over structures have been alleviated. What concerns do you still have?

    Thank you

  • Borat Guereen for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    I just have a few questions I wonder if you wouldn't mind answering.

    1. You state that we have no idea about the history of the player behind the alt, yet you are running on an alt. How do we know that all the things you are telling us about yourself are true?

    2. You want to give incentives to players to automatically link accounts. What type of incentives would you propose, given the ability to create an alpha account to link to an omega account to get the benefit?

    3. You want to have some sort of mission simulator so new players can practice missions. What do you find lacking in Inception (aka the New New Player Experience) that warrants taking such an approach?

    4. You favor limiting API access. What types of information would you allow the API to access?

    5. Players elected to the CSM are expected to support changes that would improve the game, even if the change hurts their particular playstyle. You seem pretty set in your hatred of groups like Goonswarm and Pandemic Legion. Would you support changes to the game even if they helped major alliances at the expense of solo players?

    Thank you

  • ♛♛ Bobmon for CSM 12 ♛♛ in Council of Stellar Management

    I just have a few question I wonder if you wouldn't mind answering.

    1. Without breaking the NDA, what were the issues you concentrated on the most during your time on CSM 11?

    2. You state that one year is not enough time for a CSM member to work at maximum efficiency. Why?

    3. What do you see as the biggest issues CSM XII will have to deal with? This includes issues with the way the CSM is run as well as any in-game issues.

    4. At the first summit, you brought up the issue of focus groups, but the minutes didn’t record your position. What is your position on the use of focus groups?

    5. You were quite vocal in your displeasure in the changes to the EULA that banned gambling organizations in EVE. According to the attendance spreadsheet Jin’taan maintains, your live participation in meetings dropped from 74% before the changes down to 25%. Was your participation affected because CCP did something you disagreed with?

    Thank you.

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