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  • State of the warzone (Minmatar vs. Amarr) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Interesting update. From what I've been seeing, the taking of the war zone was more a - don't want it, go ahead and have it. Tbh most of the pilots that comprised the core of Amarr in the past are still in the war zone - but because of the mentioned frustrations with certain mechanics, etc... are now the majority of pirates that continue to relish shooting the Minnies.

    When the market drops the pendulum will do what it always does... be nice to have parity instead of LP palooza's.
    But alas.....

    When a tree falls in the forest...you get the picture.


  • Amarr is in Civil War in EVE Gameplay Center

    There is always some aspect of Civil War in Amarr. This LATEST lack of unity Isn't at all suprising. Hopefully they'll give Faction Warfare a facelfift and make me actually want to come back.


  • starting pvp? in EVE Gameplay Center

    So many questions, so little time... glad you've decided to learn the real meat and gravy of Eve. Just a couple points...

    A) Novices are nice, but Faction frig can access them. They can eat t1 frigs, especially when your lower skilled.

    B) Pvp is about fits, but there are alot of factors you need to consider. Engagement profile is a biggie. Torms are great, but definately has counters. If you know your counters you can avoid alot of heartburn. This is info gained thru experience, and or mentorship.

    C) Batman had Robin, you sir need to find an experienced wingman. Knowledge is power, and Eve is a social arena - so don't be afraid to join a supportive corp. You don't have to be single or married in Eve forever, but starting out - having a bud is a real advantage if you can find a solid.

    D) Commit to the process and remember to try, fail, and try again. Never hang your head low, and always have another ship ready to go. Eve is great and can be alot of fun, don't listen to the nay sayers.

    Good luck,


  • New FW Complex: Team Effort in EVE Gameplay Center

    No pirates, no pirates, what's wrong with you. At least with Pirates you might get a fight, and fighting stabbed farmers isn't much of a challenge. Go red man, positive sec stays in low isn't a constant. That's really the biggest get from prohibiting them in plex's, other than they are usually itching for a fight. There are alot of mechanics that need to be fixed in FW - and imo this issues low on that totem pole.

  • What happened to solo PVP? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Solo, hear solo.. come here solo!!! :)

  • Is it possible to win a fight in a Rifter? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Two words - TARGET SELECTION. Also, it's bad so fly something better.


  • Faction Warfare Advocacy Thread! in Council of Stellar Management

    I am by no means trying to run for CSM, rather I hope to gather and present the FW Players perspective on our niche of the game and push for change in our chosen arena of gameplay.

    I have heard from the jaded vets, and I love and enjoy being a part of/and flying in this area within Eve Online. However, for quite some time I have seen the players and investors in this aspect of Eve voices fall upon deaf ears.

    Maybe this attempt to share our perspective will crash and burn before it even gets off the landing pad - but to say nothing is the same as accepting ones relegation to indifference.

    So if your a FW pilot, love FW and have ideas about how to make it a more dynamic, fun and engaging environment - please comment and share. I want to give your voices a platform - and this is the beginning of the end of our relegation to what many percieve as "No Voice" and "Nothing will ever change".

    Looking forward to reading your thoughts,

    Rovain Sess

  • Congratulations Minmatar Militia in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ok - now I am gunna be a little salty. If you indeed already received your medal - then one of two things sorta bothers me.

    1. When last Amarr captured the WZ we had to beg, plead and F******* steal to get it awarded, and were told "We don't have to give you the medal - its really a courtesy". In addition - it took quite awhile to receive (nothing crazy, but you know).

    2. Is there a bias? Maybe there isn't, but when one group is seemingly treated in a different way from others then these perceptions become reality.

    Maybe CCP learned from its last cluster of slow rewarding - and that this time it was done with "all due haste". Hopefully this is the case.

    Message to CCP:

    CCP needs to really think about the way it does or doesn't show intentionalism towards what players invest time in doing. I'll piggy back what others have said - CCP give FW some attention. We may not be the huge alliances and so forth - but its our piece of the sandbox and should be respected as such. Faction War maybe a niche, but its our niche and it deserves some consideration.

    Surely this will fall on blind eyes - but had to say it.


  • Congratulations Minmatar Militia in EVE Gameplay Center

    While it pains me to say it - congratulations gentlemen on taking the entire warzone. Although this trespass upon her majesty's soil cannot stand, tonight the Amarrian Rum is on me.

    Thanks for the GF's, and tommorrow we begin our dance again.


  • Rooks and Kings: Message in a Bottle (Uncensored) in EVE Communication Center

    I agree that this is a great video. What's even more amazing is the fact that even though China has imposed draconian internet policies, that the tactics used by RnK on one server crossed over to the other. Culturally speaking it is called acculturation.

    Now I ask myself if anything on the Chinese server has had an equivalent impact on the non-Chinese server? Even if said servers where never connected - intentional projects like this video could really increase the cross polination of the others.

    It also begs to ask, did similar tactical ideas emerge on each without the pushing factors of videos or the sharing of information. The evolution of each server might be amazing to study.

    Anyways, enough geeking out.

    Found the video and the resulting questions to be definately worth the watch.


  • Snowballing LP gains ruin FW for the losing side. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Funny, where was this concern when the Amarr where down 2 four systems. You complain when the tide has turned - deal with it. Complaints when loosing are slow whines and not deserving of consideration. The mechanic is what it is - so earn back the WZ or take ur loosing cycle for what it is - a cycle that will pass in time.

  • Neutral Pilots at FW Capture Points in EVE Gameplay Center

    Until the game changes - which may be tommorrow or maybe never, you must approach the games as it currently exists. As of right now you can dscan and depart or fight. Personally I feel that a plex is mine while I'm in it, and I always assume hostile intent. In addition, a awoxing is also a real factor, so I also treat fellow militia members with a wary eye. I gave up on sec status long ago, but CCP hasn't deemed those in the militias a concession in this arena of the game. Personally I'd be all for it, but until it's real, we gotta deal.

  • The great Amarrian threat. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hotdogs are better than corndogs.. oh wait, it doesn't matter until hotdogs actually have to fight corndogs.. hmmmmm...

  • Gday guys, Need some PVP/FW advice and maybe a corp:) in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'll share two cents on the last 2 questions.

    In my opinion, finding a corp is more about knowing the corporate culture you want to spend your free time in. Corps, like people have personalities and finding the right fit is very important. Do you want mostly small gang, cooperative with other corps vs. non-cooperative, attitude about losses, etc.. Consider what the corp values and figure out if those values resonate with you. I find that usually peeps leave corps when a corps values don't match their own. It could be as simple as the level of maturity on ts, to corps that outright troll pilots for loses. Know thyself and you'll find the corp your looking for.

    To your last question - remember that FW is the longest war no matter the faction. This means that it has a certain ebb and flow, cycles of winning and loosing ( cycle lengths are different for certain factions). I guess you need to figure out what cycle ur in or want to be a part of - but keep in mind that it's going to change and you have to be willing to go thru the seasons.

    Hope that helps,


  • [March] Cap Battery Tiericide in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Maybe just do this:

    Hey, all you newer players; or any players thinking of joining FW, we as game developers are asking - actually sorta coercing you to favor the Minmatar. Just to show that we are serious about our desire to aid this faction - we will add items to their LP stores that many a pilot would like to have. Please remember that we can't directly support a side - but - hey actions don't speak louder than words.

    Maybe its me - but i'm becoming more and more disallusioned by the term - "Balanced".


  • Why does the Griffin in EVE Gameplay Center

    Griffins are frustrating, but they don't break the game. There are some counters if you wish to obsess about these lil wonders of WTF. Fight on, and when jammed - curse loud at the screen.

  • help choosing ships for small gang in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sorta depends on where your hunting. If your gunna roam FW space i'd suggest a couple fraction figs, or a t1 tank to tackle with and a high DPS faction frig for the finishing touches. This will allow you to enter and exploit novices and smalls where Svipuls can no longer go. It's really a chess match with moves and countermoves, so i'd identify your engagement profile and then bring ships that can make it go. Since he's younger he's more likely to attract initial attention, and with your better skills you can be his captain save a ship. Just my two cents...


  • The in'auga'ration in EVE Gameplay Center

    As the Paladins begin the decent upon Auga - let us remember:

    " I give you the destiny of Faith, and you shall bring it's message to every planet of every star in the heavens: Go forth, conquer in my Name, and reclaim that which I have given. "

    The Scriptures, Book of the Reclaiming 22:13

    Lore based smack talk is the best smacktalk.... lol

  • How to hunt players in low sec in EVE Gameplay Center

    Low Sec is a great hunting ground - but you'll also be hunted the entire time your there. In general I don't see many peeps mining in low sec, and if they do they are flying ventures. There are some pocket low sec systems spread about Eve, and occasionally you can get a few lambs in the belts. Even in those systems the inhabitants usually have protocols for whoever visits - be it docking up until the threat subsides or forming a defense force.

    Null backwaters via wormholes could be an option, but that's a bit more complicated. You've stated alot of risk avoidment, so I'm not sure if your gunna find what your looking for. I say throw caution to the wind and go in guns blazing.


  • Faction Warfare questions from a FW noob in EVE Gameplay Center

    I Will share my thoughts .... I have flown in both militias (although it looks like you went Gallente). An ealier poster is correct in that you will find more role play aspects in Amarr Militia, but honestly it's mostly in good fun (and alot of it actually focuses on what you can fit and fly). At the moment the Amarr are smaller, but most of the riff raff has been cleansed, and in general alot of the pvpers that still remain are very good. To get in a trustworthy place within the militia, get some kills and be persistent when attempting to join militia ops. Dont take exclusion personal (easier said than done), but sometimes when fighting outnumbered fc'S need ringers. Some of the better corps in Amarr Militia are a tad bit selective, but if you really are serious about learning - their are some great minds and theory crafters in the Empires cohorts.

    It's a great place to be if your willing to do your part.