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  • How to control PLEX price (ISK) to CCP in EVE Gameplay Center

    Scialt wrote:
    It seems like there's even a simpler idea.

    If there is a need to keep plex around a certain price... the simplest way to do so is to introduce more plex to the economy.

    I'm not sure if that's necessary or not... but if CCP decided they needed to drop the price of plex... then simple give every subscribed account X number of plex. The price will drop. Pretty simple.

    If you need to drop it more... give away more plex.

    If CCP create PLEX, those PLEX will be bought up by the rorqual miners and carrier/supercarrier ratters, and spent (via sub time and injectors) to create more rorqual miners and more carrier ratters.

  • Suspected market bot in EVE Gameplay Center

    You can copy paste prices. I do this regularly and can definitely get adjacent seconds at least if not the same second.

  • Suspected market bot in EVE Gameplay Center

    I also do this legit although I tend to stagger my orders by 0.01 with the smallest quantity cheapest.

    Comes up a lot with Light Ion Blaster II which I often build on lines that would otherwise remain idle.

    Posting a single sell order of 2500 units pushes the market down so I instead split the sell order. If either FW people or the Russian gankers buy two thousand I still get all the sales.

    Same applies with Neutrons but there the numbers are bigger. Sell orders need to be pushing ten thousand to impact the market.

  • LF loan: 15b, collateralized, 2.5-3% per month (FILLED) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Going to request a lock on this thread and move all future discussions to the new forums.



    Update on current status:

    19-May: Loan commences, principal value 15 000 000 000
    Mid June: Sabriz requests to pay down 7 500 000 000 of the principle in first interest period, plus 450 000 000 interest. NMO agrees to create a contract for 50% of collateral at NMO's convenience.
    26-Jun: Sabriz accepts contract of 50% of collateral for 7 950 000 000.
    Current outstanding balance: 7 500 000 000
    Next interest payment: 225 000 000 due 19-Jul
    Collateral outstanding: 7 500 units Garde II, 3 600 units Light Neutron Blaster II.

  • What do pirates fear? in EVE Communication Center

    There are ships that are commonly used as bait, the Hyperion comes to mind. A small gang in expensive ships that can't escalate won't commit to a fight against one of those.

    But piracy is usually done with an attitude of 'my ships are cheap, I don't care if I lose them'. Players with that mindset will often spring a trap anyway.

    TL:DR - Being hard to catch is better than scaring your opponents with ship choice.

  • What's to stop players from simply buying better ships? in EVE Communication Center

    I assume you are talking about ship trades that are within the rules (i.e. no real money changes hands except to CCP).

    Ships are consumables in EVE, nothing more. Yes, you can upgrade a Megathron to a Kronos for (about) USD15 by buying PLEX with real money then using that to fund the upgrade. Yes, the Kronos will perform better.

    However, the Kronos will also attract much more attention. People that couldn't be bothered killing a Megathron will make effort and take risks to kill a Kronos. And ultimately it will die soon anyway.

  • Cross-Corporation Fleets, Wardec, and being CONCORD'ed in EVE Communication Center

    The easiest way to check this is to set your safety to green or yellow, and watch what happens when you try to shoot.

    The rules of highsec combat do not care one iota about your fleets. Only corporations matter.

  • Antipharmakon Aeolis obviating standard mindflood value in EVE Gameplay Center

    Game changes smashing up existing markets is normal.

    Modulated Strip Miner II is still in the dumpster (pricewise) since the Rorqual buffs.

    Any market has this inherent risk in it.

  • LF loan: 15b, collateralized, 2.5-3% per month (FILLED) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Contract accepted.

    Principal outstanding: 7500m

    Next interest payment due: 225m on 19-Jul-2017

    Want to transfer this to the thread I made on the new forums?

  • LF loan: 15b, collateralized, 2.5-3% per month (FILLED) in EVE Gameplay Center

    No problems, will accept around downtime.

  • Pirate Battleship Prices in EVE Gameplay Center

    So they are remaining purely minerals?

  • Dev blog: Introducing the new EVE Online Forums in EVE Information Center

    It was hard to find Crime and Punishment when I was looking for it. Did eventually see where you'd hidden it (in a subfolder of General Discussion, one place I basically never go).

  • How to control PLEX price (ISK) to CCP in EVE Gameplay Center

    IMO the absolute best thing CCP could do is to increase the build and copy time on the most expensive blueprints in the game.

    Suddenly players will need a lot more of them, and buying blueprints from NPCs is a massive, massive ISK sink. Destroying ISK will lower the PLEX to ISK conversion rate.

    A 30% increase in build and copy time on capital ships and capital components, followed by a second 30% increase in the medium term (6-9 months, maybe 12), and a 50% increase in build/copy times on all Citadel related things (structure components, citadel hulls, rigs) would be a tremendous indirect ISK sink.

    One that anyone with a wealth significantly less than mine would not notice at all.

  • About the omnipresent Citadels ... in EVE Communication Center

    A Raitaru is a one to two billion ISK investment that is an excellent place to perform manufacturing and research.

    An Azbel is a considerably bigger investment (8 billion rigged approx) that provides better production facilities and can also be used as a personal market hub or even a for profit public hub.

    You can look up what's needed to build them in game. Search the Contacts interface for

    Item Type: Blueprint Copy
    Text string: Azbel

    You will see player produced blueprint copies for sale, and they have a bill of materials. These components are mostly built from minerals with some Planetary Interaction components as well.

  • Historic Prices on Plex. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Private Bank wrote:
    Teckos Pech wrote:
    And PLEX prices have been stable for the last 6 days.

    So much for this nonsense thread. Roll

    Oh, and look...the OOG cost of PLEX to buy 30 days of game time has gone up....and so has the IG PLEX price. What a shock.

    Constent you say huh? what a fail... they are at 1,45 bill now and will move to 2 billion before the end of this year.

    There is an event that will prevent that.

    We will see them under 1100m (for a set of 500) one more time. That will be this year and it will be the last time ever.

  • LF loan: 15b, collateralized, 2.5-3% per month (FILLED) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Update: By mutual agreement the first month's interest, and the 50% principal repayment, will occur slightly later than the 1 month mark at a time of NMO's convenience.

  • 【Filled】 1T uncollateralised bond @ 2%/month for 3-10 months in EVE Gameplay Center


    E-Norn isn't intentionally scamming, but will default on Bad Bobby's share of the loan, instead repaying that money to people that got burned in Titans 4 U.

    Other investors will get the terms of the contract honored.

  • Sell Orders Below Material Value in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sometimes, the products were obtained through means other than production (theft, looting, regionwide buy orders) and selling at that price is a profit.

    For an example, I own almost 20000 Garde II drones (15000 are mortgaged off at the moment in a loan). I only paid 600k per unit for them on the market, despite them costing (IIRC) 1150k to produce now.

    Sometimes, you just need to free up capital. You have 5 billion in stock and it's not moving, and there's opportunities you could latch onto if you just dump that 5 billion in stock for 4750m.

    Sometimes, an item's price is falling. This one came back to bite me, but earlier this week I sold 30 Fighter Support Unit II at basically build cost because I was expecting them to fall further due to the carrier ratting nerf.

    And most often you just get it wrong. You add up wrong, and think an item costs 4600k to build so you sell it for 4850k. Then you eventually realise you've been paying 5400k to build each one.

  • Stealth|Unintended Nerf: NPC Commander/Officer Rate in EVE Communication Center

    Math degree here.

    This is statistically significant, but not proof beyond reasonable doubt.

    Have you investigated for any systemic biases in your data gathering? Anything you might be doing differently post patch?

  • 【Filled】 1T uncollateralised bond @ 2%/month for 3-10 months in EVE Gameplay Center

    Subscribing to this thread to watch what happens

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