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  • Faction Warfare LP Exchange Rates in EVE Gameplay Center

    Has this just gone down? Or is it just me?

  • Give me ISK, Please in EVE Gameplay Center

    32 trillion ISK sent, hope this isn't a scam

  • PvP fast activity. in EVE Communication Center

    Fights are not arranged.

    Choosing when and where to fight is a big part of winning fights. And the best result in a fight you cannot win is to not engage at all, or to successfully escape.

    The closest thing to what you are looking for would be a group like Spectre Fleet, who form up a fleet together in safe space, then fly off picking fights until they are all dead.

  • ISK 5bn Uncollateralized Loan (INFO ONLY) in EVE Gameplay Center

    William Ormono wrote:
    Good post JitaPu. Your reasons the way you explained them make good sense to me.

    I will say that building reputation to become a lender is probably not a very important thing. Most people looking for a loan are happy to take ISK from whoever is willing to give it to them. Having said that, a good reputation can't hurt anything.

    Good luck with your investments!

    I recently borrowed an eleven figure sum against fair collateral, and knowing the lender's reputation resulted in me being OK with not using a third party.

    I saved on that, so offered a better rate.

    So there is benefit to lenders in getting a reputation.

  • Looking for 5B uncollatoralised loan ! in EVE Gameplay Center


  • Who buys scrap and why? in EVE Communication Center

    The metal scraps are just a compact way of transporting bulk quantities of Tritanium.

    The other components (like Contaminated Lorentz Fluid and Intact Armor Plates) are used in producing rigs for both ships and citadels.

    Rigs for Citadels use truly enormous amounts of the latter.

  • Observation of resources prices over past year in EVE Gameplay Center

    Exaido wrote:
    Scialt wrote:
    Many station trading strategies take into account the people collecting loot who want to just sell their crap off rather than deal with the market. If those drops stop happening, the dynamics of station trading will be very different.

    ^^ This. It's easy to buy under market on people dumping loot sales and accepting very low prices on things for a portion of market trading strategies.

    There's lots of player-made items that get sold off like that too.

    Example: Modulated Strip Miner II.

    These are acquired in large quantities by gankers (and the odd non-ganker that loots a mining ship wreck).

    Generally these people are looking to sell them fast, and aren't concerned with getting max value. They usually don't know the build cost on the module, let alone care about it.

  • Vexor Nerf in EVE Gameplay Center

    The Vexor is a very powerful niche ship. It may be the best T1 cruiser but it's not overpowered.

    It does more damage than any other cruiser against high signature radius targets - particularly T1 haulers, mining barges and battleships. But it's also mediocre against frigates and T3 destroyers who can speed tank it, and has plenty of other limitations.

  • Historic Prices on Plex. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Royce Catton wrote:
    Don't know about you guys but I stockpiled plex before the change to incremental units anticipating this, plex is on track in continue increasing.

    I'll buy them during the next (predictable) sharp drop.

  • Observation of resources prices over past year in EVE Gameplay Center

    Skorpynekomimi wrote:
    The problem I'm seeing is that stuff's being sold below the cost of manufacture. Someone is unloading serious stocks of consumables.

    Always happens on some items.

    I bought a bunch of Megathrons recently for profitable resale. Sold most of them, but got stuck with three that wouldn't sell. Needed liquidity to take up better opportunities so I sold the last ones at a loss.

    At no point in that trading exercise did I check the exact amount that a Megathron cost to build.

    There's lots of market actors like me, many of them dealing with far larger sums than the twenty battleships I'm using as an example.

  • Corporation Bounty in EVE Communication Center

    It will go away as your corp members suffer losses in the future.

  • James315 is a Narcissistic Sociopathic Bully in EVE Gameplay Center

    Every time a thread like this is posted, it reminds me I need to contribute more to the New Order

  • Halaima MinerBumping IPO - One TRILLION 177 Billion in shares sold in EVE Gameplay Center

    And my investment in this cause pays off again, with fresh tears being delivered right into this thread and the (presumably soon to be locked) other thread insulting Our Saviour

  • Can you discover/explore new planets, etc.? in EVE Communication Center

    Slick Executioner wrote:
    ISD Stall wrote:
    Hi there.

    Currently Eve Online is limited to space engagement's only. There used to be a game called Dust514 that was attached to the Eve universe. Players would engage in a first person shooter styled game on the planets and they were able to call Eve Online pilots for reinforcements. However as it stands today, Eve Online is limited to space.

    Combat is not the only side of Eve however. Pilots can engage in activities such as space exploration, fleet combat, industry, logistics. There are endless possibilities within Eve. Feel free to take a look at this chart to see if any of the activities interest you.

    That map is cool. I like the part about exploring wormholes. I just started the activities quests....how would I even start looking for wormholes though?

    Firstly a warning: Any ship and implants you take into a wormhole, you should regard as already lost.

    You know how early on there are five optional tutorial chains, the career agents? One of those will teach you the art of using probes. The same skills and modules needed to complete that tutorial are used to probe down wormholes.

    Wormholes work a bit like hard to find temporary stargates, and many of them lead to systems you can't get to via any other means.

    These systems come in six flavours ('C1' through 'C6'), and they offer no protection at all against player pirates and generally have difficult NPC combat encounters. A 'C1' wormhole combat site has NPC combat encounters that are slightly easier than level 4 agent missions, and they get tougher from there. 'C6' combat encounters require fleets of experienced players.

    You can find sites without combat encounters in wormholes and these should be what you look for at first.

  • LF loan: 15b, collateralized, 2.5-3% per month (FILLED) in EVE Gameplay Center

    noobs market orders wrote:
    I'm not active enough at present to do that however appreciate the offer.

    No problems, thought I'd offer as the price spiked to unsustainable levels after someone - i believe "The Blue Girl" - decided to take a big risk in spiking the price on them, probably in an attempt to mess with CODE.

    I'm on very good terms with CODE and don't appreciate market war targeting them (even though I know CODE has contingency plans for this scenario).

  • LF loan: 15b, collateralized, 2.5-3% per month (FILLED) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hey NMO

    Someone has performed a market manipulation on the Light Neutron Blasters and has (temporarily) pushed the price up to 900k.

    You have my permission to sell the LNB2s in the collateral into this hype at 650k ISK per unit at any time during this loan.

    If you can get a higher price than that for them, that is all yours - just let me know how many you sell and reduce the loan principal buy 650k for each one you are unable to return.

  • How to avoid overproducing? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Marcus Binchiette wrote:

    If the market prices for something are rediculously lower than the value of input materials, and you have the liquid ISK to sink into this, you could consider buying out ALL of those low market orders - and then reselling them at a profitable price point along with your own produce. Or if they are at ludicrously low prices you could even buy them out and then reprocess the goods for the scrap material. (You will find this is often the case with low demand meta-modules - as they will frequently sell for less than what the scrap materials are worth). Either of these activities will adsorb market oversupply and allow you to restore a profitable price point...

    However, if you are serious about industry, then you need to train good marketing skills to open up a large number of market orders. Then fill them with commodities which move quickly and profitably. What this commodity is can change on a weekly or monthly basis. So you need to keep your eye on the market - and be prepared to adjust your production accordingly.

    Just as a case study in this.

    Look up the drone "Garde II". These were once one of the most popular drones to use in carriers.

    These were indirectly nerfed a while back (by a change to carrier mechanics), and so alliances that had stockpiled literally tens of billions of ISK worth of these went into panic sell mode. I bought twenty thousand units (as well as smaller numbers of other T2 sentry drones) at 500-620k ISK per unit.

    Recently they were steadily selling in the 770k range, but I knew that the production cost remained over a million ISK per unit, so I sold a bunch of other stock and then bought every Garde II on the market under about 930k ISK, then relisted a bunch of mine at 980k per unit. This buyup cleaned me out of ISK for production, so I then found someone (reasonably ) trustworthy and 'mortgaged' 15000 Garde IIs to them for a 11.5 billion ISK loan.

    This let me fund the buyout of all the underpriced Garde IIs with ISK I had. but couldn't really afford to spend.

    At one point it actually would have been worthwhile to reprocess Gardes, but I did not realise this at the time. Others did, and made a lot out of it.

  • How to avoid overproducing? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Krysenth wrote:
    Sabriz Adoudel wrote:
    Tech 1 modules for subcapital ships are very fast to build, and consequentially very easy to accidentally overproduce. Additionally they can be built by alpha clones, and players can make hundreds of alpha characters to vomit out T1 modules. You can't compete with that.

    Tech 2 modules are usually a better bet.

    Or, if you have the capital behind you, some tech 2 ships can be good.

    t2 ships, except for an acute minority, are currently on markets for a large amount under what it would take to manufacture them. It's been a while since I've updated my spreadsheet, but at last check, t2 ship prices would need to rise by AT LEAST 30 to 50% before there was any reasonable amount of profit for manufacturers. I'd hazard a guess that right now, the market is being fueled by stockpiles of completed hulls while people are stockpiling moongoo itself.

    So, yea, t2 modules, not t2 ships.

    Interceptors, interdictors and logistics cruisers all are often profitable. But not always.

  • LF loan: 15b, collateralized, 2.5-3% per month (FILLED) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Confirming receipt of funds

  • LF loan: 15b, collateralized, 2.5-3% per month (FILLED) in EVE Gameplay Center

    noobs market orders wrote:
    No worries,

    I'll accept when i get home in a few hours.

    No problems, contract is made private to that character, i'm going to get some sleep now.

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