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  • All capital ships will be 10% more expensive in 119.6 in EVE Communication Center

    Its curious that NS didnt exploit the vast bounty potential before.

    I dont think its particularly related to wars (or lack thereof) either.

    Wasnt related to any game changes either, since afaik no changes where made to the anoms/sigs, nor the ships used to run them, before or after this activity took on such magnitude.

    I suppose it was just something that as word got around became a trend as more and more people realized the huge rewards they had been overlooking.

    Nerfing caps instead of the sites bounties may have been the wrong way to around "fixing" the huge amount of isk this was introducing, but it is what it is now..

  • AbleGamers Stream and twitch question in EVE Communication Center

    Sometime back there was some blurry lines on giveaways about whether allowing:
    A) Only subbed players to participate
    B) Using more than one "token" to participate

    Technically, allowing only subbed accounts to participate constitutes RMT.
    The player pays the streamer in money in exchange for ingame assets.

    An equivalent example would be Dotlan offering a subscription exclusive service regarding access to CCPs intellectual/digital property, which would obviously be RMT.

    Personally, I think the policy should be that all "followers" (which is free and reversible) should be able to participate with one token. Subs only giveaways should not be allowed, per the explanation of how it is RMT above.

    Edit: Just realized this is already covered in the link provided by Scipio.


  • AbleGamers Stream and twitch question in EVE Communication Center

    There are many streamers that claim to be raising funds for a charity, yet its very difficult to be sure they arent just pocketing it, or contributing nothing, instead just pumping their own viewer/follower/sub count.

    Over the years Ive asked several of them for some proof the funds are going to a charity, and have never receives any proof, instead getting insulted and banned.

    Id recommend against contributing to any of these "charity" streams unless you are absolutely certain they are legit.
    If you want to donate, do it directly to your charity of choice.

    If you have any doubt, report these streamers to both Twitch and CCP with extreme prejudice.
    Let them look into it, if they bother to.

  • recruiting miners in small corps takes another hit in EVE Communication Center

    Ima Wreckyou wrote:
    Harok Dunaila wrote:
    You help a scheme of extortion instead of helping miners..... Same as CODE is asking for money in highsec. You should whine at the renters not at the game itself.

    While I agree that it is completely appropriate to compare the ownership of space of a sov holding alliance to the ownership of Highsec of the New Order (CODEsov), how in the world is 10mil ISK for the access to all of Highsec resources for a full year extortion? I mean how does that compare to renting a single system for billions of ISK per month?


    Also, I thought licenses only lasted a month.

  • why are skills locked for alpha clones? in EVE Communication Center

    winterblitz Crendraven wrote:
    i understand that ccp needs to make money but and im no expert they must be making alot more than they actually need it just feels like its a tiny bit pay to win as an alpha clone is no match for an omega one and wont it give new players a bad expirience to get rekt without being capable of fighting back with a chance to win

    Used to be you could only free trial for ~15 days before having to sub.

    Now you can Alpha forever.

    The Alpha skill sets are completely adequate to fly the available hulls at good efficiency.

    Its not pay to win.
    Its pay to play the full content of the game.

    TLDR: EVE is a subscription MMO with a restricted free trial.

  • Rogue Swarm - Kill Thieves in EVE Communication Center

    Simeon Snowlocke wrote:
    This might be turning me off the entire game.

    You are fundamentally and severely misunderstanding what EVE is as a game.

    It wouldnt be EVE if the loot could NOT be stolen.

    There are atleast a dozen things you can do to either prevent the theft or react to it.

  • What is the most efficient isk/hr things i can do with my current setu in EVE Gameplay Center

    Im a little confused why your dps is so anemic.
    Cba to look into it, but either something is wrong with your fit/skills, or Myrmidon is crap.

    If you can manage to fit around 400dps somehow, Id recommend running HS DEDs.
    Its a lottery to find/drops but in my experience until you can run L4s comfortably, you will net more from them than L2/L3.

    As to future, the Rattlesnake is almost impossible to go wrong with.
    Ishtar/Gila are also a good choice if you prefer going up cruiser tree.

    BCs are a bit crap. Even Sleipnirs are a bit of an underwhelming option between the benefits of cruisers and BS, respectively.

  • Should i Pod my dog? in EVE Communication Center

    Tell your dog GF, give it a firm paw shake and a treat.

    Next time secure your logistics better.

  • Oi, Oi, Oi - CONCORD Ships in EVE Communication Center

    Erik Valensteed wrote:
    Taking isk/ships/etc. from the customer because you are at fault is inappropriate in my opinion.

    They where never meant to/entitled to receive that extra in the first place. Wasnt part of the deal.
    It was a mistake on CCPs part, from which some customers received undue equity over other customers.

    Ghost trainers wont lose anything they ever paid for, and CCP shoulders the cost of enacting the return of the excess.

    Furthermore, all digital/intellectual property in EVE is owned by CCP and they have complete control over all of it.

    Nobody "paid" for ghost training. Its not part of the contract.

  • EVE-Monument in Reykjavik in a bad state in EVE Communication Center

    >mfw the monument wont last even a fraction of how long EVE has/will.

  • recruiting miners in small corps takes another hit in EVE Communication Center

    Renting is a player-made mechanic, not a systemic one.

    1) Re-negotiate your rent.
    2) Join the controlling alliance proper, for more extensive access to their space.
    3) Utilize your rented space more efficiently/comprehensively.
    4) Move/rent somewhere else. For example, NPC Null.
    5) Claim the space for yourself and defend it.
    6) Setup alts to run alternative content when your space is depleted.
    7) If you can, despite being a "small corp", deplete your space so quickly, it may be time for you to expand and occupy more space.

    Your recruitment rate/retention depends on YOUR choices.
    Its up to you what you can offer your members, not CCP and certainly not your landlords.

    You seem to operate off a false premise that your particular piece of space should be inexhaustibly, perpetually filled with riches for convenient constant extraction.

    EVE doesnt work that way.

    Most players in EVE spend a substantial part of their time moving around to find content.

    If you want regular/clockwork content, consider dominating ice-fields.

  • What exactly did CCP nerf and what's all the fuss about? in EVE Communication Center

    As Teckos pointed out, the isk printing from bounties has exhibited so enormous growth in some sectors that something had to be done.

    Sure, CCP could have nerfed that income in other ways, or more targettedly, but this is what they chose.

    Their chosen solution is inelegant, blunt and with collateral damage to carrier PvP, but it is what it is.

    At this point all you can do is HTFU, adapt and deal with it.

    The anoms/sigs themselves have not changed. Now you simply must run them in another way or with another hull.
    Im no carrier expert, but I think peoples concerns about impact on carrier PvP is exaggerated.

  • NPC Followers: Partners of Construction and Destruction to every pilot in EVE Communication Center

    NPC support fleets for player structures would be an interesting direction.

    For example, some of the tedium of structure grind/vulnerability windows could instead be shifted to destroying the NPC support fleet (definitely still a grind, but at least somewhat more engaging). Basically, that player structures would become something of a mini-Incursion experience.

    However would involve a huge overhaul of structure mechanics, especially regarding vulnerability windows, stat changes and all manner of complex balance testing and unpredictable outcomes when paired with the human intelligence of the structure owners and antagonists both.

    If CCP had initially designed structures with NPC support in mind would have had potential, but since there is already so much in place with the current system, its too late to reinvent that wheel.

    Simpler to stay with the universal common denominator of EVE, that PvP decides the outcome.

    As to NPC ships supporting a player in space, either as miners/fighters/haulers whatever, as others have pointed out, this is already possible by means of alts or friends. NPC support ships would de-incentivize player cooperation and skew PvP mechanics to become at least partially dependent on PvE mechanics, both of which are "bad".

  • Skill Queue Issues - 2017/06/09 in EVE Communication Center

    The Invisible Man wrote:
    Britney Breizh wrote:
    I have the feeling that I already know the answer to this question, but will ask it nevertheless...

    For those running legit skill farming operation, i.e. who never used ghost training by not letting their accounts lapse, will they receive some kind of compensation from their loss linked to their ignorance of unwillingness to abuse the system with ghost training?

    Surely, those accounts are easier to identify and belong for sure to players that respect the game we all share, and are worth more to CCP than bug-abusing cheaters.. Does that mean anything?

    But this was allowed by ccp. They wrote it in a dev blog here:

    Q: What happens if my subscription ends while I'm logged in, will I be converted to Alpha in the middle of a fight?
    A: In these cases, you will remain an Omega until the next time you log out. We won't ever turn skills off during the middle of a session.

    Thats different.

    Apparently accounts lapsing out of Omega into Alpha whilst logged out where/are continuing to skill at Omega status until the account logs in again.

    In other words the system didnt/doesnt register that the account should revert to Alpha, including sp rate and extent of skills, unless the account logged in again after Omega expired.

  • CCP broke the no intervention on Market rule in EVE Communication Center

    Teckos Pech wrote:
    Actually it did increase.

    I meant the isk value of anoms did not change.

  • CCP broke the no intervention on Market rule in EVE Communication Center

    Teckos Pech wrote:
    Mark Marconi wrote:
    DARK SYCOPATA wrote:
    This nex pach just break this historial rule. all the nerf in this pach just is to manipulate the economy, incresin prices, decreasing global isk incoming and a no real money based injection of PLEX, is the end of the social experiment?

    PD: i solt my plex and freeze my inversións until CCP stop this intervention in the Economy why sems no longer offert demand in the rule.

    CCP have always controlled the amount of cash created via bounties ect and the like and the amount of cash destroyed by isk sinks.

    When one is out of balance with the other it causes problems in the economy.

    The biggest problem with the patch on Tuesday however is the constant whining from those who have been given boosts time and time again and now feel the sting of a nerf to their cash supply, like so much of the game has in the last decade.

    You missed the parts about how decreasing the growth rate of ISK in the game is going to actually raise prices..... Shocked

    The amount of isk from anoms wasnt changed.

    What ship people run them with is still a players own choice,

    If there is a drop in the disproportionate amount of isk that was being printed via carrier ratting, it will be a result of player choices.

    I expect prices will drop rather than increase as a result, as the demand monetized by carrier ratting drops by x amount.

  • What exactly did CCP nerf and what's all the fuss about? in EVE Communication Center

    Perhaps CCP wanted to nerf carriers in PvP too.

  • CCP broke the no intervention on Market rule in EVE Communication Center

    Jeremiah Saken wrote:
    Salvos Rhoska wrote:
    Aside from CCP re-introducing contraband PLEX from banned accounts to the market, I dont know of any CCP interference in markets.

    There was an presentation at 2014 fanfest about PLEX, they were interfere with PLEX market directly.

    Just selling confiscated PLEX from banned accounts back into the market.
    They have always done that.

  • CCP broke the no intervention on Market rule in EVE Communication Center

    Aside from CCP re-introducing contraband PLEX from banned accounts to the market, I dont know of any CCP interference in markets.

  • CCP broke the no intervention on Market rule in EVE Communication Center

    Jenn aSide wrote:
    CCP needs to massively reduce the income streams ACROSS EVE.

    "Everything is fine."

    "Malcanis' Law"

    "Carebears crying"

    "Some people do nothing but yell for change"

    "EVE is dying"


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