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  • WTS Chremoas & Imp in EVE Marketplace

    Ladasha Barnes wrote:
    What is the sellers main character name so we can blacklist him?

    Oh no! Not the blacklist! If only there were some kind of "alternative character" I could use to avoid my bad reputation and pull of my next great heist on hedion university...

  • The 300 Billion ISK heist I almost wish I didn’t pull off. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Almost sixteen months ago today I found myself feeling rather poor. Scrolling through the killmails in the Bringing Solo Back channel I was forever envious of the so called “Amamake Police” and their fleet of Alliance Tournament ships. These were hundred billion ISK ships that they would fly around in the same casual manner that you or I would fly a T1 destroyer. I wanted to be in that club, and I wanted to pull an almighty smash and grab.

    There was however a problem… a pretty big one… I was terrible at PVP! Regardless I was determined to prove myself to these people and earn my way into their ranks. I fit up an Omen Navy Issue (because that’s what Elite PVP’ers fly right?) and set destination to Amamake.

    I was swiftly turned into an egg by the one and only Tikktokk Tokkzikk… My first encounter had not gone very well.

    Undeterred I returned a week later in a Keres (because that’s what Elite PVP’ers fly right?). Casper24 called out in BSB for help engaging a small FW gang, I swiftly piped up “my Keres is at your command good sir”. Good Fights ensued and I was in! I was in the big boys club!

    “let me invite you to our pub chat”

    A month or so went on and my chance to really prove myself came about. I was able get a hold of Big Miker’s Fiend fit resulting in this kill https://zkillboard.com/kill/51797738/. From that point I was no longer just a random pubbie, I was a King Of Lamaa, an Officer of the Amamake PD!

    Next problem. These guys would pass around their AT ships like a cheap joint, but only in a mutual trade. A Caedes for a Chremoas, a Moracha for an Imp, no problem, but you don’t get something for nothing, this was a pay to play club; the price of admission ? 1 Alliance Tournament vessel.

    I bit the bullet, grinded hard and bought the cheapest, shittiest AT frig I could find for sale, a Whiptail (Watch me Nae Nae). Additionally I splurged on a Hel supercarrier as a Christmas gift, all to fit in with the whole ‘baller’ thing they had going on.
    I then did probably the scariest thing I have ever done in my EVE career. I traded Tikktokk Tokkzikk my shiny new Whiptail and asked for nothing in return, breaking the trend of mutual trades.

    “Don’t loose it plz, and don’t get more kills in it than I have” – Samantha Myth

    He did get more kills in it than I did…. A week later though it “unfortunately” had to be sold for an offer I simply couldn’t refuse (I actually did get a really good sale price for this ship). It had served is purpose, I could now reasonably ask to borrow Tikk’s pride and joy, a Chremoas (M i n i H u n t r e s s) adorned in over 400 killmarks. Common curtesy would dictate that he lend it to me for nothing in return just the same as I had done for him a week earlier.

    “I have a really bad feeling about this, don’t pull a Sam Fox” – Tikktokk Tokkzikk

    The contract went up and I had my rental Chremoas for the next week. Two days later and I was hanging out in Amamake with Casper24 and the rest of the gang, I decided to push my luck asking if I could try out an Imp (The Nepal Project)
    “Oh sure trade me the Whiptail and you take the Imp see which one you prefer”

    “Sold the Whiptail :<”

    “…Ahh never mind take it, don’t pull a Sam Fox”

    Ten Minuets later and both ships, along with a collection of officer modules and an insanely expensive officer fit panther were on a Jump Freighter (the jump Freighter was also not mine) on their way to Jita. Mission Accomplished

    At the time of you reading this none of the involved victims are aware they have been robbed, and so you, dear R/EVE reader are here finding out and reading along with them.

    Tikktokk – You are the best pilot in the entire game, hands down, no questions asked! You were a good comrade and hopefully you will make an even greater nemesis.

    Casper – A rare and genuinely good human being, not to bad at dogpiling unfortunate T1 frigates that come through Amamake either. Lucky you have big daddy Bluemelon to make it rain AT ships all over you anyway, can’t say I feel too bad here!

    Koral – Thanks for the Jump Freighter It was put to very good use.

    This was a hard one to pull off and I have got to say I almost wish I didn’t, I almost became emotionally attached to my victims. But this is EVE and this is the role that I play.

    “Don’t get soft on me now *****” – Optimo Sebiestor

    Became an elite PVP’er and stole some AT ships. GHSC strikes again and the trophy cabinet grows

  • WTS Gold Magnate (elite edition) With 47 kill marks in EVE Marketplace


  • WTS 119 Mill sp (Sale pending) in EVE Marketplace


  • WTS 119 Mill sp (Sale pending) in EVE Marketplace

    80 bill, looking at a number of toons will buy the first to get back to me

  • WTB new main ~100 mill subcap~ in EVE Marketplace

    Admirallo wrote:

    I thank you for your interest but this is a want to buy thread, I am not selling this character.

  • WTB new main ~100 mill subcap~ in EVE Marketplace

    Looking for the following as a must.

    -Ability to fly Sin black ops
    -heavy interdiction cruisers
    -marauders (golem trained preferably)
    -good missile and gunnery skills.
    -good drone skills.
    -cybernetics V

    Things that would be nice.

    -Command ships.
    -stealth bombers

    Things IDAF about

    -leadership skills
    -cap skills
    -industry skills

    Post your offers with an asking price, I will buy the first toon that matches these requirements with a decent asking price.

    Thanks in advance :D

  • WTB jita trader. in EVE Marketplace


  • WTS perfect trading alt in EVE Marketplace

    what do the standings look like ?

  • WTB jita trader. in EVE Marketplace

    Keshid wrote:
    Just a feeler - not guaranteed to sell this pilot, though I'm leaning more towards the sale.

    Caldari State +1.14 unmodded
    Caldari Navy +7.56 unmodded

    Extracted all but cybernetics and trade stuff.


    Is this something along the lines of what you're looking for? State standings too low?


    it is a little low, but what would you be asking for this toon ?

  • WTB jita trader. in EVE Marketplace

    High caldari faction and caldari navy standings are a must.

    trade skills are a nice bonus.

    I don't care about any other skills.

  • WTB Jita Trader in EVE Marketplace

    << please let me know as i have just sold salazar

  • -22 Million SP- Marauders V, Perfect Paladin/Nightmare PVE toon. in EVE Marketplace

    16 bill

  • WTS 5.63m SP - Most in trade skills in EVE Marketplace


  • 20 Million SP Vindi + Mach Incursion toon in EVE Marketplace

    sale fell through, am relaunching sale 11 bill current bid.

  • 56 million SP subcap bundle of goodness. in EVE Marketplace

    transfer started

  • 20 Million SP Vindi + Mach Incursion toon in EVE Marketplace

    BO added sale will finish today for the highest bidder.

  • 20 Million SP Vindi + Mach Incursion toon in EVE Marketplace


  • 20 Million SP Vindi + Mach Incursion toon in EVE Marketplace

    please keep bid increments realistic + bump

  • 20 Million SP Vindi + Mach Incursion toon in EVE Marketplace


    Can fly a Vindicator with T2 Blasters and a machariel with T2 1400's.

    Well regarded pilot in the TVP incursion community.

    High grade Ascendancy set with 18% warp speed implant.

    Positive sec status, Positive wallet.

    Starting bid: 10 Bill.

    B/O 12 bill