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  • The Internet Tough Guy - à la EVE Online in EVE Gameplay Center

    Zinn Tesla Hadron wrote:

    Perhaps you can go back to serving your dear leader on your knees, cuck. I know exactly what the terms mean, that's why I used them. Pay you 10M ISK? I wouldn't p*ss on you if you were on fire.

    Calm down, Zinn; it's only banter, after all.

    Tell you what, if you know what a cuckold is, how about explaining precisely the way in which it relates to me - without becoming abusive, of course. ISD Max Trix would look dimly on that. I'll help you a little; first off, you'd need to know something about me. Married? Widowed? Divorced? Single? Partner? Since the notion of 'cuckold' is predicated upon the existence of a married couple, you could only guess whether the term could confidently be applied to me. Thus - as I said - the meaning and implication of the term are lost to you. You claim to know what it means, yet you haven't the slightest idea whether you're using it correctly. Sounds dodgy to me.

    It might be a good thing to set aside your obvious belligerence Zinn, lower the temperature, chill a little. Take a look at the charming little video I've linked in my original post and return here to post your comment. If you could avoid calling me names, I'd be pleased, but if it's your natural mode of expression, learned through many years as a successful counsellor and diplomat, I'm willing to ignore it. Let me know.

    Hail James 315, Saviour of Highsec, Father of the New Order, Supreme Protector of the System of Halaima!

  • The Internet Tough Guy - à la EVE Online in EVE Gameplay Center

    Zinn Tesla Hadron wrote:
    Brian Paone wrote:

    Yes, yes. If you're uncomfortable discussing the topic, that's fine. I understand that you feel the need to preen for your selected tribe, and that's all this pretty much is at this point.

    For the love of God, you just now came to this conclusion? That's all these cuckolds ever do.


    'devote effort to making oneself look attractive and then admire one's appearance.'

    'congratulate or pride oneself.'

    Effort should always be recognised - and rewarded.

    Perhaps you, Zinn, and your new soulmate, Brian, have lost the art of expending effort in the pursuit of excellence (mind, I say 'pursuit', not 'attainment').

    We in the New Order deem excellence a worthy pursuit, and any effort expended in bringing the wisdom contained in The Code to the citizens of Highsec should be praised.


    noun, dated
    'the husband of an adulteress, often regarded as an object of derision.'

    '(of a man) make (another man) a cuckold by having a sexual relationship with his wife.'

    You and Mr Paone must indeed by soulmates; neither of you appears to have the faintest idea of the implication or meaning of the terms you use.

    I'm here to help, though. A Mining Permit is what you need. The term and concept are quite easily grasped, even by the lowly rebel. Contact me in-game with your 10 million isk at-the-ready, for the smartest move you'll ever make!

  • I didn't vote. Here's why. in EVE Communication Center

    Jacques d'Orleans wrote:
    Brian Paone wrote:
    I suppose the CSM is merely a reflection of what I'm seeing on the forum, then. You lot really aren't all that interested in conversation, are you. :-)

    All the best.

    What does it feel like to be so weak that mere words in a forum thread offend you?

    Brian is a very special sort of snowflake Jacques. He has mastered completely the nose-in-the-air turn-on-the-heel and flounce-out-the-door scene.

    I'd happily discuss his ideas with him, if he and they warranted the attention he so ardently believes they merit. I've been having a to-and-fro with him in a thread elsewhere, but it's the same darned thing as here. Given a platform, he's comfortable (if pompous) and clearly in his element. As soon as the mic is passed to a critic, he pops.

    Good luck trying catch snowflakes, let alone pin them down..

  • The Internet Tough Guy - à la EVE Online in EVE Gameplay Center

    Brian Paone wrote:
    If you cannot show basic respect, you are incapable of civilized conversation.

    Purely for my own amusement, I'm going to deconstruct Brian's latest bit of wisdom, not in order to criticise his no doubt very sincerely held beliefs about respect and civility, but to expose his lack of understanding of those terms.

    But I must dock up, for I'm an obedient member of the New Order. The Code says 'dock up' if you have to take your attention away from EVE, no matter how momentarily.

    Back in a bit.

    Nearly there...

    Thus, what Brian means by those terms is 'politeness'. We are often polite when seeking to mask the range and intensity of our feelings. I may also wish to appear to be a man of sophistication, of good breeding and high moral standing. I may wish not to upset or anger my correspondent, for that would be......terrible; society might implode and the whole edifice come tumbling down around our ears. As I said, terrible.

    On the other hand, I might be committed to telling the truth as I find it, and couching my words in terms which express that truth with the full value of its meaning for me. My attempt might not meet Brian's lofty standard of discourse, but he'll be in no doubt as to my views.

    Which is better, clarity or dissembling?

    I notice that when it suits Brian he can climb down from his polite pedestal and engage in the rough and tumble of the playground. 'Bully', wasn't it? Whence then his 'respect' and his 'civility'? Or do those concepts only travel in one direction?

    Brian, I've said and I meant that I'm quite prepared to engage in dialogue with you, but you need to stop trolling around in my thread and actually make a statement which is capable of being reflected upon, considered.

    Otherwise, get the hell out of it.

    Sorry, please get the hell out of it.

  • The Internet Tough Guy - à la EVE Online in EVE Gameplay Center

    Areen Sassel wrote:

    60th _decade_? Your wrinkles must have wrinkles. :-)

    Haha! To tell the truth, I've been a bit lucky there. I don't believe such things are very much under our control. You either have them or you don't (have that many...).

  • The Internet Tough Guy - à la EVE Online in EVE Gameplay Center

    Brian Paone wrote:
    If you cannot comply fully with both conditions, then feel free to do your last word thing.

    Yes sir!

  • Driving people to commit suicide. in EVE Communication Center

    LordOdysseus wrote:

    I don't expect this post to change anything. I just wanted to share my thoughts with you because I think it is worth sharing.

    There's a saying which goes:

    "Every person you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always."

    It has the ring of authenticity about it, and initially I accepted it as true and promised myself to take on board the proffered advice. However, I soon forgot those words and discarded (perhaps even sooner), the advice.

    Your post resurrected the quote, which had apparently remained intact in my head.

    In a past job I had the privilege of reading a great number of suicide notes. I say 'privilege' because some people, on the very point of ending their lives, become possessed of a kind of eerie wisdom which should shake the very mountains with its awful simplicity.

    It is snippets from those messages which I do still recall, many years after I first read them. They have been useful to me, but not in any conscious way. From the 17 year old lad who left us, writing only 'f*** everyone', to the cultured elderly lady who covered page after page in a close barely-legible scrawl (an autobiography, essentially), the ones who write (not all do) are earnest in sending us a message, almost from beyond; or else why do it? We should take note of what they say.

    People will tell you that the mind of someone intent on ending their life is a complex mix of current problems and historical issues which require a professional to fully grasp, and a 'care-plan' in the form of a rescue. This may be true, but I tell you from my experience that what is also common to all suicides is this: they lose hope.

    If, in being kind to folks, you are able to encourage them to regain that hope (not 'be optimistic' or 'look on the bright side') you will have done more than a freighter full of psychiatrists. You will also have succeeded in doing the near-impossible.

    So yes, be kind; but understand yourself; you're also fighting a battle no-one knows anything about. Your body, mind, spirit, and emotions - all deserve kindness (which is really just concerned and helpful attention) - from you.

    I don't go around trying to spot opportunities to 'help'. Rather, opportunities present themselves in a natural way.

    To the OP: Thank you for having the will to publish that letter. Let's hope that it reaches the person who needs it most.

  • I just took every ISK that Bombers Bar had - AMA in EVE Gameplay Center

    Linus Gorp wrote:

    It's pocket change, really.

    Your 'pocket change' would see me through a rather lengthy campaign of Code-enforcement. Pocket change indeed sir. I must be poor, or something.

    Not a begging letter.....Blink

  • I just took every ISK that Bombers Bar had - AMA in EVE Gameplay Center

    Linus Gorp wrote:
    (A story replete with incident and a healthy dose of bitterness - no doubt sweetened by the 22B which accompanied you out the door)

    Apart from the use of a word which you somehow failed to asterisk-out, I rather enjoyed this diverting piece of drama. I'm not sure that 'enjoyed' is the right word, but you get my drift.

    It does occur to me that, in relieving BB of the isk, you will also have affected those people you mention as being not part of the company of folks whom you disparage. I suppose one has to have a sort of 'disconnect' where such issues are concerned.

    It was also a failure on the part of the leadership not to spot this coming several leagues off - if not from you then certainly from some other disaffected party.

    Internal politics and ego-trumpeting seem to dilute or destroy the effectiveness of many corps and alliances in EVE. My own theory is that the people who adopt roles in such organisations are not always qualified to do so. Even in RL organisations such tensions exist, but they're usually held at bay by having people who are very good at what they do and at managing people. The opportunities to walk away with cash in a RL organisation - even for a Director - are necessarily limited.

    It's difficult to know who to trust in this game. They say 'trust no-one', but at some point you do have to give people access to stuff which has some value. You can only do this on the basis of past behaviour; the rest is up to fate.

    I'd forgotten about the Pirate thread; haven't looked at it for months (?years). It certainly sounds that sort of story, though I maintain it's an embellished Roles-Rob-Run tale. Entertaining (that's the word!) stuff Linus; good luck with your small fortune!

  • I just took every ISK that Bombers Bar had - AMA in EVE Gameplay Center

    Linus Gorp wrote:
    Just robbed Bombers Bar of every ISK they had (just a measly 22 billion) because I couldn't stand the internal drama anymore that's been going on for months. Ask me anything!

    Assets and transaction logs

    You don't give us much of a story, Linus. Were you actually involved in any of the drama you mention? Is there a narrative?

    'Ask me anything' is rarely as good as 'It happened like this....'

    If your tale goes something like 'Get Roles - Get Rich - Get Out' - we've probably heard about (or done) it ourselves. If there's more to it than that, and you can outdo our own TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet - why then, I'm all ears!

  • The Internet Tough Guy - à la EVE Online in EVE Gameplay Center

    Zander Moreau wrote:

    Stay tuned. Since I'm a published author in RL, I've been looking to expand my fledgling writing career into more mainstream science fiction. I'm in the process of writing out a short story as to how my character came to find the CODE. Once I'm done I'm submitting it to The Imperium for publishing.

    That's excellent Zander. Wherever I find myself in EVE I try to encourage people to do more than just spaceship around - enjoyable though that is, of course.

    I started my minerbumping content career with nothing more than 'Windows Recorder', a posh voice, and an idea. I'm having a whale of a time just seeing what I can get away with!

    To return Pedro's compliment, I always like to catch his posts for they're chock-full of good sense, honed reasoning and equanimity.

    Pedro, you should write more, and perhaps put together a body of work which will allow you to round-out those EVE topics which clearly preoccupy you. As to their destination, who knows? You could submit them to the sub-forums, as James did in laying out his 'Manifesto'. Or perhaps record them and put them out on your own free SoundCloud page. I'd be happy to help in any way I could.

    Perhaps it's time for an 'all things Highsec' podcast, since every other EVE podcast seems to be squarely directed at Nullsec. It should provide entertainment, discussion and information in about equal parts I think, but it will fail unless you can get the notoriously apathetic Highsec population to find something attractive in it, whether positive or negative.

    As for Brian; there's something going on there that I can't quite put my finger on. At times, his notions appear to be cogent and perhaps worth considering, but he then throws baby, bathwater, and bath out of the window!

    Perhaps the discussion he hoped to have is not suited to this format. I'm quite willing to use TeamSpeak or one of the other VOIP apps out there, but I'm not prepared to do so unless there are others present and contributing. Can it be done?

    I'm spent. Time for a hot sweet cuppa!

  • The Internet Tough Guy - à la EVE Online in EVE Gameplay Center

    Brian Paone wrote:
    Sasha Nemtsov wrote:
    Brian Paone wrote:

    Your bitterness, intolerance, and contempt, Brian, are - regrettably - only too real.

    Yes, yes. If you're uncomfortable discussing the topic, that's fine. I understand that you feel the need to preen for your selected tribe, and that's all this pretty much is at this point. I erred in thinking you were interested in a serious conversation.

    Not too many people are truly interested in introspection.

    Good luck coming up with an actual extortion racket storyline. I mean that. You're either going for that, or trying to be the Washington Generals, and I just don't see you understanding the concept of losing for the sake of entertainment.

    My sincere apologies for asking far, far too much of you. All the best. o/


  • The Internet Tough Guy - à la EVE Online in EVE Gameplay Center

    Brian Paone wrote:

    Your bitterness, intolerance, and contempt, Brian, are - regrettably - only too real.

  • Looking into making a PVP video in EVE Communication Center

    Hi again buvip. You clearly recognise how important the intro will be. I'm sure most YouTube viewers won't proceed to the main body of the work if they find the intro disappointing. To that end, it's quite usual to sort the intro out when everything else is in place, so that it makes an impact and seems to flow naturally into the rest of the video, by design.

    I'm puzzled why you're not having a bash at it yourself though. You obviously have some sort of video editing software that you're comfortable using. You also have the conceptual bit down. 10-15 seconds won't give your eventual video-maker more than time to display 2-3 images/titles (animated or otherwise), and a bit of music perhaps (which in any case should probably be part of the video-proper, for continuity's sake).

    I should state immediately that I'm not in the running for this position! I'm just starting out on my own EVE video-making journey and these are some of the things which I've learned.

    I respectfully suggest you just take a look at other intros (not necessarily EVE) and observe what works and what doesn't, for you. It's quite ok to 'lift' ideas from such sources, and they can be excellent inspiration.

    If there's a specific problem you have with the intro, why not drop me an EVEMail? I'm passionate about getting people to try their hand at media content-creation in an EVE context.

  • The Internet Tough Guy - à la EVE Online in EVE Gameplay Center

    Black Pedro wrote:
    (the clear blue water of 'all about EVE')

    Brian would do well to click the links in your forum sig, and to digest the information contained in their destinations. He'd also be wise to do so before returning here to expose further his lack of comprehension.

  • The Internet Tough Guy - à la EVE Online in EVE Gameplay Center

    The real-life Kaely's achievements don't surprise me. EVE seems to attract and retain a good number of professional people leading ordinary and generally helplful lives.

    Even the Internet Tough Guy's fa├žade might be masking such an individual - although his tendency to volatility is surely incapable of misinterpretation. He's unlikely to be role-playing a quick-tempered foul-mouthed bigot.

    Brian has simply resurrected the old argument about the coincidence of in-game and out-of-game personalities. I suppose it was bound to rear its weary head at some point.

    Should the 'CODE.' part of my character information set off a red flag out-of-game too? For the record, then; although I'm a jobbing professional Voice Actor now that I've reached my 60th decade, I have only had 2 other jobs in my entire working life, and both were professions. Quite a record these days. Neither of them involved selling Mining Permits or ganking Retrievers.

    Because I'm capable of conducting myself as I do in-game, means nothing more than that. Do I care about the reactions I provoke in the carebears? Generally, no, if those reactions are within what I determine to be reasonable bounds. CCP clearly holds to the same belief.

    Brian really should avoid playing video games which are likely to get so reliably under his skin. Or at least he should avoid attempting to discuss them within a forum populated by people who find it embarrassingly easy to kick over his sandcastles.

    He also needs to express himself coherently if folks are to be able properly to consider his 'ideas'.

    That said, I wish him well in trying to assert the unsupportable...

  • Looking into making a PVP video in EVE Communication Center

    buvip Deleora wrote:
    I am also looking for someone to make an intro for the video, I will pay for the service credit for the into will be given. Message me in game or here for more specifics thanks for your time.

    Hi buvip, can you be more specific? Are you saying that you will provide the raw PvP footage and you want someone to fashion a video/audio/script intro? Will you be editing the PvP footage yoursef?

    Genuine enquiry.

  • The Internet Tough Guy - à la EVE Online in EVE Gameplay Center

    Yebo Lakatosh wrote:
    if I found the conclusion at the end.

    Yebo, your post is a very reasonable response to Brian's doubtless heartfelt but rather unconvincing contribution.

    His initial post positioned itself as an invitation to explore certain themes, in a comradely atmosphere of mutual investigation.

    In his most recent response to me, however, he abandons any pretence of civilised discussion and roundly accuses me of being 'a bully'. What is one to make of such a character?

    His amateurish attempt to draw me into joining some kind of discursive merry-go-round, has failed. Forlorn, he's reduced to hurling a schoolyard epithet at someone likely several decades his senior and nobody's fool, to boot.

    As you implied, it's all been said before, and better.

  • The Internet Tough Guy - à la EVE Online in EVE Gameplay Center

    Brian Paone wrote:

    ...what? No, the game isn't real. It's pixels

    But the pixels are real....

    Brian Paone wrote:
    I realize it's an uncomfortable discussion for you to have, and that people respond to such in some cases with attempts at humor.

    The discomfort is physical. I experience no intellectual discomfort in exploring these matters with you Brian.

    Brian Paone wrote:
    But you're a hypocrite when you speak of "internet tough guys" because that's exactly what you're positing yourself to be. Someone who has to be placated in order to ensure loss doesn't occur. Loss you're not exactly forced to inflict. You CHOSE to do this to others.

    My 'tough guy' character evolved in-game, and doesn't travel beyond the EVE client or internet locations bound to it. That is why his name is Sasha, and not Rob. I'd look silly attempting to sell you a Mining Permit outside Oxford Circus Station...

    Brian Paone wrote:
    You chose consciously to be a bully, to attempt to take from others one of their most valuable resources (if not THE most valuable).

    ...and now the tears. Here, have a tissue.... You remind me so much of that guy - what's his name? Ah yes, rswfire in a past minerbumping blog. Have a read, or listen. It's my most popular SoundCloud recording to date, with over 400 plays. That's quite a lot for a plain voice recording. All down to James' writing, of course.

    Brian Paone wrote:
    (I'm not sure you were even alive for the Sixties. Were you?)

    I'm in my sixties, Brian.

    I hope you can come to an understanding about toughness as it pertains to Reality. I understand toughness to be resilience, not an aptitude for violence. I understand Reality to be completely incapable of definition, in any language. Your attempt rather underlines my point.

    Be Well!

  • The Internet Tough Guy - à la EVE Online in EVE Gameplay Center

    Zander Moreau wrote:
    I think it gets more into a question of game reality vs real life (yay! Philosophy!)

    Whereas: we play within a game's reality (EVE). Our real self interacts with EVE. Therefore you have a bit of RL mechanics, expectations, et al that comes with it.

    EVE is also a game like no other in which you can experience very real loss and it can be put into terms of RL monetary terms. To simplify; you spend a week grinding out 1Bil in ISK. That can be monitized in terms of PLEX that runs for about $20.00 in USD. You invest that ISK into a ship. That ship subsequently gets destroyed. You are now out that 1Bil ISK/$20/1 week of work.

    The real sense of loss comes in because unlike other games where all of your stuff is still there when you respawn, you do not get all of that back when you come back to life. It is now gone for good and you can quantify it.

    It also gets a player into interesting situations of what would we do in game vs what would we do in real life if presented with this situation. In some cases we are scammed, shook down for ISK, charged for mining or exploration permits, or whatever. Part of us says "ain't no way I'd pay that in real life and so I'm not going to pay it in a game." But the thing that people don't realize is that they do pay for similar things in real life. Imagine if you will a group of people who establish a town, build roads, have a police force, and everything. Now they're charging you, say, $10.00 for the privilege of driving your vehicle on their roads. You pay for your license and go on your merry way. If you don't pay, and happen to be pulled over by the police, your car is confiscated and you're walking home. It's not extortion. It's the law of your town, state, providence, region, country, or whatever.

    These observations reflect your ability to make good comparisons. I'm grateful. Unfortunately, Brian doesn't begin with what we all must agree upon in order to have a meaningful discussion: Definitions. He has used words which may mean very different things to different people. I was disappointed by that.

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