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  • Ideology in EVE in EVE Communication Center

    Yves Nat wrote:

    THIS is what I think takes the game too seriously.

    Sure, EVE is a place where a lot of people find some kind of self-validation by being assholes. But other than showing up at fanfest they have only pseudonymous fame.

    It's fair to say that people find self-validation in good acts too—kindness, generosity—if you want to call that greed, that's fine. Greed is good when it produces good (and it's not good if it's at the expense of another), greed is not good when it causes destruction.

    I'm beginning to see a bifurcation of responses, and an inherent contradiction. So much talk about EVE comes with the assumption that it's a zero-sum game, when it quite obviously is not. But seeing it that way limits what you can see in the game. The contradiction is saying it's a sandbox, then saying you can only play it like a zero-sum game.

    Not everyone plays EVE with the pretentious of being antisocial in a way they couldn't muster in real life. Players are also in the game as a distraction from the corrosion of everyday life. Exploring, mining, manufacturing are not zero-sum games.

    I want to add that ideologies do NOT need leaders in order to prosper, it is leaders who distort ideologies; one example is Gnosticism, and how the organized church stamped it out.

    Hi Yves, thanks for responding to my post; I found your comments interesting, but not convincing. Perhaps we'll just have to agree to differ.

    Except on one point. I presume by 'Gnosticism' you mean the undertaking as it presents itself within the Christian community. The Protestants weren't/aren't too keen, to be sure, but it is quite well represented among the world's Catholics. And, incidentally, among the Jews and Muslims, too. It's good of you to raise the banner for the world's divines - who are flourishing globally, while not at all drawing attention to themselves in that greedy manner championed by recognised leaders.

    Which rather neatly dovetails into the 'leadership' question, doesn't it?

  • Ideology in EVE in EVE Communication Center

    Yves Nat wrote:
    I'm looking for input from everyone reading this as to their experience with/knowledge of some particular political/economic ideologies in EVE. That is, things outside the obvious free marketish/libertarianish culture that is predominant in the game.

    To put in another way, there is buying and selling, there is the business-type organization of a lot of corps, there is the nihilistic gank culture. But there's also sufficient players that there must be more, and if not more, maybe enough critical mass to make something more.

    For example, is there a corp that runs based on Marxist principals? Is there one based on Anarchist principals? Pacifism? Christianity? I'm really curious about this, because if these kinds of things are around, it would make EVE a hell of a lot more interesting. Can you make a corp with no shares? Would a corp work if everyone had equal shares?

    If there's none of these, are enough of you interested in this to try something?

    O, I think it's really rather straightforward. EVE Online is about greed. Greed for: Power, Attention, Money, Social Interaction, Social Isolation, etc., (I'm sure other players can extend the list) - and greed for the proof that these things have been acquired.

    It doesn't matter which ideology you identify, base human drives will be in there somewhere. Don't make the mistake of creating an exception for CVA/Signal Cartel; greed for being known for the performance of righteous acts, or being associated with them, is still greed - unless the actor is indistinguishable from the rest of the player base (no Corp/Alliance ID), then it isn't public greed.

    As a side note, ideologies require leaders in order to prosper. Good luck finding more than a few principled, effective and consistent leaders in EVE Online!

    It has been alleged that a CCP memo from long ago contained the words 'Greed is good'. If true, it displays a very perceptive take on what really drives the game - and perhaps the game's designers, too.

  • What exactly do I do? (being wardecced) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Natocha Daisy wrote:

    LISTEN *****!

    I say what I want. I have no interest in Toxic Yakky or whatever his name is! GO AWAY.

    Whatever I wish in this thread goes.

    I've never really understood why, when the English language is such an expressive vehicle, Natocha resorts not to swear-words (at least, those permitted under the forum rules), but to asterisks.

    If you have something to say - or rather, to call me - kindly spell it out, dear heart.

    Having exposed the essentially silly stand you've taken at the head of this thread, I feel obliged to return and gauge whether there has been any progress in the battle between your mouth and your ears, for supremacy. Thus far, it's all mouth, I regret to say.

    No matter, I've subscribed to the thread, so - guess what? - it's our thread now, Natocha, yours and mine. You're sharing space with the New Order of Highsec - and CODE.!

    Doesn't that make you feel all snug and warm inside?

    As someone else has helpfully pointed out, you can ask for the thread to be locked if you agree with me that it isn't going anywhere useful (and was destined never to do so).

    The offer of tea, still stands.

    See, I did all that without once resorting to the use of swear-words, asterisks, or capitalisation.

  • What exactly do I do? (being wardecced) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Natocha Daisy wrote:
    (...and verbally stamped her little foot in a perfect storm of impotent spite)

    Hi Natocha, judging by some of the posts here in your thread (snigger), I'm not the only contributor having difficulty teasing out from your buckshot style of commentary what precisely it is you wish to convey.

    Toxic Yaken, a man whose experience, interests, and opinions, are valuable additions to any understanding of EVE - and particularly of Highsec mechanics, has asked you to clarify your position, for the benefit of his understanding. I think we'd all benefit.

    Whether you like me or not, is unimportant Natocha. You've started a thread, thereby tacitly inviting responses. You don't control the content of those responses any more than you control what happens to game mechanics in Highsec. Clearly, these dual disappointments cause you some frustration.

    Try to relax a little; you know, calm down.

    Join me for tea and buttered scones on the verandah. My wife, Phyllis, is looking forward to meeting a fellow turophile. Cheese scones for both of you! My son, whom I had asked to attend, says he's off to 'roll a fatty', whatever that means in Newspeak.

  • What exactly do I do? (being wardecced) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Natocha Daisy wrote:

    I am looking for a solution. I am not seeking an explanation, as you claim. Maybe you should think less and consider more.

    Hello, Miss Contrary!

    Solutions you've had a-plenty in this thread of yours. If none of them suit, why, seek your own!

    "Why do enemy players have so much power of destruction in high sec?
    Why why why?" (Natocha Daisy)

    The interrogative word 'why' is normally used to elicit a 'because' statement, hence 'explanation' in my post.

    Others in your thread have suggested wholly reasonable solutions - if solutions were indeed your goal.

    At this point, I'm not altogether certain that cogency and coherence are your strong points, Natocha. Perhaps you'll prove me wrong?!

    Be Well!

  • CCP, just FYI 15% off isn't enough. in EVE Communication Center

    Galaxy Pig wrote:

    I've thought about it, and I think 20% off is when I would start to care. 25% off would get me thinking I really must take advantage.

    I get you, Galaxy. It isn't enough for me to bite, either. Thing is, they've no competition, have they?

    I bought one of my favourite pieces of software (EWQL Symphonic Orchestra/Choirs) 2 summers ago (I think), and outright at 50% off. Luckily, that was the year before they switched to monthly plans.

    Then, this summer I saw that another thing I liked (Hauptwerk - Organ software) was 15% off. I thought that derisory, but because there's no comparable software for Organ, they can get away with it. Wealthy folks will no doubt dive in; I'll live without it, I guess!

    James already operates a SRP, though I've never had to use it - so far. But for activities undertaken outside the New Order, a must-use summer special discount from CCP would be very attractive. Don't hold your breath, though. I'm no economics graduate (I had multiple issues with the tutor, poor chap), but I should imagine that if you've no effective competition you can charge whatever you can get away with for your product.

    Acolyte I's and Metal Scraps all round!

  • What exactly do I do? (being wardecced) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Natocha Daisy wrote:
    (a tear-sodden whine)

    Hello Natocha!

    I read through all the comments in your thread, and your responses to those comments. Some (good) advice you spurn with scant good humour and other offerings attract lavish (though curt) praise. But get this, I couldn't work out for the life of me what engendered those responses of yours.

    It seemed that folks who were direct, dead-pan, got the pursed lips reply and those who stroked you a little came out on top. I think.

    You end your rant with 'Why?', and that is actually the key to my understanding your dilemma. You are, in fact, not looking for a solution; you are seeking an explanation.

    Here it is:

    There was once a girl who loved cheese. She dreamed of nothing else all the day long. But she lived in a world full of chalk; chalk for as far as the eye could see. Chalk houses, chalk roads, chalk trees.... She was so fed up with chalk. If only there were cheese!

    Tachona (for such she was named) had dreamed up 'cheese' all by herself, and would not rest until she found the stuff of her dreams!

    One particularly chalky day, Tachona went to see Prof. Kalsiyum Karbonnate, the village elder. 'Why', she whined at him, 'is everything chalk, when I so dearly want it to be cheese?!'

    Prof. Karbonnate, stroked his white beard and thought for a moment. Then he shook his head slightly and smiled benignly at Tachona.

    'You are in error', he said. 'Know that putrefaction gave rise to this beautiful world of ours, and that lactation is required for that of which you dream so earnestly.'

    'WTF does that mean?', snorted Tachona. She was losing patience. Again.

    Prof. Karbonnate sighed and closed his eyes.

    'Find a cow', he said, evenly. 'If you can dream up one object which doesn't exist, surely you can as readily invent another!'

    Edit: Punctuation

  • Eve: Story Mode 2 - The Ambush in EVE Communication Center

    Rovinia wrote:
    Eve: Story Mode 2 - The Ambush

    The next adventure of the mighty RoflStomper. I hope you enjoy it :)

    If you have missed the first Episode, you can find it here: Part 1

    I really enjoyed the show, Rovinia! Thanks also to the rest of your team; it was clearly a great collaborative effort.

    Being an ancient person, I liked especially the chip-music; it took me right back to the start of my gaming experiences - down and dirty with ZX Spectrum and its rubber keys!

    Thanks again for an enjoyable few minutes.

  • War dec in EVE Communication Center

    Hilti Enaka wrote:
    So once again VMG have decided to war dec my 3 man corp.

    Despite their previous attempts without success this is the 5th time they've decced me.

    I'm here again asking the question; how is this war mechanic even providing engagement? It does nothing but provide an easy lazy way to play the game.

    Surely this part of the game is long overdue an overhaul? From the neut logi's to the way warring is handled.

    They seem to like you. Tell me, what did you do to draw their attention?

  • James315 is a Narcissistic Sociopathic Bully in EVE Gameplay Center

    Valona Siura wrote:

    Hi Valona, your name - it's fascinating. How did you come by it?

  • Ye Chronicles of Evonya II: CAMP CODE! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Pix Severus wrote:

    A fine addition to the series, great work Sasha!

    I wonder, who was the dissenter in the crowd? I'm looking forward to the continuation.

    Thanks Pix; there's always one, isn't there...

    btw, did you spot yourself in the group L of centre, behind the Galaxy Farm? I took the opportunity to do a 'shout out'.

  • Ye Chronicles of Evonya II: CAMP CODE! in EVE Gameplay Center

    I've updated the original post to reflect the arrival of Part II of the Chronicles.

    I'd be delighted if you'd take a wander over there; here's help...

    Chronicles Updated!

  • Breaking News: Citadel/Plex Contracting. in EVE Communication Center

    Gimme Sake wrote:

    An entrepreneur with malign intent inflitrates an organization and subverts it from inside. That's a difficult task and requires extensive planning, dedication, earning trust of the members etc.

    I dont understand why you consider turning on and off a switch a great enterprise. Any cheeky baboon can do that and it does not make it harsh, rutheless gameplay, it makes it an annoyance easily avoided.

    I don't see why you compare it to ganking because that requires a certain effort and timed dedication from the ganker. Nobody asked CCP to make it easier or to remove the intended risk element, the request is the removal of an exploit introduced by poorly implemented mechanics.

    You 'don't understand' and you 'don't see'. There is therefore not a great deal I can do to disabuse you of the curious notions contained in your post.

    Presumably, what you mean to say is that the citadel 'exploit' requires no effort and is therefore not to be considered equal with awoxing and ganking.

    In terms of the effort required, I've no doubt that citadel/contract stuff is a piece of cake (I don't 'do' citadels). However, I'm more interested in the outcome, the effect of the activity - and that is fully in keeping with the PvP flavour of EVE Online (and of Highsec, in particular).

    It's wise to engage the brainbox before mounting the soapbox...

  • Breaking News: Citadel/Plex Contracting. in EVE Communication Center

    ISD Max Trix wrote:
    Why would CCP change it? It was the same way for Null Stations and Outpost, why wouldn't Citadels be the same way? If you look at the contact destination it says "Destination may not be accessible." or some such thing.

    It seems to be a Highsec thing. Citadels are seen as 'your own little piece of sov' in an area of New Eden where there is no sov as a Nullsec dweller would understand it.

    Unlike Nullsec though, the intermingling of 'neutrals' and others on a system-by-system basis in Highsec is entirely the norm, and thus the opportunity to scam the daylights out of players has introduced new opportunities for the entrepreneur of malign intent.

    In my (heavily jaundiced) view, it doesn't make up for the clubbing to death of can-flipping and awoxing, which afforded the added attraction of making a public spectacle of the target, but it does go some way to preserving the PvP environment of Highsec.

    In the same way that it's easy to avoid being ganked, it is simplicity itself to ward off the would-be contract scammer. As usual, only those will fall prey to such shenanigans as are likely to deserve to do so.

    Carry on, CCP.

  • Login issues at downtime causing account log in list to be wiped. in EVE Communication Center

    I managed to log in one of my accounts, but the second one failed (launcher failed to connect to server).

    I opened a new instance of the launcher and that failed too. Expecting an unscheduled downtime.....

    Fixed. Thanks CCP!

  • Battles Videos Without Music (or with sound) in EVE Communication Center

    Kristin Sabrioski wrote:
    They're usually muted because most audio recorded by fleet fights is third party audio chats.

    Thanks Kristin; that didn't occur to me.

    I'd wanted the ISD fight to have a commentary, which is another way of enhancing the atmosphere, but it just wasn't possible as a live feature. It could have been added later, but it's not one of my strengths... The music could then have run under the commentary and the in-game sfx managed by whoever was tasked with capturing the action - someone not in the actual battle.

    I find EVE not particularly easy to video-capture entertainingly in action sequences.

  • Battles Videos Without Music (or with sound) in EVE Communication Center

    It's an interesting point, Vann.

    Earlier this year I laid a synth track under an ISD shoot-out, towards the end of a video I made about the event, using in-game footage supplied by them.

    The reason was that the one-on-one battle itself, although not devoid of sound of course, consisted mainly of the repetitive (and rather slow) firing of the weapons (they were in battleships), and a bunch of drones. That was it. They were fighting at close quarters, so there were no prop mods in evidence. Tracking mods would have been noisy, but only heard from the ships actually using them, which is another problem, I guess. The one capturing the video isn't always in the fight.

    I get what you mean, and I understand that sometimes the selection of music for this purpose is unhelpful, but that's in the hands of the video-maker - and most of them seem to feel that the music is necessary to reinforce the drama of what's on-screen.

    Perhaps a compromise would be to lower the volume of the music so that the sfx could be heard; but asking most folks to 'turn it down!' is not likely to meet with success.

    I wish you luck on your search, and I always check out this sub-forum for interesting stuff, so perhaps something will turn up!

  • Ye Chronicles of Evonya II: CAMP CODE! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Clockwork Robot wrote:
    Sasha Nemtsov wrote:

    I'm not entirely happy myself with Google's 'everything, everywhere, sign-up-once' global domination strategy. If you think it's a barrier to getting in to stuff, you should try getting out of it! They made it so bloody awkward last time I tried that I lost the will to live, and stayed - which of course was their intention.

    My dear Sasha, perhaps you could view it in the light that the lawfully elected Saviour of The Internet, Google, has put in place it's own Code, which you, as a denizen of the aforementioned virtual space, must abide by?

    It may seem annoying to some... But Google was, like James, elected to the position it holds atop the pecking order. And honestly, even Gallant can see that a one-time sign up is a good investment, my friend.

    Enjoy your web-compliance, and rejoice in helping Google make the web a better, more content filled place!

    Hrrrumph! (But well reasoned, and elegantly expressed...!)

  • Ye Chronicles of Evonya II: CAMP CODE! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Areen Sassel wrote:
    Please, might you upload this somewhere that doesn't want to hump my leg over getting a Google account for age verification?

    Hi Areen, you've made a good point there, which certainly merits a full response.

    I'm not entirely happy myself with Google's 'everything, everywhere, sign-up-once' global domination strategy. If you think it's a barrier to getting in to stuff, you should try getting out of it! They made it so bloody awkward last time I tried that I lost the will to live, and stayed - which of course was their intention.

    Do you have any suggestions? I would still have to use YouTube, because it's where a lot of folks go, but I could upload to, for example, Vimeo, to give you a choice. I do have an account there, too, which I've not used for years.

    I just quickly went to check Vimeo out and - they've moved the goalposts! Their sliced-up sub system means that I'd have to pay $17/mo to get what YT gives me for nothing (bar the ads, I suppose). Well, the 'Basic' account is free, so why not?

    Again, let me know of any suggestions you have, and whether you'd be prepared to use Vimeo.

    EDIT: I just realised that I put an age-limit thing on this particular video, because of some of the content (language). I'll take it off and add a note to the description. Thanks for pointing it out Areen.

  • Concord in EVE Communication Center

    (Yawn) What, this again?

    CCP says somewhere that ~80% of players live, work, and play in Highsec.

    They do so under the current rules governing non-consensual player conflict.

    If non-consensual PvP were to be removed, what would change?

    You're right; there'd be an immediate QoL uptick for those of the 80% who are averse to conflict.

    So... CCP is expected to unbalance the whole game in exchange for a few smug smiles from the carebears?

    I don't think so.

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