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  • Dev blog: Strategic Cruisers and You in EVE Information Center

    Wouldnt it be easier and less hassle to just delete the rig slots (and balance/stat-tweak accordingly) rather than having an exception that allows rigs to be removed? Having both switchable rigs and subsystems on a T3 hull seems like a duplication of utility from a design point of view.

    Also can we expect some rationalisation of bonuses? Having one subsystem provide three distinct hull bonuses as well as the stat adjustments has always felt pretty weird.

  • [HELP] Best Way to Make Money In Nullsec in EVE Communication Center

    If your ISK requirements are low (ie you're using reasonably insurable hulls for PVPing and you have a half-competent SRP programme in your alliance) then breaking out a T1 BS or T3 cruiser every so often and ratting for a bit, or lazymode PI, will cover you regardless of circumstances.

    How much income do you consider "decent"?

  • Dev Blog: The Next Steps in Structure Transition in EVE Information Center

    Just curious: Whilst 0.0 ouposts are being removed are there any plans for changes of any sort to NPC-held outposts in pirate sovereignty 0.0 (or low/highsec, for that matter)?

  • Please explain why CCP wants to stop npcs dropping meta items in EVE Communication Center

    This would be a very positive, already long overdue change.

    Gun mining isn't really the problem any more though. Right now, if you're a new player, looking to get into industry and production, you are undercut by a constant stream of meta-level rat loot, usually dumped on the market for less than the mineral costs of producing the inferior meta-0 T1 item. There's essentially no point and no profit in T1 industry (except maybe for very high demand consumables such as ammuntition) as things stand and it is a frustrating and confusing experience.

    Requiring a meta-0 module to create a working meta 1-4 module turns this situation on its head and allows new players dipping their toes into industry to actually do something constructive, as they're no longer cut out of the entire process by raw loot going straight to market as functioning equipment.

  • [Mini-blog] The Next Steps in Structure Transition in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Petrified wrote:
    Akrasjel Lanate wrote:
    Scatim Helicon wrote:
    Haven't seen any mention of this elsewhere: is there any intention to alter/remove/etc the NPC stations in empire and pirate sov 0.0?

    No... why you ask ?

    Likely because they don't like the freedom people have to live in NPC null.

    Oh behave yourself, we utilise NPC stations just as much as empire residents do.

  • [Mini-blog] The Next Steps in Structure Transition in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Haven't seen any mention of this elsewhere: is there any intention to alter/remove/etc the NPC stations in empire and pirate sov 0.0?

  • Easier way for logi to get on killmails in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Jakob Dabrowski wrote:
    Also for recruitment people take killboard stats into account too, you know?

    Stupid people do, yes.

  • Alphas and F2P Have Failed in EVE Communication Center

    Rosie Hazelcrush wrote:
    Alexander Maxim wrote:
    Server reset. And I say this as someone who has 10 years into this game. I know many friends who like the new mechanics, but won't play because of the powers that be.

    Burn it all. Start from scratch.

    I bet that subs would be off the charts.

    same here, ingame since 2009.

    seriously, reset everything. delete all skillpoints, all chars, all corps, all alliances, all blueprints, all citadels, every single isk and asset in the game. respawn all stations, belts (they should be random anyway), moons, agents, everything. re-link the stargates to create a new universe. open servers. boom. eve's persistence has reached a problematic status.

    Unless you're also suggesting that CCP hack and delete all the external wikis, forums, Discord, IRC and Whatsapp channels, then your suggestion does nothing but consolidate power further into a small number of player groups.

    Our greatest assets are not our wallets or titan fleets or citadels, our greatest assets are the institutional knowledge bases that we used to acquire those things.


    why not introduce cycles/intervals to the game. every x years a reset happens. adjust skill training time/skill and bpo costs/etc accordingly. allow dual-char training on one account by default. it would focus the game onto what it really is, a fierce competetion, who can reach, settle and hold the outer edge of space first, starting from zero.

    If this was to happen there would be no big upheaval like you suggest, the former owners would simply have agreed diplomatic agreements that they move back in and re-establish and the status quo would be preserved, all you're suggesting is CCP making the game more irritating for those groups which generate publicity and headlines. You'd also be dooming the game to guaranteed lull periods - who is going to commit to a war over the resources in the region next door knowing it would all be reset next month? For that matter, who is going to bother logging in to mine or rat or adjust market orders knowing that everything is going to be deleted and zeroed soon anyway?

  • Dev blog: Monthly Economic Report - January 2017 in EVE Information Center

    Faith Winters wrote:

    Certain players are trying to maintain a long-standing partisan narrative that Goonswarm don't use their space 'properly', that their occupancy of Delve is an aberration against other alliances who would make 'better' use of that space, and therefore CCP should impose further nerfs to 0.0 to make it harder for Goons to exist.

    Having inconvenient facts rubbed in their faces on a regular basis through CCP reports makes that narrative harder to uphold.

  • PSA Null is safer than High Sec in EVE Communication Center

    The logical conclusion of this argument is that CONCORD and faction police should be removed from highsec as that would make it safer.

  • WTS eve (really?) in EVE Communication Center

    Judaa K'Marr wrote:
    VR = the new dutch tulip.

  • Upgraded from Alpha to Omega for 6 months subscription in EVE Communication Center

    Josef Djugashvilis wrote:
    ISD Max Trix wrote:
    There is currently a delay on the account upgrading from Alpha to Omega. Its been flagged for CCP to look into.

    This is just so funny Big smile

    I thought that the whole pint of the Alpha state was to gain new players?

    Trust CCP to, well...not be efficient, to put it politely.

    Not even CCP thought that F2P would actually gain them subs.

  • Eve WiS in EVE Communication Center

    mkint wrote:
    I go the other way. With ANY wis, it means they are basically supporting 2 completely separate games with the associated costs of doing so, one of which they have basically no experience with as a company and make basically zero dollars off of. Remove the space barbie that's there altogether. It's basically un salvageable.

    Pretty much. The reasons CCP had for working on WiS were 1) a test engine for WoD and 2) a microtransaction catwalk to show off your shoes and monocles. Both are now irrelevant since WoD was scrapped and ship skins took priority over the clothing store. There's no business case for CCP to justify spending millions of dollars creating WiS.

    Please let the corpse of the deceased rest in peace.

  • Eve WiS in EVE Communication Center

    Because nothing says 'Science Fiction Sandbox' quite like trying on clothes and walking around.

  • (Ghost) Fitting Window; More relevant stats, less gumpf in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Might have missed this, but is there a way to toggle the clone state so you can see how a ship would perform in Alpha vs Omega (for those who have previously subscribed and trained skills that are now locked down)?

  • New forum channel for alpha clones in EVE Communication Center

    Segregating the forums sounds like a bad idea.

    Just let people post, man.

  • Burn Jita - Honoring The Fallen Gambling Sites. in EVE Gameplay Center

    CCP are secretly funnelling the confiscated isk to Mittens


  • Has CCP said if they're going to expand walking in stations? in EVE Communication Center

    I wonder if Second Life has regular threads starting up on their forums about how their devs need to implement a single shard PvP spaceship sandbox?

  • Dev Blog: Introducing Clone States & the Future of Access to EVE in EVE Information Center

    What I'm most worried about is the scenario where a pile of curious Alpha State newbies show up and are promptly sent running in tears for the exit by the terminally awful NPE and loudly telling all their friends not to bother with this impenetrable weird spreadsheet dressed as a game, as happened with previous influxes (This Is Eve, etc).

    What is CCP doing to improve this situation?

  • Dev Blog: Introducing Clone States & the Future of Access to EVE in EVE Information Center

    Mento Audrission wrote:
    The only question is......why?

    Because subscription numbers, as best as we can tell, have fallen off a cliff compared to a few years ago.

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