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  • Dev blog: Monthly Economic Report - January 2017 in EVE Information Center

    Faith Winters wrote:

    Certain players are trying to maintain a long-standing partisan narrative that Goonswarm don't use their space 'properly', that their occupancy of Delve is an aberration against other alliances who would make 'better' use of that space, and therefore CCP should impose further nerfs to 0.0 to make it harder for Goons to exist.

    Having inconvenient facts rubbed in their faces on a regular basis through CCP reports makes that narrative harder to uphold.

  • PSA Null is safer than High Sec in EVE Communication Center

    The logical conclusion of this argument is that CONCORD and faction police should be removed from highsec as that would make it safer.

  • WTS eve (really?) in EVE Communication Center

    Judaa K'Marr wrote:
    VR = the new dutch tulip.

  • Upgraded from Alpha to Omega for 6 months subscription in EVE Communication Center

    Josef Djugashvilis wrote:
    ISD Max Trix wrote:
    There is currently a delay on the account upgrading from Alpha to Omega. Its been flagged for CCP to look into.

    This is just so funny Big smile

    I thought that the whole pint of the Alpha state was to gain new players?

    Trust CCP to, well...not be efficient, to put it politely.

    Not even CCP thought that F2P would actually gain them subs.

  • Eve WiS in EVE Communication Center

    mkint wrote:
    I go the other way. With ANY wis, it means they are basically supporting 2 completely separate games with the associated costs of doing so, one of which they have basically no experience with as a company and make basically zero dollars off of. Remove the space barbie that's there altogether. It's basically un salvageable.

    Pretty much. The reasons CCP had for working on WiS were 1) a test engine for WoD and 2) a microtransaction catwalk to show off your shoes and monocles. Both are now irrelevant since WoD was scrapped and ship skins took priority over the clothing store. There's no business case for CCP to justify spending millions of dollars creating WiS.

    Please let the corpse of the deceased rest in peace.

  • Eve WiS in EVE Communication Center

    Because nothing says 'Science Fiction Sandbox' quite like trying on clothes and walking around.

  • (Ghost) Fitting Window; More relevant stats, less gumpf in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Might have missed this, but is there a way to toggle the clone state so you can see how a ship would perform in Alpha vs Omega (for those who have previously subscribed and trained skills that are now locked down)?

  • New forum channel for alpha clones in EVE Communication Center

    Segregating the forums sounds like a bad idea.

    Just let people post, man.

  • Burn Jita - Honoring The Fallen Gambling Sites. in EVE Gameplay Center

    CCP are secretly funnelling the confiscated isk to Mittens


  • Has CCP said if they're going to expand walking in stations? in EVE Communication Center

    I wonder if Second Life has regular threads starting up on their forums about how their devs need to implement a single shard PvP spaceship sandbox?

  • Dev Blog: Introducing Clone States & the Future of Access to EVE in EVE Information Center

    What I'm most worried about is the scenario where a pile of curious Alpha State newbies show up and are promptly sent running in tears for the exit by the terminally awful NPE and loudly telling all their friends not to bother with this impenetrable weird spreadsheet dressed as a game, as happened with previous influxes (This Is Eve, etc).

    What is CCP doing to improve this situation?

  • Dev Blog: Introducing Clone States & the Future of Access to EVE in EVE Information Center

    Mento Audrission wrote:
    The only question is......why?

    Because subscription numbers, as best as we can tell, have fallen off a cliff compared to a few years ago.

  • Dev Blog: Introducing Clone States & the Future of Access to EVE in EVE Information Center

    Skimmed the blog again, didn't see this - what is the reduction in skill training rate for Alphas?

  • Dev Blog: Introducing Clone States & the Future of Access to EVE in EVE Information Center

    Inevitable, and better implemented than it could have been.

    I'll add my +1 to the limitation of alpha accounts in use - if you allow subbed players to log in an alpha account simultaneously, literally every subbed player in 0.0 or lowsec will be scouting themselves around with a free disposable scout, dualboxing suicide ewar frigates to every fight (be it a blocwar fleet engagement or a 1v1 on a gate), etc. Logging in an alpha account should prohibit us from logging in any other account, be it Alpha or Omega, unless you want to dive head first into a rabbit-hole.

    Will Alphas be able to transfer ISK, direct trade or set up contracts?

  • Will Project NOVA be worthy of EVE? in EVE Communication Center

    It'll be another mediocre and quickly forgotten distraction.

  • [118.6] Recurring Opportunity removal in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Our hope in releasing this feature was to gain insight on how direct, daily rewards might effect and improve engagement in EVE. I can't go into too much detail about results but I thought you guys might like to know a bit about what did happen after it launched. The biggest conclusions we can draw so far (though we are still gathering and analyzing data) are that recurring opportunities did have a significant effect on player activity in game. We saw a pretty big bump in the share of folks heading out to kill something each day, and we heard some feedback that this in turn led to some pretty funny situations (read: kills). On the other hand, we saw very little change in login behavior, i.e. if you weren't planning to log on anyway, the 10,000 free SP boost wasn't really going to change your mind. This is really important for us and by collecting solid data with a fast and simple feature like recurring opportunities we will be able to make better decisions as we work on larger things in the future, such as the Shadow of the Serpent event, which begins on Tuesday in the 118.6 release.

    Thank you for the admission that this feature was explicitly introduced as a method of artificially inflating the PCU.

  • Is CCP planing something about AFK Cloak ? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Now that Goons are doing it I'm sure Fozzie will be along to nerf it into oblivion very soon.

  • On grid boosters - Discussion Topic in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Ion Nizer wrote:
    Anyway, to the point. I've seen mention of making links into something you need to target and apply to ships.

    This I like, as it makes links into something like logistics which is fun to fly.

    Servo Libertas wrote:
    As someone else mentioned, I think that targeted boosts would be much more interesting/rewarding for that role. Booster alts need to be a thing of the past; combat boosting needs to be a fun, active role.

    Yeah, making links into a targeted module is a much more interesting approach than the buff bubble, by turning fleet bonuses into an active role akin to remote-rep logistics you create a much more engaging gameplay style and much more room for individual pilot decisions and input to make the difference.

    Here's how the version of fleet bonuses works in my head:

    1: Ganglinks are an active module and require a target lock to apply.
    2: To use a ganglink the linking ship must lock and activate the module on a member of their fleet in any command position.
    3: Once activated as above, the link bonus provided by that module applies to the targeted fleet member and any fleet member below them in the chain of command.
    4: The higher up the chain of command the targeted fleet member is, the more diluted the ganglink effect becomes.

    So if I'm in a ganglink ship in a full fleet of 256, I can target the FC, activate my link module(s), and (assuming their Leadership skills are up to it) all fleet members including myself will receive a small bonus from my ganglink. Or, I can target one of the Wing commanders, which would mean that the Wing Commander and all pilots in that wing receive a more powerful ganglink effect. Or, I can use my link on one of the Squad leaders. The ganglink will only affect the 10 members of the squad, but the effect of the ganglink on those 10 will be much more powerful than spreading it out across the whole fleet.

    Alternatively I guess we could have a boring AoE bubble which doesn't give any of those interesting gameplay choices, encourages the whole fleet to huddle together in a big stupid blob, and can be performed completely passively by the FC's alt character just like today.

  • [Citadels Release] Capital and Fighter Transition in EVE Information Center

    CCP Lebowski wrote:
  • For ships owned by neither a character nor a corporation (such as ships in a contract) we'll put them in the ship's main cargo hold, and then let the new owner sort it out when he gets the ship.

Is a ship floating unpiloted in space considered to be un-owned for this purpose?

  • [Citadels] Dreadnoughts in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Are you really posting a thread asking for feedback TWO DAYS before patch day?

    Is this actually what I'm looking at here?

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