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  • Dev blog: PLEX Changes On The Way! in EVE Information Center

    Rivr Luzade wrote:
    Querns wrote:
    but I understand completely that making it easier for new players to handle PLEX is necessary. I don't have metrics on how many folks quit playing after suffering a PLEX transport loss, but I bet y'all do.

    Care to explain how turning 1 item into 500 items and require people to calculate things with 500 items instead of one makes things easier?

    It allows them to sell items (skins) for the same currency as player time (plex). Now a skin will be worht x number of plex instead of aurum which required a conversion to begin with. Granted, I probably would have done 100 or 1000 to make the math more of a decimal move, but 500 works as well.

  • Dev blog: PLEX Changes On The Way! in EVE Information Center

    CCP Phantom wrote:
    Changes are coming to PLEX, Aurum and the New Eden Store!

    Our first planned change is to convert every existing PLEX into 500 PLEX. After the change, anything you could get for 1 PLEX from CCP will instead require 500 PLEX. We will also convert all existing Aurum balances above 1000 Aurum to the new PLEX.

    Check out the blog for further info on this exciting change: PLEX Changes On The Way!

    Please note, these changes don’t have a set release date yet but will be coming to EVE Online this spring or early summer.

    Great idea overall, but only a couple of questions questions:

    1. Can we get an option to hide or move the plex value inventory location to the bottom of the tab (not the list but the whole left side of the screen) so it is out of the way? Yes I know it is a small thing, but it is always nice to know where your ship inventory is if you are in a hurry.

    2. How will the plex show in the API if it is techincally is every characters inventory?

    3. On the day of the patch, when you convert all plex to 500 plex, will they be automoved to the vault?

    4. Along the same lines as number 3, can plex be moved to the vault remotely. This is just a curiousity question as you can already remotely activate them.

    Another thing you completely left out of the blog was what this will do to your efforts of investigating RMTing. If I had to guess, it is easier to follow items through trades and contracts than killmails. With fewer plex killmails, it will make it easier to investigate them and drop the ban-hammer.

    5. Have you considered the affect this would have on Reddit and Zkillboard comments when people can no longer spam RMT failure/success? It seems CCP is trying to limit our commenting abilities here lol.

  • [March] Rorqual and Mining changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Fozzie wrote:

    Luna TheMoonrider wrote:
    I don't have the numbers and all the big data, but it's seems a bit hard, second nerf in a row, without trying to effectively reduce the price of these very expensive drones.
    If the price drop accordingly, why not, but I feel sad for my mining friends.
    The current prices are a symptom of extremely high demand. Once the market cools down a bit we'll definitely re-evaluate and make changes to the components as needed. The price of Excavators is set by the player market and will only stay at whatever level people consider worth paying. If player's evaluation of how much they're worth changes, the price will change.

    I'm not sure this will work out in the end. I need to go back and look over all the different blueprints, but last I looked, the new mining excavators used the same (or at least the same rare ones) parts as the Augmented drones. Augmented drone prices were already high and for the most part did not drop.

    The price of these two groups are now tied together, so both will remain high as a result since they both pull from the same limited supply stock as inputs.

    Yes, you could consider both items "luxury items" but the current high price is due to limited input stock just as much as high demand here. Look at the price history for Augmented drones and you will see this.

  • [March] Rorqual and Mining changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    LOL can't be having supers and titan prices falling to much now can we.

  • [March] Structure, Drone & Fighter improvements from Team Five 0 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Lebowski wrote:

  • Increased the maximum possible drone interaction range from 250km to 500km to allow drones to be used more effectively against XL structures (This has no effect on the range a target must be from the controlling ship).
  • We've made some changes to assignable shortcuts for drone actions:
  • - Added a Launch Drones shortcut: By default this will act like right clicking on “Drones in Bay” and selecting Launch Drones, but you can now also select a favorite drone group to be the default target for this shortcut.

    CCP Lebowski

Fantastic changes:

Two questions for someone who won't be able to go test this for a day or two because of work.

- 500KM range increase - Am I correct in assuming this also affects the reconnect to lost drones?

- Launch Drone Shortcut - Is the favorite group selected in the drone window itself or in the options? Also, does this "favorite" group get saved by ship or is it the same for all ships?

What I mean by that last question was: I am in a tristen with favorite group of warriors. I switch to a myrm and set my favorite group to hammerheads. When I get back in the same tristen (it did not die) will the favorite group still be the warriors from before or will it error because no hammerheads?

Yes I am aware this could (possibly) be avoided by having a group called "favorite" but cannot recall if this will play nicely with different drone types.

  • [March] Mobile Warp Disruptor changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Or'es'ka wrote:
    but seriously, can we please get an official answer? WILL BUBBLES GENERATE KILLMAILS! lol I think thats the real heart of this issue

    Go reread the post. Literally is the first highlighted item.

  • Smart Bombs in EVE Gameplay Center

    There are actually two things you need to look at here if we are wanting to deep dive and over analyse this.

    1. PVP - In theory, the delay of the smartbomb would allow more pods to get out as there would be fewer pods dying. Yes the attacker could activate it early and try to time it, but it would be harder (someone else can argue by how much) and therefore some more pods would get away. This in a vacuum would cause prices to decrease as fewer were being destroyed. However, if they are easier to save, people may be more willing to use them and thus counter the decrease with more demand.

    2. PVE - This is very much a theory and is one of those very minor cases. PVE Smartbomb ratting allows for sites that spawn faction drops (and implants) to be run faster. By delaying a smartbomb damage at the beggining of the first wave, it could allow for an NPC to get out of range and thus slow the site down allowing for few sites to be run. A player could counter this again by activating the bombs before the wave spawns, and this would only really apply to the first wave of a site as after that, the cycle time between damage is the same. So if you allow this to slow down 1 site every 4-5 hours (because this would not be a huge impact) by 10-30 seconds, and then calculate that over the whole game for a few days, you might see 1 or 2 less implants dropped per day.

    Number 2 was more of a thought experement for me, and would probably not be noticable.

  • Citadels, the most fun in Eve history in EVE Communication Center

    Major Trant wrote:
    Citadels are a huge quality of life improvement. But there are teething issues with them at the moment and certains mechanics that I don't like.

    1. There aren't enough filtering options in your overview for them. You can either turn them off or on. If on, all dockable Citadels in system and all Citadels on grid regardless of docking rights are on your overview. You can't sort by standing. You can't sort by services. You can't tell (I believe) whether you can dock at a Citadel you are on grid with, without actually trying to dock.
    2. You shouldn't be allowed to warp directly to them from the entry in the D-Scan window.
    3. If they are hidden to you (non docking rights), you should have to probe them down, it should be easy mind, 1 scan at 32 AU should get you a warpin. Not - just look in the main window for the big blue beacon, right click, warp to 100.
    4. Citadels shouldn't show how many people are docked from the outside.
    5. If nobody has docked since downtime, it tells you this too. Initially, I thought this should be removed, but now I think this should be changed to state when the last time someone was docked there or alternatively whether anyone has docked in the last 24 hours. This is the only way of telling when a Citadel has been abandoned, but currently this has far more value to late US and AU TZs than early EU TZ.
    6. Asset recovery should be removed.

    People are already complaining about a prolification of them in certain systems. Dealing with points 1 and 6 will remove this problem.

    Some thoughts:

    1. Agree with you, but I would guess in order to do this, it would require a rewrite of the overview. The one issue that does need to be fixed is ALL citadels appears on your overview when you first jump in the system before the overview can filter them.

    2. I was surprised by this when I discovered it, but I bet it is a mix of how items appear in the overview, etc. like in part 1.

    3. I would agree with this ONLY if they added the notification for structures being anchored in your space that are not your alliances (like they use to for POS). Right now, you have a 15 minute window to kill the thing when it onlines. Completely hiding them like this would make it to easy to sneak one in. Sorry, but forcing someone to go through every single system with a probe launcher every day is not a valid idea as it simply adds a dedious task that serves no purpose. Yes if you own the space you should use it, but if you own the space, you would think the tcu would also alert you to new structures.

    4. I will agree with you even though it is very helpful for hunters lol.

    5. Was not aware of this but based on your description I agree like in part 4.

    6. You do this, you are basically going to force alliances back into stations and out of citadels because the market will go where it is safe (ish).

  • Dev blog: The future of probe and directional scanning UI in EVE Information Center

    The changes look great. I can't wait to test it on the test server. It definitely looks much better and readable than current (on the new"ish" version).

    Thanks for looking at the feedback.

  • Nullification and Interdiction in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Lugh Crow-Slave wrote:

    lol does test have trouble keeping its ratters safe from the little guy with a cyno?

    LOL we dont have space for ratters (or at least enough to matter right now).

    I just pointed out what I considered a broken mechanic. Also if you read the post other than just my alliance tag, you would notice I mentioned that I as well have cloaky camped ratters in their stations.

    T3Cs are the only ships with covert cyno AND interdiction meaning they eliminate half the options of killing them.

    Covert Cyno on others ships can still be intercepted by bubbles, so they can be killed by a bubble behind a gate and decloaked.

    T3Cs can only be killed via bad game/server ticks or a good/lucky uncloak on a gate camp.

    Let me put it to you another way. A recon ship can be caught on both sides of the gate via bubbles and die. On the IN gate, you need to bubble the ship and then get a decloak. You have time to decloak the ship due to the bubble. It is hard but not that bad considering a t3c.

    You cannot kill a t3c on the side of the gate you are jumping FROM (out gate) because of a bubble. He laughs and jumps through regardless. You can kill him on the other side BUT it can only be done via an uncloak because a bubble does not stop him. This means you have at most 5 seconds to:

    See him uncloak
    Burn toward him
    decloak him
    notice he has been uncloaked
    lock him
    scram/disrupt him

    Much harder to do period.

    NOTE: I left out the possibilities of an instalocker because both ships are affected, but if you need to rely on someone living in England for your gatecamp, that is another issue by itself.

    TLDR: T3C are much harder to catch then other ships that can have a covert cyno.

  • Nullification and Interdiction in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Steve Ronuken wrote:

    Some topics:

    Should you be able to have nullified combat ships? Why, or why not?

    How about non-combat ships? Shuttles? Blockade runners? Yachts?

    Should anchorable bubbles exist? Should they decay if they exist?

    What I write below is based on my experiences in null as a cloaky camper, guy getting cloaky camped, fleet scout, fleet member, and normal player trying to move around.

    Before I address the questions, I feel that interdiction should be a module that can only be fit to certain ships.

    Should combat ships be nullified? - Yes BUT:

    - They should not able to instawarp (ceptors). Please keep in mind I am referring to combat ships only here. I would have no problem with a shuttle that could insta-warp and be nullified.
    - They should not be able to fit cynos (or at the very least covert cynos). This primarily affects T3s as far as covert cynos go.

    Should non-combat ships be nullified? - Yes BUT:

    Shuttles, Yatchs, etc. (basically stuff that is just there to help a play move from one place to the other.
    - Zero combat possibilities
    - Cannot fit cloaks
    - Cannot fit cyno
    - Zero cargo space (or heck let them have cargo space so we see blueprint shuttles killed)

    Blockade Runners, others: No unless interdiction is a module, but even then it could be debated against.

    Anchored Bubbles: Yes keep them BUT:

    1. Have them use stront or something as fuel. Make it a small amount needed but small cargo bay so it has to be refilled 1 or 2 times a week.
    3. Reduce their EHP
    4. Limit how close they can be anchored together to prevent spam (probably increase the size of the bubble to compensate a little but be careful as one bubble would then be able to completely cover a POS)

  • [February] Insurance in Upwell Structures & more from Team Five 0 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Lebowski wrote:
    Hey all thanks for the feedback so far, just to let you know I've added a few more things to the OP, more to come in the next few days I hope! <3

    CCP Lebowski wrote:
  • Multiple Character Training Certificates may now be activated in Upwell Structures
  • Fighter squadrons now inherit the POS password of their controlling ship, allowing them to access authorised forcefields
  • Drones & Fighters: Leaving grid or entering a forcefield (as the controlling ship) now deactivates all fighter abilities

  • Just to clarify on the fighter abilities being disabled:

    1. I assume this means they can still be recalled like normal. You just mean their combat abilities stop working. I believe this is pretty clear, but the next items was what I thought of first but thought this should be clarified first.

    2. Does this mean that the fighter movement commands (such as approach, orbit, go to via manual controls) no longer work? Does this also include the fighter microwarp drive (to help them return faster)?

    I am fine with whatever is decided just curious as to how quickly you can expect fighters to return to carriers after this.

  • Citadel defenses are pathetic.....why bother? in EVE Communication Center

    Lothar Mandrake wrote:

    Last week, I watched a guy alone in a Raitaru who with missiles flying couldn't fight off 2 battleships. It was so pathetic to see the impotence of ASML-LD missiles in action. My stomach turned at the sight.

    To be fair, if this was the same video I watched, that citadel was not fit properly for defense, and I am pretty sure he mentioned this in the video. All he was trying to do was annoy them and make it take as long as possible because he knew there was nothing he could do.

    1. He drained his cap using the ECM mods. While he may have had passive mods hidden, there are ways to help this.

    2. He had no point to keep things on grid.

    3. There were three neut gaurdians on grid. With a point and his two ecm mods, he could have held things down to prevent reps.

    4. A raitaru is not meant to fight on its own (no citadel really is, but the indy arrays definitely need to be defended).

  • First time PC build. in EVE Communication Center

    virm pasuul wrote:

    Enjoy your first PC build. Find someone close in real life who has done it a few times to help you. Try and get someone neutral who doesn't have prejudices for or against certain hardware manufacturers. If they mention RAID 0 find someone else.
    Decide a budget.
    Don't skimp on non sexy components like power supplies.
    There is no one best system sorry.
    Try and avoid flashy lights and pointless gizmos, you want good quality simple stuff.
    Read lots of reviews online of anything you are considering buying.
    Avoid dodgy software, pay for windows, it works out better for you in the long run.
    Make sure everything is totally compatible, e.g. processor and motherboard, memory and motherboard, power supply connectors and graphics card.
    Look for deal and special offers.
    Buy in the new year if you can, hardware seems to get a lot more expensive before xmas in my opinion.
    The most important choice you make will be the person who helps and guides you, make sure to get that right.

    Agree with everything said here. He brings up another point I did not add. By buying windows (get the OEM version) yourself, you have not crapware installed on it like when you get it from a store.

  • First time PC build. in EVE Communication Center

    Building your own machine is great, but things to keep in mind are:

    1. Know your budget - on the low end of the spectrum of computer builds you will probably pay more for the custom computer than one at the store because you: are buying higher quality parts, have to buy the OS (unless using linux), you will probably be buying a monitor, etc. Please note that the quality of the parts part of that statement is very true. Computers at a best buy, etc. that are cheap have crap for quality (sorry for anyone who works there but it is true). A low end gaming rig at best buy will be sub-500 USD, but a custom built computer will probably run you between 5-700 USD (price estimate includes OS but not mointor, mouse, and keyboard).

    When you get into the mid to upper range machines though, that is where you see huge savings. A custom built machine in the 700-1000 USD range will run you the same price or more from the store, and you still are risking inferieor quality parts (I'm looking at you Alienware who was selling powersupplies that were not even remotely good enough for their machines for years).

    2. The powersupply is the MOST important part of your machine. The powersupply is the one part of your machine that can kill the rest of it easily. DO NOT get a powersupply that is cheap to save money. Know how much power you need and then get a good one. Opinions vary, but I recommend seasonic powersupplies, but I have heard good things about XFS as well.

    3. Eve does not require a lot of graphics power for one account. Eve depends more on the CPU than the graphics card. However, once you start getting to 3+ accounts, unless you have a high end card, you will begin to push it a little with max graphics (gas clouds are aweful in this game). Just because your card can run it does not mean you need it to.

    4. Look around at tech forums suggested build lists. I do not know about these forums rules on posting external non-eve links, but if you google this "tech support forum recommended builds" one of the first results should be their site with recommended build lists. You are probably going to want either the AMD or Intel mid-range builds just so the machine stays relevent for a few years. I am not saying those guys are perfect, but they have always given good advise in my opinion and I have used them as a reference point for all my builds.

    5. If you can get your hands on a free old desktop, I would practice taking that apart a few times to get the idea how it all works. Anyone who says the practice would not help the first time, is an idiot. Take your time when building it. It can take a couple of hours the first time you build a machine.

    TLDR: Quality of your parts is more important than price (to a point obviously). Powersupply is number 1 on the quality list. Eve does not need the best machine, but you might as well get a slightly more costly one so it is decent for a while longer. Number 4 above has my recommendation on where to look for ideas on what to buy. Take your time building and buying the machine.

    Finally: Have fun. Once you built your first machine, you will never want to go back to the store again.

  • Why no Ancillary Hull Reppers? in EVE Communication Center

    Kw1jybo wrote:
    There's shield...there's armor....no hull? Cry

    CCP does not want active hull tanking to be a thing, and it kind of makes sense.

    If they made it viable, technically all a hull tank would need is two mods (damage control and a repper) because the resists would be consistent accross the board. If you made remote hull reps as effective as normal remote reps, it would be a big deal because your tank would either be the same with fewer mods or greater if you used the same number.

    Things would get even more interesting when you consider hull rigs do not have any significant drawbacks (I think all they affect is cargo capacity).

    Before citadels, the only things hull reppers were mostly used for was remote rep POSs and rep hull in WHs. With citadels, both of these are kind of going away.

  • [Feedback Request] Custom probe formation in the scanning system in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I have probed extensively in the past for exploration sites and wh mapping. My combat probing experience is limited to once or two. The main issue with scanning is the interface and not the probe positioning.

    As for you seeing usage of 50/50 between the two systems, I would be curious to see how this breakout works if you look at players who were around before the beta was introduced and after. My guess is you would see a heavy weight toward the beta map for newer players (because it is defaulted to it) and toward the old version for older players.

    Custom Probe Position:

    I never have needed to use a preset custom position. I have been able to find all sites by using the current ones and making slight adjustments. Before I got better skills, I would need to manually move one or two probes to get superior sleeper sites, but in the end everything was scanable easily.

    Scanning Systems (old vs new/beta versions)

    Below are the reasons the beta system is not being used by me or a few others I fly with:

    1. To much "noise". It is hard to see anything given the color of the probes and interface. The beta version looks very nice, but it has reduced the clarify of scanning (and thus speed). The beta version is even harder to move individual probes as well.

    2. Ease of use. The interface is slower in the new version. It is harder to see (as stated above). Moving probes and even the camera itself is much harder to do in the beta version.

    3. The integration with the galaxy map in general. The old version was simple: switch between the views of the system or galaxy. The new system causes you to need to scroll in or out which is slower and no where near accurate enough. The system requirements of the new map do not help at all. Yes, one client on a decent computer has no problem, but once you get a couple of accounts logged in, an internet browser up with dotlan and other sites, comms, etc. The beta version of the map and scanning interface is not responsive enough.

    TLDR: The problem with probing is not custom positioning but the interface. The old version does not look pretty but it is superior due to how quickly things can be done. Beta version looks great but suffer in performance.

    Clarifications: Yes, I have tried using the new interface for several weeks both in null and wormhole space (as did others in my corp), so we have experience with the new system. We even did tests where we had several people start at one end of a pipe and start scanning. Half used the beta system and half the old system. The old system was faster in all but one case due to low skills (we assumed due to he was the newest guy with the least expereince).

  • Cyno on Alpha in EVE Gameplay Center

    Zao Elongur wrote:
    Dear Eve Online

    Please let alphas use cynos and allow simultaneous log in.

    I am interested in playing eve again as an omega customer
    i don't like that i need to pay a second subscription just to be able to light a cyno

    Thank you

    How about while we are at it, let them have cloaks too?

    NO!! The only reason the community did not go to Jita and burn everything on the Alpha release was how carefully thought out the whole thing was on CCPs part (seriously, that starting list of skills was one of the most impressive 1st drafts of an idea I have seen them propose/implement). Very few adjustments were made after the first draft, and the fact that the cyno and cloak were the main reasons most players were ok with it. If CCP had let alphas fit cyno or even just a cloak, the player count online would be thousands higher as every alliance in the game would put cloaky eyes in every system (concurrent login ban would not stop this). Heck the only reason the concurrent login ban is not being tested more by players is because of how limited an Alpha is in the first place.

    Alphas are not meant to be free tools for vets. They are to intro new players to the game.

  • The 200.000.000 skillpoint club in EVE Gameplay Center

    I have not looked through this thread to see if it has been asked elsewhere, but how do you have amarr FAX skill to 4? I assume you injected it before they removed the book, but I thought they removed the skill entirely

  • [December] Ending the deployment of new outposts and upgrades in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Lebowski wrote:
    Tom Stonehoof wrote:
    Have you not read this thread? And are you still continuing to insult your playerbase by playing the fool? Welcome to the winter of rage.
    Good sir, with the utmost respect, have you read this thread?

    So far it's had under 40 characters posting, and out of those I count less than 10 responses that could be called negative. Most of those are along the lines of "Please don't remove outposts before you provide new structures with the features they are missing", which as I said above, we've already promised!

    Tom Stonehoof wrote:
    1) Never insult one of your players.
    2) Never insult the intelligence of one of your players
    3) If you're going to insult one of your players, be prepared for them to fire back with your company's own disclosures from fanfest, fanfest keynotes, all sponsored eve gatherings.
    I had absolutely no intention of insulting you, I simply pointed out that what you said wasn't factual. On top of that, the quotes you posted corroborated my point precisely!

    I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here! P

    You're not taking crazy pills. You are just attempting to reason with an annonomous person on a forum who clearly has his own views about things and thinks they apply to the player base as a whole.

    As for the rest of this thread's original purpose, we have known for a while where everything was heading. Yes there are a few things still missing, but those a limited mostly to POS functions that are missing.

    To be honest, the only complaint I could possibly give on this announcement was the relatively short time/notice given lol, but that is not a serious issue at all really considering the time it would take to prep anyways.