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Sebastien Saintfrusquin

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  • [March] Damage Module Tiericide in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Any chance for a small quality of life improvement: make the three gun-based damage module types different visually ? Nothing fancy, maybe add on top an icon of a barrage/null/scorch crystal for exemple, or anything else that make them not identical.

  • The Judge for CSM XI - Nullsec Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    I believe CSM is a bunch of corrupt sycophants and that The Judge will fit right in as he comes from the evilest place on Earth, Australia. Vote The Judge to bring back poisonous wildlife to Iceland !

  • [Focus Group] Capital Ships Signup in EVE Technology and Research Center


    I have loved Capitals and Supercapitals even before playing EVE. The Trinity trailer (forever the best in my heart, but the Dominion one runs a close second) showing the Hel and Nyx in all their magnificence got me to start playing, with the goal of getting one day my own Hel or Nyx, or both.

    Since then, I have steadily worked up my way to owning and using all the Capitals and Supercapitals in the game, and even managed to get myself a Fleet Commander chair in the CFC/Imperium - which considering how aggressive I am seems like one of those weird decisions that someone will really regret one day !

    I have been in B-R5RB, I have won and lost Capital fights, I have solo-hotdropped dozen of Capitals, I have (sometimes) survived counter-hotdrops, I have been in structure in my Ragnarok and lived to tell the tale, I have planned traps, I have walked intro traps... but I have never mined with these ships now that I think about it.

    I love Capitals, I love Supercapitals (except the Revenant, DPS doesn't excuse its looks), and I love what I have seen so far about the changes that have been proposed. My enthusiasm is bursting through the seams of my jacket, and I would be honoured to put it to the service of the community by taking part in this Focus Group.

    Sebastien Saintfrusquin
    Chango Atacama
    (and quite a few french cynos near you)

    Edit: hi CCP Larrikin, funny how be both remember the Fountain war the same way Big smile

    Edit 2: after reading some of the other applications (plenty of great names there), I think it is worth adding a few words about my real life job.
    I am a University Mathematics teacher, and I believe I am a good one too. As such, grinding numbers is something I am quite used to, as well as presenting them and explaining concepts and ideas behind them.

  • Tranquility in VIP Mode - Login & Connection Issues - 12/08/2014 in EVE Communication Center

    Not sure if it is related but an alliance friend got his launcher hijacked by Yahoo somehow ???

    screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/YbVcmFU.png

    (on a related note, connexion from France has been working all morning, though some windows like the Character page felt sluggish)

  • [WTS] Ragnarok in EVE Marketplace

    (retracted by bidder with apologies)

  • [Merc for Hire] Whores in space in EVE Gameplay Center

    Well it sure was interesting. I thought this would be a good opportunity to try our hands at fighting against one of our alliance's High-Sec wars, and it turned out much better than anticipated. We even managed to win the ISK war by a whopping 19 millions ISK Lol (3.056 billions to 3.037 billions), thanks to an herculean effort and a last-minute crow kill. PVP-wise, I think it is fair to say we hindered them at least a little (in Jita at least, hard to be everywhere at once Cool )

    Will come again !