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  • New capital equipment invention in EVE Gameplay Center

    Never Enough wrote:
    New capital equipment requires four skills for invention.

    For example, to invent Capital Capacitor Booster II BPC
    you need Capital Capacitor Booster I BPC and four skills:
    High Energy Physics,
    Quantum Physics,
    Capital Ship Construction,
    Amarr Encryption Methods.

    How does Capital Ship Construction fit in usual formula http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/w/images/1/12/Invention_Equation_%28Phoebe%29.jpg ?

    Is this just a third "science skill" ?

    No, it's just a requirement, since it's no science, but a production skill.

  • Adding Waypoints... Broken? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Jimronius wrote:
    Heheh awesome, at least its not me being clueless for once! (not that you're clueless) :)

    It could be worse... I just realised a few days ago, that the base url for the crest requests had changed recently, and wondered all that time why I got timeouts and nothing worked, until I checked the news on https://developers.eveonline.com/...

  • Which Arrays become irrelevant when POSs are retired? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sara Starbuck wrote:
    Will there be redeployable versions of the assembly arrays.
    Like currently you can move your POS whenever you want, unless its already reinforced.
    Or are they all locked to place after you deploy them.

    What I'm currently missing is a small compression array with a low anchoring/onlining time, intended for fast deploying. If you mine those ore anomalies in high sec, compression comes in rather handy. 15min anchoring/onlining and unanchoring time for a small tower is fine, but I've not seen anything likely with the new structures yet.
    I hope CCP has something in store...

  • Guristas 5/10 DPS Chart in EVE Gameplay Center

    Griffon Vyvorant wrote:

    If I recall correctly there isn't any 5/10 sites available in high security.

    Anyway, thanks again for posting the info.


    Basically true, but: You can get escalations from the regular combat sites to 5/10s (usually from the dens), that not always lead to low sec, but high sec instead. I know this because I have intentionally done this in the past, and believe me, it's really nice not having to worry about low sec pirates. All you need is a region with lots of connected high sec systems and little to none low sec systems within 10 jumps (that's the maximum amount of jumps the escalation will occur in).

  • Next step for exploration - ship choice in EVE Gameplay Center

    I agree with the general tenor, the Astero is a great jack-of-all-trades exploration ship. I used one in low sec and did relic/data sites as well as 1/10 and 2/10 DED sites with ease. Pack a mobile depot and modules for alternate fittings (e.g. stabs for exploration, armor hardeners + armor repper and warp disruptors for PvP) and you're set.

    The rather large cargo hold helps with staying in the field rather longer without the need to dock and dump loot.

  • Can someone explain this "Base Item" cost thing to me? in EVE Gameplay Center

    DeODokktor wrote:
    I am not really looking for a external tool, if I did have one I would just try to get the formula out of it.

    I just want to know how/why the "base" price is 53.8 billion for something that has an actual base price of around 1 billion.
    The install cost of nearly 2.5 billion seems excessive too, but if it is based off of a price of nearly 54 billion isk for the base item then I guess that is understandable.

    You shouldn't "need" an external tool to see how some things work at a basic level.

    Does your tool show a cost of 2.5 billion isk to run the job in the image, If so then can you provide the formula used?

    Base costs were introduced during the industry overhaul to prevent market manipulations and thus, inflated manufacturing costs. It's a fixed value for anything you can use to build stuff, blueprints and materials alike.

  • Which Arrays become irrelevant when POSs are retired? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Do Little wrote:
    While no promises were made, the impression I got from the structures talk at fanfest was that POS would be phased out in stages as new structures take over their roles and that buyback will be offered. POS will not be retired completely until a structure is available that can replace jump bridges.

    The new structures will not use any of the existing POS arrays/labs/etc... They will be covered by buyback.

    Exactly. And it will still take a while, since there are no structures yet to replace assembly arrays, laboratories and moon harvesters/reactors.
    Assembly arrays have been announced, but I would guess it will take maybe another year until all those old POS structures are gone.

  • Which Arrays become irrelevant when POSs are retired? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Everything in the market category Structures -> Starbase Structures will become obsolete once CCP has released the last category of their new structures. This includes all POS guns, assembly arrays, shield hardeners, labs, reactors etc...

    There will probably be a transitional phase until all POS structures are removed, I recall this being mentioned.

  • ME formula when building Citadels and their Components in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hello sul flaki,

    sul flaki wrote:
    One Astrahus needs with ME 10 one unit of Structure Construction Parts.
    Do ten runs with ME 10 take 9 or 10 units of Structure Construction Parts?

    10 parts, no matter how many runs. This is due to the formula (have a look at this pdf):

    required = max(runs, ceil(round(runs ∗ baseQuantity ∗ materialModifier, 2))

    If a quantity of one material is needed for a single run, this number cannot be further reduced and is practically not influenced by ME, which makes sense, especially with T2 production (imagine you would need only 9 Freighters to build 10 Jump Freighters).

    sul flaki wrote:

    One Structure Construction Parts with ME 10 takes 5 Nano-Factory.
    Ten Runs should take 45 Nano-Factories?

    Yes, 45... Base quantity is 5, with ME 10 it would be 4.5 (which is rounded up for 1 run). So with 10 runs, you have an even 45. This is where the formula is actually working, since the base quantity is higher than 1 unit per run.

    sul flaki wrote:

    Ive been looking on fuzzwork, and even on this site it was pretty confusing and inconsistent. On some Parts the formula applied and on some not.

    Basic rule of thumb:
    1 unit per run -> no rounding down, no matter how many runs you have.
    2 or more units -> quantity affected by ME and (due to rounding) the number of runs.

    Regards o/

  • Low sec Combat sites worth doing? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Zhilia Mann wrote:
    Selaria Unbertable wrote:
    From personal experience and having run countless Combat and DED sites in high, and even some in LowSec, I can only advice against trying to run sites in low sec with a Confessor, or any ship that is smaller or lower tier than a T2 Cruiser. It barely works, if at all, and is no fun.

    If you're in low to run 5/10s and 6/10s I'd use a T3. If you're in low to run 4-5/10s I'd use a Stratios (or that Munnin I suppose; I don't really like it but I think it would do well in Sansha space and less well in BR space). If you're in low sec to run the numerous 2-4/10s that spawn that no one bothers to run because cruisers can't fit in them (4s excepted) then by all means use a T3D. It's an untapped market with quite a bit of potential profit.

    Agreed. I use a T3 for 5-6/10s, a Stratios for 3-4/10s, and whatever Assault Frigate or T3D available for 2/10s... 1/10s can be run in an Astero too, the rats are so fragile and do so little dps, that the Astero can handle that without a problem.

  • Low sec Combat sites worth doing? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Vaco Vocan wrote:
    Hi guys, I'm fairly new to the game and I've been having a lot of fun with exploration, but so far it's either varied between terrible isk or lots of risk. High sec sites seem completely worthless. I tried a few Pirate sites in Wormholes but I don't think my skills are high enough to make it worthwhile, it takes way too long for me to crack the cans and half or more of them end up exploding.
    I've been thinking I might have better luck with combat sites and Anomalies in Sansha/Blood Raider Lowsec and I'm wondering if it's worth the time, and what ship I should use. At the moment almost all my SP is in Scanning, but I have Amarr Destroyer IV, so I was thinking of skilling to a Confessor to see how that works out.

    Is there anything I should look out for, or is this just a terrible idea? Any advice is appreciated.

    From personal experience and having run countless Combat and DED sites in high, and even some in LowSec, I can only advice against trying to run sites in low sec with a Confessor, or any ship that is smaller or lower tier than a T2 Cruiser. It barely works, if at all, and is no fun.
    Last times I did extensive exploration I did so in Sansha and Angel space in a specifically fitted Tengu (mostly 5/10 DED sites), and even in that with decent skills and knowledge, I sometimes broke into sweat doing the last room in those. The incoming damage combined with 3 web towers will mean the end of anything not prepared to either tank or deal with those.

    What I'd suggest instead is running Combat Sites in high sec for escalations, preferably in high sec. Lower risk and decent ISK. You usually get 3 and 4/10s, and some sites (usually the Dens) escalate into 5/10s (mostly into low sec systems, but with some luck also into high sec systems, which is actually pretty good and mostly safer).

    If you still want to expand into low sec, you need a better, more sturdy ship. T2 Cruisers aka Heavy Assault Cruisers are a very solid start.

  • Fitting a Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    At the moment there isn't much variety in modules/rigs for citadels. Their fitting is quite straightforward:

    High slots: Missile launchers and Energy neuts, for low/null you have some AoE weapons and for the XL citadels doomsday weapons.
    Med slots: EWAR... Target painters, warp disruptors, stasis webs, dampeners, tracking disruptors. All up to your taste.
    Low slots: Weapon upgrades, signal amplifiers, (currently rather useless) co-processors and reactor control units. Both co-processors and RCUs are not really necessary at the moment, since you don't utilize all of the citadel's CPU/PG afaik. Can't speak for the larger citadels and fittings for low/null, but in HS an Astrahus is fine without them.

    Service slots: Refining array, clone bay and (for Fortizar and Keepstar only) Market hub. More to come in a later release, probably fall 2016...

    Rigs: Bit of a variety here, you have refining rigs, weapon and e-war rigs. Depends on the citadel's purpose, those for Fortizar and Keepstar are combining bonuses of two medium rigs (Astrahus), e.g. refining bonuses for all minerals instead of only high/low sec ones.

    And then there's fighters too. The Astrahus can only launch Light Fighters, Fortizar and Keepstar also Heavies.

    That's basically it. Though I would wait a while before anchoring any citadel, especially in high sec... Too big of a target at the moment.

  • Light/Support Fighters built in DAA or SSAA ? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Before the Citadel release, Fighters were build in the SSAA, haven't done any production yet since.
    If Zhilia says it can be done in a DAA, I suppose it's an unintended bug/feature that might be fixed in the future...

  • Dev blog: The EVE Online API Challenge in EVE Information Center

    Lutz wrote:
    isn't 3 weeks or so a bit of a very short time to develop it?

    Kind of agree on this, it's a bit short. I mean writing a working parser for both the XML and CREST Api isn't something you do within a few minutes, that takes some time (and more time debugging it)...

    I've got a working XML/CREST Api library lying around I wrote for another project of mine, now I just need an idea -.-

  • medium citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    Marcus Tedric wrote:

    I thought the 'Assembly Array' was the 'Factory' Structure (Citadel equivalent)?

    ie there won't be a new 'Service Module' to add to an existing Citadel; one of the reasons being that it will have its own set of rigs and be specailised.

    Citadels and then:

    - Assembly Arrays (replaces all POS-based building arrays and eventually Factory outposts);
    - Mining Arrays (moon mining);
    - Research Arrays (replacing all POS Labs and Caldari(sic) outposts);
    - & 'Gates' (replacing JBs)

    plus others?

    Or am I wrong?Big smile

    Don't thinks so. That's what I recall from all those dev blogs too. Specialized structures for specific tasks, each one probably bonused for certain service modules. But we'll see, only time will tell...

  • Gila PvE in EVE Gameplay Center

    Matias Giacusa wrote:
    Hi Guys, what skill upgrade for Gila PvE in high sec and good fit. Ty! Smile

    I'd suggest "Asking Questions IV" and "Basic Writing III". That will be a good start and should trigger more helpful responses.

  • Sansha 6/10 (Low-sec) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Celthric Kanerian wrote:
    Bumblefck wrote:
    Celthric Kanerian wrote:
    Nono, not expensive at all... Only that those mods alone cost together aprox. 460 million isk.

    Which is, relatively speaking, not that expensive.

    For a ship that goes into lowsec, it is quite expensive I think, as it can easily get ganked on the very first gate. (unless scouted properly of course)

    Covert ops cloak, mobile depot, safe spots... I'm a high sec carebear, and have recently done some exploration in low sec myself. Lost only a single ship (an Astero due to stupidity) in the process. Once you get used to it (just be paranoid about everything) it's not that bad at all.

  • lab slots in stations, experimental lab question in EVE Gameplay Center

    Zifrian wrote:
    Kurtis Khagah wrote:
    Can I use the 'lab' slots in stations to do reverse engineering? Specifically for t3 blueprints. Or do I need a pos with the experimental lab to do it?

    You need a POS unless you have access to a Caldari outpost in nullsec. NPC stations do not allow reverse engineering. To build T3 items, you need a subsystem array or the others that apply in a POS. Or you can build them in Amarr outposts.

    T3 components can be build in a regular Component Assembly Array, and T3 Destroyers inside the Advanced Small Ship Assembly. You only need the Subsystem Array for the T3 Cruisers.

  • Station components and assembly arrays in EVE Gameplay Center

    Tau Cabalander wrote:
    I've not actually tried, but I believe an Equipment Assembly Array can be used to manufacture station structures, as the array can build other structures.

    I presume the Component Assembly Array can be used to build any required components.

    An equipment assembly array can indeed be used to manufacture pos structures, e.g. reprocessing or compression arrays (I've already build those).
    And the component assembly should be able to build all the components needed.

  • Invention doesn't work on NPC station in EVE Gameplay Center

    Nerapa wrote:
    Murdock0344 wrote:
    Steve Ronuken wrote:
    It's because you're trying to do reverse engineering, rather than invention.

    That activity can only be done in POS.

    so I have to join a corp and use there POS :(

    No need to join one.

    Create your own corp and wait it out for 7 days then anchor your own POS

    No need to wait 7 days anymore. Since standings are no longer required to anchor a control tower in empire space, you can anchor the tower right after creating the corp (correct me if I'm wrong).

    A small tower with an experimental lab is all you need for T3 invention. Add a component array and a subsystem array and you can even manufacture everything T3 (for T3 destroyers, use an advanced small ship assembly instead).