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  • Looking for corp...Eve Programmer in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Wow, Thunk, never thought I'd see the day. If you are looking for a new home with a lot of fired up people (both old and new) that share the same vision, but you still want to be around some familiar faces, give me or Sabre a poke. Check your eve mail. Big smile

  • Manfred Sideous removal from CSM10 in Council of Stellar Management

    Damn. SadSad

  • [MC] - Mercenary Coalition - EVE Online's original mercenary alliance in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Adamai wrote:
    Joshua Foiritain wrote:
    Sabre A wrote:
    Adamai wrote:
    how did you guys keep your alliance name for so long ???????

    Seleene never closed it. He always kept a character in MC

    Actually between 2008-05-13 and 2008-08-28 the alliance was closed and anyone was free to take the name P

    I thought once an alliance/ corp closed the name was gone for good... A bit like the reason we can't change toon names. I thought it a bit odd that you got the name back is all when CCP don't usually allow it.

    I'm not sure what those dates are all about but the name / alliance was never in danger of being out of my control. Sabre A is currently running the show as I don't have the time for such things (running alliances / getting grey hair) these days.

    This version of the MC is being brought to life by players both old and new who are dedicated to the mercenary cause and believe in what they are doing. I wouldn't let the flag fly otherwise. While many other alliances are stumbling around and imploding due to all the recent changes in EVE, MC is growing and thriving and it warms my black heart to see it so.

  • Manfred Sideous for [CSM9] in Council of Stellar Management

    Let me tell you about Manny - I've worked with this guy for the better part of seven years in EVE. My first encounter with him was when he was just running logistics for FIX back in 2006. Even back then I knew there was no way he was just going to fuel POSs forever. Manny is driven to excel, regardless of what his position in an organization is. I've made deals with him. I've fought wars alongside him and, in recent years, followed him into some of EVE's most iconic events. There aren't many players with his resume.

    For some people that play EVE, it's about power or money or influence. Manny? Manny is invariably just trying to HELP people. He has a unique style that encourages you to just relax and enjoy the game. People join his fleets because they know Manny will be the first man in and the last man out. He'll also go broke helping you replace your losses. Over the years he has evolved from being just another player to something rare - Manny is a content creator. He's one of those players that, weather you realize it or not, has influenced the game you are playing by doing nothing more than just PLAYING THE GAME.

    I've known that a CSM run was in the cards for Manny for a couple years now, but I also knew that he wouldn't do it until he felt he could have maximum impact and support. Now is that time.

    Folks, I've seen the CSM from both sides of the coin - as a dev and as a CSM member myself. There have been some truly great people in past (and the current) CSMs that have devoted countless hours to working with CCP to improve this game we all play. I have no doubt at all that Manfred can and should be one of those people in CSM 9. Put this man on your list. Give him a vote. Send him to Iceland to kick ass on behalf of us all.

  • Xander Phoena for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    Qualities of Xander:

    Extreme passion about the EVE community.
    Sets the bar for interviewing skills and dedication.
    This man will wear a kilt to a Winter CSM summit.
    Scottish = no fucks given.

    Xander is the kind of person you want to send to Iceland. He will ask the hard questions and demand answers. I've no doubt that he will also work hard to keep us all informed about what is going on during his term. The NDA stuff will drive him insane, which will also be funny to listen to. Lol

    If you have any doubts, just listen to one of his podcasts then imagine him at the table in Iceland demanding straight talk from the devs. I will certainly be voting for Xander and so should anyone that wants to see the CSM continue to evolve and improve.

  • A Film About Women In Gaming Is Going Ahead in EVE Communication Center

    Kirjava wrote:
    Women who do end up immersed in this culture are in it for pretty much the same reasons, a few years ago a common empty threat was to hire a faction called Mercenary Coalition to come and **** your corporation and everything you held dear.

    It was led by a bored housewife in her downtime and she was one of the most feared players in Eve's history.

    I was also a dev for several years and look like Mila Kunis in real life. Cool

  • A Huge post-Fanfest Thankyou to CCP, from Pandemic Legion. in EVE Communication Center

    I have been to eight FanFests now and, as Pheonus said, the only time I'd been with so many alliance mates before was back in 2007 with about 25-30 Mercenary Coalition bros. This year blew that out of the water. Once I get a good night of home sleep behind me, I'll be blogging about this past week and posting my own pics as well.

    What made this year so amazing was not just the large number of PL bros that attended, but just the sheer number of EVE players from all over the world. I met so many people and got so many man hugs. The best part about FanFest is making new friends and meeting the people behind the pixels. It was so big this year that even though I must have talked to 200+ people, there's still about 1800 friends I didn't get to meet!

    Thank you, CCP, for hosting this amazing event!

  • Dev Blog: CSM 8 Elections--CCP on the impact of the Council in EVE Information Center

    Poetic Stanziel wrote:
    Seleene wrote:
    ... the community has been extraordinarily lucky with the composition of recent CSMs.
    For someone who was AWOL most of the year, you're kinda straight-up full of yourself.

    You should blog some more about how useless CSM 7 has been and back it up with quotes from developers at CCP.

  • Dev Blog: CSM 8 Elections--CCP on the impact of the Council in EVE Information Center

    mynnna wrote:
    Seleene wrote:
    You are not going to sell your T3 Modular Titan, Capital Mining Ship or T2 production replacement idea to Soundwave or Greyscale no matter how drunk they are.

    Or your "bring back tracking titans" ideas, for that matter... Lol

    Admit it - you miss the days of valiant titan pilots poking their nose outside of a POS shield to fire an AoE DD through a cyno kestrel, don't you? Twisted

  • Dev Blog: CSM 8 Elections--CCP on the impact of the Council in EVE Information Center

    While the skeptics and naysayers will deny it, the community has been extraordinarily lucky with the composition and actions of recent CSM’s. Each of the last three CSMs were the right CSM for the time, with the right people on them to keep pushing things forward. CSM 5 showed that even a partially unified CSM could make enough waves to rock the boat; CSM 6 proved the CSM was a force for positive change and could not be ignored; CSM 7 hammered CCP to ~deliver~ on the true potential of the CSM project by demanding and getting unprecedented access. Whoever ends up on CSM 8 will be in an excellent position to keep things moving forward.

    As a CSM candidate, if you think you’re running for CSM so you can go to Iceland and be a Junior Game Designer, that’s not the case. You are not going to sell your T3 Modular Titan, Capital Mining Ship or T2 production replacement idea to Soundwave or Greyscale no matter how drunk they are. Well, probably not. What you CAN do is take those ideas and, along with your fellow CSMs, present them in a context that drives the larger conversation forward; because that’s really what being on the CSM is all about – you are part of a very large, daily and important conversation with the makers of the game. They are people just like you, with many of the same in game frustrations as yourself. Talk to them as you would a corp director about what is pissing you off about some game mechanic and, more often than not, you’ll find common agreement. Where you don’t, it’s an opportunity for intelligent and articulate debate. Should you be elected, expect to work WITH your fellow CSM members more than against. Yes, there are and will be disagreements but time has proven that when you get a bunch of spaceship nerds into one room, be it as a CSM summit or Fanfest, you’re probably going to agree on 95% of everything that is right or wrong about the game.

    As a voter, realize there is no such thing as a ‘perfect politician’, but you should strive to elect people that are capable of seeing all sides of an argument while still being able to stand up for their / your views.

    Thank you to CCP for posting this dev blog and I hope all of this helps people understand a little more about the CSM and what all the fuss is about. Smile

  • Dev blog: Odyssey summer expansion: Starbase iterations in EVE Information Center

    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    Big thanks to everyone who has provided us with their Starbase change requests so far and special thanks to the CSM for being extremely helpful at getting your constructive requests to us.

    FINALLY we can talk about this stuff we've been doing nothing about!!!!! Big smileCool

    Still waiting on LEGOS in space, but this is a good start.

  • [SOLD] Revenant in EVE Marketplace

    1Of9 wrote:
    i posted at 18:00.. my post should be winner

    You mad ****! LOL!!!!

  • CSM 8 - Things that need repairing. in Council of Stellar Management

    Frying Doom wrote:
    Benny Ohu wrote:
    Is the summit really a 'reward'? It's two days of jetlag and meetings. I don't think ccp will only choose to invite who they like, they'll pick who'll be the most useful for the topics under discussion

    Going drinking with the devas is a lot more reward than working all year and getting nothing back.

    Some of us don't drink but are not above getting Executive Producers drunk for the good of all New Eden.

    Frying Doom wrote:
    How do you define most useful

    Based on the activity of the last few CSM's, it's actually hilariously easy - it's defined by those members that consistently articulate an intelligible point of view on the information we are provided with. Rarely is that number more than 7-9 out of the 14 elected and those people are easy to see standouts by the time of the first summit. By continuing this argument, you are effectively advocating for people that aren't doing the work in the first place.

  • CSM 8 - Things that need repairing. in Council of Stellar Management

    Frying Doom wrote:
    And removing this stupid rule letting CCP chose who our delegates are that goes to Iceland.t.

    It's a better idea than letting the community choose to send people to a summit that never say more than 5 sentences over three days or who ONLY speak when it's summit time and do **** all the rest of the year long term. Smile

  • Trebor Daehdoow for CSM8 - The Proven Performer - http://bit.ly/vote-trebor in Council of Stellar Management

    The entire idea of "Alternates" was rendered obsolete the moment CSM 6 started the Skype channels with CCP and we had members that gave more of a damn about helping fix the game than flying to Iceland. In both CSM 6 and CSM 7, everyone had as loud a voice as they wished to have on any subject they wished to air an opinion on. While attending a summit in Iceland is certainly an effective means of lobbying or clarifying a position, the ability for those unable to attend in person to be there virtually has also eliminated the whole "alt" nonsense as well. I'm very happy that it's officially dead.

    No one in CSM 6 or 7 really cared about who was or wasn't an "alt"; all that matters is the effort you put into the whole. In CSM 6 we had Two Step that rose above the efforts of the 'Top Nine'. In CSM 7 both Alek and Hans have proven without a doubt that you can advocate as part of the group no matter what your vote number was.

    But, since it's his thread after all, I can say without hesitation that the one person on the last THREE CSM's that has given as much or more than any other member has been Trebor. I have exactly ZERO stake in his campaign, but I very much want to see some of the new blood in CSM 8 have someone onboard that has proven their mettle over and over again in this arena. It's fine if you disagree with him due to a difference of opinion; vote as you please. But when nearly every CSM that has worked with Trebor over the last three years praises his efforts, that speaks more loudly than anything else.

  • Mynnna for CSM8 in Council of Stellar Management

    I wish you luck, mynnna. The CSM has changed quite a lot in the last 2-3 terms. CCP needs people with smart ideas, an open mind and good communication skills to keep representing the community. I think you're going to be an excellent CSM. Smile

  • Fixing Small Gang PvP, AFK Cloaking, and Local in Council of Stellar Management

    Lee Dalton wrote:
    At this point another capsuleer may board his ship (granting killrights, as this is like stealing a car from a dead man IRL).

    This will also tie in with Dust. You will be able to deploy commandos to assault an enemy ship and attack their oxygen bay. By swapping the oxygen for a deadly nerve gas you will be able to effectively neutralise the enemy ships crew, allowing it to be stolen!

    I don't know how you hacked into CCP Unifex's computer, but I'm telling on you.

  • Trebor Daehdoow for CSM8 - The Proven Performer - http://bit.ly/vote-trebor in Council of Stellar Management

    While there will be some quality candidates running for CSM 8, everyone should save at least one of their votes to ensure Trebor is able to continue carrying the torch. His knowledge of the CSM, the game itself and ability to work with others ensures that he will be an asset for EVERY player. Trebor is passionate about his own opinions, but perfectly capable of being objective when the time for consensus is needed. He has the time and ability to do the hard work necessary to ensure a successful CSM. In my opinion, over three CSM terms, he has proven to be the best of us.

  • Dev Blog: Little Things From Super Friends! in EVE Information Center

    CCP Punkturis wrote:
    My last dev blog before I go on maternity leave (don't worry, I'll be back) so you better leave nice comments!!! Blink

    You write the best dev blogs, bro. So many pics and PINK. Big smile

  • CSM Town Hall to be held Sunday, 3 Feb 2013 - 2000 EVT in Council of Stellar Management

    There is an excellent, bullet point summary of the just completed Town Hall here:


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