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  • Dev blog: Introducing Upwell Refineries in EVE Information Center

    If this comes out without a way to set alliance level ratting taxes i'm going to throw a shitfit.

  • Black ops+ hauling in EVE Communication Center

    It depends heavily on what your existing logistical situation is...

    Have a single jump between a highsec edge system and your nullsec home? A black ops and a blockade runner gives you your own mini jump freighter at the fraction of the price.

    However, in most cases, the combination is only used offensively for sneaky stuff.... Need to drop a POS tower well behind enemy lines so you can store your cap fleet in it but don't have a titan? Black ops bridge.

    It's useful if you have a use for it. I use it once every few months, rarely more.

  • [March] Character's Total Net Worth estimation in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Can we have an ouch-that-hurt feature?

    You know how when your wallet changes it animates and shows how much money gets added or subtracted from it?

    Every time your ship gets blown up... do the same thing, but subtract it away from your total worth \o/

  • API Key Question in EVE Communication Center

    Amojin wrote:
    Even proper locks can't stop thieves when you give them the keys. All they have to do is gain your trust, and in all honesty, for a lot of people, that is an exceedingly easy thing to do if you're the charismatic espionage type.

    That's not how security works most of the time.

    I could give you the keys to a warehouse and you might be able to go in there and take a few things, but security is going to stop you if you bring in 500 trucks and try to clear the place out in 5 minutes without any written authorisation to do it from the higher-ups.

    Limits and triggers are an essential part of any modern security system, EVE has neither (in-game).

  • API Key Question in EVE Communication Center

    Ptraci wrote:
    assets which can easily - EASILY - be stolen because CCP can't code group security to save their lives, then it's not paranoia at all.


    Although having said that, some progress was made with the citadel permissions system.

    Ultimately, eve corps / alliances assets will continue to be "insecure" until CCP opens those functions up to writable API so we can write our own logic for who gets access to what.

    I'd happily dump 100 fitted ships in a hanger that my corp could take... so long as I could write my own logic on top of it.

    Click Button > Request Ship > Writable API is used to contract you one immediately.

    Already requested a ship 5 minutes ago? No more ships for you for a while.

    Vs Click > Drag > You now own 100 fitted ships.

  • Total Net Worth counter feedback thread in EVE Technology and Research Center

    FYI anyone waiting for this, I recommend EVE HQ and it's Prism plugin. Feed it your full API and watch the magic.

  • Total Net Worth counter feedback thread in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Amonios Zula wrote:
    Sentient Blade wrote:
    Speaking of assets... know what would be really cool? A single-click cleanup-rookie-ships option... Last time I did this I had to clear them out at about 100 different stations.

    I could imagine that button causing chaos for anyone who keeps disposable cynoships lying around, >poof< and all your jump nodes are screwed at once Twisted
    Would make a fantastic idiot filter I guess.

    Nah, pretty sure it's not beyond the wit of man to identify what's the exact noobship fit.

  • Total Net Worth counter feedback thread in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Speaking of assets... know what would be really cool? A single-click cleanup-rookie-ships option... Last time I did this I had to clear them out at about 100 different stations.

  • The CODE Bot Aspirant in EVE Communication Center

    Funny music... but from the way it's presented you'd almost think that mining was a high APM activity.

  • [March] Balance Tweaks: Fighters, Supercarriers & Burst Projectors in EVE Technology and Research Center

    So you've made it so fighters will get instablapped even harder by NPCs when they just decide to sit perfectly still after completing a command...

  • [March] Balance Tweaks: Focused Warp Scrambling Script in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Less HIC cancer is good.

    I'd like to see some more interesting gameplay vs just letting it cycle on a target though.

    Maybe give the scram script a longer range than what you're proposing, say 40km, with a combined grapple effect, then give it a 10 second activation and slap a 30 - 40 second reactivation on it.

    That way it's powerful for snatching targets, and allowing other ships to get on top of them to land hard tackle, but really lacking when it comes to holding a ship down entirely by itself.

    Non-scripted HIC beams would continue to have infi-points.

  • Dev blog: Sleeping beauty - How one of the oldest bugs in EVE ... in EVE Information Center

    CCP Snorlax wrote:
    Tonto Auri wrote:
    I'm wondering though. Do C++ supports the concept of destructors?
    In a language that does, I would place all cleanup code in a destructor and call it a day. Especially service objects cleanup.

    Sure, but the Python C API is just that - a C API, not a C++ API.


    Don't be silly, wrap your... C resource types inside reference countered pointers with suitable encapsulation.

  • Dev blog: Sleeping beauty - How one of the oldest bugs in EVE ... in EVE Information Center

    Sentient Blade wrote:
    All the same, pretty nasty.

    Oops. Just quoting myself as when I was reading through this again I realised my "pretty nasty" comment could be taken incorrectly.

    I meant it was a pretty nasty bug.

  • Dev blog: Sleeping beauty - How one of the oldest bugs in EVE ... in EVE Information Center

    CCP Snorlax wrote:
    Yes, there are two kinds of sleepers.

    Ones that wreck your ships and ones that wreck your code? :-)

  • Dev blog: Sleeping beauty - How one of the oldest bugs in EVE ... in EVE Information Center

    Kicked in the teeth by pointers.... You are now truly an elite programmer.

    All the same, pretty nasty.

    Then again, whoever wrote the original class didn't take much care to make it easy for themselves or their future colleagues, that's for sure...

    It hurts my head to see void Synchro::RemoveSleeper( Heap &sleepers, ...) where it's being passed its own class member as a reference. Out of curiosity are there other heaps of sleepers in use or was this a nasty port of some C code?

    Nice job finding it.

  • CSM 11 Summit 2 Minutes Have Been Released in Council of Stellar Management

    Bobmon asked about the possibility of having two overview lists displayed at once, as this would help pilots maintain better situational awareness. 

    CCP replied that while it was something to consider, but they also wanted to make sure that they didn't remove opportunities for skillful players to make a difference. 

    Wut kind of nonsense is this...

    The ability to cope with real-life eye strain and/or have more displayed at once because of monitor resolutions don't make a player good. The overview UI in a fleet fight, particularly small gang, is like trying to read a financial spreadsheet where the rows and values keep on changing order.

    Give us the multi overview.

    In fact, give us multi-multi overview... I know that I would straight away create 3 for logistics purposes... My fleet, enemy fleet, my logi.

    CCP Fozzie said they have some ideas and they did want to make a change, but also had a separate proposal for feedback: making it so that Rorquals could only PANIC when in proximity to an asteroid. The CSM was receptive 
    to the idea.

    In b4 100-rorqual hot-drops that can mine the entire asteroid belt in seconds so there's no roids nearby to allow panic to be activated.

  • So, scanning is getting another improvement pass, while... in EVE Communication Center

    Thomas Lot wrote:
    Even moon mining (one of the more complex aspects of the game) is receiving much needed attention with the drilling platforms.

    You mean those things which are probably never going to exist along with observation arrays and player built stargates?

  • Nullification and Interdiction in EVE Technology and Research Center


    * Fewer, more powerful bubbles. Potential sov bonuses.

    * No or severely restricted interdiction nullification on combat ships.

    * People need a means of travelling quickly and unencumbered in non-combat ships.

    Semi-permanent area-of-effect warp inhibitors (bubbles) should be part of "owning your space".

    I mean, the stargate you presumably have some control of by it being in your space just decided it was going to bring in an entire hostile fleet, so having some bubbles is not a big ask.

    However, massive bubble camps with 30 on each gate is not my idea of fun. I'd much rather see a one or two specialist T2 bubbles, potentially in the region of 100m - 200m ISK, that are capable of enveloping a whole stargate out to say 50km, with the requirements that they MUST to be anchored within a certain range of a celestial (station, citadel, stargate) and no other bubbles can be anchored near them. Then make normal bubbles either decay after 6 hours, or don't let them be dropped near those sites at all.

    This would take it from a situation where we would have 40 bubbles on a gate, to maybe 2 semi-permanent bubbles on a gate. Make them reinforcable, but turn off their interdiction effects when RF'd, just like standard deployables.

    Give a bonus to range based on sov, maybe.

    Regarding interdiction nullification:

    Getting from point A to B in a dictor-nullified ceptor is extremely helpful. Travelling is among the most tedious parts of EVE, so doing it as quickly as possible, with as little interruption as possible, is a quality of life thing for me.

    However, should combat ships (those able to fit cynos / tackle) be able to do it?

    I think not. It's too overpowered. It has its place, but right now it's a bad ecosystem, Interdiction nullification and offensive action should be mutually exclusive in all but very specialist ships. I DO think there should be a cheaper, mass producible ship akin to ceptors that allow people to travel between two points quickly (Player-built luxury yachts) but they shouldn't be able to tackle you or light a cyno once they're there.

    I suppose a "traditional" solution would be to move dictor nullification to a module with a 1 or 2 minute cycle that grants the dictor nullification trait, but also knocks out ewar, cynos and DPS.

    Dictor nullified blockade runners? Yes please! Logistics is hell, and doing it is often thankless. Anything to make it a bit easier for the run-of-the-mill player who can't afford 8 billion isk for a personal jump freighter is a good thing and encourages a bit of self-dependency.

  • Unscheduled Downtime Extension - 2017/01/26 in EVE Communication Center

    Still spinning my wheels at login here.

    Edit: System loaded now.

  • Next development cycle? in EVE Communication Center

    Last CSM the CSM pushed hard to get rid of remaps... yet we still have remaps.

    Remaps suck.

    Profanity removed. - ISD Fractal