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  • Holo-film condemned by Khanid theologians in EVE Communication Center

    Good ridance! I've seen the previous holoflick by the same director, "Piranhas conquered Hedion" and found it completely boring. Not even the gore was fun or well done. It wasn't cheesy enough.

  • ........ in EVE Communication Center

    Because, apparently, her own team "can't do without her" and her absence is the reason of defeat. Being so, she wants the honor and glory that would come with a victory, which should have happened if she had been present, even if her team didn't deserve/earn it. And, apparently, that is very important to her weak self-esteem.

  • [DUTY] AAR 19 JULY YC 115 -- Unprovoked attacks on PFDC by Diana Kim of State Protectorate in EVE Communication Center

    Veikitamo Gesakaarin wrote:
    I have provided my conclusions on the incident in question as part of the second portion of this After Action Report.

    Yes, good to see you've uploaded the second part now. And it clears everything, without sign of doubt.

  • [DUTY] AAR 19 JULY YC 115 -- Unprovoked attacks on PFDC by Diana Kim of State Protectorate in EVE Communication Center

    It's sad to see those that should be allies turn their guns against each other. Is there any explanation for captain Kim's actions? In my land, attacking a friendly unknowingly is called "friendly fire", but knowingly it is called treason...

  • New Pilot Introduction in EVE Communication Center

    Welcome to the egger side of things, captain Keng. You would probably do best in ignoring this den os self-loving egotistic psycopaths we call the Inter Galactic Summit, but I guess it is too late now for that. I wish you well in your mining endeavours, and if you need anything just drop a line.

  • [T.R.I.A.D] Preparations for region-wide attack on Amarr citizens in EVE Communication Center

    DeT Resprox wrote:
    You'll find we raided Providence on our return from Amarrian CONCORD controlled space last week...and we will do so again. In fact, a prolonged strike into that very region is part of our plan - much of which shall remain confidential to agency members only.

    I have a respect for CVA as long-term enemies of mine from the very beginning, as is the same for PIE from a battlefield stance - i have every disrespect for what you both stand for which will see us continue to meet on the field after ten long years.

    One of the fine tinkering points from these campaigns i am about to launch is that i am able to grant rewards for shooting down specific alliances, corporations or specific pilots....pilots such as yourself.

    I may be hard to find in space during the next month due to medical problems, but look forward to you trying to hunt me afterwards. But that's not what you and your corporation are announcing here. We are a paramilitary unit, we fight the war so others don't have to, and so do you. But in your corporation's initial statement it is pretty clear that your targets are not the paramilitaries fighting in the frontlines, but the miners who go peacefully with their lives in our space.

    And attacking civilians is something I believe takes all the legitimacy and respect you may deserve. I don't care that we don't agree on political forms, civil rights, rulership, etc. That's what war is for. But attacking civilian miners is piracy, and that deserves no respect.

    The rest of the words you and your corporation have been saying here, all those "difficult words", only mean that you are cowards with a good publicity department. But the truth can still be summed up down here in your own words, and until you fight the war against the soldiers and not the civilians, you deserve no respect:

    DeT Resprox wrote:
    All mining corporations, no matter their military power, shall be declared war upon should they be found to be mining in any Amarrian held system.

  • Action message from House Aqua caerule and Deus Fides Empire. in EVE Communication Center

    Derek Quaid wrote:
    This couldn't possibly have anything to do with the need for more human shields to protect CVA's assets in light of this announcement, could it?

    That announcement? Seriously, captain Quaid? I've heard threats by cats that seemed more serious and dangerous than that announcement by that collection of cowards that call themselves TRIAD.

    As for the original announcement, it's great news that you bring, captain Cutter. Hail to the Curatores!

  • [T.R.I.A.D] Preparations for region-wide attack on Amarr citizens in EVE Communication Center

    kraiklyn Asatru wrote:
    @Sepherim, I'd love to kill more CVA put most of those carebears seem to be hiding in the arse end called providence

    If you are such a mighty corporation, willing to declare war on the whole of the industrial base of the Empire and with such a high amount of kills and so little losses, why not proceed to attack them in Providence? Are you afraid of all their carebears there?

    As I said before, a corporation of cowards.

  • [T.R.I.A.D] Preparations for region-wide attack on Amarr citizens in EVE Communication Center

    I must admit I was going to let this one go by when I saw the topic, just another grandilocuent declaration with little reality behind it. Yet, I didn't, and the words here only made me confirm my initial expectations.

    DeT Resprox wrote:
    Targets within the Amarr and Caldari militias have been hunted down inside their own CONCORD patrolled systems. Enemy navy resistance is present to attempt putting a stop to the T.R.I.A.D offensive as our militia members take to the battlefront.

    So, in simpler terms: you ran away from the frontlines where our soldiers and your soldiers are, and ran to attack miners and other unprepared civilians behind them. And we are supposed to be the barbarians here? Then again, I don't know what I'm surprised about, considering the Republic has invaded the Empire and the Federation in the last few years, so we're clearly not the aggresive side of the story.

    Jamyl Sarum, or more properly Empress Jamyl I, [...] billions in attendance

    Thank you for the lesson on well known history. It's good to see you do know the basic historical facts of the last years, even if you don't add anything anyone else didn't know already.

    Behind the veil of her Amarr Navy, orders are issued through military agents for the evil denizens of Amarr to strike out against the Minmatar. Likewise, organizations send out Matari warriors to strike back against the Amarrian threat. The Sarum family has always been the most belligerent of the royal families, always willing to take up arms whenever required. The family has vested interest in the Amarr military and the armaments industry. They are the only royal family that wants to revive the Reclaiming efforts of old....and in recent weeks has been succeeding.

    More and more Amarrian fighters are being put against the Republic and it is time for us to strike back and hit them where those warriors are born. We need to mount a strike into the Amarrian homeworlds itself - into the very heart guarded by the Amarrian Navy and to tear down all those we see as a threat to the Minmatar Republic!

    Oh, I see a good amount of propaganda here! "Evil denizens" (really, all denizens of the Empire are evil? Are you really that simplistic?), "strike against the Minmatarr" (remember, your Republic started this war when they invaded the Empire, not the other way round!), "the amarrian threat" (really? You invade the Empire and the Federation, and we are the threat?), ... I guess that's enough to point out how obviously mistaken, propagandistic and false your statement is as a whole. And with it, your mission.

    Our latest two week campaign into enemy CONCORD patrolled space within Caldari and Amarrian held regions has seen heavy losses on the enemy front.

    Four hundred and twenty enemy pilots have been shot down to thirty one losses. This amounts to some 25 billion isk in assets destroyed to two point five billion lost...our pilots have been rewarded for their assaults upon the enemy.

    Killing is not difficult when you prey behind the enemy lines on solitary pilots going from one place to another. How many of these kills were actually in a proper combat fleet? How many of them were following the orders of a trained fleet commander, and flying combat-oriented ships? Without that information, your claims hold little value beyond confirming that you just hunt the weak and the unprepared.

    Whilst the Amarrian war machine continues to throw their fleets against our people, we have no choice than to break the cogs which turn it....

    All mining corporations, no matter their military power, shall be declared war upon should they be found to be mining in any Amarrian held system.

    Which, of course, is confirmed here. Instead of following and focusing on your ancient enemy CVA, an alliance full of combat hardened pilots, you devote all your words to announcing you will be wardeccing neutral mining corporations that work in the Amarrian held systems. Congratulations! You've just told the whole of the IGS that yours is a corporation of cowards, who like to pirate supposedly following "republican ideas". Not bad, pirate, you don't even deserve the term "freedom fighter".

  • CEP dissolves State Executor Position in EVE Communication Center

    And with this, another chapter in the book of History is closed. We'll see where the State goes from here on, but being back to its roots is always a turn for the better.

  • [PIE] Announcing PIE Public Tour in EVE Communication Center

    It was a pleasure and a honor to meet you all and fly with those I had the chance to. Hope to see you all in space again soon.

  • Looking for a missing person in EVE Communication Center

    In order to find the missing person with so little information, pilots would need to know the details of the group experimenting on you: when was it closed, where was it located, what were they working on, etc. With that information, the group can be found, put to justice if it is appropriate, and get a list of test subjects and scientist to show to you so you can identify the person you're looking for.

    I'm afraid I don't have contacts in the State, though, so I can't help much. But this would be a possible way.

  • My ship needs cleaning in EVE Communication Center

    There's a small corporation based off Mabnen's Emperor Family, it's called Monocle Dispositions. I've heard they do miracles disposing of... well, anything. So I'm sure they might help.


    Valerie Valate wrote:
    Evi Polevhia wrote:
    a group of goats

    You know who else has goats ?

    Leopold Caine.

    Transparent as a pane of glass. Stillwater is behind this.

    For Sure.

    And here I was thinking such a massive heist as this could have only been handled by the Guiding Hand Social Club...


    Morwen Lagann wrote:
    This is the work of a complete amateur, if true. Not really "breaking" news, let alone worth being on the IGS. We've got more important drivel to rabble about on here than a poorly-executed, low-profit corp theft against a corporation that's already got a record for not making the best decisions.

    Really? Like discussing slavery for the 100th time, or the relations between Minmatarr and Gallente over again, or the latest egotistic post of some pilot? I believe that the entry level for "being worth a post on the IGS" is quite a low barrier, captain Lagann. Not to say this one is particularly interesting, but neither are most.

    As for corporate theft... you can name it as you like, stealing is stealing, it's illegal, and I'm against it.

  • JI YOUNG KIM BAP is going public in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    I wish you the best in this next step in your corporation, captain Ji-Young. May your delicacies make many people happy, and more now that other pilots are capable of joining you.

  • I extend my greetings to my fellow capsuleers in EVE Communication Center

    Makkal Hanaya wrote:
    Sepherim wrote:
    And another small advice: always be careful of those outside the propper path. It is too easy to stray, and too hard to remain in the right direction, a moment of doubt and you end up becoming one captain Vialia...

    That's right, a mere moment of doubt, a single stumble and you'll...

    ...be considered a national hero.
    ...become stupidly wealthy.
    ...gain an empire and then lose it in a spectacular fashion.
    ...throw parties people talk about for years.
    ...become reviled by your former peers.
    ...inspire fear in anyone with a lick of sense.

    While I wouldn't wish for anyone to become Vitalia, certain levels of infamy require more than 'a moment of doubt.'

    Wealth, empires, parties, fear... those mean nothing by themselves. Just things. They require more than a moment of doubt, indeed, but it all starts in that same moment in which you are plunged into darkness. From there, the weak become just pawns, the strong become horrid monsters, but none the less, they all begin the same. And end the same way.

    And no, captain Vitalia, I don't ostracize anyone. I even speak with you the few times we meet in The Summit, as much as my gusts may want to empty themselves at the thought. And I do so with as much politeness as I can muster. So, please, when you spread your lies, try to make them a bit more believable. Not as easily destroyed as a simple quote from the ship logs. And, considering your the most vile of snakes, it is pretty obvious I won't ostracize a person for chosing to find his path in the Federation, as I don't reject our rivals in the Republic. We may be at war, but we're all people... even if it's sometimes hard to remember that you are too, underneath all the pose and the blood.

  • I extend my greetings to my fellow capsuleers in EVE Communication Center

    And another small advice: always be careful of those outside the propper path. It is too easy to stray, and too hard to remain in the right direction, a moment of doubt and you end up becoming one captain Vialia, or captain Caine. Lost forever. Find your path, trust your learning and your corp mates, ask honest questions and accept honest answers, and you'll be one of the few worth listening to in these halls.

    In any case, welcome to space. The darkness begins here.

  • Visiting The Garden of Contemplation in EVE Communication Center

    I'm not much of a poetic person, and haven't studied much the art of words. But I've liked both poems, as different as they come, they both do carry their messages well and stirr something inside. Can't say much more, as I don't know much more on the matter, but I've liked them quite a lot.

  • Amarr Empire Quafegate in EVE Communication Center

    Laurienne 'Quafegirl' Cherbourg wrote:
    I put you down too! ♥

    This just proves the little legitimacy of this failed attempt. In any case, do proceed, I'd like to know if you find any willing federal senator to join your cause and fail miserably in such an empty and void attempt to interfere in the complex net that imperial politics is when it comes to how a Holder can handle his slaves. Do go on and fail miserably, it'll be fun to watch. Better than all this gross and empty drooling anyway.

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