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  • I just took every ISK that Bombers Bar had - AMA in EVE Gameplay Center

    Olmeca Gold wrote:
    Amber Skir wrote:
    Templeman N was the only reason to fly with Bombers Bar, when he went BB died. P

    If you think so because his charisma, you are right htat there hasn't been such a charismatic FC after him. Nova tried to approximate, but nobody can be him.

    If you think so because content, then BB had much better content only after Tempelman. Best bombing runs, new kind of bombing runs, billions of kills, titan kills, supercap kills all happened after Tempelman.

    He was a charismatic guy with a great idea for Eve. He wasn't the best person in implementing the idea. For example, whenever he had a whaling fleet, he would often rely on 1 guy hunting a specific target or a region. It was only after him BB realized distributing multiple hunters inside a jumprange, instead of using 1 guy who aims to take all the credit and glory of hunting, was a best practice in covert ops whaling.

    As is often the case elsewhere, in bombers bar they remember the charismatic friendly guy much more than the guy working behind the scenes to develop and influence things. Sometimes that can be good though.

    Anyway it's pretty crazy to see Bombers Bar STILL going. I joined up in early 2012 when it was just kicking off and our fleets were under 10 people. To see it grow and develop and end up actually hunting and killing caps and supers is amazing.

    But on the downside yeah there are a lot of shithead people that drummed up drama and caused problems in order to get themselves ahead. That's the same with just about any organization. The issue with NPSI groups is that they don't have the structure to enforce any form of power model.

    I think there was a CSM member or something who said he'd do something about that. Instead CCP made small gang pvp in 0.0 great again. Whatever happened to all that...Cool

  • Zkill guide to Running for CSM 12 by rhiload in Council of Stellar Management

    Murkar Omaristos wrote:
    I've lost all respect for Hyde as a result of his posts in this thread. Sad to see that happen as one of my favourite youtubers.

    But you went full Kanye man. Never go full Kanye.

    Probably the best way of putting it.

  • Zkill guide to Running for CSM 12 by rhiload in Council of Stellar Management

    Dunhill 1 wrote:
    Mr Hyde113 wrote:
    As an outgoing member of CSM 11 who, along with Gorski, primarily focused on mechanics, balance, and small gang/solo issues, I must voice my strong opposition to the candidacy of rhiload, and urge those voters who care about these issues to instead back Suitonia, who is vastly more experienced and qualified, to fulfil this role on CSM 12. With the reduction in the number of CSM seats this year from 14 to 10, it is important that 'non-bloc' entities like the small gang/solo community further concentrate their top votes behind serious candidates that can bring a depth of understanding and experience to CCP on these topics, rather than wasting them on charlatans such as rhiload.

    The success and popularity of rhiload's meme video series 'Zkill Guides' this year is undoubtedly impressive and has at long last brought a particular style of comedy video popular in other games to EVE. However, this success should not be misinterpreted as an indicator of his knowledge or experience on the topics of balance and small gang/solo PVP, but rather just as a showing of his ability to entertain and satirise. Unfortunately for him, neither of these skills are valuable or necessary in the role of a CSM member and would actually would detract from the hard work CSM 11 did to restore productive and serious relations with CCP by trivialising important discussions on balance topics.

    Despite his comparisons to me in regards to garnering a CSM candidacy backing from videomaking success, I respectfully disagree with this false equivalency. I would instead draw comparisons between rhiload and CSM 10 member WingspannTT (Chance Ravinne) who demonstrated how youtube popularity without any substance to back it up, makes for a hollow and useless CSM member. Although I certainly encourage his continued content creation which brings a smile to many-an-EVE player, I want to warn prospective voters on the dangers of letting rhiload's comedic success propel him above his station.

    Having spent many hours and days over the past year working with CCP to have game balance taken as an issue seriously, I cannot in good conscious allow an EVE youtube comedian to get away with exploiting his recent popularity to masquerade as an expert on a topic he is not qualified to speak on.

    *I understand that rhiload may take this as a personal insult, however, I only voice this opposition because I care about this game and these topics, and have too much respect for the CSM-CCP relationship to allow a meme candidate to detract from the serious work of the council. I do not know him personally and am sure he's a nice person and dedicated player.

    I am sorry but isnt your fame mostly from vids man?

    Flying a blinged out marauder in militia space against T1 destroyers and cruisers mostly.

  • Nullification and Interdiction in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I think it's an extremely useful tool for allowing content to be developed. Sending in a quick scout to get tackle on something pushes people into conflict. Really the only people I can see complain about ceptors are krabs who want to AFKtar and talent-less gate campers salty over not being able to just F1 on ceptors.

    I wouldn't even mind making it an AoE module to be used with fuel (one ceptor can get their fleet through bubbles once or something) and making specific bubbles that could counter it. Adding more variation, not less, to the game is good. Is it perfect as it is now? No. Can we do more and develop it further? Certainly.

  • Capri Sun KraftFoods - CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    "They both need attention, but I'd say null sec needs it more urgently. Null sec has had a complete overhaul in the last year and a bit, those changes now need review and iteration as there are some major glaring issues. "

    Like what specifically?

  • Vic Jefferson for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Probably the single most develop platform of anyone running for CSM currently.

  • Capri Sun KraftFoods - CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Rolled back how?

    What about the sov mechanics would you want changed?

  • Capri Sun KraftFoods - CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    What are some of the main changes you would propose?

  • Killah Bee for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    What ideas/changes would you introduce into Eve? Essentially what is your platform?

  • Vince Draken for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    1. What would you change about capitals?

    2. What would you change about faction battleships?

    3. Ideas/thoughts on citadels?

    4. Changes to sov system?

    5. Ideas about smallgang?

  • On the status of Thera as a wormhole in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ransu Asanari wrote:
    Seraph, why are you quoting our shitposts? You are not Therabois. Take note - this is how it's done:


    Do not be fooled brother. I handle finances from a small wealthy elite group of Amarr princes that, bobwilling, will continue supporting your righteous cause.

  • On the status of Thera as a wormhole in EVE Gameplay Center

    There is a slogan repeated continuously by apologetic “du’āt” when flirting with the wormholers and that is their statement: “Thera is not a wh,” and they mean wh by the word wormhole. They have repeated this slogan so much to the extent that some of them alleged that thera calls to permanent peace with kufr and the kāfirīn. How far is their claim from the truth, for Bob has revealed thera to be the system of the wspace-, and the evidence for this is so profuse that only a zindīq (heretic) would argue otherwise. *‘Alī Ibn Abī Thearbib (Omega- Altherabi ‘anh) * said, *“Bob's Messenger (sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) was sent with four geckos: *a gecko for the ishtar, {And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the mushrikīn wherever you find them, ~Stunt Flores}, *a gecko for 100MN Vexor Navy Issue, a gecko for the Cloaky stratios in jihazyd for Anime Masters in Deklein. Fight those who do not believe in Thera or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Bob made unlawful, the carrier ratting in the dronelands. This verse is a fundamental basis for the obligation to fight against the apostate carrier ratting. At-Tabarī reported in his tafsīr that amongst the Salaf, ‘Alī TEST Abī Minions, Qatar Al-AQUILA inc, al-V0LTA al-Basrī, ad-Dekleinhāk, and Ibn JaMorduz said this verse encompassed Ross Al-Lindeno (Bob's sword against carrier ratting), his companions (Fatyn Al-Theari), and their war against the apostate carrier ratting – the followers of MusaylaMittani al-Dekleni and those who resisted the obligation of zakāh. Bob (ta’ālā) also sent down iron alongside the revelation to consolidate His rulings by the Macharield forged with Phased Plasma L. He (ta’ālā) said, {We have sent Our Therabois with clear evidences and sent down with them the Scripture and the balance that the people may maintain [their affairs] in justice. And We sent down iron, wherein is great military might and benefits for the people, and so that Bob may make evident those believing in the unseen who support Him and His messengers. Indeed, Bob is Powerful and Exalted in Might} [Al-Omega-Thrai: 25]. Bob (ta’ālā) also described what should be struck with the sword, {Remember when your Lord revealed to the angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon their Thanatos and strike from them every gecko”}

  • [June Release] Combat Booster Legalization in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Mundi Comedentis wrote:
    I am not very good with words. but dont partly legialize it. L
    LEGALIZE IT, all the way. allow production in Hi Sec. do it the legal way we do in real life. TAX it, ISSUE Premits for ISK Fee's

    No. That's a terrible idea. Production in highsec is already the overwhelming majority.

  • Opus's Third Party Service in EVE Marketplace

    Great third party service. Has been known to be generous with his own titan.

  • [June Release] Combat Booster Legalization in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Skia Aumer wrote:
    Kult Udikai wrote:
    Steve Ronuken wrote:

    That's it.

    The only thing that's been done is an entire profession will be removed from the game. A corner of the sandbox will be gone. It's like removing rats from anoms, banning scams, or removing industrial ships. (Yes, I realize these are possibly extreme examples.)

    That's a common thing in recent CCP changes. They remove feature after feature, giving nothing instead. Or even worse, they deliver crap like daily quests. Remember they removed jump clone installation restriction? No one even asked for it.

    When CCP Seagull was in charge, she said that enablers are very needed for EVE, yet they are being treated, and I quote, "like sh*t". She promised to change that and give them more love. But now CCP Fozzie is leading the way and here we go - another bunch of players are claimed unnecessary.

    That being said, I support legalization. Boosters already have their built-in drawbacks and with that legality issues they are just simply ignored by most players. But give us something instead! I mean, EVE is a huge universe. Yet, logistics give so little content (other than tedium).

    What's the point of sperging a laundry list of things you disagree with if you're only going to agree with the OP? shoo go away

  • [118.6] Capital Balancing in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Did void bombs really need a nerf? I can understand wanting the skill in question to play a factor but yeah...

  • [June Release] Combat Booster Legalization in EVE Technology and Research Center

    That would be terrible. Drug production should be exclusive to players.

  • [June Release] Combat Booster Legalization in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Yeah remove it from HS market orders would be great. It still requires you to interact with a dealer. That's probably the best option.

  • [June Release] Combat Booster Legalization in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The best way to balance this of course is to establish some sort of tax. The empires may legalize drugs but this does not mean they won't want to tax the hell out of it. This way individual "face to face" dealers don't lose their gameplay.

  • Noir. [Est. 2008] in EVE Gameplay Center

    I don't think any of this has to do with MC.