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  • Faction Warfare questions in EVE Gameplay Center

    This has been a very interesting thread and I appreciate everyone's input, comments and opinion. If you don't mind I have some follow on questions:

    I plan to commit this character to FW completely and i assume that means a permanent standing loss against the opposing factions. I would like to go Caldari as they are the underdogs. If all I cared about was farming LP I would go Amarr.

    I agree that living in low sec is the best way.

    On picking my initial new home (and assuming I am on my own for next couple of months):

    1. Do I pick a low sec system currently "owned" by Caldari?
    Yes, or one in non-fw low sec right next to the war zone. Cal mil members will be able to help you more there.
    2. Should I pick one that is less contested so that the home station is likely to remain in Caldari hands? Any suggestions would be helpful.
    Most 'home' systems stay relatively deplexed.
    3. Can I find one with a vibrant market for T1 ships and T2 modules? I would rather buy atrons and incursus frigs from my station than black frog them in if possible.
    Most corps worth their salt provide in corp/alliance logistics.

    On mechanics:

    1. Once I enlist in FW would I likely see mostly blue pilots in and around the home station?For the most part. Or neutrals.

    2. Do FW enemies (red) camp the stations? Not really, it's pretty boring and Gallente aren't usually that desperate for kills.

    3. Do neutral (pirates) saturate these system killing FW pilots of both sides? Yep, you'll learn who they are fairly quickly.

    4. Will FW blue kill other blues when they feel like it? Not really, mostly overview mistakes or something of the sort.

    On security status (I have sec status 5 on all my characters, so I know nothing about going negative):

    1. Does defending myself from a non FW neutral constitute sec status loss? If you fire first, yes. But better to shoot first and ask if he meant harm after he's in a capsule. But if he shoots first, no.

    2. Do gate guns fire on people in low sec with low sec status? Nope.

    3. Does initiating an attack on a FW neutral cause sec status loss? Yep

    4. Do FW corps frown on a pirate level (-10) sec status? I don't want to mess up chances in joining on in a couple of months.
    Lol I'm full pirate, so no.

    On joining fleets:

    1. Do I just look for a public fleet using fleet finder? You can, though random gatherings arent usually of top quality.

    2. Do I need to ask permission to join (etiquette) Eh, no.

    3. Do I introduce myself when I join the fleet. No need, otherwise it would clutter comms with introductions. However, when relaying intel or statuses, state your name, then the info. So they know who's talking.

    4. Do I just warp to fleet members to find where they are? No, ask for fleet location.

    5. Is there a TS setup for fleets or is it all keyboard? TS3 is fairly popular.

    On being helpful:

    1. Should I do offensive / defensive plexes? Starting with novice? Is this just "farming" lp or does it really help the effort? if you're plexing enemy bases or such, it's helping the effort. Otherwise it's just making lp.

    2. Should I donate all my LP to upgrade the systems? Some percent of it? Eh, I wouldn't tbh.

    3. Does doing FW missions help the effort or is it just "farming LP"? This increases my standing with the Militia, so thats good right?
    Eh, they're just sources of income. Nothing more.

  • Militia Choice in EVE Gameplay Center

    The person who got me into the game had picked a Gallente character and was enrolled in Gallente faction war. So, naturally, when I joined the game even though I picked a Caldari character, I joined his corp in Gallente and have stayed ever since.

  • Faction Warfare questions in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ashlar Vellum wrote:
    Rinai Vero wrote:
    Liafcipe9000 wrote:

    basing yourself in a hisec system that neighbours a lowsec system that's part of the war zone gives you the advantage of always being able to dock at your home station. that should answer 2 of your questions.

    Never listen to anyone who tells you this. Worst FW advice possible.

    Base in lowsec. If you don't know where, try to join fleets with organized militia guys and find out where they operate. If you are flying around in the hot areas, you will see who they are. If you fly with them they will see who you are, and you'll be in a good spot to join them.

    Why so? He is new so he don't know what is what and who is who, so basing out of high-sec for a first month isn't such a bad advice.

    In my experience, I learned a lot more once I started basing in low-sec. High-sec as your base doesn't give you the same risk/reward feel of even undocking when you're new. Everything seems more amped up when even undocking puts you at risk of dying and, in my opinion, is the best way to learn.

  • Small Gang PVP in EVE Gameplay Center

    Having done FW for 3 years now, I've had more than my fair share of small gang fights. Not saying join FW, but find out where the more active FW corps on any given side base out of and take a small gang of your friends. Most corps will try to bring an even fight against neutrals if they're not acting like pricks.

  • Frustrated new pvp player looking for advice in EVE Gameplay Center

    PvP, as approached by Shadow Adanza:

    - Fly something cheap
    - If you have a 3% chance of winning, take the fight... unless you think they'll get mad and rage in local if you don't. Tears > Fights sometimes. It's all on entertainment value there.
    - Try out new/unusual fits. Don't be afraid to go against the grain and try other fits that aren't the typical cookie cutters. Some of the pilots do research on recent losses and like to see what their opponent favors. Try to be as unpredictable as possible. The less your opponent knows about you before the fight, the better.
    - #yolo
    - #swag

    You're gonna lose some when trying to get the hang of it, but don't get discouraged. After a fight, don't be afraid to convo the other pilot (after warping pod/ship off) and asking on things you could've done better. A good chunk of pilots are more than willing to help out and offer tips. Just always remember that in the end it's just a game.

  • FC in FW? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Whenever I FC, it's my goal to get my entire fleet killed. I publicly state as much before we undock. That way if anyone survives, they're very happy about actually making it. If they don't... well, they knew what they were getting into.

  • Reitsato Burning... in EVE Gameplay Center

    I blame Than. And chat. And Crosi. And XG.

    Screw it. I blame all of gal mil.

  • lack of Gal Mil Civil War in EVE Gameplay Center

    I could never imagine myself being gallente...


    ... wait a minute!

  • People stealing loot after a fight and then dropping fleet and comms in EVE Gameplay Center

    ALUCARD 1208 wrote:
    Ammon Dei wrote:
    Crosi Wesdo wrote:

    For the purposes of this drama it is requested that you ignore the facts and react on a purely emotional level. Thats how Gallactica explained it to me anyway.

    Have you obtained permission from your new alliance overlords to make further comments upon this subject?

    The good news is that at least this time we had a good reason to Wardec someone. I can remember Wardec's for less reasons.

    "Torpedo", Torpedo, Torpedo"

    hehehe "torpedo gate" a classic wardec ;)

    Don't forget "intel only".

  • People stealing loot after a fight and then dropping fleet and comms in EVE Gameplay Center

    Crosi Wesdo wrote:
    Gallactica wrote:
    Princess Nexxala wrote:
    We had issues with them in the past but it seemed to have stabilized. Not really surprising, but my recent run ins with them have all been positive.

    I too would boot any loot thieving douches from my corp, but most folks don't look at it that way. Hope you guys can work it all out, but if not... enjoy blowing each other up. :)

    Don't mind XG, he is new to trolling. Also lets hope the majority of that guys gal kills are from when he was in snuff.

    Nope, in TIPIAKS 27.11.13 - 11.2.14.

    Just to play devils advocate, some look like they couldve been duels. Others are from his own corp. Others could be newbs shooting him because he is flashy. I had a hawk do that to me like 2 days ago, couldnt kill him tho because of terrible maulus dps, and no one was willing to take standings hits backing me up lol.

    I must not have been online. I'd have shot him.

  • How do I get Caldari to fight me? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Theroine wrote:
    Not to be a negative Nancy, but looking at your KB for the month, for all but one of your ship kills you were flying with a Rapier pilot. I would venture to say you were bait dangled by the cloaked Rapier. I can only wonder why pilots aren't engaging you. Pirate

    Going further, it looks like apart from flying with the Rapier, they only fly in 10+ man fleets sans the few small gang, only one solo kill that I noticed.

    OP:"How do I get Caldari to fight me" go out on your own, you'll find somebody to fight you.

  • How do I get Caldari to fight me? in EVE Gameplay Center

    You don't. You warp into a Caldari fleet in a plex and they all cloak up.

  • Taking the plunge in EVE Gameplay Center

    Try all sorts of different fits, mess around and see what works. If it dies, it dies. Who cares? Poorly fit experimental ships have the added bonus of making your killer feel like less of a man.

  • Real War Gains/Consequences and Rebalance in EVE Gameplay Center


  • PVP Training for corps, an advert. in EVE Gameplay Center

    QCats need to learn how to pvp.

  • Project Kairos Jump Freighter Service for Calmil in EVE Gameplay Center

    Please list all JF toons that you'll be using. For security purposes, of course.

  • FW farming.... It's getting REALLY lame. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Veskrashen wrote:
    Shadow Adanza wrote:
    I don't like that the system rewards cowardice and that I have to spend time chasing stabbed cloaky alt after stabbed cloaky alt out of my home system. I have enough warp core stabs from loot to fit the entire warzone twice over. But it's a system we can't change ourselves, so why complain about it?

    Park an alt of your own in the plex. They can't get any LP unless they push them out. If they're stabbed all to heck and back then they're within scram range, which means you can lock them down until your main gets there.

    Seems like a pretty simple problem to solve to me.

    I have one and do that. Merely saying to Zarnak that I agree the system is broken but don't waste my breath on something that won't be fixed.

  • FW farming.... It's getting REALLY lame. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Zarnak Wulf wrote:
    What is really amusing about these threads is that Amarr and Minmatar seem to be getting on the same page that the system is not 'all right.' There are various threads started by either side asking for changes. According to Samurai Pizza Cats, Justified Chaos, and Bad Messenger though everything is hunky dory over on the Gallente/ Caldari war zone. Why is that?

    More connections to nullsec spice things up?
    Larger war zone dilutes the farmers/ Tier swings?

    I don't like that the system rewards cowardice and that I have to spend time chasing stabbed cloaky alt after stabbed cloaky alt out of my home system. I have enough warp core stabs from loot to fit the entire warzone twice over. But it's a system we can't change ourselves, so why complain about it?

  • n/t in EVE Gameplay Center

    Best thread of 2014.

  • Who's doing who? in EVE Gameplay Center

    X Gallentius wrote:
    Andre Vauban wrote:

    Nisuwa area is actually much calmer than it was. For a while, we were able to keep pace with JUSTK @ 4,000+ kills a month but we cannot kill like the Innia/Eha meat grinder anymore. It is still probably more active than the last time you played EVE though.
    You could always do weekend roadtrip to the area. Dizstruxshon99 needs some help on the Eha/Innia gate. Just sayin'....


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