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  • Gnosis Combat Scanner in EVE Communication Center

    Ummm... if you are planning on going to Low-sec then I suggest you stick with the Heron.

    A big, slow, beefy ship like the Gnosis can be easily pinned down and chewed apart by a half competent hunter-killer in a Frigate.

    Understand; larger ships, while more powerful stat-wise, also gain more than a few weaknesses that pretty much necessitate that they be flown in groups and/or operated by a highly skilled person (character and player-wise).

    What you are looking for are Covert-Ops ships and, potentially, Sisters of EVE (SoE) ships.
    But both of those require that you have an active subscription.

  • Stealth Coating - Low Power Module and/or Rig in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Not exactly.

    For smaller ships, their tank is dependant more on Sig Radius and mobility than straight resistances and tank.

  • Stealth Coating - Low Power Module and/or Rig in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Marcus Binchiette wrote:
    At present we have no way of reducing ship signature radius.

    - Drugs
    - Fleet boosts
    - (I am sure there is one more but I can't remember it off the top of my head)

    Honestly though, I would argue that there is a reason Sig Radius has limited options to modify/manipulate.

    It is a very powerful stat that affects a whole bunch of mechanics.

    At the moment:
    - you can build an Assault Frigate or Interceptor with a Sig Radius smaller than a light drone. Coupled with an Afterburner, this makes such ships quite strong (bordering on "unreasonably") against larger ships.

    - Heavy Assault Cruisers using Afterburners are currently a strong "meta" due in large part to their relatively small Sig Radius. This only increases their strength and would make them even more desireable versus larger ships.

    Marcus Binchiette wrote:
    The fitting options in this game are excellent and truly allows us to customise ships for almost any purpose one could think. There are however some things we can't seem to do - and this is particularly evident with alpha clone limitations

    Sorry, but... I don't see this as a particularly strong argument.

    Alphas are supposed to be "unlimited trials." And they are already quite effective for the money a person pays (see: they pay $0 a month).

  • Special Edition Ships need insurance fixed in EVE Technology and Research Center

    A few things;

    - no ship has insurance based on market value.
    Why? End-product market value can be manipulated too easily. Plus, insurance is not supposed to take the pain out losing a ship... merely soften it.

    - ship insurance is based on average market mineral value (non-moon materials).
    Why? Mineral value moves MUCH more slowly relative to end-products. And again, the insurance system is not supposed to reimburse the full cost of your ship BY DESIGN.

    - Tech 2, Tech 3, Faction, and Pirate ships do not get full insurance because their value based on factors other than minerals.
    Why? A balancing factor behind more expensive ships is that you pay out of the ass for that performance increase. That also means you will not recoup if/when it dies.
    Why? Bcause the insurance system was designed to assist relative newbies and poorer players to become involved in PvP. If you are buying "special" ships, you are neither a newbie, nor poor.

    - I would put "Special Edition Ships" in the same category as T2/T3/Faction/Pirate.
    They are "special." You should be treating them as such. Not expecting reimbursements because you did a "dumb."

    Now I am going to go on a limb and assume that your focus is more specifically on the Sunries and Gnosis.
    While these ships are relatively "newbie friendly" compared to some other ships... they are, for all intents and purposes, **special** ships and are not an intergal part of the EVE ecosystem.

    A better idea (which would require a separate topic) would be to petition that the Sunres and Gnosis be made into actual, producable ships.
    This way they would be treated like every other Tech 1 ship in terms of insurance.

  • Loki fitting in EVE Communication Center

    1. This does not seem like a newbie question.

    2. There is a rebalance effort with T3 ships in general.
    Look in the Features and Ideas forum subsection below.

  • Jump freighters in EVE Technology and Research Center


    Is cynoing from station to station in low-sec not already safe enough?
    Or are you simply too lazy to slowboat from lowsec to high-sec?

    Not even Black Ops and covert cynos (which bypass normal cynos jamming) can be done in high-sec.

  • Medium Energy Turret wont train beyond 2.5 in EVE Communication Center

    Are you a paid subscriber to the game (Omega status) or doing the Free to Play thing (Alpha status)?

    If you are the latter, that is the paywall you are running into (see: you can't train some skills past a certain point).
    Essentially, Alpha status is an "unlimited free trial" more than an actual "free to play" thing.

    If you are the former, file a support ticket. There may be something buggy with your user interface.
    Alternatively, check to see if you are trying to add the skill in question "in front" of a pre-requisite skill (i.e. Medium Turret II ).

  • How to fix plex and isk balancing in EVE Technology and Research Center

    FYI; PLEX does not create, generate, or summon any amount of in-game currency.

    It has worked like this (since it's creation):

    - player A buys PLEX
    - player A sells PLEX on the in-game market
    - player B buys PLEX on the in-game market (removing in-game currency from the game due to taxes and fees)
    - player B can now use PLEX for game time or whatever
    - player A now has in-game currency

    Tldr; Player A paid for someone else's game time in exchange for in-game currency.

    The reason PLEX is good is because it is designed to combat Real Money Trading.
    And it has been so successful at that some other games are emulating PLEX to combat RMT.

    The rest of the OP I am pretty much ambivilent about... mostly bcause it is based on a false premise.

  • Anchored collidable objects to decloak ship in EVE Communication Center

    This is an OLD discussion.

    It really comes down to this:

    - Dropping stuff to decloak people is allowed... up to a point

    - The general consensus is that there is no problem until you MIGHT cause lag with the sheer amount of stuff on grid

    - The rules have NEVER been clear or precise on purpose because what causes or does not cause lag varies from situation to situation depending on general server health and population

    In a nutshell; use your best judgement / common sense.
    For example: 10-20 or so objects may be okay... 60 would most likely be a "problem"

    Let me put it another way...

    Imagine yourself as a GM. Your job is to ensure a stable server and prevent player abuse without infringing [too much] on emergent gameplay.
    You get a petition from a player that a group is spamming cans all over a gate. You know that enough debris over a concentrated area will cause lag for some people... but you also know that can spam is a perfectly legitimate form of gameplay.

    Which would you be more inclined to ignore/write-off;
    - The group launching only 10 or 20 cans and isn't making more unless the old ones disappear?
    - The group that has made 60 cans and seems to be making more as time goes on?

  • Please Advise: Bowhead high-sec ganks in EVE Communication Center

    Desmios Sanguis wrote:
    Thank you all for your help.

    One thing Im noticing is that all the extra time / effort it seems that needs to be done to make a bowhead safe, defeats the purpose in the first place.

    The purpose of me flyng a bowhead is to cut down the time it takes to move ships from incursion to incursion.

    If I have to have a separate account webbing, constantly checking map for 24hr gank, etc. etc. -- what is the point in the first place? It is not saving me any time.

    Am I missing something?

    Indeed you are.

    With all the things said in this thread, at the end of the day it comes down to two things:

    - how much risk are you willing to accept for convenience and vice versa

    - use your best judgement

    There are times where you will be totally fine in a Bowhead/Freighter as long as you completely tank it and nothing more.

    There are other times where you can "max cargo" fit your Bowhead/Freighter... and all you need to be "safe" is get a friend to web you into warp at each gate.

    And there are other times where you can do everything right, follow all of the advice mentioned in this thread to the letter... and you will still get ganked.

    It is all about probabilities and guesstimations.
    The trick is knowing how to stack the odds in your favor, how much you can get away with, and being less desireable a target compared to the guy next to you.

  • Orca Update in EVE Technology and Research Center

    OP has a point.

    I support this.

  • LOW SEC sentry GUNS how it work? in EVE Communication Center

    If you shoot at someone who is not...

    - suspect status (meaning they have recently done something very bad)
    - in possession of -5.0 or lower Security Status (meaning they have done many, many bad things in the past)

    ... the gate guns will shoot you.

    The same works in reverse too (see: if you have suspect status or low Security Status then anyone can shoot you with out any penalty).

    Be aware of the following regarding gate guns:

    - they have perfect damage application. You cannot avoid or mitigate the damage except through direct tanking.

    - gate guns deal omnidamage.

    - if you warp off (outside the range of the guns) and warp back, the guns will not shoot you (unless you shoot another hapless person).

    - You can take, at most, 3 or 4 hits from the gate guns in a Frigate. Maybe.
    The same applies to Destroyers.
    Cruisers can tank gate guns for a short period of time, but will be at a disadvantage against an equally equipped and/or competent target.

    - some people like to crash gatecamps.
    If someone engages you, be aware that they may have backup nearby or on the way

  • Skill Points in EVE Communication Center

    1a. I believe the maximum skillpoints that can be achieved is somewhere in the range of 400 to 450 million.

    2a. Yes, but only with the use of skill injectors. Otherwise, it would take 20-something years to max out every skill in the game.

    But I sense a larger question behind what you are asking; how can I get (or how long does it take to get) maximum skillpoints so I can have "maximum power?"

    The answer to that is; you don't need "maximum skillpoints" to have "maximum power."

    To quote myself from another thread regarding skillpoints:

    ShahFluffers wrote:
    try to view your skills less as things that will make you "get ahead" and more as things that will make you "more effective."
    To put it another way; even though you train yourself to swing a hammer down harder, faster, and for longer... it does not mean you will be more effective at hitting nails and/or not bending nails as you hammer them down.
    That takes finesse more than raw power... which takes practice to attain.

    Basically, your skills will not make you "better" in a contemporary sense. They will simply give you an "edge" over everyone else.
    The real trick in learning to use your skills and equipment properly (see: finesse).

  • Rockets, Damage Types and Factional Warfare in EVE Communication Center

    Chloe Shepherd wrote:
    I will be joining the Caldari faction. I plan on using a Kestrel with rockets. I think I will likely be facing mostly Gallente ships, however, I'm not sure what types of ammunition I should bring, what quantity, and when I should be using which.

    So... I should clarify something first:

    "Faction Warfare" as a term is a little bit of a misnomer.

    From a purely technical standpoint, it is basically a global war declaration between 4 different NPC factions that anyone can join if they fulfill the prerequisites.
    Those prerequisites being; you need 0.05 positive standing with the particular faction of your choosing.

    This means that any player, from any background, using any equipment of their choosing can potentially fight in Faction Warfare (FW)

    For example: I am a Gallente of Gallente ancestry... and I fought for the Minmatar Militia for several years using Minmatar, Gallente, Amarr, and Caldari ships and equipment.

    tldr: you will run into more than just Gallente ships out there.

    1. What ammo damage types do I bring? (I'm using rockets)
    2. How many rockets should I carry?
    3. Do I need to switch between ammo types mid-fight, after I break their shield, armor, etc?
    4. Is it practical to switch ammo types mid-fight if it looks like they're tanking my damage type?

    1a. The type of ammo you bring is partly strategy.
    Some ships (like shield tanked ships) will have "holes" in their EM and Thermal Resistances. Other ships (like armor tankers) tend to have "holes" in their Kinetic and Explosive resistances.
    HOWEVER... smart players tend to use modules or rigs to "plug" up these holes... sometimes making them the strongest resistances they have.
    It really comes down to "best judgement."
    My recommendation? Bring Thermal and Kinetic rockets. You can switch between them depending on whether you are dealing with a Shield or Armor-centric ship as those resistances tend not to be "plugged up."

    2a. Depends on how long you plan to be out in space and how far you want to go. And how often you expect to die.
    Typically, I would carry about 4-5 reloads worth of ammo for the damage types I had selected (with maybe some backup T1 ammo in case of a structure bash).

    3a. Depends. Unless you are in a drawn out fight, I am going to say no. Especially for frigate fights. Those can be over in mere seconds.

    4a. See 3a.

    Chloe Shepherd wrote:
    Edit: If you have any other tips and tricks related to PvP, Factional Warfare, or anything really that you think might help me, please feel free to share, I'd really appreciate it! :)

    Check out this other newbie thread:

  • "How did you Veterans start?" in EVE Communication Center

    +1 Baaldor!

    Very entertaining. Lol

  • Amarr FW questions in EVE Communication Center

    CMDR-HerpyDerpy Hurishima wrote:
    How do i modify my overview? ive noticed in youtube videos that they have some kind of special looking overlay where all enemies have rainbow names or something, even on the general overview area of who's in system/ nearby. How would i do that so that neuts are highlighted so i can tell faster than scrolling through local with all those player pictures that make it huge and hard to tell who's who.

    Feyd's blog on how to un-**** your overview

    Also, one small thing:

    The Local Chat (the chatbox with all the players' names in system) is not the Overview. And it cannot be filtered or sorted (because it is a "social tool" first and foremost... not an intel tool (even though it is used as such)).

    The Overview is something that you see in the upper right of the screen. The window where you can see ship speeds and names.

  • Idea: Auto logoff after 20-30 minutes of idle time in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Relevant thread from 2013:



    - someone wants to have "spammers" / "afk players" kicked out of Jita to open server resources for "active players."

    - DEV responds by saying that "afk players" do not consume server resources the same way "active players" do and are pretty much a non-issue because the server will automatically allocate resources accordingly.

    - even on dedicated nodes (which are separate from each other), major fleet flights are laggy and suffer TiDi because that is the nature of the beast.
    Kicking people out in some nodes will not make other nodes run smoother as they are utilizing resources on different hardware.

  • Need Blockade Runner Help in EVE Gameplay Center

    A lot of the above is pretty solid. How you fit a Blockade Runner (or any ship for that matter) It really does depend on how you are going to use it.

    In my case...

    Because I often move large amounts of things I tend to fit for maximum cargohold with a MWD, cloak, and a token shield tank (in case of smartbomb camps in lowsec).

    This means I have to be extra careful when undocking from a station... as that is where I am most vulnerable.
    The compensate, I try to limit my trips to and from stations where I have set up insta-undock bookmarks (so I can warp away as soon as I undock).

    If I am heading to a station where I know I do not have any bookmarks set up, I will do one (or both) of the following:

    - if I have time and/or know I will be going to that particular station again in the future, I warp to the station (at range) and slowboat around it to create the necessary bookmarks I need for a quick undock.

    - I carry some inertial stabilizers and warp core stabilizers with me... then refit in the station once the cargo has been unloaded.

  • Amarr FW questions in EVE Communication Center

    Okay so...

    J'as Salarkin wrote:
    Question 1: Is there a channel in game for Amarr for general FW coordination and info?


    When you join Faction War you are given access to a general militia chatroom.
    Unfortunately, due to spies and general asshattery you won't find much in the way of "specific details" regarding where people are or what they are doing.

    The real intel and organization efforts are done in player-made "backchannels" between various groups of people/corporations/alliance.
    And you will have to be invited in to these channels.

    The best way to get in is to build trust between yourself and the players around you. This takes time and some leaps of faith (for all parties involved)... so be patient, work on "proving yourself" (by taking part in as much combat as possible... even uninvited), and be **sociable.**

    J'as Salarkin wrote:
    Question 2: I have been reading up and it seems Kamela used to be the major staging area for the Amarr faction, but as it has been taken I am wondering where most FW members are currently based from (Kamela still seems really busy, but I might just try and avoid it till I get some more PvP experience)?

    Every player/corporation/alliance has their own "staging areas."

    Some have multiple places.

    It really depends on what people are trying to do (see: take the offensive or being defensive or simply causing mayhem).

    Now... there are some common places in low-sec where various militias congregate, but you will want to talk with other players to see where an optimal staging point for **you** is.

    For example: When I started FW I chose to base out of a system one jump from high-sec. As I gained more friends and become more comfortable, I moved my stuff further and further into the warzone.

    J'as Salarkin wrote:
    Question 3: Looking into the future: What Amarr FW corps are decently active and might have an interest in a "bad" PvP:er who can not promise to get online for XX hours ever XX days due to real life taking priority most days of the week?

    This is something you are going to have to figure out on your own.

    Again, it will come down to talking with people and who is willing to take you on.
    Hell... sometimes you don't need to be in a corp. You simply have to **KNOW** people.

    As trust and connections grow, so will the opportunities and options.

    Now... all that said... here is ShahFluffers-handy-dandy-list-of-dos-and-don'ts-for-being-in-militiaâ„¢

    1. SET UP YOUR OVERVIEW!! Make it so that "friendlies" do not show up (helps to prevent friendly fire incidents and reduces irrelevant information) and especially make sure that militia status is above suspect status (quite a few militia members have low security status... if you attack them you will incur a large faction standings penalty... and will often be blown up at the hands of your allies).

    2. Buy ships and mods in bulk (mostly frigates and destroyers) and pre-fit them in about 2 or 3 different ways for flexibility (ex, shield-fit, armor-fit, DPS/gank-fit, nano-fit, etc). Base yourself and your equipment in an easy to access station... preferably one in low-sec that many other militia members use.

    3. You will lose a lot of ships in militia. Have a steady source of income to replace stuff (which can come from running complexes in low-sec FW systems).

    4. Do not give away friendly fleet locations and/or friendly ship types in Militia Chat. The enemy has many spaiz!!!

    5i. Learn the area well. Even the high-sec areas. This will help you when you are looking for stuff to kill or escape from hostiles.

    5ii. Just because combat is more open and encouraged in low-sec it does not mean the enemy militia may not stage attacks in your high-sec area. Keep in mind that joining Faction Warfare puts you in a GLOBAL war declaration. You can be attacked anywhere at any time. Even in Trade Hubs. Especially in Trade Hubs.

    6i. When looking for a fleet, type "X" into militia chat and eventually you will get picked up.

    6ii. Alternatively, go out and roam a bit. If you stumble upon a friendly fleet, they might pick you up. If not, keep looking (and try killing some stuff while you're at it).

    7i. Once you join a fleet, join audio (be it the in-game EvE audio, Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Mumble, etc) and LISTEN.



    7iv. If you cannot figure out where the fleet is by listening, ask [politely] by typing in fleet.

    8. The FC (fleet commander) is GOD himself and his orders should be followed to the letter (ex. even if you're in a frigate, SHOOT THE GODDAMN "PRIMARY" that has been called). Try to keep idle talk to a minimum (unless nothing is happening) and don't say anything when an engagement is underway. If you have a question... use your best judgement and ask after it is over.

    9. Get to know the "regulars" within your timezone and help them whenever you can. Good things will follow if you make friends with them.

    10. Listen to everyone's advice... no matter how abrasive it is. Chances are, they know what they are doing and you don't.

    And most importantly... have fun!!

  • 50m sp pilot and still don't have a clue. what to fly? Damnation any good in EVE Communication Center

    Lady 420 wrote:
    Logically something you have to invest more time and money into should be better. It seems like if the game was designed to have frigs and cruisers at the top of the food chain they wouldn't be the rookie ships. Seems backwards or unbalanced or something. Idk it's never made sense to me but it's eve what do you do.

    Okay so...

    The thing about bigger ships is that they are quite powerful. Make no mistake about that.

    However they differ from smaller, more mobile ships in that their "power" does not really shine in a "standalone" setup (exceptions apply).

    Bigger and more expensive ships typically synergize well with other ships... especially those that can assist with range and "crowd" control.
    When combined with other ships of the same type (and fitted a certain way) larger and more expensive ships can cover each other's "weaknesses" (ex: two battleships can "cover" each other by pull a little range between each other and nuking smaller ships harassing their partner).

    In a sense... choosing a large ship is like choosing a wrecking ball over a hammer.
    The wrecking ball may be able to do a lot of damage... but it is large, slow and ungainly.
    The hammer may do pitiful damage in comparison... but it can focus its efforts on the cable/chain that allows the wrecking ball to swing while (mostly) avoiding that powerful swing.

    tldr; there is no one ship, setup, or doctrine that can cover all situations. This game is more akin to "rock, paper, scissors" rather than "rock, paper, nuke."

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