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  • Ship scanner's mechanic. in EVE Communication Center

    The only way to get an "accurate" result from the ship/cargo scanner is by running multiple scans, copy-pasting each of those scans in a notebook/spreadsheet, and then "cleaning it up" through filters and duplicate-deletion formulas.

    The thing is... ship/cargo scanners are, by their nature, not 100% accurate. It is **supposed** to leave some room for error and ambiguity... which the person being scanned can work to their advantage (by carrying tons of crap items or refitting on the fly).

    Professional suicide ganker outfits will often have a scout ship that "follows" a target for quite a few days to get accurate results or see a pattern in ship layout / cargo hauled.

  • Starlifter Tech I and Starlifter Vanguard Tech II Transport Ship in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Yeah... people said that hauling and trade and industry would be killed off YEARS ago due to ganking, wars, etc etc.

    The monthly economic reports that CCP posts every few months shows that trade, hauling, industry and mining are continuing to increase at a steady pace.

    Gankers may be efficient at killing things, but professional haulers are no slouches either.
    Traders and haukers have been getting ever more efficient using... ironically enough... many of the same tools, tricks, and tactics that gankers use.

    My take on your idea?
    I think you are viewing the "problem" through the prism of "a solo player should be able to get around the efforts of organized groups of players without assistance."

    That mentality doesn't exactly work in a multiplayer game like this as anything you do to negate the efforts of multiple players so that the situation favors a solo player can be turned on its head (see: organizations of players will use those mechanics to make themselves functionally immune to other organizations of players).

    It also puts a bad taste in the mouth of players that do organize.
    Why put the effort into organizing and becoming efficient when the game will simply be changed to negate that power increase?

  • Altoholicism in New Eden? in EVE Communication Center

    *came in expecting a thread about what booze people drink here*
    *left disappointed*

  • To buy or not to buy? in EVE Communication Center

    Xavier Morientes wrote:
    I know the "Never fly what you can't afford to lose" rule but I couldn't decide what should I lose at the moment. I'm sharing current market prices for some ships below. When should I buy one of them? Is there a practical formula like "Never risk more than 10% of your total wealth" etc? And which one (or something else) you recommend me for a beginner?

    In my experience, there is no "magic formula" for how to gauge risk. It depends on the person and how comfortable they are with the idea of loss.

    Some people are not comfortable with risk... so they operate conservatively until they can afford to fully replace what they fly.
    Others prefer to live by the seat of their pants... flying as hard and as fast as they can while accepting that if they do lose, they have to go back to square one.
    Still others will fall in between the above two extremes.

    Regarding the ships themselves...

    Understand that different ships handle and operate differently from one another. And/or they have different requirements for how to be used effectively.

    In a sense... they are "tools" in the same way a hammer, screwdriver, and ratchet are.

    So you either pick the best tool for the job or you get all of them and take them with you wherever you go for maximum flexibility.

    To give you an idea on what you are looking at:

    Atron: Fast, agile, and capable. This ship's strengths all more or less center around speed and firepower.
    It won't win any durability contests, but that doesn't matter for people who play to its strengths. Fitted with blasters and with nominal skills, it can potentially "punch" above its class.

    Incursus: Take the Atron's weaknesses and strengths and flip them. This ship may not hit as hard or be as fast, but it is definitely more durable.

    Tristan: Not as fast as an Atron, not as tanky as an Incursus... but offers a good balance between the two. Its biggest strength? Versatility.
    Drones can do the "heavy work" (see: combat) while the rest of the ship can be fitted for a completely different task.
    The Tristan's pitfall? It has one less fitting slot compared to other in-class ships (as it customary for all drone-centric ships) and It requires a lot more and higher skills than the other two to get the most out of.

  • Stealth Jump Freighters in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Because having a massive capital ship that can undock, jump light-years across the map, and dock again in about a minute isn't already pretty stealthy.

  • Controlling Range in EVE Communication Center

    The gist of "range control" is to stay at a range (or move between ranges) that gives you an advantage (usually in the context of being able to apply optimal damage) while being outside the optimal engagement envelope of target (or multiple targets).

    This can mean anything from...
    - sniping at extreme range and warping off before a hostile can catch you
    - orbiting a target at your optimal range and then peeling off when things get dicy (see: target is getting too close or another hostile is flanking you)
    - preventing your target from pulling range by using superior speed and/or use of a warp scrambler and Stasis Webifier
    - getting so close to a target and/or moving so fast around your target that the target's weapons cannot apply damage well

    All this can be done in a multitude of ways, but the most common and simple to understand is "be fast"... which is achieve through the 500 to 600% speed boost offered by a MWD.

  • Black ops+ hauling in EVE Communication Center

    What mkint says is partially true.

    Black Ops is more a logistical combat role while hauling is more about logistics outside of combat.

    Haulers are, by and large, supposed to be protected by others (see: escorts) or avoid danger in the first place.

    THAT SAID... there are a few "niche" roles where the two of you may find some synergy on.

    - Shadow Hauling: Black Ops ships have the ability to create a "portal" to a friendly ship that has lit a specialized "beacon" (see: cynosaural field).
    This allows certain types of ships (see: any ship that can use a Covert-Ops cloak) to literally "teleport" across entire constellations.
    The pitfall? This is expensive (there are some fuel costs), requires a fair bit of finesse, and the price of failure is high (see: someone finding you in space and blowing up both of your squishy ninja ships).
    You can compensate by moving very high value items.

    - Shadow Loot Fairy: Similar to Shadow Hauling, but but with combat.
    This requires a whole Black Ops gang to pull off... and the hauler must be able to use a Blockade Runner (see: Tech 2 cloaky hauler).
    Essentially, the hauler tags along with the Black Ops gang... supplying fuel, ammo, and loot/equipmemt storage.
    The trick is that the hauler has to jump with all the combat ships and into the thick of combat when a Black Ops ship puts up a jump bridge (see: portal). This is because each portal costs fuel and you want to make each jump effieicent.
    As a result, the hauler has to be quite good at learning how to GTFO and avoid getting caught.

  • Trying to learn, just starting out in EVE Communication Center

    It is hard to say what is or is not up to date based on your discriptions. Links?

    Also... updates in EVE come slow. And such changes are often mere percentage based changes.

    This means that, more often then not, the gist of something is relevant regardless of however old an article is.

  • Jumping through planets, structures, etc. Bug. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Ember Niagara wrote:
    Tuttomenui II wrote:

    Trying to figure out what happened here ... did you do something (hit an invisible barrier?) in particular to trigger the ejection, or do suns just automatically do that after a period of time of someone putting a ship inside?

    Stars actually have "solid objects" in them (game mechanics-wise)

    When you "hit it" it will bounce you off at superluminal speeds.

    Bonus Points: How far and how fast you bounce is dependent on your ship's mass and agility. If you warp a capital into a star and activate Siege/Triage mode (increases mass to the ship by an order of magnitude) the ship will bounce off and "fly" at speeds greater than that of some ships while at warp.

  • Playing Eve with a touchscreen monitor? in EVE Communication Center

    I have used a touchscreen for EVE.

    I switched back to a mouse because...
    - it was faster to do things
    - my screen stayed cleaner
    - I could do things one-handed again (big plus)
    - my forearms were beginning to look like something from Popeye the Sailorman

  • CCP Mystery Code in EVE Communication Center

    Myxx wrote:
    hmu-smh wrote:
    Markee Dragon bought ALL the second genesis edition boxes with all the rest of CCP mystery codes.

    No he didn't. I know this because I have one, and know a few others who have them, too.

    *whistles innocently*

  • Second Gas harvester is not working in EVE Communication Center

    Go through this checklist:

    - is your device plugged in?
    -do you have power coming from plug?
    - have you pushed the "on" button on your device?
    - Have you restarted it?
    - Have you sacrificed a virgin, mixed the blood sacrament with quafe (or contemporary energy drink of choice), and offered it with a bowl of cheap ramen to appease the tech gods?

    Heh... in all seriousness...

    - is the module "darkened" when you fit it (compared to other modules)?
    - the module "greyed out" when in space?
    - do you have enough capacitor power to run the second module?

  • how do I profit off of NPC-mining operations? in EVE Communication Center

    I think you are over thinking this.

    NPC miners are there to **compete** against you.

    Just shoot em an' loot em!

  • High Sec Ganking - CONCORD Balance request in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Highsec means keep the damn criminals from taking over. Thats why they live in lowsec as criminals.

    No. No it doesn't.

    High-sec is simply a place where things are meant to be REALATIVELY safer than in low-sec... which is RELATIVELY safe than 0.0 space.

    And to make thing RELATIVELY safer in high-sec, a cost is exacted for aggression: either you pay CONCORD for a war declaration or you pay with your ship in the form of a gank.

    At NO POINT does the game protect you.
    That job falls squarely on the shoulders on the player.

    But all that is moot point.

    You argument hinges on the belief that regardless of whatever amount of time, effort, and resources go into setting up a gank... it costs too little.

    Unfortunately for you.... all of that is relevant and cannot be dismissed.
    Otherwise, you are dismissing pretty much anything and everything a logistical wing does for an player alliance and saying that the only thing that matters are the battles themselves.

    Further... you dodged this really simple question:

    Why should a a gankee not have to put in the same amount of logistical time and effort into avoiding a gank as the gankers have to do to set up the possibility of a gank?

    No... morality and ethical (in-game or RL) arguments are not usable. Give a gameplay reasons why a lack of effort and diligence from one person should trump the efforts of many.

  • Could you pls add arena in game in EVE Technology and Research Center

    You can already create your own areas.

    - Yes, it requires effort. Just like everything else in the game.
    - No, you do not get a place where you can fight others without risk of others interference. That goes against one of the core principles of the game (everyone can affect everyone for any reason).
    - No, it will not help train newbies to do "wild PvP" in the rest of the game. Arenas and "open world PvP" require different sets of fits, tactics, and player skill.
    - No, it will not increase "open world PvP." In fact, it may do the opposite. After all, why go out and search for a fight that may never come, in conditions that may not be totally controllable?

  • Dscan Needs more information related to friendly's in system in EVE Technology and Research Center

    This would be a nerf to PvP because it would take away from of the uncertainty and skill (see: process of elimination, memorization, organization) in hunting targets and avoiding hostiles.

    Right now, the current system leaves things abiguous enough to cast doubt for all sides... which is a good thing in my book.

  • Brand New Player - Looking for Friends! in EVE Communication Center

    [deep jazzy voice]

    Hallo thar little one... how's it hangin?

    You lookin fo new friends? Come ovah 'ere... dat's right... closer... mmmm... you smell gud...

    Now sit down son and take a load off.
    Ya thirsty?

    I got sum Jezuz Juice for ya... yeaaah... drink it right up...

    Around Fluffah's... errywan is a friend...

    *breathes deeply*

  • A harder counter to caps in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Cade Windstalker wrote:
    There is no mechanic that is going to let a small entity heroically win against a larger one other than incompetence on the part of the larger entity or extreme competence on the part of the smaller one. Neither of those can be enshrined in game mechanics by CCP.

    Quoting for emphasis.

  • Fighter changes prop1925 in EVE Communication Center

    It is amazing how pissy players can get over what are... at best... marginal changes that will amount to small movements in player activities in the long run.

  • Understating Stasis Webifier Bonus in EVE Gameplay Center

    The wording may be different, but it is the same bonus.

    With max skills, a web on a Daredevil will have 90% strength**.
    With max skills, a web on a Violator will have something closer to 70% strength** (not that skills matter though as the web bonus on a Violator is actually a role bonus).

    ** "Web Strength" is the percentage that the web reduces a target's speed.
    See also: "effectiveness" and "velocity factor"

    But two issues immediately spring to mind:

    - the Violator is a Pirate faction rookie ship.
    ------- This means that it is more or less as weak as a "normal" rookie ship (see: a stiff breeze can kill it).
    ------- Unless I am missing something, these ships are limited issue (having only been given out once or twice in the history of EVE) and there is no way to get a replacement. This makes them a collector's item and thus REALLY expensive.

    - the Daredevil may not be the optimal choice if all you want to do is web a freighter into warp.
    ------- Even with the effectiveness bonus, the range is still 10km. This means some time may be lost getting into range before you can web a freighter and send it into warp.
    ------- Two "normal strength" webs can achieve an ~87% reduction in speed... which is damn close. A Cruor or Hyena with two normal webs may be a better choice as they have a range bonus and will not need to travel much to be in range of the target freighter.

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