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  • Understating Stasis Webifier Bonus in EVE Gameplay Center

    The wording may be different, but it is the same bonus.

    With max skills, a web on a Daredevil will have 90% strength**.
    With max skills, a web on a Violator will have something closer to 70% strength** (not that skills matter though as the web bonus on a Violator is actually a role bonus).

    ** "Web Strength" is the percentage that the web reduces a target's speed.
    See also: "effectiveness" and "velocity factor"

    But two issues immediately spring to mind:

    - the Violator is a Pirate faction rookie ship.
    ------- This means that it is more or less as weak as a "normal" rookie ship (see: a stiff breeze can kill it).
    ------- Unless I am missing something, these ships are limited issue (having only been given out once or twice in the history of EVE) and there is no way to get a replacement. This makes them a collector's item and thus REALLY expensive.

    - the Daredevil may not be the optimal choice if all you want to do is web a freighter into warp.
    ------- Even with the effectiveness bonus, the range is still 10km. This means some time may be lost getting into range before you can web a freighter and send it into warp.
    ------- Two "normal strength" webs can achieve an ~87% reduction in speed... which is damn close. A Cruor or Hyena with two normal webs may be a better choice as they have a range bonus and will not need to travel much to be in range of the target freighter.

  • Alpha DPS? in EVE Communication Center


    Bear in mind that ship type and fitting play huge roles in how much gank, tank, utility, speed, and debuffing you have.

    Moreover, every ship fitting needs to be changed based on the circumstances at hand... which may result in higher or lower values for all of the aforementioned qualities.

    tldr; don't focus strictly on DPS or any particular set of numbers. Ships are more than just the sum of their stats... they also need to be modded and used with purpose and tactical forethought.

  • Kidnapping a Body? in EVE Communication Center

    DeMichael Crimson wrote:
    Jonah Gravenstein wrote:
    500k is actually a bargain, random corpses sell for twice that in jita local Twisted

    And corpses with names that are well known are sold for even more ISK.



    Those that do not sell end up in my meat locker where... things happen to them...Twisted

  • Blueprint Modification in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The idea for making totally unique and modifiable products is not a new one.

    The core of the problem with this idea is this;

    Some stats and slots are inherently more valuable than others.
    Even if you try to balance it out, some industry people will min/max the stats in such a way to create the "perfect" ship for a specific doctrine or tactic.

    This has the unfortunate tendency of actually **reducing** variety in ship fittings and tactics... because why would you create or use anything that isn't "perfect" for what you want to do?

  • Blowing up stargates. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Satchel Darkmatter wrote:
    all I see there is , wahhhh goons are better than me, wahhhh pl has more isk than me.

    come on you guys can come up with a better argument against this than that.

    ... says the guy who came up with an idea that allows players to effectively SHUT DOWN entire sections of the map more or less indefinitely**.

    ** Here is some "napkin math"; "shutting down" a stargate 26 jumps away from a DED office would mean that it will be inactive for 13 hours (see: (26 jumps x 30 minutes) / 60 minutes in an hour ).


    - there is zero incentive for a local null-sec entity to keep a stargate leading into their territory online.
    --------- Note: if you think "tedium" will stop people from doing this, please see what wormhole residents do to "close up" their systems. It borders on insanity.

    - Malcanis' Law applies here. This will be to the overwhelmingly advantage of larger, richer corporations and alliances... less so for smaller, poorer entities and solo people.

  • Continually bad fits. in EVE Communication Center


    really read what the OP posted.

    He is saying that...
    - he fit Railguns on his thorax (for range)
    - he has no propulsion module
    - is fitting for solo
    - is working under the assumption that he will be "immobile" the entire fight

    Then he goes on to explain how he is fitting frigate sized weapons to a cruiser (which, granted, is not always bad thing).

    Either this is a troll or someone REALLY needs to help this newbie out and explain the birds and the bees to him.

  • Is there a skill training multiplier? in EVE Communication Center

    My memory is a little fuzzy, but didn't the DEVs tweak the mechanics so that one cannot eject from their ship while under a weapon timer?

    In which case, you can't bail from a fight if things go south.

  • Sick and tired of shield miners in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Amojin wrote:
    Let's, however, Scipio, say it takes me only two minutes to get a top-flight shield tank.

    I'm forced to do it. I'd still want an armor tank option, and I'd still extract those two minutes of skills. I don't like having them on my character sheet. More importantly, mining is the only activity where I am forced to.

    I will echo what everyone else has said; your problem is not really a problem. It is a perception.

    If you want to only use some "tools" and not others purely because of your own personal preference, you have to accept that you will not be able to do everything you want or perform at the same effectiveness as everyone else who chooses to not abide by your perceived notions of "how things should be."

    Also... I am pretty sure there is a DEV out there reading this and laughing his ass off.
    As are the ISDs.

    This thread should have been locked LONG ago for a variety of reasons (ranting being chief among them).

  • Suicide Gankers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    IvanPetrovich Ivanov wrote:
    Than it's a gamedesign drawback, if kill board can be made green by suicide. It is exchange 1:1, it shouln't change kill ratio.

    Killboards exist outside of EVE and the DEVs control.

    How people want to format their kill-death ratio is up to them.

    Not that it matters much though.
    At the end of the day, people are looking more at how much damage (ISK-wise) you inflicted.

  • CCP GZ for your last FAIL. in EVE Communication Center

    StonerPhReaK wrote:
    Bjorn Tyrson wrote:
    Takoma Panala wrote:
    Jonah Gravenstein wrote:
    At the OP> Watâ„¢?

    2Sonas1Cup wrote:
    eve is **** nowadays anyway you wont lose much.
    GMs and isds destroyed this game.
    Wait... what...

    I thought that it was suicide ganking this week, CCP next week, followed by PLEX and then Goons before rolling back to suicide ganking.

    Ok, we seriously have to compare notes. I thought it was AFK cloaking this week...

    I thought it was low-sec gate camps?

    My marijuana induced psychosis told me it was the drake nerf. Am i on the wrong mailing list?

    Nonono... that one was forcibly drowned in a tub of its own tears.
    It won't come back unless some necromancer at CCP brings it up.

    I too thought it was "suicide ganking" week.

    With a bit of "waaaaaa mah citadel is weak sauce!" peppered in.

  • what happen i kill follow militia. when my corp is on 24 wait to join. in EVE Communication Center

    This is a bit tricky.

    You will incur a standings penalty against any NPC corp that a player is a part of (not just Faction Warfare)... which, by extension, also affects your standings with the NPC faction (but to a lesser degree).

    If you attack someone in a player corporation...

    - if they are not part of any FW militia, no standings penalty
    - if they are a part of a FW militia, then yes... you will suffer a standings penalty similar to what you would get if you attacked a player in an NPC corp.


    if you attack a fellow militia member (someone in your factions military) you will suffer a HUGE standings hit.
    If you kill a fellow militia member, you will take another standings hit.
    And if you pod a fellow militia member, you will take yet another standings hit.

    If your standings go low enough, you can get kicked out of the militia. And if the corporation standings go low enough, the corporation will be kicked out.

    Fun Fact: Trying to warp out of a fellow militia member's warp disruption bubbles will cause the person who put up the bubble to suffer a standings hit (as preventing people from warping is considered a form of aggression).

    So given all this information, consider this; if a fellow militia member shoots at you, really question what it is you have done to **** them off.

  • Suicide Gankers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    no, soem ppl think its unbalanced when ganker can kill 50+ with ship that costs oen and you just cant effectively punish him for that even if you had all time for that ... because one gank can feed ganker with another 20+ ships ... and if he sees you want to kill him he can just dock and you cant do anything about it ... gl trying to kill one ganker 50 times to make it worth not to mention how many of them is there

    Yeaaaaaaah.... about that....

    That isn't just a High-sec thing... that is a gamewide thing.

    If 50 frigates descend on a solo capital ship, then the captial ship is going to die.

    If 50 battleships attack a solo Titan, the Titan is going to die.

    Bigger or more expensive, it doesn't matter. If you are outnumbered and do not have a plan, you WILL die regardless of whatever ship you are in.

    And if you think that, "I can punish people for attacking me outside of high-sec, so that sort of thing is okay" then you need to go out and live outside of high-sec.

    More often than not, you need to track down the people who attacked you, find out where they live, what they do, how they do it, if they have any assets, and if you have a reasonable chance of even being able to anything at all.

    Your success in getting revenge is not guaranteed.
    Avoiding danger is not gauranteed.

    Likewise, success for the ganker is not gauranteed.
    Being able to get the loot is not gauranteed.
    Selling the loot at a reasonable price is not guaranteed.

    But the gankers know and understand the mechanics. And they team up with each other to stack the odds in their favor.

    Why should any one person be given immunity from dozens of people who know more, plan more, and operate together?

    And no... high-sec is NOT MEANT TO BE SAFE.
    At all.

    Even the DEVs have said this.

  • Cynos & Carriers allowed in Providence Region? in EVE Communication Center

    Go ahead and do it.

    Better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission.

    I mean... really now. What's the worst that can happen?

    *twiddles thumbs with an evil smile*

  • Thanks in EVE Communication Center


    Okay... if you don't like the game go and play something els--

    ... wait.

    You like the game for what it is?
    *eyes suspiciously*
    *backs away a few steps*

    ... guys? GUYS!!!

    ... and he's... twisted... and likes The Ugly.

    Make sure he NEVER leaves!!

    *sinister smile*
    *lightning strike in the background*

  • NPC Miners in EVE Communication Center

    Don't feel too bad.

    Coming up with ideas is hard in a game like this.

    You have to consider...

    1. How can this be abused?
    2. How can players min/max it?
    3. Will players use it as intended?
    4. Will it step on any "toes?"
    5. Go back to point 1 and 2.
    6. Go back to point 3.

    And after you go through that checklist, consider the core concept you are trying to pitch.

    Keep in mind that some ideas are simply "dead on arrival" regardless of how you tweak them.

  • NPC Miners in EVE Communication Center

    OP... you still run into the issue that I posed; it detracts from player interaction.

    People have asked for everything from NPC mercs, to NPC explorers, to NPC haulers... the simple fact of the matter is that the gameplay here is centered around players playing with or against other players.

    Having NPCs do stuff for players moves players away from other players.

    It also puts pressure on actual player miners... as they will not be able to compete with NPC miners.
    This decreases ore and mineral prices, which makes things less profitable for player miners overall.

    Now let's run through this logically:

    - Sure... things can be balanced so that a player who mines gets more ore... but the NPC miners do not feel fatigue, hunger, or have any real time constraints. They can simply keep going indefinitely.

    - Sure... you can set time limits for using NPC miners. Players can then get alt characters to hire miners as well. When they get tired, have other players / characters repeat the same process.

    - Adding the points above, you and a couple of friends (or alts) can hire a whole fleet of NPC miners to quickly and efficiently strip whole belts before any time limit is reached and before any actual players can "compete" against you.

    - Your idea of having more hostile NPCs show up if NPC miners are around? Easy. Get a friend or alt in a logistics ship. Keep the NPCs alive while you, in your combat ship, nuke them. Or combine the best of all worlds and use a Nestor or some other drone ship! Remote Rep while you nuke hostiles.
    And most hostile NPCs can be easily nuked with the right equipment in the right configurations.

  • NPC Miners in EVE Communication Center

    Not supported.

    The point of the game is to get people to interact with each other... for better or worse. "Hiring NPCs" detracts from that and, in some cases, might even discourage people from teaming up with other flesh and blood players.

  • Flying into a star in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Joe Talsend wrote:
    @mkint Thank you for replying to my post. Now I am curious, being new, what is fleet warp?

    To fleet warp, a few conditions must be satisfied:

    - you are in a fleet with everyone you wish to warp with
    - you have the toggle in the fleet window set to allow for fleet warps (most people forget about this little switch)

    With these two conditions satisfied, a Fleet Commander (or Wing/Squad Commander) can literally direct the ships under him/her to warp to a selected destination (from anywhere in a system)

    This is often done when all ships are on the same grid (see: everyone is on the same "field") and they need to move as one unit.
    If a Fleet Commander can have everyone in a fleet align towards the intended destination, they can share the same warp bubble and arrive at the destination at the same time.

    Joe Talsend wrote:
    I was also under the impression that one could not target a star in a system and therefore have to fly at sublight speed to it.

    If you have a personal bookmark in the star itself, you can warp to that directly.

    Making the personal bookmark requires you travel at sublight speeds.

    It is pretty cool when you do this. Apparently the star will "toss" you out at superluminal speeds at sublight.

    Bonus points if you warp a capital ship into a star's core and activate Siege / Triage mode... which affect the mass of a ship and only adds to the hilarity!

  • Is there a skill training multiplier? in EVE Communication Center

    Arthur Aihaken wrote:
    You still lose skills for Strategic Cruisers when you die, do you not?

    You lose one level from one of the respective Tech 3 subsystem skills when you die in a Tech 3 Cruiser (Tech 3 Destroyers do not share this penalty).

    It is not a big loss. At most, you lose 5 days worth of training time.

  • Warping to the random point in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Nonono... what the OP propos de is essentially widen the variance that already exists** when we arrive at our intended destination... by 15km.
    No bookmark can counter that.

    ** have you ever noticed that no matter what you do, you are always land just a bit off from any station, gate, or bookmark you warp to?
    That is because when in warp you will be placed 2500 to 5000m away from the center of your warp bubble.

    You can see this very clearly when you fleet warp with a large group of people. Everyone forms a "ball" around some invisible point.
    Even when you warp alone, that same mechanic is present.

    This is why there will be times when you land well within docking range of a station and other times you have to burn that extra 5000m meters in a panic.

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