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  • [November] Orca Changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The lowered mass on the orca will kill its job as high risk- high reward roller in WHs. Not that higgs-WCS-BS have not done that already.

    Will also make hauling in WHs easier since the hole will not collapse as fast.

  • Dev Blog: Introducing Clone States & the Future of Access to EVE in EVE Information Center

    Didn´t check everything yet, but I assume alphaclones will have full access to Project Discovery, right?

  • Dev blog: Command Bursts and the New World of Fleet Boosting in EVE Information Center

    lord xavier wrote:
    Amarr Effect Generator: +Capacitor, -Speed, -EM Resistances, +Kinetic Resistances
    Minmatar Effect Generator: -Signature Radius, -Turret Optimal Range, -Explosive Resistances, +Thermal Resistances

    Lol This has to be the best part of the entire blog. The minmatar effect is so terrible people will be self-destructing ragnaroks in protest.

    Yeah, that Amarr one would be the most OP thing I have seen in a long time.

  • Dev blog: Command Bursts and the New World of Fleet Boosting in EVE Information Center

    Not having the Rorq devblog already available already three questions about the core come to mind:

    Will it affect the drones of the miningships?
    Will it affect other Rorqs next to you too, so you can go invul several time in a row?

    Will it be one cycle with one charge? Or could it be something like 3 charges of 2 minute cycles? So the miners have a chance to sneak out. One cycle leaves the attackers with just setting a timer and going afk for it.

    About the numbers:

    This change will make boosters way more common, so wouldn´t it be a good time to tune them down a bit? There should be an actual choice wether to try to bring the full 6 must haves ( 3 skirmish, 2 tank hp/resis, eccm) even for a small gang or if fewer are sufficient.

    The tank ones and Evasive Maneuvers, esp all 4 comined, just are so strong they are mandatory.

  • [118.6] Capital Balancing in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Zari Tenjin wrote:
    So there will absolutely no way to counter caps without fielding your own? FAX cap is ridiculous enough that neutlegions are not a thing anymore in low class vs. C5/C6WH warfare. Now the last possibility of maybe hoping for a jam is also gone.

    To CCP: Nice 180 from 'we want more Caps to die' to making them immune untouchable by subcaps again

    Without the angryness, this is actually a problem. Capitaladvantage in wormholes was always strong if people know what they were doing. Ofc very few did. Neuts were the way to fight triage, now it was ecm for a short time.

  • [Citadel] Capital Escalations and Drifter Boss in EVE Gameplay Center

    Yupp, that escalationwave just killed a carrier in under a minute. Twisted

  • [Citadel] Capital Escalations and Drifter Boss in EVE Gameplay Center

    Jack Miton wrote:
    ...Good stuff worth the beginnings of this forum...

    You could also add that CCP has done a lot to make escalations easier (no need for a scanchar to look for new sigs, T2 siege, buff to all non-Rev dreads, etc)

    People argue escalationrunners are the only content left for them to kill but forget that these are the reason wormholespace is in its current unhealthy state. In the same way nullrattingbuffs and incursions have turned lowend Whs into the deserted golddiggertowns they are now.
    Oh, and less escalations farmed might actually lead to better ribbinprices again.

    On topic: CCP, pleae do not release it in the current sisistate. The sites and esp the escalationwaves are way too easy. Combined with the fact that the new carriers are OP once you figured out how to not loose squads it is a horrible joke. Same with k-space sites, running them with the new capitals/supercapitals is just printing money and seperates the game into people who can afford to run stuff in capitals versus the rest. While the rich, big or safe guys get 3 to 6 times the money...

  • C5, C6 Mass discussion in regards to capitals. in EVE Gameplay Center

    How much mass do the capital plates add?
    How big is the difference in strength in WH-PvP between the current activetank fits and a new bufferfit?
    If you just bring a Nestor or a second capital you can refit to buffer right after the jump so no reason to buff the Whmass for that.

  • [Citadel] Capital Escalations and Drifter Boss in EVE Gameplay Center

    Anthar Thebess wrote:
    Can we also migrate bigger part of blue loot into better sleeper salvage?
    Blue loot generate just isk from thin air, salvage is used to create new ships, and thank to this increase rotation of the isk in the system.

    What would cripple salvageprices even more and kill lowend-WH income even worse than escalationfarming already has. If notr all the loot was blueloot but f.e. something used for citadelconstruction on the other hand.

    I see a lot of people claiming using capitals would not be worth it because you only get a few 100M more.
    That is a nice red hering and completely wrong since you also get way more reppingpower/dps per pilot. If you can choose between running the site with 5 dps+2 logi or dread+1 dps+2 logi you not only get the bonus escalationmoney but you also have to split between less people -> more isk/h

    If CCP pushes the lootbalance back towards the escalationships or the normal site we will find us in the same situation we are in right now of not completing sites. Some adjusting might yet be needed once we have figured out how to kill those rats most efficiantly.

  • [Citadel] Capital Escalations and Drifter Boss in EVE Gameplay Center

    I just realized: Does the drifter have to have a single-target-dd? Could he maybe have one of the new ones with AOE ?

    I think the DD is the most worrying part about these changes and was the part that turned many people off the Drifter incursions.
    On the one hand no more soloing of highend sites is a good goal in my eyes since they are supposed to be the hardest PvE in game. On the other hand I think Marauders are cool and there are so few activities to use them for.

  • Dev blog: Reworking Capital Ships: Skills, Modules and Refitting in EVE Information Center

    Just for clarification: SP already trained into racial FAX skills will go into the unallocated pool?

    As many people already asked: Will you look at bastion´s weapontimer? Many of these PvE setups rely on refitting and it seems unfair to exclude them while f.e. a Rattlesnake can still do it.

    Minmatar and Gallente FAX seem superdependent on capboosters esp with their tankingbonus also relying on having cap to run the reppers. Takes away a lot of fittingchoice.
    Combined with the better slotlayouts they might be stuck in the niche they are currently in. Though ofc we do not know the complete and final stats.

  • [March] Sensor and ECCM Module Merger/Tiericide in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I just realized we were finally able to reverse engineer the tech from clear skies. Blackbird jammign you? Fire up the sensorboosters.

  • [March] Sensor and ECCM Module Merger/Tiericide in EVE Technology and Research Center

    xPredat0rz wrote:
    Seems like a huge nerf to OGBs.

    Most fits require at least 2 ECCMs to get where they need to be. With these proposed changes you might have to upgrade to high grade talons to deal with the nerf to Sensor strength.

    Since the passive modules have the same boni as the old backuparrays my guess is you still get a +50% base script you can load into your SeBo to get the same benefit as before.

    But it really looks like a huge nerf to jammingships as eccm will be way more common. Also kinda nerf to combatscanning since there are still f.e. many guardiansetups that do not run eccm but Sebos.

  • December release - Issues thread in EVE Information Center

    Mara Kell wrote:
    My launcher update doesnt work either... its stuck at "launcher update herunterladen"..

    I had the same issue since yesterday. Leaving it running for about 15 minutes after today´s DT started the patching.

  • Fw Mission Nerf Total unnessisary in EVE Gameplay Center

    Colt Blackhawk wrote:
    Oh these minnies Roll

    Yeah, like you couldn´t play "who let the dogs out" on repeat last time amarr were T4.
    Amarr missions are not as ridiculously easy as the Matar ones (first time I shot a polarized bomber down I was baffled) but if you are implying you can´t do them in a bomber in a fast and effective manner you are straight up lying.
    And yet you accuse me of not knowing those missions LolRoll

  • Fw Mission Nerf Total unnessisary in EVE Gameplay Center

    If you are actually thinking about it instead of complaining you will easily figure out ways to make mroe than enough money from FW missions still.

    What I really do no understand is why no webbers against amarr? Gallente I get, they are already unfun enough thanks to ecm and good application. But Amarr you can still do with a one or two bomber setup.

  • [Citadels] Capital Q&A in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Tosawa Komarui wrote:
    i see your thought process for low dps high angle guns continues the long tradition of ignoring wormhole issues. at least its consistent.

    Like the issue of dreads blabbing everything?
    Or the "issue" this will nerf the stupid cashcow that is escalationfarming?

    @CCP Larikin: Just to clarify, remote assistance modules will also be effected by ewar-resistance and capacitor transfer by neuting resistance?

  • [Citadels] Capital Q&A in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Third paragraph isn´t about dread/siege but triage und carriers/FAx. Misslabeled

  • DIN stellt den Betrieb ein. in Deutsches Forum

    Ok, also die "Deutsche Incursion Community" hört auf mit Begründungen die weder etwas mit Incursions noch der Community zu tun haben sondern weil CCP ein Paar "FCs" nicht in den Hintern kriecht. Wie viel Community kann da dann auch noch existieren wenn es an ein paar Leutchen hängt?

    Scorvaris wrote:
    Wir versuchten seit einigen Jahren DIN als Fanprojekt laufen zu lassen um dadurch einen Boostercharakter kostenlos laufen lassen zu können. Es gab keine einzige Rückmeldung. Auch weitere Nachfragen per E-Mail direkt an CCP Logibro wurden schlichtweg nicht beantwortet.

    Ihr habt CCP angebettelt euch Accounts zu bezahlen und wundert euch warum es irgendwann irgnoriert wird?

    Schade um DIN, die einzige Incusiongruppe die noch genug Diven hatte um regelmääßig für Drama zu sorgen. Das hier ist nocheinmal die Quintessenz von DIN.

    Scorvaris wrote:
    Übrigens. Netter falscher Spielerzähler im Launcher.

    Und die abschließende Lächerlichkeit....

  • [December] Module Tiericide - Warp Disruption Field Generators in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Airi Cho wrote:
    ChromeStriker wrote:
    Destoya wrote:
    Are you concerned that the reduced gap between T1 and T2 will severely diminish the value of Gravitron Physics V which is only used for T2 WDFG and T2 Capital Tractors?

    Will the drop rate of meta WDFGs or the build cost of T1 WDFG's be modified to ensure that the market isn't flooded by mission loot?

    Very much agreed.... its a pretty long train for a minimal increase in effect, especially if the faction modules outclass the T2 without the train... theres going o be a pretty tricky balnce between these...

    I doubt its info that can be given but comparing these to prices of points now...?

    faction modules outperform T2 in many cases without the additional training. the benefit of T2 over faction is usually price and things like T2 Ammo.

    But not many T2 modules require a skill to lvl 5 to use them. Especially if the skill doesn´t actually incresase the performance at all. T2 guns and links are the only other T2s that have a lvl 5 prereq that come to mind.

    And yeah, Concordshop...