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  • [NEWS] Closure of all State Embassies within the Federation. in EVE Communication Center

    Who benefits from a Gallente/Caldari War?

    Hint: Neither the Gallente, nor the Caldari.

  • Kalbuir Skirate for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    I have no doubt that Kalbuir will bring the same dedication experience and knowledge to the CSM that he's brought to HORDE.


  • BREAKING: Ishukone CEO Derided At CEP Session in EVE Communication Center

    Makoto Priano wrote:
    You're paranoid, the three of you.

    Sometimes, an inquest is just an inquest.

    There's no angle.

    There's no gun held to your head.

    It's an invitation for a joint venture to deal with what remains a major crisis.

    ADDITION: You know, there was a pithy little saying my father had. "If you look behind the door, you've hidden there before." Your statements say rather more about you than the situation.

    Perhaps. And I would like to be proven wrong. However...

    Consider the three of us. A Kameira, a Bloodraider and a Khanid Archangel. That we three, who disagree on so many other points, agree on this one should add weight to viewpoint.

    Again and again, we're hampered by a lack of credible facts. But the suppositions that can be formed based on what is available is disturbing.

    I have high regard for you as a scientist. Political science is still a science (of a sort), so I'd only ask that you try to keep a very open and objective mind. See things through our eyes and go from there.

    The door swings both ways

  • BREAKING: Ishukone CEO Derided At CEP Session in EVE Communication Center

    Casserina Leshrac wrote:
    Ayallah wrote:
    It does not seem as if Elder Raish is offering the Nations of New Eden the option of helping as much as making the choice on their behalf.

    Doesn't it though?

    Things may not be as altruistic as it may seems.

    If only someone had pointed this out earlier.


  • NYC MEETUP!!!! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sounds fun, can't wait!!


  • BREAKING: Ishukone CEO Derided At CEP Session in EVE Communication Center

    Yet the Reclaiming continues, nonetheless. For now...

    The only way it stops, the only way institutionalized slavery stops is the eradication of the Faith as we know it. Make slavery economically unviable and Holders will find every excuse to not have slaves. This destroys a core precept of the Faith. When the Amarr aren't better than anyone else, then they cease to be God's Chosen.

    Your anti-slavery friends in Amarr are a part of the Imperial death-knell.

    Mind you, I don't see the Empire or the Faith surviving. And I will no longer fight for it's survival on an Imperial scale. So while the goal of the Faith is Reclamation, I think the Caldari and the Federation can rest fairly easy.

    It might take another generation or two, but we're moving towards a unified galaxy, where Amarr, Minmatar, Caldari and Gallente all work together in peace and harmony under the flag of CONCORD.

    Or under CONCORD's jackboot...it depends on perspective, I guess.

    Just look at today's news where the SCoT is "bringing together" the "brightest and best, in order to work on a rapid and direct solution to the ongoing crisis." This is the precedent they're setting. This is the table they're preparing for you.

    I suppose one Galaxy, under CONCORD for some would be a good thing. Slavery would end, the Reclaiming would stop.

    But I'm of the sort you mentioned. I'm the sort who decided that the way of life of my childhood is long dead, as is the Kingdom I grew up serving. So I, like many, have taken up colonial residence, far away from the hostile advance of the jackboot.

    I did it. The Dominations have done it. Fatal and the Rabbit did it. Bloody Omir did it. Salvador Sarpati did it. Star Fraction, The Horde, the Legion, the Goons, TEST, Darkness, Culture, Brave...all groups of people who did exactly that.

    You did too...once.

    The Amarr are right about something. You can't have two masters and you can't knock on the door to salvation too many times. There's still wiggle room, and an illusion of choice within the Empires. But we're quickly moving to a Galaxy where either you're with CONCORD or on the outside, looking in.

    For me, the outside is glorious.

    Outside is where the Angels fly.

  • BREAKING: Ishukone CEO Derided At CEP Session in EVE Communication Center

    Pieter Tuulinen wrote:
    Sinjin, it might actually be funnier to think the Empire will out-negotiate the State at a contract signing.

    Well. I'm a firm believer in the marketplace of ideas and I do have to admit that the Amarr faith has much to offer, but the State is simply not used to dictating to it's Citizens how they have to worship and the State citizenry would fight tooth and nail against anything with the smack of slavery about it.

    Right now I believe the Empire gets everything it needs from the current arrangement. The only thing I can see driving the State to the point where it would accept Amarrian overlordship (with all that entails) would be an existential threat that we would find even more distasteful - such as a resurgent Gallente Federation invading and enjoying success.

    Or say, the Drifters? Sansha? A nice Kyonoke outbreak?

  • Looking for Amarrian Orgy in EVE Communication Center

    Ameriya wrote:
    So, I've done plenty of things in my life, but the one thing that I've not done is the proper Amarrian Orgy; you know, like the ones in the holos. So, I thought to myself, "Self, why don't you just post? Surely some Amarr holder will see this and slide you an invitation." So, here I am!

    Like I said, looking for a proper one: decadent, luxurious, and elegant.

    O how Wicked, O how Vile.

    Call me.

  • BREAKING: Ishukone CEO Derided At CEP Session in EVE Communication Center

    Pieter Tuulinen wrote:
    Jev North wrote:
    Ayallah wrote:
    A Wyvern and a handful of Caracals and Condors are not going to stop Reclimation when it comes.

    I didn't think you could possibly make me smile, and yet here we are. Strange days.

    I know right? We held up the Gallente war machine for two centuries and Aya thinks the Golden Fleet will crush the State Navy.

    Under Jamyl and now under Kitty Caitz, you don't have to worry about the Golden Fleet as much as you have to worry about the Golden Tongue. The Amarr have learned the benefits of good PR. Now they say, "Oh slavery? I'm kind of against that. I know it's in the Scriptures, but that's not really what we're all about these days. Would you like some wine?"

    Make no mistake. The Empire and those who serve it still see people on the outside as something that needs to be brought to God's service. Be it a slave collar, a fleet, or honeyed words, the Reclamation is a real and present thing. The Empire is still very much a culture built on the backs of slaves and the State, Federation, Republic and CONCORD/The SCoT are all a party to allowing it to continue in the name of intergalactic "peace."

    There was a time when the Khanid Kingdom would have stood with the State against the Empire. Nowadays? Not so much. Did you see how the Kingdom was brought back into the fold? Not through force of arms, but through force of economics and promises of protection and "unity." This is how Caldari will fall to the Empire. Not with a bang, but with a transfer of ISK.

    A dog leash is a slave collar for those who don't realize they're slaves.

  • An Idea: Because I am bored for the moment. in EVE Communication Center

    Diana Kim wrote:
    Would you predict more Kyonoke outbreaks in the near future?


    What do you want?

  • [Kyonoke] Contagion Tracking, Containment, Planning in EVE Communication Center

    Makoto Priano wrote:
    An update, pilots. Now, the spread of the Kyonoke pathogen is clearly some form of terror attack.]

    I'm not entirely convinced this is a terror attack. It could easily be that one corporation or group within the State or Federation or Republic went in, took a sample and it got away from them. The sample they took was transported to the Republic where it caused the elevator outbreak. The subsequent outbreaks were caused by crew who had reshipped before the quarantine went into effect. A terrorist who was bent on causing several outbreaks would have targeted much more populated systems.

    Consider these points:

    1. The unprecedented involvement of the SoCT.
    2. CONCORD and the SCOPE's continued attempts at distracting the general public with stories about Angel Cartel and Serpentis arrests.
    3. The current incursion by Sansha forces at the EVE Gate systems and the silence of groups like the Servant Sisters of Eve.
    4. No known terrorist group has come forward to claim responsibility.

    In any criminal investigation, one must ask, "Who profits?" Who would profit from a terror attack on these backwater systems? Again and again, we can only speculate because facts are not easily wrested from the mouths of CONCORD.

  • [SCOPE] SoCT anchors construction scaffold in Postouvin in EVE Communication Center

    But I'm a criminal...


    Soldarius wrote:
    Why am I not surprised that SoCT wants everyone to "share" their information with them. There is something very wrong with all of this.

    I've been saying this for how long?

  • Guardian's Gala in EVE Communication Center

    Graelyn wrote:
    You just want everyone to attack The Angel Cartel?


    Not a hard sell. I'm in.

    Oh come now Cardinal, we're not that bad...

    Why not drop by for a glass of Ipref Red? We can talk of affairs and you can mingle with the other Amarr loyalists who frequent the establishment.

  • Solitude/Postouvin Containment and Response in EVE Communication Center

    If people want to truly help, take up positions at every gate leading into the hotzones and pod every single Capsuleer ship that tries to get in or get out.

    Once everyone in the system is either dead or the baseline population has determined that the outbreak has run its course, then feel free to go in with humanitarian relief.

    Anything more is a dangerous exercise in ego.

  • Solitude/Postouvin Containment and Response in EVE Communication Center

    *slow clap

    Conventional Wisdom: "Hey, there's a very dangerous outbreak. People should stay away to prevent any risk of further contamination."

    Capsuleers: "Hey, we're like totally humanitarian. Let's go pile a stack of resources that nobody can access on top of the hotzone and traipse all over everything because we're like heroes or something."

    [kwawr-uh n-teen]

    1. a strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of disease.
    2.a period, originally 40 days, of detention or isolation imposed upon ships, persons, animals, or plants on arrival at a port or place, when suspected of carrying some infectious or contagious disease.
    3.a system of measures maintained by governmental authority at ports, frontiers, etc., for preventing the spread of disease.
    4.the branch of the governmental service concerned with such measures.
    5.a place or station at which such measures are carried out, as a special port or dock where ships are detained.
    6.the detention or isolation enforced.
    7.the place, especially a hospital, where people are detained.

    verb (used with object), quarantined, quarantining.
    10.to put in or subject to quarantine.
    11.to exclude, detain, or isolate for political, social, or hygienic reasons.

  • Muttokon Containment and Staging center operational. in EVE Communication Center

    The best thing any Capsuleer can do right now is STAY AWAY. All it takes is one well-meaning idiot to break a quarantine and instead of four affected systems, we'll have forty. And soon four hundred. Yes this is bad. Yes we'll probably have to watch millions die to save billions. I'm suuuure CONCORD and the Empires can handle this with the same skill and dedication they showed when dealing with Sansha or the Drifters...

    That being said, I am willing to assist in any reasonable way that does not risk the chance of breaking quarantine.


    Doctor Valate wrote:
    I am reminded of a previous event.

    Agreed. And look what happened to him...


    Serenity Fireflya wrote:
    Any correspondence to or from any other point of contact than myself is invalid and should be considered a potential threat to the Seller.

    Oh I think "potential threat" is quite the understatement.

    You should now be considering terms like "real and credible."

  • It's Kyonoke in EVE Communication Center

    Casserina Leshrac wrote:

    Ah... an accusation.

    I wonder when it would all come down to me.

    Do you have evidence to support that I am directly responsible for this?

    No. There is no credible evidence to support that this was an attack or that Omir, Sansha, the Cartel, Serpentis, Rabbit, Nauplius, Diana Kim or a band of enraged fedos had anything to do with this.

    Hence why I suggested we deal with the emergency BEFORE the witch hunt.

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