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    Soldarius wrote:
    Why am I not surprised that SoCT wants everyone to "share" their information with them. There is something very wrong with all of this.

    I've been saying this for how long?

  • Guardian's Gala in EVE Communication Center

    Graelyn wrote:
    You just want everyone to attack The Angel Cartel?


    Not a hard sell. I'm in.

    Oh come now Cardinal, we're not that bad...

    Why not drop by for a glass of Ipref Red? We can talk of affairs and you can mingle with the other Amarr loyalists who frequent the establishment.

  • Solitude/Postouvin Containment and Response in EVE Communication Center

    If people want to truly help, take up positions at every gate leading into the hotzones and pod every single Capsuleer ship that tries to get in or get out.

    Once everyone in the system is either dead or the baseline population has determined that the outbreak has run its course, then feel free to go in with humanitarian relief.

    Anything more is a dangerous exercise in ego.

  • Solitude/Postouvin Containment and Response in EVE Communication Center

    *slow clap

    Conventional Wisdom: "Hey, there's a very dangerous outbreak. People should stay away to prevent any risk of further contamination."

    Capsuleers: "Hey, we're like totally humanitarian. Let's go pile a stack of resources that nobody can access on top of the hotzone and traipse all over everything because we're like heroes or something."

    [kwawr-uh n-teen]

    1. a strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of disease.
    2.a period, originally 40 days, of detention or isolation imposed upon ships, persons, animals, or plants on arrival at a port or place, when suspected of carrying some infectious or contagious disease.
    3.a system of measures maintained by governmental authority at ports, frontiers, etc., for preventing the spread of disease.
    4.the branch of the governmental service concerned with such measures.
    5.a place or station at which such measures are carried out, as a special port or dock where ships are detained.
    6.the detention or isolation enforced.
    7.the place, especially a hospital, where people are detained.

    verb (used with object), quarantined, quarantining.
    10.to put in or subject to quarantine.
    11.to exclude, detain, or isolate for political, social, or hygienic reasons.

  • Muttokon Containment and Staging center operational. in EVE Communication Center

    The best thing any Capsuleer can do right now is STAY AWAY. All it takes is one well-meaning idiot to break a quarantine and instead of four affected systems, we'll have forty. And soon four hundred. Yes this is bad. Yes we'll probably have to watch millions die to save billions. I'm suuuure CONCORD and the Empires can handle this with the same skill and dedication they showed when dealing with Sansha or the Drifters...

    That being said, I am willing to assist in any reasonable way that does not risk the chance of breaking quarantine.


    Doctor Valate wrote:
    I am reminded of a previous event.

    Agreed. And look what happened to him...


    Serenity Fireflya wrote:
    Any correspondence to or from any other point of contact than myself is invalid and should be considered a potential threat to the Seller.

    Oh I think "potential threat" is quite the understatement.

    You should now be considering terms like "real and credible."

  • It's Kyonoke in EVE Communication Center

    Casserina Leshrac wrote:

    Ah... an accusation.

    I wonder when it would all come down to me.

    Do you have evidence to support that I am directly responsible for this?

    No. There is no credible evidence to support that this was an attack or that Omir, Sansha, the Cartel, Serpentis, Rabbit, Nauplius, Diana Kim or a band of enraged fedos had anything to do with this.

    Hence why I suggested we deal with the emergency BEFORE the witch hunt.

  • It's Kyonoke in EVE Communication Center

    Casserina Leshrac wrote:
    Alizabeth Vea wrote:
    Okay, I'll say it. Who's behind the attack?

    Could there be a connection with the Angel Cartel?

    However since it is Kyonoke the last know terrorists to have was Sansha Nation?

    Ali, we have them in Nakri among the belt.

    You forgot to mention...yourself.

    Bloodraiders could have just as easily done this.

    But how about we deal with the emergency before we start the witch hunt?

  • [Kyonoke] Contagion Tracking, Containment, Aid Planning in EVE Communication Center


    It seems that things have taken quite a turn for the worse.

    Please continue to trust your local governments and CONCORD who surely have your best interests in mind.

  • [Kyonoke] Contagion Tracking, Containment, Aid Planning in EVE Communication Center

    Thank you Ms. Priano.

    I would again caution people to avoid speculation, remain vigilant and stay safe.

  • Open Letter To The Republic Security Services and Freedom Extension in EVE Communication Center

    I can understand some of the reasons for the continued lack of credible information and access from CONCORD/DED/The Scope.

    Imagine if you would that they allowed Capsuleers access to one of the quarantine zones. Imagine then that Nauplius decided it was time to collect more people for sacrifice. Imagine a terrorist who was able to smuggle infected away and seed them into the populations of Athra or Luminaire.

    Imagine having to try to track a killer when a mob of poorly-trained and heavily armed enthusiasts was trampling over your crime scene.

    Imagine some decent Capsuleers did manage to mount an effective rescue attempt and a Diana Kim decided it was time to start arresting "Enemies to the _____." Or CODE decided they needed "rescue permits." Imagine if CONCORD used it as an excuse to "bring to justice" those of us who openly operate against CONCORD?

    Denial of access is entirely appropriate.

    Denial of information however, is not helping matters at all. And in that facet, I agree with you.

    CONCORD, in it's usual fashion, has taken its usual "Father Knows Best" attitude. And we've seen time and again that they do not know what's best and their ever increasing greed, coupled with their neolithic incompetence, threatens humanity much more than Capsuleer interference would.

    So I'll agree that that this "need to know" attitude needs to end. But I caution allowing Capsuleers more free reign in situations like this.

  • [news] Zainou Owned Medical Center Sealed Off in EVE Communication Center

    "Arrests of members of the Interstellar Press?"

    Troubling indeed...

  • Scope News: Numerous staff quarantined in space elevator in Muttokon. in EVE Communication Center

    Mizhara Del'thul wrote:
    While I've been enjoying a well deserved rest and relaxation period between contracts, thank you. The alternative would have been inducing a coma at the medbay just to pass the time.

    If Coreli isn't giving you enough work, I know some people who'd love to have you on board.

    Yes, that was an obligatory "#JoinHORDE"

  • Aliens in Eve in EVE Communication Center

    Nana Skalski wrote:
    Now you want aliens, but then you will build walls in space faster than you could say: "make mankind great again".

    I'm going to build a Wall around The Spire and I'm gonna make the Drones pay for it!!

  • Luminaire VII Unscarred in EVE Communication Center

    Wait...temperate planets rotate but the others don't? Shocked

    Neil deGrasse Tyson shall hear of this!


  • Scope News: Numerous staff quarantined in space elevator in Muttokon. in EVE Communication Center

    Mizhara Del'thul wrote:
    Day two, no updates and no change in Muttokon. In a brief lapse of patience I stole some data and gear from poorly guarded Angel installations before I went back to watching quietly from the deep safe. If there is anything of note in this system, I will have to admit I am impressed by the means used to hide it from prying capsuleer eyes.

    Starting to look a bit like a dud, this.

    Of course it's a dud.

    Now ask yourself what CONCORD and the DED have going on elsewhere while you've been chasing your tail.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Intaki System "Drug Thug" Captured in EVE Communication Center

    In other news, someone used a shot glass to remove some water from the vast oceans of MPA-A IV in Fade. This is expected to greatly increase the amount of available land and bring happiness and prosperity to the colonists.

    Funny...I seem to recall when the Intaki Liberation Front was in the business of liberating Intaki.

    Congratulations, anyway I suppose. Even the little victories must count for something, right?

  • Reply with a famous quote in EVE Communication Center

    "I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure." -Sun Tzu.

  • The Eyrie of Heaven in EVE Communication Center

    I was just mentioning to a friend recently that a new establishment of this sort was well-needed.

    The Ivory Tower has fallen, the Holy Grape has gone sour, even Deck 23 is less than than it was.

    I look forward to frequenting an establishment where Angels are never sob...er, far...


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