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  • NeverDry™ T-Shirt [Updated] Men's Sizes in EVE Communication Center

    The Imperium is pleased to announce that it has reached a licensing agreement with Kitten Klothing for the use of the Black Eagle in a stylish line of casual clothing for the Cluster's most elite pilots.

  • Gevlon Goblin for CSM XI in Council of Stellar Management

    Gevlon Goblin is an honorable man with pure intentions and has my full endorsement for CSM XI.

  • Collective petition about fozziesov in Council of Stellar Management

    I agree with the broad sentiments outlined by UAxDeath here.

  • Madison WI Monthly Imperium Bender - 3rd Thursdays at 8pm, Atomic Koi in EVE Gameplay Center

    Had a great crew there, though I fear we're in danger of losing Gizmo as our puppy mascot Sad

  • Madison WI Monthly Imperium Bender - 3rd Thursdays at 8pm, Atomic Koi in EVE Gameplay Center

    Had a great time as always, big props to Noizygamer who you can all now blame for Burn Amarr: http://nosygamer.blogspot.com/2015/05/did-i-do-that.html Big smile

  • Madison WI Monthly Imperium Bender - 3rd Thursdays at 8pm, Atomic Koi in EVE Gameplay Center

    Was good times, wasn't expecting the default beer size to be one liter but hey there are worse problems to have. See everyone next month!

  • Madison WI Monthly Imperium Bender - 3rd Thursdays at 8pm, Atomic Koi in EVE Gameplay Center

    Looking forward to seeing a bunch of you nerds there!

  • Sion Kumitomo: CSM X in Council of Stellar Management

    Malcanis wrote:
    Good TMC article. You have my vote.

    You have my appreciation, both for the kind words and for the vote.

    Freelancer117 wrote:
    Dear Sion,

    Since you currently are on the CSM and have expressed thoughts about legislating the process and the rules by which we play a sandbox game, I want to forward this idea.

    Now that must likely the CSM white paper is being rewritten, would it not be a good idea to put in some (abridged) right of Interpellation Cool

    source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interpellation_%28politics%29

    For example, when a dev or team does not want to communicate with the CSM, the CSM can invoke this right at the Senior Producer level and then he or she either veto's it or not, and then the dev or team has to respond to questions from CSM.

    Regards, a Freelancer

    That's an excellent idea. I'll definitely be bringing it up.

    Bellak Hark wrote:
    Here is your ad. You have my votes.

    Thanks for making that, and color me impressed that you managed to find my old EVE Down Under presentation.

    Alundil wrote:
    What are your thoughts on the current state of:

    Capital class warfare - good place or in need of some work? What are the areas that you think could use some work?

    Anchored Interdiction bubble spam - What are your thoughts on this? Working as intended? Or cowardly abuse of game mechanic? Would you suggest changes to this either in the form of anchor distance restrictions, material input adjustments or something entirely different?

    Sov resources - do you see a need for changes in the distribution of resources in sov null? If so, what changes might you suggest?

    Local channel as Intel - problem or non-issue? What are your thoughts on intel gathering currently in sov null and do you think it's in need of a change? If so, what change(s) might you suggest?

    Thanks for your time and good luck.

    Dreads are in a pretty solid spot, though carriers could probably use some work. I'm not a huge fan of the sans-risk Skynet style of play.

    Cowardly abuse of game mechanics? As opposed to what, cowardly trying to leave the honorable field of battle?

    Sov is becoming more trouble to hold than it's worth. Rather than a change in the distribution of resources, I'd like to see mechanics added that allowed alliances to build up their space into something more valuable. Build up in the urban sense of the word, to increase density and value and to allow for reduced footprints for alliances in 0.0. The side effect of being able to build a meaningful space metropolis is a greater sense of home and attachment, which is always more difficult in a static truesec type of mechanics system.

    I wrote an entire article on the local issue: http://www.themittani.com/features/dont-touch-local

  • ♛♛ Bobmon, CSM 10 ♛♛ in Council of Stellar Management

    Bobmon is pretty much the worst.

    He kept talking to me and being passionate and enthusiastic, and then I started to realize that he's a good guy and that he'd be good on the CSM. But I'm a goon, and he's the chief editor of en24. I couldn't like him. To do so would shatter concrete laws of nature and send the universe itself into chaos. And not the usual kind of chaos. The universe ending kind of chaos.

    But I can't help myself, and so it is with a heavy heart that I confess Bobmon is pretty okay. No! More than okay! He'd bring whatever strange power he used to melt my cold black heart to the CSM, and he'd create Pax Bobmonica and all would be right.

    Until the fabric of reality unraveled.

    So you see, Bobmon has doomed us all, and for that, he is the worst. Bobmon 2015. Because there won't be a 2016.

  • Sion Kumitomo: CSM X in Council of Stellar Management

    Rain6637 wrote:
    Thank you for the clarification. Stakeholder status was another unclear term in my mind, and I wondered how it related to ownership in the sense of Scrum.

    Player stories are one thing I thought the CSM would be perfect for. I don't mean to say devs are at fault for not being subject matter experts. In your Cap Stable interview, you addressed the matter of in-depth knowledge, and mentioned that individual players outside of the CSM are likely to have the most experience in specific areas of the game. Still, wouldn't the CSM be ideal for providing player stories, for being bound to an NDA while very close to individual players?

    In your latest blog post on TMC, you closed on the topic of CSM integration into the development process. Access to the road map is great, but wouldn't it be better to have access to backlog items and player stories? Player stories strike me as a mutually compatible piece of data between the CSM and Scrum.

    Going forward into CSM X, this topic of CSM integration (which you mention consistently) strikes me as very important to the function of the CSM, and communication between players and CCP. Being an invested player, my hopefulness and faith in EVE depends on this communication process.

    I suppose this isn't much of a question, and I mostly just want to say you are addressing the CSM on a level that is reassuring and I enjoy hearing about. Questioning the process of the CSM with a mind for reform.

    Stakeholder status is unclear in my mind too. It isn't a stakeholdership in the Scrum sense.

    Access to player stories and being able to provide feedback there is a good idea, but nothing like that currently exists.

    I concur, communication between players and CCP is of paramount importance. Still a lot of work to be done there.

    Speedkermit Damo wrote:
    Hello Sion,

    Do you still log in to the game and fly spaceships etc?

    When I have time, which is rarer than I would like.

  • Sion Kumitomo: CSM X in Council of Stellar Management

    Capqu wrote:

    [im voting for you]
    [fix heavy missiles]

    Not empty quoting?

    Not empty quoting.

    Rain6637 wrote:
    Sion, I have a question about something you touched on in your latest Cap Stable interview, regarding the reality of the CSM versus what you imagined initially, before being elected to the CSM.

    It also has to do with Agile with Scrum, and I'm basically wondering how much of an impact the shorter development cycle has on the effectiveness of the CSM. My naive impression is the shorter development cycles reduce the lead time available to you.

    EVE's new release cycles are two weeks longer than the development cycles prescribed in Agile with Scrum. Is some of that additional time used to incorporate the CSM into parts of Scrum?

    Also, does the CSM participate in Scrum meetings (perhaps via conference calls), such as Backlog Refinement Meetings, Sprint Planning Meetings, or Daily Scrum Meetings?

    What provisions have CCP and the CSM implemented to integrate the CSM into the development process since adopting Agile with Scrum?

    The Cap Stable interview of CCP Falcon / CCP Leeloo (released today) included discussion of CSM 9 in the development process. CCP Leeloo's description of CSM access to the develpment road map sounds one-way, and delayed by a week between updates. Is there anything you'd like to add?

    For example, on which side of the Scrum Master does the CSM reside?

    Your impression is correct, the shorter development cycles usually reduce the lead time the CSM has.

    As far as I know, no, none of that time is specifically blocked out for the CSM and certainly not two weeks worth.

    The CSM has stakeholder status on one team and do sprint reviews with them.

    Right now, the provisions are mostly provisional. The CSM has been added to confluence, which may help us keep better. Time will tell how it works out in practice, but thus far I am optimistic.

    Roadmap accessibility is something I'm keeping a close eye on, it's likely to be key to keeping the CSM looped in and able to engage in a meaningful way in the new release environment.

    The CSM isn't really part of the development process at all, nor do we have a formal placement within the development process or structure.

    The business specifics I can't engage with however, for answers there it is probably best to target your questions to CCP. All I can say is that CCP's structure and how CCP Seagull runs it makes a lot of sense.

  • Sion Kumitomo: CSM X in Council of Stellar Management

    Hendrick Tallardar wrote:
    When you say that protocols do not allow for CSM members to "truly hold each other accountable" what do you mean? An internal reporting system or something similar? What would you publicly say the CSM should do to be more open under your ideal settings?

    How would you suggest the voting public be enabled to hold a CSM accountable? A formalized body that runs as a check & balance of the CSM? A more structured process outside of voting a year after a CSM has more or less been deadweight? The only real example I can cite recently of the public holding a CSM member accountable for their actions was when Major J Silva got outed for account sharing, which saw him ejected from the CSM.

    All excellent questions. For starters, were you aware that CSM members are heavily discouraged (functionally banned) from saying anything negative about another CSM member in public regardless of truth value?

    As for the rest, I will likely treat it elsewhere at length. This isn't to be dismissive, instead there's a great deal about the CSM that I have yet to say and as yet haven't, and most of it ties back into these admittedly difficult problems.

  • Thoric Frosthammer for CSM X in Council of Stellar Management

    I've had the distinct honor of working with Thoric in his capacity as alliance leader in the CFC. He has been a tremendous asset, and isn't afraid to make difficult leadership decisions. He leads a tight-knit community, which speaks volumes for his abilities.

    Also his people throw amazing parties!

  • Sion Kumitomo: CSM X in Council of Stellar Management

    Hendrick Tallardar wrote:
    In that interview you claim that Xander breached the CSM NDA on his podcast. You also assert that NDA'd information makes its way to people in a non-public fashion, which you discern through people's posts and so forth. That's a rather presumptuous claim to make given you lack anything really in the way of evidence.

    Do you feel that, given that CCP aren't keen on having people do that sort of thing, and the fact Xander is still a full member of the CSM without incident, your allegation is still true? CSM members have been ejected for far less than what you are accusing Xander of, and he remains on the CSM. Your thoughts on that? It certainly comes across as rumor mongering which is rather petty to do during a campaign, which is rather sad to see you resort to.

    Also pro-tip, you need a better mic. The one you used is pretty bad, and you should use the $30 it takes to get a better one. Unless, of course, you can't afford it.

    Thanks for bringing up an excellent point on the need for greater transparency and visibility into the CSM. Protocols do not currently exist to allow CSM members to truly hold each other accountable, or for the voting public to hold their elected representatives accountable, so it can indeed come off as rumor mongering. This is something I'm going to attempt to tackle next term should I be elected again. As is, I entirely understand your reticence and am sympathetic as to how it could appear to be petty. With any luck, this will not be an issue next year pending some badly needed reform actions. The closed door nature of the CSM ill serves the purpose of the institution.

    Malcanis wrote:
    Anyone who's read my posts knows that I'm not exactly Sion's greatest fan as a person. He is, to be frank, an abrasive jerk. As one myself, I am qualified to say so, and he applies the term to himself.

    From one jerk to another, I consider it high praise. Where you see the most of me is in Alumni though, which I explicitly rope off for trolling. I couldn't run a team of diplomats, seventy directors, or any of the other people-centric organizations I run if that was my normal mode of interaction with people.

    Marlona Sky wrote:
    In your interview on Cap Stable, you mentioned that you feel the CSM is a meta game entity. Can you elaborate on that more and without breaking NDA, give some examples?

    It's a matter of definitions. Though metagame has evolved in EVE into a verb (I got metagamed, they metagamed me), it was originally used as noun used to refer to actions taken beyond the ruleset of a game that had potential impacts on said game. An elected space council meeting in real life and shelving their space persona to talk about business, game implications, rules, and other such is thus by definition a metagame entity. This is distinct from "The CSM is metagaming players," which is both a misunderstanding of term usage and patently false.

  • Thanks voters! Corebloodbrothers CSM 10 in Council of Stellar Management

    I finally had the chance to meet Core in person. He's dedicated, articulate, and passionate and he represents his constituency well. He's also an ultra-chill guy and is great to hang around with and just chat.

    Don't let compliments from a Goon count against him. Core deserves to be back for CSM X.

  • Sion Kumitomo: CSM X in Council of Stellar Management

    Jenshae Chiroptera wrote:
    I like your blunt, shooting from the hip approach to the review.

    I suppose .
    I have to add the expected, "Grrr Goons"
    People will report this post.
    ... and claim my account was stolen. P **

    ** this was also written in their strata method so they can read it. Twisted

    Grr, goons.

  • Bam Stroker for CSM X. Because it's the community, stupid. in Council of Stellar Management

    Fully 100% endorsed.

    He's a community builder, he's thoughtful, and he's dashingly handsome. A gentlemen, a scholar, and the institution of the CSM would be lucky to have him.

    Even if all his dial-in video on conference calls would be upside-down.

  • Sion Kumitomo: CSM X in Council of Stellar Management

    Sven Viko VIkolander wrote:
    Could you to give an example of a change to the game you have advocated for while on the CSM that would be good for the game in general, in your estimation, but potentially bad for your own corporation/alliance/coalition as an in-game entity?

    I've advocated heavily for changes to the highsec corp aggression mechanics, which I suppose you might count.

    Though also, the conceptualization of what might be good or bad for a corporation, alliance, or coalition in terms of game mechanics depends largely on zoom level and time frame. A rising tide lifts all boats, and only the short-sighted or the narrow minded advocate for short term advantage at the expense of the game's ecosystem as a whole.

  • Dev Blog: CSM 9 - The Year In Review in EVE Information Center

    Marlona Sky wrote:
    @Sion -

    The reason why CCP is hesitant in having the CSM in the loop on major changes is because it has become very apparent to them and even the player base - there is some loose lips on the CSM. it is no secret that some CSM members are there to gain insight on upcoming changes so they and their constituents can gain an advantage. We need CSM members who are there for the entire player base and the health of the game. Not just them and theirs.

    Until this changes, don't be surprised with the short notices on upcoming changes.

    If you have evidence of this, I would be grateful if you'd pass it my way. Or probably even better, pass it to CCP.

  • Sion Kumitomo: CSM X in Council of Stellar Management

    Lanctharus Onzo wrote:
    Lanctharus Onzo wrote:
    Good to hear that you have decided to run again.

    As you are aware we at the Cap Stable Podcast interviewed you during your run for CSM9 and we wish to do the same this year for CSM10.

    Here is our announcement: http://capstable.net/2014/12/01/council-of-stellar-management-x-call-for-candidate-interviews/

    As we stated in the announcement, you can contact us to schedule your one on one interview via any of the following methods:

    Email: podcast@capstable.net
    Twitter: @CapStable
    Or via our contact form

    We look forward to speaking to you about your particular skill set and expertise in EVE Online and we hope you success in your candidacy.


    Lanctharus Onzo
    Co-host & Writer of the Cap Stable Podcast
    Military Director, Alea Iacta Est Universal

    Hello Sion!

    Wanted to find out when did you want to schedule your CSMX interview?

    Hey Lanctharus, I'll drop you a line in private.

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