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  • [proposal] Get rid of empire in Council of Stellar Management

    Kemal Ataturk wrote:
    Drake Draconis wrote:
    Kemal Ataturk wrote:
    Drake Draconis wrote:
    Kemal Ataturk wrote:

    Do you mind enlighten me why is it that?

    For a noob corp or an industrial corp that is wardect by some griefers isn't empire turned to at least 0.4/0.0? Why not turn it for everyboddy to low sec or 0.0 and only for the wardeced corp?

    "Q: How long will wars last?
    A: As long as the aggressor pays every week and no one surrenders (or no surrender offer is accepted), then a war can last forever."

    Pretty ironic considering your in an NPC corp yourself smartass. For someone who hates being immune to war decs you are the pinnacle of a hypocrite.

    drake drake, 1) this is an alt, 2) i am at your side you just do not notice it. Read again what i wrote. ok englsh not my favorite but still.

    Some arguments would be nice. thanks.

    And how does that not make you an hypocritical moron again?

    You detest NPC's hiding to avoid war-decs yet you use said mechanic yourself.

    Seriously...get out and stay out...

    I apprechiate your comments. Well this proposal shows just how ridiculous the changes in Inferno gonna be. And since this proposal do not seem to work out that will lead soon to my new proposal. "Make Empire entirely safe and scrap wardecs", i hope you gonna support it.

    p.s. alt as forum alt.

    I think you are reading too much into the wardec changes. They are not going to turn hi sec in to the warzone you obviously think it's going to be.

    As far as I am aware, the changes are just to make the wars mean something and to get rid of a few exploits that currently exist.

    But I suspect you knew this and were probably unhappy with these changes because it does get rid of exploits that the griefer corps use.

  • We need to talk about catching ratters / miners in null! in Council of Stellar Management

    Why don't we save you the bother of doing any work to catch people and give you a free KM just for showing up in system? Roll

    So you are proposing that we penalise people that are not afk, read intel channels and take sensible precautions when ratting?

    Lots of ratters die all the time without AFK Cloaky ship. These are usually the inept/asleep/afk ratters. Shouldn't need much effort to catch and kill them. Nor would you need a cloaky ship in the plex/anom with them.

    Not supported.

  • Looking for a Drone Boat in EVE Gameplay Center

    Save yourself a fortune and use a Domi.

    Lots of mission fits around for them.

  • Incoming titan adjustments in EVE Gameplay Center

    Snot Shot wrote:

    Dude, you say you are cheering on the underdog? With you on their side, I would hate to have enemies. Twisted

    You do nothing to encourage the people that Raiden. + friends would like to recruit as they take on look at their biggest fan in you and wonder why the hell they would even consider looking at them let alone joining them. Me included in that by the way.

    So we have **** poasting from you, the 'leet' pvp'ers jumping into Titans anytime there's a fight and why would anyone else want to join something that's to all intents and purposes worse than the CFC and many other alliances in eve?

    I think you've trolled for so long now you actually believe the crap that you type.

    I am a bit worried about you now though. What are you going to do when Jita burns? Move to Rens? LolLolLol

  • PL gets 15trillion isk banned in recent RMT bannings in EVE Communication Center

    Lexmana wrote:
    Simi Kusoni wrote:
    The fact you can spell neither libel or petition speaks volumes as to your legal expertise.

    It is: neither ... nor
    Not: neither ... or

    I'd pay you 15T in dirty isk just for these fabulous grammar lessons. Big smile

  • Jita will BURN! (So what ship are you bringing to the party?) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Think you need something with a lot more hi slots to KM ***** tbh.

    Oh, turrets would be best for this. Try a tanked Ferox with small rails if you want uber tank. Blink

  • [Proposal] Defender Missiles...make them useful. in Council of Stellar Management

    Sir Trent wrote:
    Not really related to defender missiles but another skill that I've not seen used is F-O-F. Correct me if I'm wrong but are they used in any situation? I know they are the only weapon (except smartbombs and drones) that works when jammed but with the lower dps I do not see why anyone would use them.

    FoF's don't do much less damage than any other missile type. The problem with them is you can't control what they hit so you tend to find if you have multiple enemies, the damage gets spread out rather than focused.

    Still useful if you are jammed by a Falcon at range with a dps ship close to you. FoF's will hit what's closest or largest then work out from there.

    Totally useless in missions or complexes as they also target structures that can be destroyed.

  • New Dev Blog: Alliance Panel at Fanfest 2012: The Conclusion in EVE Information Center

    I feel like I missed something but can't be bothered to read 59 pages to find out what it was. Lol

  • Escort Carrier in EVE Gameplay Center

    I think it would be ok to have an Escort Carrier in hi sec as long as it's fighters weren't allowed to be used there. If all it has are normal drones, it'd be no worse than an Orca in that respect.

    Definitely don't allow it to use acceleration gates. Don't want to see them used for missions as a matter of course.

  • EVE PLAYERS - A call for Issler Dainze to step down from CSM7 in Council of Stellar Management

    Frying Doom wrote:
    Phigmeta wrote:

    Care to make any more random posts about bugger all.

    I lol'd at the irony of this post. LolLolLol

  • Escort Carrier in EVE Gameplay Center

    Tanya Powers wrote:
    Dibblerette wrote:
    Trinkets friend wrote:
    *cough* Domi on roids *cough*

    A pvp combat viable T2 battleship? Gasp.

    Actually they're not asking here for a simple high sec combat carrier, term used is "Escort carrier" and for some you would need 4 of those to match a SUPER CARRIER dps witch is 12k for a nyx, so 3k dps.

    I hope you see where this is going?- ok, let me help you: isk printing machine but afk mode or ultra "I play with my alts, I'm not alone" killing incursions all day long.

    This is the bit I don't like about this idea. However, limit the drones to a flight of 5 and it'd be no better than a Dominix or a Rattlesnake for missions but would have fighters should you wish to fight in low/null with them.

    Sorta like an Orca tank with some dps from 5 fighters. Kind of like a half way house between Battleships and Carriers but a fraction of the cost, a fraction of the tank and a fraction of the dps.

    Fighters would be pretty useless in missions anyway. Fighters can't hit anything below a Battleship with any real force and would take ages to finish even the easiest of missions.

  • Regarding the CSM7 Chairmanship: in Council of Stellar Management

    Kitfox Mikakka wrote:
    Princess Bride wrote:
    Not good enough.

    Nothing short of Minttani thrown on a cross was going to placate you, Darius III, and various other people with agendas to push. Truly shameful, like my posting

    I thought your posting was pretty good actually...too good for a Gewn. You spai? Lol

  • Escort Carrier in EVE Gameplay Center

    I like this idea to be honest.

    One thing I would suggest is allow it to use fighters if it's used in low/null but no fighters in hi sec, normal drones only

    It would also need to have a limited drone bay and no jump drive. So may be one flight of fighters, one of heavies, one of medium and one flight of lights. This way it's not going to be overpowered

    Oh and probably only a quarter the tank of a carrier. Just like a carrier, it will need a support fleet to avoid it being curb stomped.

  • Decloak Alarm in Council of Stellar Management

    Well there is already a visible warning. See that little green circle with the picture of a cloak in the middle? When it stops being green and changes to red, that's your cue to be somewhere else.

    Of course this is assuming you are not an AFK Cloaky. If you are, tough. Should've been paying attention. Lol

    As has already been pointed out, this isn't really that much of a problem if you have your overview set up correctly.

    I do feel that it does give another advantage to the cloaked ship. If you are AFK cloaky and you hear a warning, then you will change to that toon to see what's happening, so it's just giving AFK cloakers another 'layer' of protection that they really don't need.

  • [Proposal] Put more combat in the combat. Less glass cannon in Council of Stellar Management

    Alcaeus Cetsuun wrote:
    This is a huge issue for me and probably prospective players in general but I don't feel like going on and on right now so here it is nice and simple..

    Combat is over way to quickly
    When you see advertisements for EVE you think big nasty epic battles in space. But all you get is....pop

    New players want to get into combat and old 0.0 players want people to come in so they can blow them up but the game right now outright discourages players from participating. Especially newer players

    Why? Because combat right now consists of toggling on all the things asap then something blows up...in seconds.
    It is devastatingly underwhelming. Even pvp videos on youtube are just pop..pop....pop. PVE is over before it starts too.

    There is no time to make use of half the stuff you can fit on your ships
    No time to attempt to use maneuvering to get an advantage
    No time to appreciate whether or not what you fit on your ship is even helping or hurting
    It never even feels like you're in combat. There literally isn't even time to give it ****

    Let's contrast the current combat vs. what it should be in my mind

    Player1 enters lowsec looking for trouble, gets lucky and starts a 1v1 vs Player2 in same ship class.
    Player1 blows up 60(If lucky?) seconds later. Player 1 is unhappy and devastatingly underwhelmed. All that making isk, fitting his ship and traveling for that
    Player2 is glad he won but also devastatingly underwhelmed. All that making isk, fitting his ship and traveling for that

    How it should be
    Player1 blows up after a several minute fight in which he had time to do things and stuff while getting into the fight receiving a nice adrenalin rush. Player1 is sad he lost but was entertained and has some plans for the next fight based on what he just saw
    Player2 is pumped because he just won a drawn out BATTLE decided on the battlefield as opposed to popping a little bubble in space in 60 seconds in a situation where the outcome was decided before the fight started

    Fix? Ships need more hit points. All the way up to battleships.
    A 1v1 battleship fight should be 10min+ in my mind. Battleships should be "tanked" by default
    Frigates feel more like fighters right now.
    It's a mess.

    I am not entertained.
    I just want real, drawn out and strategic fights. Not sometimes or in special circumstances.. all the time.

    I actually just watched part of the presentation from the fanfest and saw previews of ship damage and shield effects. The sad thing is my immediate thought was you'll never get to enjoy those in game because those clips were actually longer than a fight lasts in EVE 90% of the time.

    Frigate fights tend to be very short and very brutal but fights with larger ships do tend to take awhile to come to a conclusion so I am guessing you've been on the wrong end of a gank or two?

    Also, people need to kill fast in EVE. The reason for this is that the guy you are shooting and beating has probably got a billion buddies burning to you so it's never really a good idea to hang around especially in low sec.

    I've always rather enjoyed fights in frigates. It would be boring as hell if you gave everything a million HP and had to spend an hour grinding down a frigate. Ugh

    I think you should learn a bit more about the game before you make proposals that aren't needed or wanted as the sub capital ships are fine for the most part.

  • Make Naga a Missile boat. in Council of Stellar Management

    Wow this thread still going?

    I think it's safe to assume that the Naga won't be getting missiles anytime soon.

    Personally I think the Naga is a kickass ship with blasters.

  • Incoming titan adjustments in EVE Gameplay Center

    Snot Shot wrote:
    Smiling Menace wrote:
    Joyelle wrote:
    Smiling Menace wrote:
    Snot Shot wrote:
    Some crap

    Looks like CFC did use their caps.

    Titans Online

    Where were you? Staying in dock range in Jita as per usual?

    And this is the reason why the nerf is a must or we will see more of this.

    Titans are still viable imo. Make sure to bring a long a **** ton of target painters and scimitars/oneiros for tracking boost. With that aside, I was wondering what CCP were thinking when they decided to give titans 5 scan res. lol

    P.S. that killmail doesn't relate to anything. Equal number of titans on both sides and the cfc has about 2 or 3 times the man power.

    Actually it does. Snotter and friends have been warned that if the CFC decided to use their caps then they would have more than everyone else combined. Without the nerf, do you really want Goons and friends effectively 'winning' EVE by default?

    I certainly don't. I quite like this game and I would like to play it more before it really does become Titans Online.

    It’s ok to look foolish once in a while but throttle back from time to time here………..CFC have “warned EVE”………Lol. As the guy mentioned above, the link you posted had equal the Titans and CFC had calls out to as far as AAA to come to the fight and that’s why CFC logged them in, and only a small fraction of what they actually have.

    So you posting that fleet fight proves my point in that the CFC want the only thing that could stop them nerf’d so they can **** pack to win through attrition and not have to worry about losing subcaps to Supers which is what keeps the door closed on them at this point...Pirate

    I’m sorry that you’ve been brain washed, or bullied, by Mittani into believing that Titans shouldn’t be able to hit Sub-caps..Blink

    I am starting to think there's something very wrong with you. You don't appear to be able to read which is very sad. Maybe some lessons?

    I most certainly do not and never will support Goons.

    Ok, let's try simple things for you since you need someone to hold your hand here. You say that Titans/Super Caps are all that stand in Goons way to total EVE domination? You ok to this point? Just stop me if I am going too fast for you Snotter.

    Based on this you believe the nerf is a bad idea as Raiden./NC./PL and buddies have been the thin red line stopping Goons.

    However, my point is, without this nerf, the CFC will have even more Titans/Super Caps than Raiden./NC./PL and buddies combined and it won't matter that the CFC is terrible. They will be able to blap the total crap out of ANY fleet that ANYONE brings using the mechanics that exit today.

    You seem to feel that this nerf is purely to hurt your brosefs in Raiden./NC./PL + friends (if they will admit to being brosefs with you is debatable) but I don't think it is. It's purely to stop stupid game mechanics from screwing up EVE completely when Goons and friends can bring thousands of Titans/Super Caps to a fight in the not too distant future.

    As to your thoughts that Goons and friends will win by sheer weight of numbers, ask yourself this, why is they have the largest alliance in the game? Why do people fly with this evil terrible alliance that you claim it to be?

    May be if people like you stopped being such an arse on the forums that people might actually see the light and join the side of the angels? Food for thought.

  • Delete me please in EVE Gameplay Center

    Pleeeeeeease delete me, let me go.......

    *karaoke forums might catch on....well they might!!* LolLol

  • upcoming curse, bhaal, etc Nerf. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Zarnak Wulf wrote:
    It is a Minmatar nerf. Minmatar are the most likely to fit a nuet. They have the fittings and the utility high spots for it. A cap battery also takes away from shield tanking or tackle.

    You are aware that they can also armour tank pretty well?

  • Tracking enhancer with artillery in EVE Gameplay Center

    Alara IonStorm wrote:
    Babar Baboli wrote:

    Were those 1200mm artys or 1400mm? Or do both kinds have such bad tracking that they can't hit the elite cruisers?

    They were 1400mm Meta 4 Cannons using 3 TE's and 2 Gyro's. I think 2 TE's and one TC with Tracking Script running T2 Tracking Ammo might work but I am not sure because I made the switch before I got T2 Arty.

    I find the TC II is a must when using artillery for PvE.

    As to ammo, I find Phased Plasma works against everything really. Depleted Uranium is also ok-ish if you need more tracking.

    All I usually load for missions is Phased Plasma and Fusion for Angel missions. Never had the need to use anything else.