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  • Full clears: Marauder > Noctis? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I just drop and pick-up as I go unless I need to move, then I scope and move. Loot's not really worth leaving a vulnerable MTU by itself to even reship to another boat.

    Oddly enough, in another thread I commented in saying the Noctis is fine with respects to its stats, but it reality it's not fine. Thing is, the stats are not the problem (though admittidly it could use some more maneuverability and an upgrade to its sensors). The problem is that the MTU will always be cheaper in terms of time compared to the Noctis because it means you don't really need to sacrifice virtually any extra time in using MTU's and having to switch ships will always take more time in the end. The only downside to the MTU in comparison is that you give up much of the loot which, as I said before, isn't really much loss to begin with. Using an MTU like I do, you don't spend more than a few seconds more than you would if you were ignoring loot and salvage completely and the loot I do recover is a pretty fair trade. Using a Noctis wouldn't get me much more, but would add several minutes that I wouldn't need otherwise to a mission. Doesn't really sound like much, but it's far more costly in time either way.

    Unless loot becomes more valuable in a literal sense or if somehow CCP, in there infinite wisdom, one day decided it would be cute to allow Marauders to carry and jettison a fully equipped Noctis after a room is cleared, an MTU will always be a better choice in my eyes.

  • Character Models in EVE Communication Center

    Nana Skalski wrote:
    I know that if you abandon changes then you can resculpt again next time you enter character editor.

    What is strange, CCP showed years ago a prototype, working one, that allowed for mixing races. Cant comprehend why they abandoned it like everything related to expansion of WIS. It was working!

    Because that wasn't one of their finer moments, and they'd likely will continue to avoid anything WiS due to it's bad history...old emotions and such. It's a shame, but I can't say I blame them really considering the ****-storm that got kicked up at that time.

  • Quick question on blitzing Dread Pirate Scarlett in EVE Gameplay Center

    Pix Severus wrote:
    Buoytender Bob wrote:
    but if you want to blitz it you need something that can apply instant damage (ie, not drones or missiles

    Unless they've changed this mission in the last year since I've done it, you don't need instant damage, missiles work just fine. In the third room she disappears after she is hit once, so you have to make sure you can kill her in one volley. Use EM missiles and she's toast.

    You need instant damage applied to kill her in the first room she appears (second room of the mission). Supposidly you can end up killing her twice in one run doing that due to a glitch that spawns her in the third room regardless of whether or not you got her in the second, don't if you still can but others have said you can.

    In the second room, she will remain indefinitely until she is aggroed by you or anything else (like drones or EWAR). Pointing her doesn't work to hold her down, so she'll bail even if you use a point or scram, so don't bother with that. I can personally confirm that part, it used to work but it no longer does. In the Third room, however, she will leave after a certain amount of time irrespective of aggression from you or other sources, so while you don't need to volley her in one shot, you do need to press on her hard enough to kill her before she leaves again. Obviously in the forth room she never leaves if she's there, but will NOT spawn in that room if you've killed her in any previous rooms already, unlike that odd bug I was talking about before. Finally, killing her in either the second or third rooms nets an implant worth around 8mil, though she will not drop that imp in the forth room.

  • 🎯 Camera Tracking Issues 🎯 in EVE Communication Center

    Yeah, it's not part of Dynamic Camera. The tracking camera functions the same irrespective of that option's toggled state.

  • Module Delay Since Returning after F2P in EVE Communication Center

    I think I know what OP is referring to, and if that's the case, then he's right...up to a point. There's been a very brief window of time between commanding a ship to leave gate cloak and when your ship actually does so when a module can be turned on prematurely but still properly activate the moment you leave gate cloak.

    Where OP is right is that I've noticed that window has seemingly gotten harder to get the timing down, but it's not gone completely. I haven't seen any moments of hitting a module too soon not producing an error complaining of cloaking interfering with it like it should in that case like that, it either says that or my module fires the instant I leave cloak as it should.

    Again, that's assuming the OP and I are thinking the same thing. We might not be. So far, what I have seen is that it's a little more difficult to nail down that trick (muscle memory ftw), but it's still possible to do so nonetheless.

  • 🎯 Camera Tracking Issues 🎯 in EVE Communication Center

    Just don't use it? Let's face it, honestly the last time CCP touched the camera they should have just left it alone...too many broken, unfinished, and/or infuriating "features" added to replace a working design for maybe one or two gimmicky ones we didn't have before. Top notch.

    Seriously, though, best thing you can do is bug report it in game if you feel it's a bug. If you're lucky, it is and CCP will look into it. If not, well you did what you could at least.

  • Salvager twos? in EVE Communication Center

    True enough...gotta start somewhere.

  • Salvager twos? in EVE Communication Center

    Huh...when did that happen? Shocked

    See, not really that important, is it? Roll Besides, making wrecks is way better than salvaging them!

    Btw, good catch. I really didn't notice that until now. Eh, out with the old and in with the new, I guess.

  • Bounty on my head, how does it works? in EVE Communication Center

    Adriaan Agrenzel wrote:
    Well, that doesn't sound great. I expected my bounty to be set to zero when I get killed.

    Now this means I have to get killed a few times before bounty reaches zero. I already got 20 mil ISK on my head.

    At the moment, I'm mostly in high sec areas as I'm meeting up people and setup production. I'll then go to low sec if I can find an alliance or corporation to join and have backup.

    I see low sec is like free for all, bounty or no bounty. Its like the open seas, full of pirates who wants to relieve me of my contents.

    I'm not completely positive on it since the bounty system was last altered quite a while back, but I think the 20% thing is to avoid exploitation or some such. Someone else with better knowledge on the subject matter could have a better answer or more correct one. I never really paid much attention to the old bounty system anymore than the current iteration to be honest.

  • Unable to login after maintaince in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Same. Did a hamster die or something? Should we send flowers, CCP?

    Edit: Seems like it's working. Crossing fingers I don't get me sockets closed like last time I had connection issues.

  • Noctis needs a bigger hold in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Yes they visually look the same, yet the Porpoise and the Noctis serve two entirely different roles, so that answers the question about hold sizes and why one has way more than the other. As for questioning whether the Noctis has enough at all for it's job, it has plenty. A Noctis with a typical load-out can sweep several L4's worth before hitting max cargo. Many missions don't even match the Noctis' stock cargo cap.

    The irony is the OP claiming the use of a dessy fitted to loot and salvage would be better in his mind. Thats exactly what the Noctis was introduced to replace: loot-dessies and slavage 'canes. And it does that just fine.

  • Looting Wrecks You Didn't Kill in EVE Communication Center

    Beast of Revelations wrote:
    Sobaan Tali wrote:

    Not to be mean, but I have to chuckle a little bit every time I see another "It works in real life" arguments pop up.

    You're not being mean, you're just being stupid.

    Now that that's addressed, I guess you are welcome to your opinion on safeties. I disagree of course, but whatever.

    How does that statement make me stupid exactly? Because even though you say I'm entitled to an opinion, I'm stupid for having one you disagree with. That about sums it up?

  • Looting Wrecks You Didn't Kill in EVE Communication Center

    Beast of Revelations wrote:
    Sobaan Tali wrote:
    Maybe it's just me, but I still think the safety system was a bad move. I thought that much when it was introduced way back when, I still think it now. It's the one thing in Eve that just doesn't, in my completely honest opinion, fit Eve in any way, shape, or form that I can see. Personally, I think the default shouldn't be green at least.

    What's the issue? It is a convenience thing in that it provides you an option to not accidentally do something you didn't intend to do due to some misclick or whatever. For instance in flying in a fleet, you often want to target a fleet mate to do something like transmit capacitor or shield to him. It is easy in that situation to accidentally shoot him.

    We have safeties on guns in real life. I don't see the issue with EvE providing the option. If you don't like it, it's easy to turn off and keep it off.

    Not to be mean, but I have to chuckle a little bit every time I see another "It works in real life" arguments pop up. Also, not that you have a bad point about unintended fratricide among fleet members being a legitimate concern, but that's a specific case where something akin to the safety system would make better sense as a fleet mechanic rather than an "everyone and everything" mechanic. In the case of making general mistakes, I feel it should at the very most advise and inform, but not outright completely prevent the possibility of human error or discourage taking risks like it does. As strange as that sounds, the current safety mechanic just doesn't sound very Eve-like to me.

  • Is End Game a myth? in EVE Communication Center

    The so-called End Game in Eve is there, it's just not what the game defines it to be...it's what you define it to be.

    It's not like other story-driven games where you have one or multiple possible terminating points in the story resulting in a cut-scene that proceeds to pat you on the back for doing a good job then shows you rolling credits and returns you to some main menu.

  • Orca Weird Half-Breed Ship and other Volumetric Queries in EVE Communication Center

    Likely for specific reason not too dissimilar to the reasons some capitals are permitted in High Sec and some are not. Each oddity serves to strike a balance between making it capital-like in nature but without making it unnecessarily difficult for miners to use or hop into where it's viability shouldn't ask so much of the players intending to fly it. Technically, the Rorqual is intended to be the pure capital ship in regards to mining command and support platforms, but up until the Porpoise became a recent addition, the Orca was the only legitimate way to do offer the same role in High Sec. That's what impression I get anyways.

    Also, yes, the jump fatigue buff isn't something exclusive of capitals. It's found on other non-capitals for good reason.

  • Looting Wrecks You Didn't Kill in EVE Communication Center

    Maybe it's just me, but I still think the safety system was a bad move. I thought that much when it was introduced way back when, I still think it now. It's the one thing in Eve that just doesn't, in my completely honest opinion, fit Eve in any way, shape, or form that I can see. Personally, I think the default shouldn't be green at least.

  • What are your thoughts if there would/could be an EVE 2? in EVE Communication Center

    With all that's been done to Eve, from adding content that wasn't there before to overhauling and completely redoing, replacing, or removing content that's been around long enough to have been, Eve today is literally well beyond Eve 2: Eve Harder already.

  • A woman's complaint about character creation... in EVE Communication Center

    Well, more options for Character Creation sounds good and all, just remember kids...it's CCP, not Illusion Software Company. So don't expect boob sliders to be a thing in Eve, but in all seriousness some more options in CC would always be nice, especially stuff not already in Eve. I might actually use my free re-sculpting thing I have yet to use for once.

  • Is PVE is a Loki / Legion / Proteus valid? Can they hack it in 0.0 anoms in EVE Gameplay Center

    Blade Darth wrote:
    Depends on the region.

    Proteus- kin/therm locked but you can make a drone variant and use it elsewhere like an ishtar. No dank tracking bonus so less applied dps and 2x cost with the added bonus of losing SP. Good for escalations in Serpentis space, clone soldier hunting and stuff like that.

    Loki- can swap ammo but only explosive is T2 so outside Angel space you will have to use faction. It's also confused if it's armor or shield. + ac's suck (or so I heard). Good support ship. TP's to paint the world red and a web bonus. So if you have 2 friends doing crappy dps might be ok if thanks to your ewar the rattlers or carriers can apply 100% of theirs.

    Legion- em/therm locked. Would be a good pick since lazorz can get good dps at nice range, if not for the fact that rats in Amarr space tracking disrupt. Kill sleepers in a wh, self-destruct like I did with my Nightmare or use an alt to take care of TD.

    All t3's are good at exploration if that's your thing. Tengu is everywhere because it can do everything, even without utilizing kinetic missile bonus, and it's the best hunter boat.

    Legion can be missile fitted. Not as good as the Tengu, mind you, but still. That makes the EM/Therm lock and EWAR vulnerability less of a problem in this case.

    Also, T3C's are up for an overhaul soon and this kind of question might be better to ask afterwards. The Loki having an identity crisis with its tank, for instance, will be reorganized to make more sense. Rigs will be safe to remove without destroying them. There's more, but that's going off what they announced at Fanfest what they want to do with them when they get around to it.

  • Hot ship in EVE Communication Center

    Nah, dude. Open the fitting tool, select the SKIN tab on the left, then hit that "Clean Ship" button and the docking crew will take it from there. No extra charge and their fast and efficient too, even my old industrials and barges had rust and dirt build-up no more. Even Minmatar ships can look good as new.

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