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  • Moving ships around (miner and frigate) in EVE Gameplay Center

    best suggestion i can give to you is to join a player corp with vets that can teach you.
    you'll learn using half of the time you would use playing alone.

    when you buy a ship on the market it is already package (if you buy it through contract though can be package/unpackage, it depends)

    initially yes, it's "hard" mining and defending yourself from npcs with low skills, things will get better step by step.
    npc difficult goes up while security status of the system goes down basically.

    for hauler's contracts the game let you set collaterals: if they lose your cargo they will have to pay to you the collateral (aka the value you have decided for that specific contract). Sometimes people set up a contract just to kill the courier and reclaim the collateral: legit game mechanic.

    don't mid RFF for now. being at the start you have nothing worth their service. just go around and buy locally what you need.
    keep in mind the main trade hubs: jita, amarr, dodixie, rens.

  • Moving ships around (miner and frigate) in EVE Gameplay Center

    freighter / Jump freighter
    Deep space transport
    t1 industrial

    ^ those are the industrial ships that you can use to move your ships, listed from more space to less space at disposition.
    pls notice that ships packaged occupy less space than ships unpackaged and fitted with mods.

    you can always package up your ship, in the process you will lose the rigs fitted.
    that's for how highsec is concerned.

    people can use even carrier, dreads, supers and titans to move stuff. but that is elite mov op! literally 1337
    o7 and welcome to eve

  • What is a Recruit account omega fee in EVE Communication Center

    <3 ♥

  • What is a Recruit account omega fee in EVE Communication Center

    Fanda Trotl wrote:
    Is it legit to invite myself using secondary account then sub and get 2 for a price of one?

    also in the account page this phrase

    "Earn your choice of 30 days of game time or 1 PLEX every time one of your recruits upgrades to an Omega account. Email invites directly, or share a personal recruitment link in your favorite social media channels."

    might suggest i get reward everytime they upgrade account not just for the first time. Doest it work this way? Will I get a reward every month if my friend drop from omega into alpha and sub again?

    this is fantastic :D
    CCP should specify a little bit Cool

    cmon ISD, delete even this oneBlink

  • Freeport 7 - Public Access Citadel in a C2 in EVE Gameplay Center

    mmm i would advise any corp of not use such citadel.
    never trust eve players Blink


    devblog wrote:
    Personal Asset Safety is triggered when a Citadel is destroyed, unanchored, or the player manually activates it. Once asset safety has been triggered, an entry will appear in the players "Asset" window under a tab called "Safety".

    After 5 days a player can choose to have the assets delivered to an NPC station, outpost, or Citadel in the same system the assets were originally located, free of charge. If this option is not used, then the assets will be delivered after additional 20 days to the nearest NPC station, by AU, and the player will have to pay 15% of the assets' value to release them from asset safety.

    The assets will be moved as follows:

    From Null Security space: to the nearest Low Security station, by AU.
    From Low Security space: to the nearest Low Security station, by AU.
    From High Security space: to the nearest High Security station, by AU.
    From Wormhole space: the assets will be immediately dropped into a container where the Citadel was located and can then be retrieved by anyone in the area.

    Everything in the player's Item Hangar and Ship Hangar is moved into the Asset Safety wrap. This includes supercarriers and titans.

    one day he can just take back your permissions to dock.
    destroy the citadel or unanchoring it! and gg

    scam spotted? :thinking:

  • Ideal ships for small-gang WH in EVE Gameplay Center

    rattlesnake/gila very good to run sites.

    problem is that with rattlesnake you are a battleship, a big and strong one, but with low mobility.
    if the enemy tackles you and has the numbers then you can't run away.

    while with t3d and gila you can kite and gtfo.
    ishtar... yea kinda ok more or less, i suppose: couple of neuts in the highs

  • Thread still closed. in EVE Communication Center

    much drama, much wow Bear

  • did i in EVE Communication Center

    ahahahahhaha probably?
    or suspended?

    ahahahaha you are a legend Cool

  • Wife wants to play but... in EVE Communication Center

    Yang Aurilen wrote:
    Speaking of EVE motion sickness I can't stand the warp shaking camera effect. That and the new dscan GONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG every time you use it.

    you can disable camera shaking effects in options somewhere Blink

  • Several FW questions. in EVE Gameplay Center

    low sec situation:
    warp to a plex, d-scan, check what kind of ships are inside: oh nice only one, two or three.
    (i can take this fight if i kite this one, while DPS on that one etc)

    check ammos type, warp in and in 2 sec you have to grasp his fit to try and counter it, approaching or kiting, keeping d-scan for eventually friends that can warp in etc etc

    null sec: let's bully this system, kill that procurer, kill that VNI...
    oh they pinged for blob..... let's kite in a straight line or warp to a ping and wait that they get bored and leave system.

    that's it more or less.
    low sec in small numbers is viable.
    null sec is blob, feed, kiting in a straight line or warp to a ping.

    lowsec teach you better to value your tactics/chance against a kind of ship in your kind of ship.
    OP is not new to the game, probably lvl4 farmer or incursions runner in Highsec.

    he just wants to learn to fly and starting with cheap stuff is the best way.
    or he can jumps into cruiser and battleships and be a legendary solo PVP with no experience or grasp of pvp mechanics.
    or he can always watch streamers that solo pvp in null Cool

  • EFT in EVE Gameplay Center


    PYFA > EFT
    love you ruskies <3 ♥

  • trollinng obsescion? in EVE Communication Center

    haha made you post on the forum Cool

    passive-agressive behaviour is not bannable!

  • Faction Warfare is F'd and something needs to be done in EVE Communication Center

    do you wanna entosis even for FW? Roll

    can't we find something more emh..... funny?

    *i had fun once and i hated it, never again!*

  • Several FW questions. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Perkin Warbeck wrote:
    Or you could just join a null sec newbie alliance, get gud, and fly a ship bigger than a frigate most days Smile

    or just f1 monkey thinking of being gud?

    now i understand why when ls or wh pilots roam into null they fight easily 1vs100 cuz null sec pilots are emh..... gud Cool

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sanai Nobuseri wrote:
    Does anyone have the ability to get in touch with gripen IRL? The other fittings tools universally are really bad, I mean they work but are so clunky and not user friendly it drives me insane trying to switch. I really want a new eft, and if gripen has a patreon or something I would happily donate a grand for an updated version.

    what's wrong with you, beside being in test?
    have you try pyfa?

  • Cap question in EVE Communication Center

    EFT doesn't get an official update from i dunno how long?
    pyfa is the elite fitting tool! legit
    it even gives you amount of cap boosters/time they can run for (only 3 quantity pre-established)

    that said, often good fits are not capstable both pvp and pve with exceptions obviously.

    option a: you'll have always cap even if you run every modules you have.
    option b: if you run every module you have fitted then you'll have 0 cap after 4mins 55secs.

    both options taking in account that you run your cap booster continuosly: recharging it as soon as it's empty and keeping it cycling.

  • Wife wants to play but... in EVE Communication Center

    hope you can find a solution OP!
    it's always nice sharing a game we love with the people we care for!

    good luck o7

  • Which drones to use on a Dominix for lvl 4 missions? in EVE Gameplay Center

    it depends on your environment etc.

    if you are in HS and mjd at 100km and then use sentries... then you need only them.
    if you are in LS then you need to be prepared for everything, aka you need sentries for mission, light to kill tackle and heavy to dps anything bigger than a destroyer.

  • Broken or? in EVE Communication Center

    any sort of message/sound?

    check logs

  • Faction Warfare is F'd and something needs to be done in EVE Communication Center

    Nana Skalski wrote:
    Stabbed frigates are essential to FW experience.

    almost as force reacon in the medium!Cool