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  • Faction cruisers. in EVE Gameplay Center

    they are better! very much better? not so much.
    if you have enough isk go for it :)

    generally they offer a little more tank and better powergrid/cpu to fit them respect their normal ones.

  • Turret Damage Formula in EVE Gameplay Center

    Zhilia Mann wrote:
    An admittedly quick look at the sheet says that you're calculating chance-to-hit accurately but I'm not sure you're accounting for degrading hit quality in falloff.

    I rambled a bit in this thread and ended up with this mess of a spreadsheet.

    The basic idea is you have to account for both loss of hits and loss of hit quality when calculating DPS. Every time your chance to hit goes down, you lose a proportional amount of hit quality (which, when chance to hit is 100%, is distributed randomly from 50% damage to 150% damage). So when you have 80% chance to hit, you won't be doing 80% damage, you'll have an 80% chance of doing random damage distributed from 50% to 130% of listed damage and a 20% chance of doing no damage.

    And then you have to throw in critical hits on top of that. Which skews things a bit again.

    you are always the light!
    +1 fan acquired

  • Fitting Help in EVE Gameplay Center

    just test it!

    if the tank is enough then you put more application/dps mods on it.
    running missions you want max dps possible with just enough tank.

    best solution is to test things ( you can eventually log on sisi to test things out without the risk of losing the ship on TQ).

  • Alpha in 0.0 in EVE Gameplay Center

    ask them directly?
    nothing stop you from having a gallente alpha for when you rat and a caldari alpha for when you join fleet and fight!


  • Turret Damage Formula in EVE Gameplay Center

    formula should be still the same as uniwiki!

  • Best race for alpha account in EVE Gameplay Center

    join a corp with vets that can teach you.
    check karmafleet or pandemic horde or brave newbies or test alliance.

    as alpha you want to rat and farm npc so you can eventually plex your account and pass omega.
    gallente vexor is one of the best ratting ships.
    that's why you want gallente :)

    to mine you pass from a venture to a mining barge, then an exhumer and finally to a rorqual.

  • Typhoon Class Rapid Heavy Assault Missile Class in EVE Gameplay Center

    JC Mieyli wrote:
    i wanna post something but i already feel bad about it
    so ill just say something nice
    thanks for the cool fit dryson

    meh.... you can't say and not say something What? now i wanna know Cool

  • Stacking penalty with only one module in the Simulation? in EVE Gameplay Center



  • Which carrier & why? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hulk Miner wrote:
    Soel Reit wrote:
    rip carriers!

    2 vni ftw! Cool

    Seems a bit early in the year for Salty Snowflakes, must be the global changes. Smile

    it's clear to me that you are new to eve lol
    the salt is stronk in every part of the year.

    besides there are many flavors of salt, kinda like icecream!Roll

  • Which carrier & why? in EVE Gameplay Center

    rip carriers!

    2 vni ftw! Cool

  • Mach > Vargur for Angel Anoms? in EVE Gameplay Center

    yea you are right, just checked.
    explo and kinetic are primary. thermal and em play a marginal role that let the adaptive invul be more effective.

  • Mach > Vargur for Angel Anoms? in EVE Gameplay Center

    vargur is a more expensive ship.
    get one of your alts into a vni to help with dps? mach tanks all the site, fit the vni full damage with 4 dda.

    also that fit it's not perfect for angel?
    they do explo and kinetic damage.

    so you want or explo+kinetic mod or explo+adapv mod.
    doing this may enable you to drop the boost amplifier for a tracking computer... need to test it.

    others pro ratters will give you better suggestions. Blink

    edit: also an armor solution on the mach could be better.
    leaving you 4 mids for application!

  • Pre wormhole plan? in EVE Gameplay Center

    join a wh corp recruitment channel and fire questions forever.

    it depends on the class of wh you wanna live in.
    ships it depends on the corp you are gonna join, their doctrine etc.
    most common doctrine see t3c+bhaalgorn+command ships+t2 logi.

    for your alts... infinite possibilities! at least one scanning alt to get back in the hole i presume Blink

  • Building VS Buying in EVE Gameplay Center

    as all in eve... it depends!

    do you wanna take in consideration time that you have to use to group up minerals, or to mine them or just to research some bpo/build the ship itself or its components...? then maybe it's cheaper buying it.

    you don't care about that part? then do you have miners selling directly to you minerals and other materials needed like for example moon materials etc? or do you buy all of it in the main trade hubs: then someone is already making a profit over the normal cost.

    sometimes you can find ships on the market at less than the price you would spend buying minerals for it on the same market.
    etc etc

    generally speaking is cheaper buying it timewise/iskwise imo.
    to build them and have a better efficiency you should have a nice infrastructure behind you which gives/sells you all the materials.


    there is somewhere a thread with kkkkkk replies to it...
    with all the pros and cons. everything you can ever imagine, the best and the worst reasons etc! EVERYTHING!

    this is just another post that will be locked i presume Blink

  • Capital Ship Requirements in EVE Gameplay Center

    you start from a wrong point though.
    the words reasoning and CCP in the same sentence.

    that should answer your question as well.

  • I'm thinking about using a Gila for some solo pvp. in EVE Gameplay Center

    you will have to stay out from small plexes... but... beside that... why not? Cool

  • Solo Hic in EVE Gameplay Center

    no experience here with HIC.

    2k m/S top speed (not overheat), question: what are you gonna kite?
    orthus? no cuz it's faster
    cykabal? no cuz it's faster
    caracal? emh... it's faster

    at this point something like "allahu akbar", 10MN and play with scram and web to gtfo (in this case maybe a faction web would be the case)

    dunno... it seems too much slow for me.
    also if you drag something that you don't wanna fight then you are stuck with the bubble and low speed until the module's cycle ends... giving the enemy all the time to tackle you...

    also i would opt for arty if you choose AB, 650mm probably

  • Exhumers in null sec? in EVE Gameplay Center

    skiff is the tankier one, out of the 3 versions.
    with it you can tank rats, and survive until help come, in case you get tackled.

    that's if you are solo mining.
    if you have a fleet with you and more precisely a rorqual fleet with you then you can eventually switch to something with less tank, aka mackinaw or hulk, if they clear rats as soon as they spawn!
    i mean... to do that they have to be Not-Afk... have you ever seen a miner not afk?
    me either Cool

    i'll let you sort out the fit!
    that's one of the fun parts of eve :)
    small help: https://zkillboard.com/ship/22546/losses/

  • Sentry Drones in EVE Gameplay Center

    i mean.... Cool