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  • Dynamic Spreadsheet Market Question.... in EVE Gameplay Center

    google sheets importXML function is utter trash. It breaks constantly. Do not use.

    Use this from Steve Ronuken. It works great.

    How do?

    1. Open Script Editor in your google sheet.
    2. Copy and Paste the above linked script into the script editor.
    3. Save
    4. Now use the two functions as you would any google sheets function.
    5. Profit?

    Personally, I use a single function that can tell the difference between a region id and a system id (hint: regions start with 1 and systems start with 3) so I wouldn't have to choose between them in the sheet.

  • Fuel Block Cost Inflation in EVE Gameplay Center

    Strontium Clathrates were added to the recipes of all fuel blocks. Coupled with the need to use blocks to fuel Upwell structure service modules means more demand on a more expensive to produce product means upwards pressure on price.

  • Dev blog: Introducing Upwell Refineries in EVE Information Center

    I pretty much agree with Querns on every count. I think a great many moons in sparcely populated nul/losec are about to go up for grabs. Any place with a poor population density is going to be borderline useless unless you care to titan bridge in a mining fleet.

    WTB tickets to watch PL or NC. mining in titans.

    And with moon mining moving to actual mining in ships, AFK cloakers and blops are going to suddenly become far more relevant.

    Sad to see Syphons going away. But I can't see any situation where retooling them into some sort of auto-mining device wouldn't be seriously OP.

    And finally, buy moon goo now.

  • Strange star appeared in 2 systems in EVE Gameplay Center

    I don't think those are the same star m8. The two systems you indicated are adjacent in Sinq Laison, and even in the same constellation. So the sky view from them should be very similar. The shot from Ignoiton clearly shows Caroline's Star (or whats left of it) nearby, and no nebula. The shot from Carrou has neither. So.... different stars.

    You can try using your navi-computer to plot different routes in that direction. Perhaps one of them will intersect with the stars you see. Judging from the brightness, it could be nearby.

  • [NEWS] Closure of all State Embassies within the Federation. in EVE Communication Center

    Interesting does not even begin to describe this kind of diplomatic event. One does not simply recall all one's ambassadors over unsubstantiated rumors. Something has happened.

    No one has mentioned the "alleged FIO report" yet. If it turns out that the FIO paid off this Ohman Kasaras to bring them samples of the Kyonoke virus, which later escaped his custody, the repurcussions will be severe.

  • Ending Mooning from Towers replacement of MI. in EVE Communication Center

    You can scan hisec moons. I scanned Ichoriya in Black Rise once just to see what was there. Nothing surprising found. Typical assortment of R4s, 8s, and 16s.

  • 3 best feature additions to Eve since you started playing? in EVE Communication Center

    I seem to recall prior to Apocrypha we had a skill queue. But it was limited to 24 hours, or anything you could start within the first 24 hours. New skill queue is pretty much right up there on my list.

    I wasn't playing prior to Quantum Rise. But I can imagine warp to zero being a pretty huge QOL improvement.

    I'm going to lump Multi-Fit and Buy-All together. I spend a lot of time on SiSi for Alliance Tournament practices. Anything that reduces the work load of fitting and handing out ships is a huge QOL improvement. We used to have to log in at least an hour prior and fit up specific ships one-at-a-time after buying huge stacks of items. Now its two presses of a button and whammo instant fleet.

  • 2017/03/22 - UNSCHEDULED SERVER REBOOT AND DOWNTIME in EVE Communication Center

    ISD Max Trix wrote:
    Something to watch while you wait.


    Those were the days. Happy Days.

  • NEW! Fresh Quafe flavors coming this Summer! WOW! in EVE Communication Center

    Graelyn wrote:
    It still doesn't taste like REVENGE, such as a superior product that comes to mind.

    Best served cold?

  • ECM Burst Needs To Be More Realistic in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Frostys Virpio wrote:
    1Lt Aldo Raine wrote:

    If the ECM Burst module breaks a target lock, then should items on grid that have no targeting system be aggroed?

    AoE is AoE. You hit everything in range, you deal with the consequence of hitting everything in range.

    I have to agree with this. AoE is AoE. But I wouldn't complain if this were removed.

  • Luminaire VII Unscarred in EVE Communication Center

    Planets in Eve rotate? That's pretty pro.

  • Jovian Artifacts in EVE Communication Center

    The Jovian Ambassador was testing a long range teleporter and got his atoms scattered across space. A race ensued to find his body parts and reassemble him. It was successful iirc.

    Right before the Drifters were introduced there was another run on those body parts by someone or something pretending to be Hilen Tukoss, asking folks to drop the body parts in a can in where was it.... Jarzalad Eram. Xtreme linked it up above me.

    As for the Jovian ships, the devs have access to a set of unpublished skills such as Omnipotence, and Polaris Frigate, Cruiser, and Battleship that lets them fly them. A while back one of them fell asleep on TQ in his Cockroach and got popped by players. Its on zkill. I would link it but we're not allowed to link kills outside of C&P.

  • new dscan in EVE Communication Center

    That didn't take long.

  • Drugs (Boosters) in EVE Communication Center

    Please be aware that the reaction of booster materials requires significant investment into POS assets, and pretty much requires an alt corp.

  • Nullification and Interdiction in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Naye Nathaniel wrote:
    Damn this thread is so funny;

    Almost all Pandemic, Goons and all other related to them guys (gangers etc) are AGAINST a timers on anchored bubbles and against nullification of that bubbles;

    Others (most of them) not related to that group (not gangers etc) Agree that bubbles should decay and there should be even more few nullification ships;

    Im wonder what is the point of Pandemic, Goons and Gangers hmmm - not to mention some guy who were speaking about "align time" cause he can't instalock and pop a small agile ship anymore :( that is sad;

    So two groups:
    Gangers who LIVES and ENJOY the game when they can shoot targets sitting at gates in blobs in high/null/low sec shooting stuff which can't run away beeing insta popped;

    And 2nd group which is sick about being popped when they trying to enjoy the game and stand no chance cause of the mechanic which been many times changed to a favor of the 1st group :)


    WTB pics of PL/Goons/"gangers" shooting plebes on bubbles in hi or losec.

    There are many "gangers" that think insta-warp nullified interceptors are pure AIDS and should never have been implemented, and/or anchorable bubbles should have decay timers. And from the sisi threads, it seems decay timers are going to happen.

    Personally, I've lived in nulsec for 8 years. I'm used to them. They are more of an annoyance than anything else. Its the manned ships like interdictors and HICs that get fleets or caps killed.

    As for BRs, I don't think they should be nullified. They align and warp as fast as interceptors. They also have a covert cloak, which means they can light covert cynos, and refuel a blops. Do they really need to be nullified? I assure you I will abuse the crap out of them.

  • [News] SoCT Breaks Silence On Construction in Postouvin. in EVE Communication Center

    hipotecadoydesgraciado wrote:
    Um never seen a keepstar in high sec..probarly TEST will try to shot it down

    Because we like suiciding to CONCORD in hisec. Personally, I am -9 with Gallente Federation. So it wouldn't take long.

  • Total Net Worth counter feedback thread in EVE Technology and Research Center

    @CCP Turtlepower, y ur alt so poor?

    This feature makes me laugh. All our Ferengi RPers will love it. Please do this.

  • [March] Structure, Drone & Fighter improvements from Team Five 0 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I think drone favorites should be per ship. Drone layouts change on every ship. Different drone bay sizes.... etc.

  • [SCOPE] SoCT anchors construction scaffold in Postouvin in EVE Communication Center

    UPDATE: Its a Keepstar

    And of course they won't reveal its location or the location of this supposed Hemorphite processing facility until its finished. I'm wondering exactly how they are keeping it hidden. Does SoCT have some sort of 1000km radius AoE cloaking device they aren't telling anyone about? Even if they anchored a bunch of scan inhibitors, the inhibitors themselves would still be revealed.

  • Nude physicist disrupts lectures at University of Caille in EVE Communication Center

    Federation efficiency at its best.

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