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  • [March] Balance Tweaks: Focused Warp Scrambling Script in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Larrikin wrote:

    The current state of Scripted Warp Disruption Field Generators is a little too oppressive, especially to the small gang PvP scene. We'd like to open up propulsion module options.

    There are these things called afterburners that you can fit to your ship. They are not effected by scram effects.


    Why am I not surprised that SoCT wants everyone to "share" their information with them. There is something very wrong with all of this.

  • [Chronicle] - Sine Wave: Alpha in EVE Communication Center

    "Initiate orientation phase of Darkness Visible as soon as possible."

    “return of the dark light from the heart of the mother”


    Offspring Cepheus: There are a couple "Cepheus" in Greek mythology. One was Cepheus, King of Tegea, an Argonaut with a large number of sons and a couple daughters. He and his sons died in a campaign with Heracles. The other 2 were both grandfather and grandson, both Kings of Aethiopia. The second was the husband of Cassiopaeia and father to Andromeda, who later married Perseus after he saved her from the seabeast Cetus.

    The very phrase Offspring Cepheus could be interpreted two ways: the Offspring of Cepheus, or an offspring named Cepheus. Considering the Perseus legend, I think offspring of Cepheus has much more ominous meaning for New Eden.

    Also, there is a line of Caldari SKINS called Matigu seabeast. Maybe just coincidence.

  • Hypothetical Theories: Kyonoke & the Jove Disease in EVE Communication Center

    Funny thing is that Drifters collect corpses for reanimation. So I think they would be perfectly happy unleashing Kyonoke on the populace. Less enemies and more bodies.

  • It's Kyonoke in EVE Communication Center

    While Sansha may require live subjects, the Drifters do not, and they are known to collect corpses to repopulate. If they need more bodies, what better way to make them than to use a biological weapon to quickly and effortlessly wipe out a significant population?

    Ofc, they would still have to collect said corpses. So maybe watch out for Drifters.

  • It's Kyonoke in EVE Communication Center

    Alizabeth Vea wrote:
    I am predisposed to believe it's Tibus Heth's head on a robot body, actually. Now that you've mentioned it.

    Beat me to it.

  • [Kyonoke] Contagion Tracking, Containment, Aid Planning in EVE Communication Center

    KILL IT WITH FIRE! Since this plague is so fast acting, I see no problem with literally purifying every infected area to the maximum possible extent. Any other response would be a gross dereliction of duty.

  • Dev blog: Sleeping beauty - How one of the oldest bugs in EVE ... in EVE Information Center

    I have seen this bug quite a few times. It seems most evident when the speed indicator stops updating. But shields, armor, or heat indicators not updating in the middle of a fight can get you killed and you would never even realize it. I know this has happened to me.

    Glad to see such an insidious bug crushed beneath the boot heels of progress.

    Hi Squizz.

  • TEST Open Practices are starting again. in EVE Communication Center

    Post-New Year's mirror: Now with more Arena.

  • [Kyonoke] Contagion Tracking, Containment, Aid Planning in EVE Communication Center

    I'm going to suggest that including the Astral Mining incident in the OP's list at this point is premature. While I cannot rule out such an event, there is no evidence of any sort of biological event there. It looks more like some sort of military coup. If it were a bio-chem attack or outbreak, would not someone have signaled for help by now? Or maybe sent out a warning?

    edit: ok wait. The original press release states a bunch of things that are not known to be true. Since when is there an Astral Mining facility in Postouvin? And that space is known to be devoid of good mineral deposits like Radiant Hemorphite.

  • [news]THIRD QUARANTINE ZONE ESTABLISHED in EVE Communication Center

    Makoto Priano wrote:
    Quarantine is not isolation of those infected. It's isolation of those potentially exposed, so that a disease might burn itself out in a segment of the population instead of expanding to the whole.

    The two failures of quarantine imply either of two things: first, that the pathogen might be more virulent than otherwise suspected, meaning that authorities underestimated potential exposure. Second, that the pathogen might able to bypass existing biohazard containment protocols, which is quite a statement in these times.

    My suspicion is that it's the first. However, we lack information.

    Another possibility is that it has been intentionally introduced into the population at different points. Also, Genolution was one of a a few Jovian Empire corporations that were transferred to SoCT about a year ago. And Efu is quite near to Fountain. In this case though, there are space stations present in the system, two of which are SoE stations. The other two are Zoar and Sons.

  • [NEWS] Quarantine Worsens... in EVE Communication Center

    One does not sever an orbital elevator on a whim. This is a serious development.

  • [news] Zainou Owned Medical Center Sealed Off in EVE Communication Center

    Interesting that both these events (shall we call them biological hazard events?) occur so close together both chronologically and spatially.

    There are also some similarities in the solar systems involved. Both systems are low security space near to nulsec and devoid of any space stations. Muttokon is 2 jumps from B-VIP9 in Great Wildlands, and Oijanen is directly adjacent to BWF-ZZ in Geminate. Geminate and GWL are adjacent to each other.

    Known inhabitants of GWL are Thukker Tribe. Known inhabitants of Geminate are The Society of Conscious Thought.

    My guess is that this is some sort of bio-test. The scope of these events seems to me to indicate that an entity external to those effected may be responsible.

    However, it does not escape my notice that the entities most closely tied to the effected areas are SoCT, Thukker Tribe, and Zainou, all of which have had some sort of involvement with Anoikis, Sleepers, and Drifters.

  • NDA and in game advantages to csm members. in Council of Stellar Management

    Malcanis wrote:
    Jin'taan wrote:
    Cearain wrote:
    Jin'taan I'm not sure I follow your point from CSM 5. No there were not many null sec entities on that csm. But there really wasn't much that impacted null sec either.

    CSM 5 was where they literally tried to remove Jump Bridges from the game IIRC. Perhaps I am thinking of CSM 4, but I am almost certain that was why CSM 6 was so incredibly Nullsec dominated.

    Cearain wrote:
    Do I think CSM gets a very unfair inside scoop that they use to their advantage? Yes CCP has kicked people for this, and CSM members have even admitted they took advantage. A current csm openly said he ran specifically so he could see ccps long range plans and plan accordingly for his coalition.


    "What happens when you put the long term planner on the CSM and seeing the long term plans. Good things for us that's what."

    So I think the days of naively believing no one takes advantage should be long gone.

    That is a fair concern, and I wish there was some way to police that.

    You do not recall correctly. Csm 5 agreed with and promoted the jump bridge nerf which reduced them to their current limit of 1 per system. This was in response the the massive, dense jump bridge map of NC space being made public. Google it and see if you can see what's wrong with the situation it implies.

    Was that really CSM 5? Time sure does fly. I still have that jb map somewhere. Even after that nerf you could still go from Geminate to Fountain in I think it was 15 minutes.

  • Zkill guide to Running for CSM 12 by rhiload in Council of Stellar Management

    I disagree with Mr Hyde.

    Streaming and public exposure of pvp and tournaments is a growing aspect of Eve Online, one which I think needs more attention. So in that regard as well as having an informed opinion about small-gang balance, I think Rhiload has a lot to offer as a CSM member.

  • CCPlz not Facebook in EVE Communication Center

    Facebook is evil. I have never gotten into more trouble than when I was using that thing. You literally can't say anything without everyone hearing about it. May as well not say anything at all, which completely contradicts the whole point of facebook.

  • Why do people seem to hate ECM in particular of all the Ewar types? in EVE Communication Center

    Toobo wrote:
    I have all e-war skills totally maxed, but Falcon is my least favorite Recon to fly, as I find that it's not very reliable/I do not have complete control.

    As people said, it's RNG, and when it works it's great - it can bail out your friends (when making a run), it can nullify their DPS/'Logi, or counter opponents' E-War, etc, etc. But that RNG element is really a big deal. With other Recons, like Rapier, you can be very confident that with double/tripple long range webs you can control the range. With Arazu with long scram & uber damps you know you can keep someone pointed safely (although long scram thing is a bit outshiend by HIC now :p). With Curse/Pilgrim you know you can neut them dry.

    All the other ships you can fly the way you want to control it. ECM is well.. random. :p

    Very much this.

    ECM is hated because it has a very low skill floor, works against everything, and is totally binary.

    I think it would be more interesting if ECM simply broke locks, forcing the effected pilot to relock everything. Large ships with long lock times would take a long time to relock. But they also have much higher sensor strength. So they would be effected less often. Small ships would be effected frequently. But they can lock fast. So they can just relock and be done with it.

    Focusing multiple ECM modules staggered in cycle time would be a thing. But isn't it already?

    TD/MGD/damps are less effective than ECM on a module-by-module scale because there is some measure of counter-play. But when used in multiples, they are consistently more effective. The difference lies in that the affected pilot does not realize how screwed he or she really is. Their guns/missiles will still cycle. They just won't hit anything.

    3 range-scripted damps from a Maulus reduces lock range by upt o 90% with Info Burst active.

    An ECCM-scripted sensor booster is effective vs every ECM module or drone that is directed at it. That same sebo is only as good as a single damp, and is completely useless vs disruptors. You need either a TC or MGC to counter those.

    Speaking of Disruptors, 3x range-scripted MGDs reduces missile range by 90%. 3x range-scripted TDs reduce turret range by a whopping 95%. The difference here is that those are useless vs any non-dps ships as well as drones, or even weapons of the wrong type. They are far less versatile than ECM. But what they lack in versatility they make up for in effectiveness.

  • Known Issues - Rubberbanding & Latency in EVE Communication Center

    lord xavier wrote:

    My Tear-Cup runneth over.

  • Something of troubling concern in EVE Communication Center

    Confirming Thunderdome exists. I was there.

    The server, like Singularity and Duality, is available in your launcher server list. But it is limited access for tournament use only. CCP Logibro is literally its keeper.

  • [February] Insurance in Upwell Structures & more from Team Five 0 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Insurance in Citadels, yes plz!

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