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  • AFK Cloaking™: Ideas, Discussion, and Proposals in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Mike Voidstar wrote:
    Nah. I've seen a great many times where people reshipped and came out to fight only to be blue balled until we went to bed. Most of us are willing to take a fight that comes to us, but don't care enough to make it the focus of our gameplay.

    Too bad it's not really a sandbox game.

    Get in a single fight and link me the killmail and I'll take this seriously.

    Come on Mike....13 deaths and no kills in 9 years and you say you are willing to take a fight?

  • AFK Cloaking™: Ideas, Discussion, and Proposals in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Mike Voidstar wrote:
    And it will take a full invasion force to do so, because it won't be possible to push your magic cloak button and be immune until all the defense forces go to bed. If you send one unsupported guy he will get rolled, and the cloaky crowd will wail until the next patch gives them back their candy because suddenly cloaks are 'useless' since they are no longer overpowered.

    Good news Mike! If the guy cloaks up and leaves his computer you can get out there and do whatever you want. He's not at his keyboard, so he can't hurt you.

    But tell you what, you get nerf the ability to watch your magic intel list (no button pushing required) and we can talk about nerfing cloaks (a button push required!).

    No, you can't do industry in deep null in 100% safety. Get used to it.

  • Make your WH as 'least' appealing as possible? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Develop a reputation for murdering everyone in the face when they stop by, and have corpmates ready to do such murdering in the face quickly

  • Paladin for c4/c5 solo. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Doctor VVho wrote:
    okey i got you, ty, made a fit that can tank up to 2700 damage, hope it will be enough

    It was my understanding you never carried weapons, this new regeneration must be different. I'd suggest you talk to them as you typically do to enemies

  • Solution to AFK Cloakers? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Mike Voidstar wrote:
    Which just proves what I said all along.

    Hiring devs from the ranks of people like Fozzie was a bad idea. When your devs are all mouth breathing baby eaters who condone and enjoy predatory behavior, that's all the game will ever be.

    Which is sad. So many came here for other things that were promised, and then never actually developed.

    They may as well just remove all of industry and provide all the ships for free, and turn the game into Battlefield in spacs.

    Did...did you really just use the term "mouth breathing baby eaters" and expect to be taken seriously?

    You sound like a 15 year old throwing a tantrum.

    Quote where it was said you could do industry and ratting in deep null with zero consequences.

  • Solution to AFK Cloakers? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Mike Voidstar wrote:
    and you certainly not entitled to free, perfect intel that allows you to avoid any fight.
    Again, unless you are cloaking.

    Only the sacred cloak is allowed to provide endless safety in Nullsec. All worship the sacred cloak, and let no carebear infringe upon it's holy mandate.

    Or watching local in sov null. Watch that free, perfect intel tool and you will literally never die. You can still earn isk though. Cloaked you can't. That means local is the much bigger problem.

  • New Computer - forever to download client in EVE Communication Center

    If it's only the initial download, set it to download, go to sleep and check tomorrow

  • Solution to AFK Cloakers? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Greylord Kane wrote:
    Mmmm I would debate sandbox game as I have played many of those. I'm pretty sure AFK Camping is not a design that CCP was going for. Cloaky active camping (totally different) and surely acceptable.
    It is not game play when someone logs on and leaves all day a character logged in and is not actually behind the keyboard active. The motive behind that (AFK Camping) is griefing. Point in case. There is no other reason to do it. By balancing out this, it keeps active cloak alert and active, but also deals with the griefing. I'm all for hot drops, sneaking up, cloaking, and like active events. But not for people intentionally griefing.

    Not really. I have a character that does exploration in deep null and WHs. He hasn't docked up in over three months. If I'm in deep null and am in a system with 30 hostiles and they decide to bubble/camp the gates, I have a few options.

    1. Try and crash the gate and pray they don't kill me.
    2. Try and find a WH to get out, but there probably isn't one in system
    3. Log out, and give them 30 seconds to scan me down (which is more than enough time)
    4. Stay in a safe spot, stay cloaked, set max speed and wait until it's safer to escape

    No one has ever hurt anyone while cloaked. Nerfing cloaks just to make nullsec ratting and mining safer is ridiculous.

  • CCP Capital Failures in EVE Communication Center

    Justinus Maximus wrote:
    The Rorqual nerfs.... and the super nerfs, were the nail in the coffin.

    After the continuous killing of capitals over the years, CCP has problematically hurt the (end) game of the elite and the players with tenure. 3rd Party fighting in null? Hardly a thing anymore... Also, limiting the range of capitals hurt every capital pilot in WH and nullsec space. Elite PvP is dying, if not already dead. If CCP's plan is to maintain a new player base, and not sustain their player base, they desperately need to work on their advertising skills [among others]. It's 2017 and this game rolled out in 2003... put that in perspective. Billions invested and ruining returns and fighting possibilities simultaneously, thanks.

    Since when were capital ships end game or elite?

  • Why the PLEX Vault has huge repercussions for the EVE economy. in EVE Communication Center


    it's a game. relax and play.

  • Solution to AFK Cloakers? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Scialt wrote:
    Again... I want to ensure the chair is full. I don't know if it's empty or not. But I want to make sure that if I take the time to fit out a bait porpoise to try to lure a cloaked intruder into tackling/dropping on me... I want to have some kind of assurance that there is potential for me to actually get dropped on.

    Making sure someone is actually sitting in the chair does that.

    I don't want to get rid of AFK cloakers. I want to get rid of all AFK players so I know that the players I see in game are actually present.

    As for an accidental logoff... again.. .who cares? They can log back in as soon as they get back to the screen to look at it. You can have a count down that displays (similar to the "safe logoff" option) that occurs if you reach the end of the timer so if they have the screen up for looking at but not interacting they can easily cancel it.

    Again... I want to play MMO's with other people... not empty chairs. I don't need an internet connection to play a game with empty chairs.

    And as to why I'm posting here... you're asking for responses here. If you don't want a response... don't make a post asking me questions.

    So my character that does nothing but exploration in deep nullsec/WHs and hasn't docked in three months can't log in and just chat with corpmates without being disconnected every 20 minutes?

  • Phenomena generator for keepstars in EVE Technology and Research Center

    What on earth makes you think sov null needs to be buffed? We need the opposite, if anything.

    And, post with your main.

  • Solution to AFK Cloakers? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Old Pervert wrote:
    You can't outsmart an AFK camp? Really? My alliance is doing that right now.

    My home system is being "camped" now. We ignore them, save for the cynos on our pvp-fitted ratting ships. They tried dropping on us a few times, they have lost billions, we've lost a single frigate. Haven't had a chance to even fight these guys yet personally, they're far too risk-averse to actually take a fight whenever I'm online. Maybe it's because they know we're ready and waiting for them with enough of a fleet to mop them up 3 times over, even before escalations.

    In short, the simple solution is to kill the campers. Asymmetric warfare only works when you let them make it asymmetric. Don't let them dictate the terms of the engagements in your house. It's yours. Prove it or lose it.

    When did they change it so that people in NPC corps can join alliances?

  • Dual Tanking in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Old Pervert wrote:
    Well, to be more specific this is my Jita alt, not a forum alt.

    I don't post on my main for opsec reasons, for alliance policy reasons (someone wearing our tag represents our alliance), and because I choose to. I value my anonymity as much in-game as I do out of the game.

    So I ask you. If the green and red on my killboard are moot (as you say it's not about pvp rating), what credibility do I gain by posting from a different name? Coralas is correct in that your position is based on a logical fallacy. It would be like me refuting what you say simply because your pvp rating sucks (by your own words)... which specifically would be ad hominem and/or genetic fallacies. https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/poster.


    Whether you agree with a suggestion or not does not make it bad. And as you've not debated the (lack of) merit of the topic at all, you've yet to contribute anything meaningful at all to this thread.

    Specifically underlined in my OP is the note that this would be huge, and the whole point of this is that "how it is" doesn't make sense from a logical standpoint.

    I also note that given the significance, this particular "suggestion" was not a suggestion so much of an observation based on the merits of the concept, not on a change I would like to see.

    Why would you be part of an alliance that's petty enough to tell you not to post on forums?

    Oh wait, you just said you aren't allowed to post with your main because your alliance is afraid of their killboard being red.

    Again, post with your main if you want to be taken seriously. To me, you made 100% of what you just said about your alliance up. I will believe that until you post with your main so I can confirm it. See how that works?

  • Help I'm stuck in W-space without a probe launcher! in EVE Communication Center

    I see you on d-scan right now. Send me 500 mil and I'll drop a BM to an exit at the sun.

  • To: The Developers (Launching Planetary Resources To Citadels, etc.) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    You don't need to say "to the developers". That's literally the point of this section of the forums.

  • Dual Tanking in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Coralas wrote:
    IMO a players PVP history is only relevant when they want to claim (a) pvp is boring or pvp sucks, or (b) that they are good at pvp or (c) that someone else is bad or worse than them at pvp.

    Anything else is just your personal inability to understand that argument by authority is a logical fallacy.

    You're missing the point. It's not about a PvP rating. Look at mine, it's terrible. It's about posting with a character you actually play with in the game, not with a forum alt. What's he hiding by deciding to use a forum alt?

  • Dual Tanking in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Old Pervert wrote:
    I see.

    So, if I made what was subjectively the worst possible suggestion in the world for this game, but I had the very best PVP record in the game, that very worst possible suggestion would be less worse?

    Or if I had some kind of ultimate idea which would perfectly balance every ship, niche, and aspect of the game but had a board filled with red ****-fits, that perfect idea would be less perfect?

    No. They might be perceived differently, but only by dimwitted people unable to see past their epeens.

    Now, had I been complaining that X was OP because it killed my Y, the boards would have relevant details on both theirs and my fit.

    I suggest you examine the content of a person's comment, and look at their killboards for pertinent details. That way I can take YOU seriously.

    Start making good suggestions and maybe you would have a point. Making bad suggestions with a throwaway forum alt doesn't really add much to you.

    And yes, actions and history carries a lot of weight into what is good or bad. Why are you afraid to post with your main?

  • Dual Tanking in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Old Pervert wrote:
    Yes... I could. But the words don't mean anything different, do they?

    Proving credibility does make a suggestion mean something different. Until that happens, I assume you are a newbie who doesn't know the game, or a vet afraid to post with a character you play with.

    Either way, any post by someone with no in game history isn't taken seriously.

  • Dual Tanking in EVE Technology and Research Center

    You've never killed anyone or been killed and are giving suggestions for combat? Or you know, you could post with your main.