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  • Congratulations Xenuria and other new CSM members in EVE Communication Center

    Issler Dainze wrote:
    They still do the CSM? P

    Apparently. It's long past it's sell-by-date and should have been abolshed a year ago at least. Now it's just an embarrassment.

  • [Focus Group] Tactical Destroyers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    epicurus ataraxia wrote:
    [quote=Vaju Enki]But I do sympathise with Pilots, who only fly one ship, probably very well, feeling rather, disheartened.

    Lots of pilots only fly one ship it's true. The problem is that the one ship is more often than not a Svipul.

  • [Focus Group] Tactical Destroyers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    End the Svipul menace!

  • So this article appeared. in EVE Communication Center


  • So this article appeared. in EVE Communication Center

    I'm not entirely convinced of the wisdom of CCP allowing an obnoxious douchbag like Mittens to continue to be the public face of Eve Online to the world at large.

    Tme to stop bending the knee methinks.

  • Here you can see an example of how Planetary Industry could have been in EVE Communication Center

    I'd be happy if setting up a PI planet didn't make smoke come out of my mouse, and give me RSI and arthritis in my fingers.

    Clearly too much to ask though.

  • What we grrrrgoons going to do? in EVE Communication Center

    Mario Putzo wrote:
    Lucas Kell wrote:
    Mario Putzo wrote:
    Except you know paying out the guys who write the articles that drive site traffic with ISK...you know the in game currency of EVE Online.

    But hey why let facts ruin a good story right.
    Which CCP explicitly allow, hence why sites like EN24 do exactly the same thing.

    And CCP explicitly allows for gambling services to exist in EVE Online. So begs to question. Just what is your ******* point?

    Don't actually answer though because I really don't care what your opinion is. After all, its CCP's opinion that is final.

    Sour grapes.

    Very very sour grapes.

  • So this article appeared. in EVE Communication Center

    Genji Tanakara wrote:

    A awful hack job imho in many parts.

    Edit: btw guys... did you know that 11 MILLION Isk was lost in the battle of B-R? I thought it was a bit higher than that. It also happened in 2012, not 2014. Non fact checked article is fail!

    Edit 2: Quote from the article

    "But it is almost impossible to take what Gianturco says at face value. An arch manipulator, he is keen to promote his side’s view of the current conflict, and in leaked chat logs shown to IBT after an interview with him, Gianturco boasts that the media (and IBT in particular) are “eager to print whatever I’ll tell them.”.


    A bad article, by a journalist who clearly wasn't interested enough to do any research. Neither the game itself nor the players come off very well.

    Mittens got burned though so it's not all doom and gloom.

  • What we grrrrgoons going to do? in EVE Communication Center


    Well Mittens, they certainly printed that bit.

    GG Mittens GG

  • What we grrrrgoons going to do? in EVE Communication Center

    Jenn aSide wrote:

    Known as The Mittani within the virtual world of “Eve Online,” Gianturco commands an army of 40,000 space pilots loyal to his Imperium coalition. He has a trusted band of lieutenants and uses propaganda, espionage and deception to retain his position as the game’s most powerful player, describing himself as the Vladimir Putin of the “Eve” universe. He has even leveraged his position to earn a living from “Eve Online,” setting up his own website and renting out his army of mercenaries to other video games.

    Just seemed relevant.

    It looks as if IBT were less than impressed by what Mittens said in "those" leaks.

    However a pretty poor article.

  • What we grrrrgoons going to do? in EVE Communication Center

    Lucas Kell wrote:
    Trudeaux Margaret wrote:
    And you have pointed it out in this thread -- repeatedly.

    You'd think that even after such events as the Somer Blink fiasco and the aforementioned dustup between SMA and IWI which resulted in the banning and subsequent unbanning of a number of IWI's bankers, that CCP would have shut down casino operations by now. Yet they have not. I ask again why you don't petition them formally and lay out your case, and see if they give you a a ruling on the matter? Since it's a topic that seems to hit close to home to you, why not do that instead of cry about it on the forums?
    You're suggesting I haven't? Nobody here is crying.

    Chloe 'Eris' Morgan wrote:
    Hahaha that's a slightly whiney response, I've never been ganked by a Goon, Code or anyone for that matter (see for yourself on my KB, but then I am an alt!). Surely if the people using IWI are breaking the EULA then we would see the ban hammer? But alas we're not......Maybe CCP are sick of you lot too, oh yeah they are, FozzySov proves that.
    Whiney? In what way? You;'re babbling on about Burn Jita like in means a damn thing then rolling don the route of "can't wait for the end of goons HAHAHA ALL THE TEARS" which is classic defensive crap from highsec gank victims. Calling everything tears doesn't actually make it so it just makes you look desperate.

    Chloe 'Eris' Morgan wrote:
    as no one is listening to you
    Clearly they are otherwise there would be so many posts direct at me.

    TigerXtrm wrote:
    Gambling sites have been around for years, CCP is well aware of them and is condoning or even endorsing them by providing sponsorship or positive mentions. Nothing about this is currently against the EULA and if CCP thought there was some sort of problem with it the entire gambling niche would have been banned after the SOMER Blink fiasco.

    Between full on market traders and incursion runners, a single guy running a gambling site is hardly something that jumps out. Trillions upon trillions can be made by any clever player who is willing to put in the time and effort. And make no mistake, running a site like that and managing all the people working for it is no easy task. I'd say it's many times harder than making trillions station trading or running incursions. God knows especially the latter is so easy even TEST could do it.
    So explain exactly why you think that IWI which is undeniably a third party application, which allows the owner to acquire isk at a faster rate than normal gameplay isn't covered by the EULA clause covering exactly that? And often CCP don't act all the time there's no light being shined on things.

    And sure, there's other ways to make trillions, usually with a whole heap of work over a long period of time and still it's all dwarfed by a guy running a third party application. Not to mention that every single one of those in-gmae mechanics can be affected and attacked by players using in-game methods while IWI cannot. And I didn't state it was an easy task, I'm sure running 200 bots isn't an easy task, yet that's still banned. Just because it takes effort doesn't change whether it's right or not to allow it.

    At the end of the day, I still see this as a third party app that allows a player to effectively win EVE by have a completely uncounterable method of gaining more isk that even whole alliances can make. A lot of people are happy with it now because their target is goons and they don't like goons, but that doesn't make it right to allow it. There's no point in other players even trying to compete with that.

    I don't recall seeing you taking issue with IWI, until after you lost all your space and your "mighty" coalition started failcascading.

  • Why isnt The Mittani Banned? in EVE Communication Center

    Lucas Kell wrote:
    Nat Silverguard wrote:
    i can't actually believe somebody is capable like that, over a video game? i would actually understand if Manifest punches mittani's face in fanfest for breaking his trust and calling him an idiot after dealing with him professionally.
    Why it it that you seem to have such a problem here about it being over a video game, yet you seem to have no problem when people get pictures and identities of Sion and Mittani - that is the players, not the characters - and repeatedly insult and attack them out of game? That's a legitimate question.

    You have no idea how much I'm enjoying SMA's failcascade.

  • What we grrrrgoons going to do? in EVE Communication Center

    Neuntausend wrote:

    Our objectives are pretty clear: Survive, and then retaliate once the MBC starts falling apart. If I was part of the MBC, I'd try and make sure the Imperium alliances end up completely broken and scattered afterwards. While the MBC, with their powers combined is a force to be reckoned with, this truce will likely not last long after the war is over, and most of the allied entities on their own are no match, even for a weakened FCON, Razor or Condi, and if we end up surviving, we'll have many a bone to pick.

    If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.

    Niccolò Machiavelli

  • World War Bee in EVE Communication Center

    Arsine Mayhem wrote:
    So the theme of the game is a universe. Realistically more of a star cluster.

    So where does the term World War fit in here?

    Seems someone has a hard time seeing anything beyond their backyard?

    It makes Mittens salty, which is good enough for me.

  • Advice on an exploration T3 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ok my Isk reserves are running dry so I'm unfortunately I'm going to have to consider doing some PvE. Cry

    As MBC have kindly relieved my alliance of ratting space, and I'd rather cut my fingers off than run missions, I thought I'd run relic sites in Null.

    I can fly a Loki or a Tengu. I would appreciate and advice/fits for either of these ships for a cloaky, hard to catch data/relic site runner.

  • What we grrrrgoons going to do? in EVE Communication Center

    Neuntausend wrote:
    You clearly haven't been paying attention. The people that have banded together to Fight the Imperium are calling themselves "Voltron", "Moneybadger Coalition", "Good Guys", "Allied Forces". So, it's just their name. I can also refer to them as "those guys" or "the enemy" or "Steve".

    Steve is good

  • What we grrrrgoons going to do? in EVE Communication Center


  • What we grrrrgoons going to do? in EVE Communication Center

    Lucas Kell wrote:
    IWI will rapidly tire, since all the time they are spending isk paying scrubs to attack goons, they've got less to RMT. There's only so long they'll be willing to affect their bottom line. At the end of the day feeding us content isn't going to get rid of us, and ISK alone doesn't create the long term strategy that would be required to destroy the Imperium.

    I suppose evaccing is content of a sort

  • What we grrrrgoons going to do? in EVE Communication Center

    Lucas Kell wrote:
    Duke Killem wrote:
    There has to be a good book here somewhere at the end that could get Kickstarted, make someone loads in RMT!.
    If by "loads" you mean "pocket change" then sure. The vast majority of that budget was going to the writer, and the benefit to the community would have been profound, but ah well.

    Now back to the trash with you irrelevant NPC alt.

    I always wondered whether anyone actually fell for mittens Kool aid, and here you are.

  • Battle at J-GAMP - CVA did not shine in EVE Communication Center

    Altessa Post wrote:
    Like many others, me too I tried to have a look at J-GAMP. And like many others, I run into the bubbled gate in front of the system and I was mowed down by CVA. This happened to many people. And tactically, maybe this made sense. Although I have my doubt.
    Yet, in the game, this was just a big alliance keeping out the small guy. Keeping them out from sightseeing, joining the fray or from just being there. As I said, maybe there was a tactical reason. But it felt small.

    So, no, I was not there (c) What?

    You should thank CVA, They saved you from an unfun, six hour, 10% tidi nightmare

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